How to start split system without a remote control

Proper start of air conditioner after winter

As a rule, during the cold season the demand for installation of split-systems decreases noticeably. What is it connected with and is it possible to install conditioner in winter in frosty weather??

It is impossible to give the unambiguous answer on this question, as the main inconveniences are related to purely human feelings of the assemblers and some peculiarities of pressurization and vacuumization of the contour.

During pressurization it is important to maintain a balanced temperature of nitrogen in the cylinder and the air outside to make a leak test of all joints of the route. It is almost impossible to create such conditions in winter

After pressurization one usually vacuumizes the contour with the help of vacuum pump, i.e. removes the excess moisture and air. At subzero temperatures the refrigerant boiling in the contour not only slows down but almost stops completely, and as the result the moisture often remains inside. It is rather risky to use vacuum pump at frosty temperatures.15°C. As a last resort, he must be kept warm at all times before and after the circuit cleaning process.

It is possible to install conditioner in winter, if you do it in two stages. The first stage presupposes walls drilling and laying of freon pipes. The second one includes all other works, namely:

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vacuumization of air conditioner

Added to these troubles is the heating of the valve on the outdoor unit, which should preferably be done with a professional hair dryer with fine regulation of the temperature. Wires lose their plasticity in frost and become rather stiff, and this creates certain discomfort while installing.

It is not quite correct to say that installation of conditioner in winter is impossible or impossible, but all the same problems are very important. If there is a possibility, the specialists advise to wait until April, when the average daily air temperature becomes positive.

How to turn your appliance on if you don’t have a remote control?

Not only the owners of climatic equipment at home, but also the travelers face this difficult task, because very often in the hotel rooms these remote controls are absent. However, there is still a way out of this complicated situation, but it does require some skill, time and effort.

For this purpose it is initially necessary to examine the internal unit of the equipment. If there are no buttons on it, it is worth looking for the compartment lid. It is usually located on the body below the shutters. It is not difficult to open it, you just have to pull the sides of it with both hands. Inside the compartment there are usually buttons you can use to turn the device on or off.

But this button is responsible only for cooling or heating the air in the room, as well as turning the appliance off and on, so you can’t adjust the temperature with it. You can check the operation of the climatic equipment by putting your hand to the curtains. In some cases it is necessary to press and hold a button for a long time.

Also in such situation you can buy in a store of home appliances and electronics a universal remote control, which is compatible with the majority of home appliances and devices. After all, it’s better to keep one multifunctional device in the house than to look for hundreds of others.

Step by step instructions how to turn on the air conditioner on heat. At Home Cold

If you wish to tune conditioner to the warmth, but have lost the instruction and do not know how to do it, do not worry.

All similar devices work approximately the same, and that is why you will be able to turn on the heat, if you use our tips.

But firstly make sure that your conditioner can be set on heating: not all models allow it. You can find out about the characteristics of your unit on the Internet by typing the brand and model of your split-system into the search engine.

Safety precautions

Remember, you can’t put the air conditioner on warm air if it’s too cold outside. So, some models work at the temperature no lower than.5.8 degrees Celsius. If you turn on the heat in severe frost, the outdoor unit may icing up and consequently break down.

Inverter air conditioner (with winter set) can work at lower temperature. It can be put on warm at.10.15 degrees Celsius. Certainly, only split-system cannot cope with heating of your apartment or house, and that is why it should be used together with radiators.

start, split, system, remote, control

How to switch split-system on the warm air

In order to switch conditioner on heating it is necessary to use a remote control:

  • Press “On/Off” button;
  • find “HEAT” button and press it;
  • If there is no “HEAT” button on the remote control, there must be “MODE” button (switching of modes) or any other button with a picture of a drop, a snowflake, a sun and a fan above it;
  • switch modes until the screen shows a sunshine or the inscription “HEAT”;
  • Use ” ” and “-” (or the up and down arrows) to set the desired temperature. It should be higher than what is currently in the room;
  • usually the fan is switched on first and only then the air begins to heat
  • in 5 (maximum 10) minutes conditioner should start to work on heat.

On some models they first adjust the data on the remote control and only then press the “On/Off” button. Remember that split-system should obligatory react on your pressing (beeping, blinking, switching on and switching off).

Even if you have sunshine or a “HEAT” sign, it does not guarantee that the air conditioner will help heat the room. Sometimes manufacturers use standard remote controls for all their units. It is better to clarify the characteristics of your model.

What to do if the air is not heated

If 10-15 minutes passed and air conditioner did not start to produce warmth, it means that either it is not intended for this, or something is broken.

There may also be another reason: you never managed to set the settings correctly. Try to do everything from the beginning, carefully reading our instruction and listening to the reaction of splitsystem.

In 10-15 minutes after turning on the device bring your hand to the device and check if the heat is coming from it.

If there is not enough freon in the system, it also will not be able to heat the room. In this case you should apply to a repair shop.

How to turn on the air conditioner on

Our specialists will answer any question about the service

Many customers have a problem when the first cold weather arrives with how to turn the air conditioner on to heat.

We have collected the basic variants how to do it.

How to turn on the air conditioner on heat?

Before you turn on your air conditioner for heat, make sure that:

start, split, system, remote, control

1) The air conditioner has a heating function

2) outside air temperature corresponds to the values stated in the air conditioner’s manual

In each instruction to air conditioner it is specified at what temperatures it is permitted to operate. If you are not sure call your air conditioner installer or service company. Normal split system can be operated up to.5 degrees, but we advise our clients to use it till 0 degrees. Having installed winter set it is possible to use conditioner in a heating mode and to switch it on even at.30 degrees.

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How to Start Heating Function?

Switching from cooling to heating mode is done with the remote control. There are several ways to do this:

  • Your remote control has a “MODE” button
  • When you press it, the display of the remote control will show a “sunshine” or “HEAT” icon
  • You need to wait a little ~5 minutes, because warm air will not come right away

It is also possible to make all above-mentioned settings on the remote control and then, directing the remote control to the conditioner, press the button “ON”.

  • If there is no “MODE” button on the remote control, but there is a button with the symbols: “snowflake”, “fan”, “drop”, “sun”
  • We choose “the sun”
  • You also need to wait a little ~5 minutes for the warm air to disperse, because the warm air will take some time to disperse

How to set air conditioner on heating?

After you have started a heating function it is necessary to set the appropriate temperature. It is executed with the help of buttons “” or “-” on a remote controller or with the help of up-down buttons. We recommend a temperature setting of 24 to 28 degrees, depending on your preference and the humidity in the room.

If conditioner does not switch on heating?

If you have followed all steps above, but conditioner does not switch on heating anyway, probably, it simply has not such function. You can check this in the manual of the air conditioner. If the instruction says that such a function is still provided, then contact the service company that serves you, you may need to repair.

Nothing Works? Check out the official instructions for the air conditioners we’ve compiled:

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Chillers and fancoils

This category is quite popular because of the possibility to regulate different temperatures and modes for each room. When operating the equipment, you can maintain accurate air temperatures regardless of the number of rooms. These air conditioners are especially in demand in industrial enterprises, where the quality of work depends on maintaining the right environmental conditions.

Chiller performs the function of cooling water. There are models that work on the principle of a heat pump. Warm water supplied to the various rooms of the building is used to heat the rooms. Fluid from the chiller goes into the fan coil, which is installed separately for each room. Together these components are similar to multi-zone air conditioners.

There are the following advantages of these split systems

  • Possibility of independent connection of any number of fancoils to one chiller;
  • It is possible to adjust the operation modes in each area with a special control panel;
  • possibility of gradual increase in the number of users.

The equipment is able to serve office and administrative areas, large shopping centers and hotels. If there is a need to maintain optimal air temperatures in a large building, the choice is more than rational.

How to turn on an air conditioner without a remote control | DIY

Air conditioner today, probably, is an inseparable part of any office, house, apartment interior. It allows to keep indoors optimal climatic data necessary for a human living in different seasons of the year. As usual conditioners are switched with special remote control, but there are cases when at the most necessary moment this very remote control is absent at hands.


Look closely at an air conditioner and check whether there are wires for it. It happens sometimes that old owners when they are leaving their offices leave only a drawer in the premise and they take or break necessary wires. If you are sure that your conditioner is fully operational, make the following steps.

Look out the front part of a panel of air conditioner. Locate a small straight plastic cover just below the curtains of the unit in the tone of the air conditioner itself. Take it from 2 sides (from different sides) with fingers and lift up neatly to a top. To do this, you need to push it a little and pull it up.

Look around the panel under the raised cover and locate the button. The button may be on the right or left side, depending on the model and manufacturer. Often it has a light indicator. If there is a light, then when conditioner is in a working condition it will light up in green or orange color. Under the button there is usually an inscription either on off or operation.

Press the button and hold it for a few seconds. The air conditioner should work. Check the air blowing from the shutters. If it is freezing, and it is required warm, press the button once again, but do not hold it with your finger.

One should know that using the front conditioner panel one can switch on the device only in a mechanical mode, and for temperature change one should use the remote control.

Why does the air conditioner hum

Main failures affecting serviceability of equipment can be prevented beforehand. Let’s say that humming of the conditioner not only interferes with the comfort of being in the apartment but also signals a malfunction of the device.

If conditioner starts to make noise, it is the 1st sign testifying that the equipment must be checked. According to the noise produced by air conditioner one is able to define the character of malfunction. Try to make such diagnostics by yourself. Unreliable repair of air conditioner will cost a decent sum, but in fact it is rather easy to replace the filter or to clean the device from dirt. Check if a unit is not clogged with dust or fluff, the pump might be noisy because of dust and dirt. If the external unit is unreachable, it is possible to open the front panel on the internal unit and to look at the filter. Compressor contamination is the main reason of air conditioners breakage. If you are acquainted with air conditioner structure. try to replace the filter by yourself, if not. call for service. If the filter is clean but the noise is still there, check to see if the bearing is properly torqued. It is held on a special pulley and bolted. Well-tightened bolts do not have to make a noise, but it could be a result of their bad fixation. Another reason for noise can be a loose bearing, if you do not understand the technique, call a repairman and specify where the noise comes from.Sometimes it happens that after turning on air conditioner makes a short sound, but it does not start. It is possible that the starter mechanism is to blame, or low voltage in the electrical system, or the compressor’s control system has malfunctioned. Repairing one board is cheaper than repairing each compressor. Try to properly describe the nature of the noise, show the place where the noise comes from. it will facilitate the diagnostics, and the mechanic will find the cause of the malfunction faster. Pay attention to the quality of replacement parts. Note the similarity of the new and dilapidated part. Not all the masters install the equal parts and the Chinese “compatible” devices will influence to the work of conditioner not in the best way.

Why does the air conditioner drip?

Every air conditioner drips, at least, it should do it. But appearance of water in unexpected places or in high volumes causes doubts and can be a sign that operation of conditioner is broken and there are some problems that should be solved.

An air conditioner, as it is known, serves not only for cooling of air in the premise. It is also designed to make it as comfortable as possible for a person to be in it. This is achieved, in particular, due to dehumidification of the air. The basis of the process is a primitive thesis: water from the air should condense with the support of something cold. Of course, that in an air conditioner, moisture is naturally deposited on the cooling system, which is traditionally located in the room. That is a certain amount of water collects in the cold zones of a compressor of the conditioner and drains into a deliberately equipped sump. After this it flows out through a special pipe to the sewer or to the street. Power of air conditioner, temperature and humidity of air define the volume of water that should outflow from air conditioner. In hot clear weather with high humidity, an air conditioner cooling an average room can produce up to 14 liters of water per day. Of course it is impossible to use this water for a human, but one can safely use it while watering the plants. Basically, problems connected with water dripping in a wrong place appear because of wrong installation of air conditioner. Such loses often spoil the floor, walls, furniture and lead to fungus. Conditioner is installed positively if a drainage pipe goes downward, that is its outlet is lower than the inlet. Besides, occurrence of drops in the front part of air conditioner can be caused by violation of rules of its operation. Possible, a running unit is continuously exposed to streams of humid and burning air. In such situation water condenses on the cooled parts of the outside unit and collects in the drops. In order to avoid this situation it is necessary to try to save conditioner from direct air flows from the street. Besides it is unfit to use conditioner with opened windows and doors. And certainly water, which is dripping from the inside unit, is the consequence of damaged or clogged drain tubes. In this case it is wise not to solve the problem by yourself, but address to a service center for help.

Causes of air conditioner control panel failure

If when starting conditioner does not operate on the remote control commands, and you can turn on the system with the help of button on the inside unit, the problem is with the remote control.

The main causes of malfunction of the remote control:

  • Broken batteries
  • Malfunction in the microcircuit
  • Malfunction with receiving of a signal from splitsystem.

What to do if heating does not turn on?

You have done everything correctly, you have waited for 5-10 minutes or even more, but conditioner is not heating the air all the same?

  • Check the manual to see if your model has this mode? Even if there is “solar” or HEAT on the remote control it does not mean that conditioner will help to heat. Manufacturers often use standard remotes for all their units.
  • Repeat the actions from the beginning, carefully reading the original manual and listening to the reaction of your split-system. In 10-15 minutes after switching on bring your hand to the device and check if heat is coming out of it.
  • If “sunshine” / “NEAT” buttons are blinking when pressed correctly, change the batteries on the remote or just take them out and put them back in.
  • If there is heating mode, but it does not work, it is possible that there is not enough freon in splitsystem. Contact the service center that serves you or call our company, we will help you understand.


In different models of split-systems of different manufacturers there can be different modes in a conditioner. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Activate Sleep Mode

One of the most common is called “SLEEP” or sleep mode. When this button is activated throughout the night there is a gradual increase of temperature setting in the room by 2-3 °C. This mode also allows you to save energy.


Increase Cooling Rate

If, on the contrary, you need to cool the room as quickly as possible, you can use the “TURBO” or “JET COOL” quick cooling mode. In this case the fan operation speed and accordingly the speed of airflow will be increased. After achievement of set temperature parameters the mode will be switched off automatically and also it can be switched off by repeated pressing.


Set on or off time

Sometimes it is easier not to switch on the air conditioner every time, but to program it to switch on and switch off at a certain time. For this purpose you can use following buttons (depending on the model of split-system). “TIMER”, “CLOCK”, “SET”, “TIMER ON/OFF”, etc.д. Program setting is individual for each air conditioner, so it is better to study this point in detail in the manual.


Activate the self-cleaning function

The “CLEAN” “AUTO CLEAN” or “X-FAN” button is necessary to dry the inside of the unit to prevent the formation of mould and minimise the wear of the equipment. When this button is pressed the fan is switched on, which works in automatic mode for a short time, 15-20 min.


Activate the ionizer

Many models include an ionization function. The air is cleaned from bacteria and enriched with negative ions thanks to a special filter. You can switch on this mode by pressing “ION” or “PLASMA” buttons.


IFeel function

“IFeel” allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature according to the sensor installed in the remote control. In this case a conditioner provides a comfortable temperature in that part of a premise where the remote control is located.


“Recessed” buttons

Recessed “RESET” and “LOCK” buttons. “RESET” allows you to reset the existing settings and return the factory settings, and the button “LOCK” on some models. enables the locking of the buttons from pressing (can be used as a protection against children).


Buttons on the indoor unit

If you lost the remote control, you can switch on air conditioner so that it operates with automatic settings with the help of the small button on the inside unit of a conditioner; usually it is hidden behind the front panel or is located on the display. However, it is not possible to change the mode or set the temperature without the remote control.

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