How to start the refrigerator after downtime

The fridge is trying to start but doesn’t start the reasons

Refrigeration unit. an indispensable equipment, without which normal life in the house or apartment is impossible. Failure of this equipment leads to spoiling a lot of food and disruption of all plans. Therefore, if the unit breaks down, you need to promptly respond to the problem. The first thing to do is to find out why your refrigerator doesn’t turn on. After that it will be possible to eliminate the reason of a breakage and to restore normal work of the technics.

As it is known, the compressor of the refrigerator is designed for nonpermanent work. It turns on only for a certain amount of time. Disconnection of the appliance is normal. But how do you know if a device frequently shuts down and needs repairing?? Most often, a malfunction is indicated by trying to start the compressor: the unit emits an unusual humming noise and immediately stops after a few seconds. To calculate whether a unit designed to compress and pump refrigerant vapors is operating normally, you can resort to the mathematical method. If the compressor runs for two minutes and then rests for the remaining 10 minutes, the following calculation is made: 2:(210) = 0.166. From the result obtained it becomes clear that the refrigerator is defective, because the coefficient during normal operation is equal to 0.2. 0.9.

How to transport correctly?

This case completely closes the first situation, when the refrigerator after purchase is delivered from the hardware store by specialists. The manufacturers’ point of view: the refrigerator can only be transported in an upright position, i.e.е. standing! The unit retains its performance due to the following factors:

    The height of the sidewall allows the refrigerator to be transported upright, as required by the manufacturers. With this approach, there is no mixing of the refrigerant and the compressor oil in the tubes. The manuals for modern refrigerators clearly state that after any. even the most correct. transportation, the appliance should stand idle for 3-4 hours to allow the refrigerant to distribute properly. What to say about the old refrigeration systems.

Important. Many appliance dealers invalidate the warranty of a newly purchased fridge when they find out that the buyer is going to ship it lying on its side. All the breakages and defects detected in its operation are admitted as non-warranty cases.

Although the factory packaging can be thrown away after the warranty expires, it is better to keep it in case you transport your refrigerator yourself.

What not to do

If the appliance has been transported, it should not be plugged in immediately. Allow time for even distribution of refrigerant. The oil must have had time to drain down. If this rule is not observed, the compressor will break down. There are other recommendations on how to properly defrost the appliance:

Appliance does not turn on due to non-compliance with operating rules. So, after flooding the contacts during cleaning, the refrigerator will not turn on. Other causes that are beyond the user’s control:

  • Short circuit or intercircuit occurred and compressor broke.
  • The refrigerant has leaked.
  • The temperature sensor is out of order.
  • The overcurrent protection relay is defective.
  • Malfunction in the electronic control module.

In the video about the correct defrosting of the refrigerator

How to Keep Food Safe After a Power Outage

How to protect your refrigerator

Delayed cutoff timers, start-up timers and voltage relays are used to protect home refrigerators, refrigerators, air conditioners and other compressor equipment with a similar operating mechanism. The latter is preferable because in addition to the delayed switch-on it protects your equipment (refrigerator) from dangerously high or too low mains voltage.

Use voltage relays for such protection can be different ways and models of the relays themselves, they can be on a din-rail in the starter panel or for example voltage relays. “socket”

or for example a built-in voltage relay in the mains “filter. extension cord.”.

how to power your refrigerator during a power outage

As for installation, if the din-rail (so preferable), it can be two options: you can put one relay for the entire house (apartment) and you can put a separate relay on an electric line for a refrigerator trimmer. Certainly the last variant will be more correct and practical, but it will be necessary to buy an additional voltage relay, you need the free space for its installation in the switchboard, and you need the separate electric line for a trimmer, going from a refrigerator socket to the switchboard with a voltage relay.

start, refrigerator

If you set one relay for the whole house (apartment) set in it a “safe” time of switching on will make you wait, for example, turning on the light in the house after the restoration of electricity in the network. You have to agree that waiting 10 minutes in the dark is not very happy. But if no other option is foreseen for now, the time of safe voltage restoration can certainly be reduced a little. In the instruction write about 10 minutes, but in practice pressure in a refrigerating contour levels out on the average in 3-5 minutes, all depends on brand of the device and time of work of the compressor before switching-off.

For more reliable, durable and safe operation of your refrigerator is still recommended a separate power line for trimmer with its RCD and voltage relay. But how to set the voltage relay? Optimum setting voltage. 190. 245 volts (everything beyond that will be cut off) Voltage recovery time after relay emergency shutdown or just a power outage, can be set in the range of 5 to 10 minutes.

start, refrigerator

Wiring diagrams for a 220V coil magnet starter

The hotbed of frost is the condensate that has not had time to drain on the catcher, and then the process goes on increasing, until the frost covers the whole chamber. Having measured the resistance, let’s look where is the smallest value. this will be the working winding. Under it there are two bolts of slightly different sizes.

If the PC is defective and the start winding is permanently energized, the protective relay is activated: its winding is heated by the current of the start winding, the bimetal plate is bent and opens the general supply circuit.

But regarding seals, general recommendations can be made. About the working condenser The compressor of the No Frost refrigerator requires even more power than the crying refrigerator.

If it is necessary connect also unloading and safety valve to flanges. Connect the motor control circuit to the contacts of the pressostat.

start, refrigerator

The amount in those days, before the Great Depression, was desperately huge.

For a motor with three phases, you should not use a relay to the volt compressor, because one phase will not be able to turn off the load.

Now let’s move directly to the refrigerator compressor wiring diagram. How to connect the compressor from the refrigerator without a starting relay


After the first stage with the cleaning is followed by installation. It is not necessary to do it yourself. You can pay extra to store employees, and they will install. After all, this process should also be performed correctly. If mistakes are made, the technique will work with nagging.

The main thing that the surface for installing the unit was flat. Otherwise the refrigerator will wobble and noise at work. This will happen even when a person passes by.

But you should not be upset if there is absolutely no flat surface in the house. Refrigerators have feet that help them stand firmly in place. Some masters are able to put the device with a slight tilt backwards. It is convenient because with a slight push the door closes on its own.

But the position of the refrigerator does not affect how it works. Installation features are important only to the owners. After all, you want to make sure that the appliance is comfortable to use.

Refrigerator in the kitchen

How to turn it on correctly?

Do not plug in the unit until all ice has been removed and debris has been removed. Wait until all the moisture has evaporated from the chambers, shelves, trays, and grids before you plug your refrigerator in.

After wet cleaning, be sure to wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth so the unit dries faster.

Because of which the appliance may not turn on?

If the device refuses to turn on, most likely the problem was provoked by ignoring the condition described above. the refrigerator has not dried out. Or maybe in the process of washing you were too zealous with the detergent solution and poured the contacts.

start, refrigerator

If the light on the panel still lights up, but the motor does not work, the reasons may be:

  • Problems with the compressor due to a short or inter-turn short circuit;
  • Refrigerant leakage;
  • Breakage of the temperature sensor;
  • Faulty starting relay;
  • Malfunction of the electronic control unit, which “manages” all the processes of the system.

Warning! To fix any of the malfunctions should contact a technician or the warranty center, if the warranty has not expired.

The technique does not cool. what could be the problem?

Another problem that the user may encounter is that the compressor works, but the unit does not cool.

In this case it is necessary to pay attention to 3 points:

  • How well was the ice on the refrigerator fan repaired. the problem is characteristic of “No-frost” models;
  • How tightly the door is closed. perhaps the chamber is leaking air, which the compressor does not have time to cool;
  • What values are set on the thermostat. at high temperatures outside and low values on the thermostat device will not cope with cooling.

If after eliminating these factors, the unit still does not cool, there is a leakage of freon, a fan breakdown or evaporator coil.

What to do if it cannot be switched off?

The other extreme of the refrigerating unit operation is when it refuses to turn off. The compressor constantly works, forcing the frost, which can lead to a rapid failure because of overloading.

  • Damaged gaskets. the compressor has to run continuously to cool the heated air coming from outside;
  • set point operation mode. check if you have set the continuous operation mode yourself when you turn the compressor on;
  • High temperature in the room. the refrigerator body heats up, which leads to more intensive work of the engine;
  • Thermostat malfunction. compressor is getting wrong temperature readings and working in forced mode.

The cause can also be a breakdown of the compressor, evaporator nozzles or control module.

Attention! Incorrect fridge installation can provoke overheating of the compressor. it is necessary to leave space for air circulation between the fridge body and the wall.

The refrigerator was off for long time, after switching on it does not freeze

Refrigerator manufacturers do not recommend to leave them disconnected from the mains for a long period of time. It is necessary to connect the unit at least once every six months. During idle time freon will evaporate from the system, and also in capillaries often appear clogging.

Only the professional technician can help in this problem, he will bring the equipment, will diagnose system of cooling, will eliminate the clog and will fill up pipes with freon.

Important! Sometimes one can meet an advice at the forums that if to put a fridge on the side for 10 minutes the freon will evenly distribute in the system. This fact is not confirmed by professionals, this way you can achieve the leakage of the remaining refrigerant.

Conclusion: what measures to take

You can fix the equipment when it breaks down only with the instruction manual, the necessary tools and knowledge.

If your refrigerator does not turn off, you can do it yourself:

  • Replace the door seal. The worn-out material is removed according to the instructions and replaced by an identical one.
  • Replace the temperature sensor. The new sensor is matched to the existing model and the entire wiring is checked with a multimeter before replacement.
  • Recalibrate the control module. If the motor does not turn off, it may be due to the computer wrong settings, which can be changed according to the instructions.

Other repairs should be entrusted to professionals. They will conduct diagnostics, determine the exact cause of the breakdown, replace the parts and give a warranty. so it is better to go to a company service center.

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