How to start the boiler gas boiler ariston

Ariston Uno. Start-up and service

Installation of a wall-mounted gas boiler Ariston Uno in the apartment requires a number of measures to ensure the smooth and correct operation of the device. It is necessary to check the existing standards and regulations to prevent the introduction of fresh air and the draining of combustion gases.

The “L” thermomanometer allows to control the water pressure in the system. This must be done periodically when the appliance is off. The pressure values should range from 0.2 to 1.3 bar.

The filling valve allows you to raise the pressure to the specified pressure, if it has become lower than required. The possibility of leakage must be ruled out. This point is particularly important if the pressure drop is observed in a very short period of time. Press button “C” to start the unit. It will automatically start to work, and supply water to the selected circuit (heating or DHW).

The gas boiler is trying to ignite the burner for 10 seconds, and if this does not happen, the safety devices will be triggered, which will cut off the gas supply. The system error is signalled by the LED “G”. Button “B” helps to restart the appliance. If the problem occurs again, check the gas valve.

The hinged boiler Ariston Uno allows you to regulate the heating by changing the temperature of the supplied water using the knob “A”. It can be adjusted from 45C (minimum value) to 80C (maximum value). The design of the appliance allows for the installation of a chronothermostat. To obtain the best possible heat output from the 24Mi with a chronothermostat, it is recommended that knob “A” be set in the maximum possible position.

Rules of technical and service maintenance

It is recommended to carry out maintenance operations at least once every 12 months.

To ensure trouble-free operation of the unit, carry out:

Verify that there are no leaks in the unit system. If detected, they must be repaired and damaged or deformed gaskets must be replaced.

Make sure there are no gas leaks. If necessary, change the gaskets to ensure gas tightness.

Inspect the appliance for visible damage and faults.

Inspect the burner for debris. Check that it gives a good flame.

Inspect the combustion chamber. Clean any dirt or debris, if necessary.

Inspect and clean nozzles if necessary.

The primary heat exchanger should be inspected to make sure there are no external faults. The plate inspections of the heat exchanger as well as the cleaning of its smoke channels are indispensable.

Check and, if necessary, adjust the gas flow during ignition, partial load, partial load.

Check the functioning of the safety systems for overpressure and overheating.

Check that the flame sensor is working correctly. Check the operation of the gas valve.

Check that all electrical circuits are in good working order.

Verify the correct operation of the hot water system. Verify the output and temperature of the hot water supply.

Чистка бойлера. Ariston / Boiler Cleaning. Ariston

Check the physico-chemical characteristics of the combustion products.

Check the main functions of the appliance.

Verify that the smoke detector is present and working correctly. Replace if necessary.

To access the internals of the Ariston Uno, remove the cover.

To carry out this procedure correctly

Find fastening screws in its lower part and remove them.

The movement on itself to pull out the bottom part of a cover from the special latches, and then pulling a cover upwards, to remove it. These manipulations will allow access to the interior of the appliance.

Procedure of the first start of the gas wall hung Ariston Uno 24 boiler

Before you start it up for the first time you need to

Check that the unit is correctly connected to the mains. The oven is properly grounded. Check the correct installation of the two-pole switch (minimum clearance of the open contacts must be at least 3 mm). Also make sure that the plug of the automatic air vent of the heating system is slightly loose. Check that the system pressure is at least 0.7 bar. The gas tap must be open.

To start, remove the blockage from the circulation pump. This requires the removal of the blanking plug on the front of the housing. Then use a screwdriver to turn the shaft.

Pressing the “C” button, apply power to the unit. The handle “A” needs to be set to the middle position (winter mode is activated). After that the pump will automatically start, but after 7 seconds it will stop with the error “no flame.

Then it is required not to perform any manipulations with the device for a while. This is necessary to bleed off the air.

To bleed air from the system more effectively unscrew the deaerator plug located in the circulation pump. You must also bleed the radiators. And at the end it is important to run the tap water for a while.

After the manipulation it is important to make sure that the pressure is still above 0.7 bar. If it has fallen, it must be restored again.

The next step is to check that the system intended for flue gas venting is functioning correctly.

Check that all necessary cocks are open.

Then open the gas valve and use the gas flow meter to make sure that there are no leaks. The soap foam allows you to find leaks in the event of a gas leak.

Now you can start ignition of the boiler by pressing the “B” button. Press the button until the main burner lights up.

Turning on the gas boiler, first start-up: instructions

Do you want to install individual heating in your house?? You have already installed and connected gas equipment? Great, then all that’s left to figure out is how to turn on a gas boiler. Do you think it is enough to insert the plug into the socket and select the temperature? As if. Before this it is necessary to bleed the air and fill the system with water. Instructions with the sequence of steps you will find in our article.

How to connect thermostat to Ariston boiler | Как подключить термостат к котлу Ariston HS X 24 CF NG

Starting up a floor standing boiler

Introductory Information

Automation EuroSit 630 is a multifunctional device that regulates the gas supply. It provides the ability to adjust the temperature, turn off the main burner.

It is worth noting the complicated method of turning on the device. In his defense, we can say that in this way the manufacturer was concerned about the safety of consumers, the safety of gas appliances.

Start the gas boiler

The operation of the gas boiler begins with the start of automation. When using the valve 630 EuroSit the start-up process will consist of several steps. They must be performed in accordance with the prescribed procedure:

  • turn on the valve on the riser;
  • switching on the pilot burner;
  • turn on the main burner;
  • adjusting and setting the temperature.

Step-by-step description of the start-up procedure

The first thing to do is to turn on the gas supply to the system. To do this, open the valve on the riser.

Now you can begin to work with the gas valve. To do this, you need to concentrate on the control knob of the device. Initially, it is in the “off” position. It must be switched to the “ignition” position (the image of fire on the regulator). Then push the knob, so as to start forced feeding of gas to pilot burner. Now you should press the piezor-ignition button, continuing to hold the handle in the pressed state. The presence of flame on the pilot burner indicates that everything has been done correctly. Keep the knob pressed for another 10 seconds after you press it and while checking for a flame. This is necessary to start the gas boiler mechanism.

After 10 seconds, release the knob and check again that the pilot burner flame is lit. If there is no flame on the burner, repeat the above steps. In this case you should increase the pressure on control knob.

If the ignition burner has a flame, you can proceed to ignition of the main burner. To do this, turn the control knob from “1” to “2” counter-clockwise. Correct action is indicated by the main burner flame. Once you are sure it is there, you can move the control knob to the “1” to “7” positions. The position should be chosen on the basis of what temperature of the coolant is to be obtained. In the case of the EuroSit 630, the number 7 on the knob corresponds to a temperature of 90 degrees. This is the maximum possible value for the model. If these steps are followed the gas boiler can be started without any problems

How to do. Repair of gas boiler ARISTON. Chimney error.

Turning off the appliance

To shut off the gas boiler it is necessary to turn off the gas valve. There are two options for switching off:

In the first case, turn the control knob clockwise and set in the “ignition” position. The main burner is now switched off, but the pilot burner is still in operation.

In the second case, the same control knob shall be turned clockwise until reaching the “off” position. These actions will complete the gas supply to all burners. A “click” sounds to confirm that the appliance is off. The flame will also disappear. Now the gas supply is turned off.

Start the boiler with your own hands: master class with step-by-step photos

The last stage of installation of almost any heating system is its first trial run, debugging and commissioning. By and large, if the boiler equipment is launched for the first time, this work is the priority of service centers. During the first start-up specialists service center check the correctness of the connection of the boiler, carry out its adjustment and put this equipment under warranty. If you carry out the first start-up yourself, then you can not count on the warranty service of the service center. Start-up and debugging of the heating system can be performed during the operation of the system. you will not go to the professionals every time. Owners of individual heating just need to know this process. We will study it with you in this master class with step-by-step photos, in which together with the site stroisovety.Let’s study in detail how to start the boiler and how to debug the heating system with your own hands.

How to start the gas double loop heating boiler for the first time?

The question of how to start the heating boiler may seem extremely simple to you. We plug in the device, press a couple of buttons (if there are any), and the device begins its work. In fact, it turns out that the first startup is the most responsible. It allows you to check the reliability of the entire system, as well as fine-tune the basic heating parameters. In addition, the first start-up, which, in theory, should be carried out by specialists, will determine the presence of warranty service. If you do something wrong, the device can be removed from warranty, or you will be refused a free repair, saying that there were errors in wiring or start-up. So, take the matter seriously, and do exactly as I will tell you next.

The first start-up of the gas boiler: filling the heating system with water

First of all, I would like to say that the first start-up is focused on checking and setting up not only the boiler itself, but also the entire heating system, to which it is connected. Therefore your first actions will determine how efficient heating will be in your home. First you need to fill the system with water. At the bottom of the boiler, where the pipes are connected, you will find a small valve or something like that. The shape of the valve may vary from model to model, so don’t be surprised if your “valve” turns out to be an ordinary plastic rotating pin. We look at the instructions and check in which position the valve currently is. If closed, you need to turn it to the open position. But this must be done so that the tap is not open all the way. Otherwise there can be “hanging air” in the pipes.

Then we have a look on the manometer (pressure gauge). The first start of the boiler is to create the pressure of about 2-2.5 atmospheres. Once the arrow reaches the appropriate value, turn off the pressure pump (if any), close the tap and proceed to bleed air using automatic or manual cocks Maevsky, and on each heating device. That is, when you open the tap. the air comes out. When the water starts to flow, you can close the tap. At this time the pressure gauge on the boiler should show a pressure of 1-1.5 atmospheres, which must be brought up to 1.5-2 atmospheres. This will be the optimal operating pressure for your two-circuit boiler.

start, boiler, ariston

The first start-up of the gas boiler: pressure test and flushing

In principle, this point is not done by all professionals, but I would recommend you not to refuse it. You will have to make some fuss, but inside everything will be clean. To carry out further operations you will still need to get a pressure pump. If you do not want to buy, you can borrow it from friends. After that you probably do not need it anymore. Pressure test the system to check the strength and tightness of all connections and system components. Simply put, when you do the pressure test, you check the system for leaks. Pressure test can be carried out both with a water column and with compressed air. Pump the water at a pressure of one and a half times the working pressure, then leave the system at rest for 10-15 minutes. Restore the working pressure. If the pressure gauge during pressure testing showed a drop in pressure, then you have a leak somewhere. Eliminate the defects after you find them, and repeat the process.

Next, we proceed to flushing the system, which is an indispensable process accompanying the first startup of the boiler. First we conduct a rough flushing, which removes all light particles. The flushing should be carried out at a pressure of 4 bar. The water after the pressure test will leave the system through the open water. The second step is a clean flush, which should be carried out with the help of pressure pumps. It is quite possible that you will encounter clogging of the filters “dirt traps”, which are installed in front of the boiler. If this happens, shut off the cutoff valve and clean the strainer by first disassembling the filter.

Start the gas boiler in winter

If you do your first startup in the winter, you may run into major trouble with the temperature patterns of the heating system. Before you start filling the system with water, warm all rooms to plus temperature using all kinds of heating appliances. When this is done, fill the short circuit, closer to the distributor or boiler, warm the coolant to 20 degrees, and gradually move on, through the circuits. Make sure that the water to be poured is within 20 degrees Celsius. Do not warm up the coolant too much, because you can, again, encounter problems. I strongly recommend to perform this procedure with a partner who will monitor the radiators or the pressure.

Immediate start of the boiler

Now you can start the boiler in the operation mode. Plug in the device, open the gas valve and look at the numbers on the screen. Press the button and put all the switches in operating position according to the manual. The boiler will start to turn on. The main thing is to make the circulating pump work. In order it will work in a normal mode, you have to remove air from it, which remained in it in spite of conducting all preliminary procedures. So, to remove air from the pump, you need to remove the front cover from the boiler, remove the dashboard and find the circulating pump. Unscrew the wide screw from it, but not completely. Water will run out, mixed with air bubbles. When it is no longer bubbling, tighten the screw. That’s all, now the liquid will circulate through the system in full mode. Do not worry if you hear bubbling noises. This air valve automatically vents air remaining in the expansion tank from the system. When the pressure stabilizes, the “gurgles” will disappear.

How to connect the gas boiler Ariston: recommendations on installation, connection, configuration and first run

Gas boilers are manufactured by different companies, which is accompanied by the supply of equipment to the market, which requires an individual approach to installation and operation. But you don’t want to overpay for a call of the expert for installation works, isn’t it?? But how to connect the gas boiler Ariston yourself, taking into account the individual features of the purchased equipment?

We will try to help you deal with this task. our publication deals with the order of installation, connection and adjustment of the gas boiler. Also is resulted the sequence of works at performance of the first start-up of the equipment. The stated material is supplemented with illustrative photos and video.

Gas boiler starting up. Boiler commissioning and start-up

The key to correct, safe, reliable and comfortable work of the heating equipment is a qualified commissioning of the boiler. These works are performed by specialists after the installation of the system. Commissioning or start-up of the boiler is a mandatory operation, it is a condition of the guarantee on the boiler equipment, and most importantly, correct commissioning allows you to test and adjust the devices and safety algorithms (especially important for gas boilers), provided by the manufacturer.

For gas boilers commissioning work includes:

  • Preparation of gas connections with a mandatory check for leaks;
  • Installation of electrical connections with voltage and phasing check;
  • Check all hydraulic connections for leaks;
  • Careful adjustment of the gas fittings with the use of a special gas pressure gauge and a gas analyzer;
  • Verification of the safety valves operation;
  • Measurement of flue gas emission with a professional TESTO gas analyzer;
  • Instructions for the user.

For diesel boilers, boiler commissioning includes:

  • Installation of electrical connections with checking voltage and phasing;
  • Checking the correct installation of thermal insulation;
  • Checking the chimney;
  • Check all the hydraulic connections for leaks;
  • Checking the operation of safety valves;
  • Careful adjustment of the burner and correction of the exhaust gas emission using a TESTO gas analyzer and a special fuel gauge;
  • Instructing the user.

Qualified commissioning of the boiler CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT A GAS ANALYSIS! Do not believe the plumbers and people who “run a hundred boilers already and normally,” these people often do not understand what they do, they just want to take your money “for one” with the installation or plumbing work.

CO2 and O2. parameters that display the efficiency of combustion, setting the economical and efficient combustion.CO content. a parameter that displays carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas that has no odor. In a wrong setting and leaking chimney carbon monoxide concentration in the indoor air can reach hundreds or even thousands of ppm, while being in the room for two or three hours, with a carbon monoxide concentration in the air at 400 ppm, can lead to death. You should agree that the risk is not justified at all!

We always use the German TESTO 327-1 gas analyzer in our work.

Also, in recent years, cases where the launch of boilers for natural and liquefied gas is performed by people who have absolutely no knowledge in this field, and about the gas pressure gauge (the second most important device for the service engineer), not to mention the gas analyzer, have not even heard!

The result of such “boiler commissioning” are (from real cases):

  • Explosion hazard;
  • Damage to the gas control valve;
  • 5-10 times more fuel consumption;
  • Premature contamination of the boiler with combustion products;
  • Overheating and irreversible damage of elements of the boiler from excessive load.

We strongly recommend that you do not engage in amateurism and do not involve non-professionals in such work. Remember, the miser pays four times: first, for the wrong “start-up boiler,” then the gas that flew into the pipe and damaged the boiler, then for spare parts for repair (when commissioning the boiler is not by professionals, the warranty on heating equipment does not apply), and finally, for qualified commissioning of the boiler and heating system.

We guarantee quality of our works! Fast, Qualified and Inexpensive! To call a service-engineer in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Call us at 7(921) 416-24-24.

Ariston Uno Gas Boiler Service and Startup

If the Ariston Uno 24 Mi boiler is installed in an apartment, you must verify that all regulations relating to air intake and ventilation of the room (in accordance with current standards) have been respected.

Periodically check the water pressure by means of the thermomanometer “L” and check (when the system is cold) that the value is between 0.2 and 1.3 bar.

If the pressure is lower than the minimum value, it is necessary to restore it by means of the filling valve located in the lower part of the boiler.

When the pressure has reached 0.7 bar, close the valve. If the pressure drop is very frequent, there may be a leak in the system. In this case it is necessary to eliminate the leakage.

Procedure for ignition. Press the “C” button. An electronic device will ensure that the burner ignites without any manual intervention, depending on the command for heating or hot water preparation.

If after 10 seconds the burner does not ignite, the safety devices of the Ariston Uno 24 mi boiler release the gas and the red diode “G” lights up.

To turn on the boiler in this case, you must press the “B” button. If lockout occurs again, check that the gas cock is open.

Adjusting the heating. You can regulate the temperature of the water in the heating circuit with the knob “A”, setting the pointer between the minimum and maximum values. The temperature can vary from 45 ° C to 80 ° C.

Control with the chronothermostat. If a chrono thermostat is installed, it is recommended to keep the heating temperature setting at the maximum value using knob “A” for a higher output of the Ariston Uno 24 Mi boiler.

Service and maintenance of the wall hung gas boiler Ariston Uno 24 Mi

It is recommended that the following operations be performed at least once a year:

To access the internal elements of the Ariston Uno 24 Mi boiler it is necessary to

Removing the casing and turning the control panel allows access to the internal elements of the boiler.

Initial start-up boiler Ariston Uno 24 Mi

The first time you turn the unit on, you need to:

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