How to style short hair with a hair dryer brush

Hair styling with a hair dryer of medium length

Styling medium-length curls is considered universal. This hair is easy to work with both professional stylists and beginners in hairdressing. You can take both a diffuser and a round comb to form a voluminous hairstyle. If your hair is too thick it will not hurt to apply smoothing agents to the curls, which will remove frizz, add smoothness and shine.

The whole drying process with a hair dryer is done in a few steps:

  • Brush through your locks and blow-dry lightly so they don’t get tangled when styling.
  • Tilt your head and add volume by blow-drying at the roots.
  • Divide the hair into separate sections, fix each of them with pins.
  • Start at the back of the head. Comb each lock with a comb, following the hair move with a hair dryer.
  • Put the hair in the area around the temples in the same way.
  • Blow-dry front part at fan speed.
  • Finish your style with hairspray fixation.

place. BABYLISS BAB2770E

The hearts of modern fashionistas have long been conquered by a rotating brush from Babyliss. Its advantage over peers is that the styler rotates in two directions. Powerful technology, dual nozzles, ionisation and ceramic coating for extra confidence. A complete set for those who not only want beautiful styling, but also keep their hair healthy. The hair dryer has two speeds and two temperature modes, which are complemented by medium power. In fact, it works on any length of hair.


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How to style your hair properly with a hair dryer

Guide nozzle with a narrow opening.

Not only can a hair dryer dry your hair, but it can also dry it out and make it dull. If you use it wrong. It is certainly a good idea to dry your hair naturally more often, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a hair dryer. You just need to know how to use your hair dryer safely.

Especially hairstyles with a hair dryer are beautiful and fast, so it is better to try to minimize the damage. And the first way is to always use heat protection before blow drying your hair with a hot hair dryer. We’ve talked about this before.

Make sure you apply a heat protectant well to all strands, inside and out, before blow drying. It is also not bad if you can adjust the heat mode of your hair dryer. from very hot to warm or even cool. End the blow drying with cooler air to keep the cuticle scales closed and the strands smooth.

Hair styling with a hair dryer. what to look for

This is what a diffuser looks like! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you have a number of modern hair dryers to choose from, there is no need to choose a hair dryer with a lot of power and a lot of airflow. otherwise you risk drying out your strands. But pay attention that the hair dryer has several nozzles, the two main ones are the diffuser (“fingers”) and the guide, with a tapered hole.

A hair dryer with such a nozzle should be placed at an acute angle to the hair and dried in the direction from root to tip, which helps to close the cuticle scales. It is better to blow-dry hair when it is almost dry so as not to traumatize it when it is wet.

Clear Hairspray Hairspray Extrafix

Editor’s tip: Classic hairspray should not be applied before, but after you blow-dry your hair. Allow the strands to cool slightly and spray your hair with varnish, for example, “Extra Fixation” by Pure Line, on your hair. The formula with linseed, nettle and wheat milk extracts helps to take care of the hair and maintain the style for a long time.

How to style short hair with a hair dryer: salon styling at home in 5 minutes

How to style short hair with a hair dryer? You’ve probably wondered about this more than once, comparing the result of home experiments with the work of the master in the salon. With the help of this instruction you will understand how to style short hair as well as a professional.

Hair styling with a hair dryer Bombage

Such a styling can easily be done with your hands, using only a hair dryer with a flat nozzle and a rectangular brush. The basic principles of styling are as follows:

  • Wet hair should be combed out and separated into zones.
  • Getting started with styling, you need to remember that the hair dryer should work from the bottom upwards.
  • The thickness of the strands should not exceed the width of the comb.
  • Use the teeth of the brush to lift the hair at the roots in a perpendicular direction. This will get more air through to this area.
  • The hair dryer should be held at least 5 cm away from the hairline. The air should be blowing into the teeth of the hairbrush at all times.
  • You should also make sure that there is always a small gap between dry and wet hair.

You can finish the style by combing it in at the roots or adding accessories to your hair.

Styling short hair with a hair dryer-brush

Speaking of styling appliances in more detail, the hair dryer-brush. it is a great solution not only for short strands, but also for all hair lengths. In order to make beautiful waves or smooth strands it is not necessary to spend too much time, just take a comfortable position and gradually grab the hair and curl it with a hair dryer. Hair styling with a hair dryer of this model, in general, turns into a pleasure.

How to style short strands

First you need to wash your hair with any suitable shampoo. Then a conditioning product is applied to the wet strands and the hair is towel-dried to a certain point. Then you can move on to the very styling of short hair with a hair dryer. To do this, the hair dryer-brush is plugged in and heated to a medium temperature.

Now you need to grab the strands on the crown and style them in opposite directions. Thus, they will lie flat, but will create a slight mess. Fix the hair can be fixed with a special hairspray or powder. Sometimes more unconventional styling tools are used. About this you can read in the article “clay for hair styling. options for use”.

To date, many devices are sold with different characteristics. What are the best hair dryers-brushes? The most popular with customers are the following:

  • Philips HP 8664. The appliance has a power of 1000 watts. It has ceramic coating and automatic nozzle rotation. Of additional functions present ionization and the ability to adjust the air flow rate. The device has a quality build, it does not tangle the hair, provides long-lasting styling.
  • Braun AS 530. Power of the device. 1000 W. It has 3 heating modes, a function of cold air and steam. The advantages include durability, functionality, light weight. The device is used for short and medium-length hair. The steam function makes it easy to style fine and tangled hair.
  • BaByliss 2736E. Power is equal to 1000 watts. The device has 2 modes, cold air, ionization, ceramic coating. Included. nozzles (4 pcs.), removable filter. The advantages include the excellent build quality and material, durability. The nozzles are presented in the form of brushes based on natural bristles. Comes with a storage case.
  • Philips HP8656. The power is equal to 1000 watts. The device has a ceramic coating, 3 modes, ionization, cold blowing, 5 nozzles with natural bristles, 2-meter cord. The hair dryer-brush has a gentle drying mode, multifunctionality, many nozzles, flat brush. Has a pouch for storage.
  • Rowenta CF 9320. The power of 1000 watts. It has 2 operating modes. Ceramic coating, ionization, cold air. There are 2 nozzles with diameter of 30 and 50 mm. The device is easy to use, it provides gentle action.
  • Braun AS 330. Power 400 W. The hair dryer with a round brush has 2 temperature settings, ceramic coating, 2 brushes with a diameter of 18 and 36 mm. Among the advantages are an excellent effect of hairline volume, a long mains cord.
  • Bosch PHA 2300. Power 700W. In the device 2 modes, 2 nozzles, there is a function of cold air. The Bosch hair dryer-comb for hair styling has a high quality build and coating, easy handling, durability.
  • Philips HP8662. Power of 800 Watt. The hair dryer is equipped with 3 modes of operation, the function of ionization, cold air supply. Set includes brush and conditioner. The advantages include the medium power, which is suitable for frequent use.
  • Philips HP8661. Power of 800 watts., 3 modes, cold air. There is a function of rotation of the cord.
  • Polaris PHS 0746. Power 700W. In the device 3 modes, there is a function of protection against overheating, 2 nozzles, combing brush. The device is light, compact, handy.

Although each appliance has a similar principle of operation, you must read the instructions for use. This will allow you to use the device qualitatively and safely.

The hair dryer-brush: how to use it to style your hair beautifully

It combines the convenience of a hair dryer with the function of a normal hairbrush. The question of how to use a hair dryer-brush, often arises in girls who want to create a lush hairstyle with light spectacular waves. The electric device is capable of replacing the curling iron, and the presence of a brush in its design greatly accelerates the process and allows you to lay hair with just one hand. If you choose it correctly and understand how to use it, you can easily provide yourself with a quick and easy styling with minimal heat exposure time.

What is a blow dryer and when is it better than a regular hair dryer?

If you’re tired of blow drying and then smoothing out frizzy, dry hair with a flat iron, consider getting a dryer brush to recreate salon-style styling in minutes. The Beauty-Device dries and styles your hair in one go, combining all the benefits of a powerful hair dryer and a circular brush. If you used to hold a dryer in one hand and a comb in the other, it’s all so much easier now: you can comb, blow-dry, and style in one sitting. The result is great volume at the roots and smooth, frizz-free strands without the dandelion effect. These handy beauty tools work with different hair types, allowing you to create stylish hairstyles in minutes.

How a blow dryer works

The Hair Tool is a round brush with a built in dryer, and therefore works on the same principle as a hair dryer. The only difference is the brush, which quickly creates volume at the roots and beautiful curls at the tips in one stroke. It’s the one-handed way to dry and style your hair so it can be styled with one hand, saving you a lot of time and effort. Instead of wielding a comb in one hand and a dryer in the other, you can now create the looks you want more quickly and easily.

Why the round brush?? Round brushes are best for fine, soft hair. It is also good for straightening curly strands. The nozzle can be stationary or spinning.

How to use a blow dryer brush correctly

Step Allow your hair to dry naturally for a while and then apply a heat protectant spray and brush it well. Step Divide the strands in rows from bottom to top. The thicker your hair is, the thinner your strands should be. Step First dry the strand by slowly running the brush over it. When it is almost dry, speed up and quickly go over it a few more times. It will immediately impress you with its smoothness and silky feel without frizz or curls. Step Separate the next strand and proceed as described in the previous step. Step Once you get to the top rows, use the foam for volume. This product will add even more volume to your style. To do this, separate small strands at the crown, apply the beautifying agent to the roots and gently distribute over the entire length of the strand. Hold the hair brush close to your roots for 5 seconds and then slowly pull it upward. Repeat this step for 2-3 times and then dry the strand quickly.

How to choose the best blow dryer for your hair type

Power. Short, thin, weakened hair suits hair dryer-brush power of 400 watts. Medium hair needs a wattage of 500-800 watts and thicker, long hair needs at least 800 watts. Keep in mind, though: the higher the wattage, the faster you can dry your hair. That’s why hairdressers recommend a hair curler with at least 800W of power.

Diameter of the brush. The size of the brush depends on the amount of volume you want and the length of your hair. Diameter varies from 1.5 to 9 cm. The rule of thumb: the larger the diameter of the head, the more volume the curl gets, and the less chance of hair entanglement. Use a 1.5 to 3 cm bangs for twisting your tips and styling your bangs. 3.5 to 6 cm for medium-length hair, 6.5 to 9 cm for thicker and longer strands. The big extensions are good for straightening curly and long hair, whereas the small extensions are good for straightening curly and long hair.

BOTTOM BAND Coating. The coating of the brush can be aluminum, ceramic, tourmaline or titanium.

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