How to tune kifato refrigerator to the cold

The temperature in your refrigerator or where it is coldest

Correct food placement ensures quality storage. The temperature in the refrigerator differs in different places, so each compartment is suitable for storing a specific type of food. The coldest shelf is suitable for storing meat and fish. Warm and moist place should be left for fruits and vegetables.

The temperature in the refrigerator is distributed according to its design.

  • In single-compartment refrigerators, cold air is directed downward from the freezer. Therefore, the coldest compartment in these units is located next to the freezer.
  • In two-compartment refrigerators, the fans on the back wall are responsible for cooling. Therefore, the freezer in these designs does not affect the cooling of other departments. Temperatures are lowest in these types of refrigerators near the walls and closer to the fans.

Important! Temperatures in old refrigerators change over time. Therefore, after 5 to 10 years, it will not work like new. The Freon gradually evaporates and the compartments become 1-2 degrees warmer.

The correct temperature setting provides:

Which shelf in the refrigerator is colder? The temperature in the different compartments differs. That’s why each type of food has its own place.

Temperature distribution is also affected:

  • The number of products on the shelves;
  • Location of metal, glass or plastic containers;
  • The material from which the shelves are made;
  • Ensuring airtightness when the door is closed.

If you put hot food in the refrigerator, the chambers will fill with heat. Therefore, it will take time for the temperature to drop to the right values.

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What are the refrigerator temperature regulators?

Regulator is used to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator. It comes in:

The mechanical regulator is usually located inside the appliance, on top of the panel or on top of the chamber.

A mechanical refrigerator temperature regulator

To properly set the temperature of your refrigerator with the mechanical regulator, you need to twist it. If you turn to the right, the cold will increase. To the left, it will decrease.

Note that numbers do not mean degrees, they are just numbers. They help you know when the cold is rising and when it’s getting lower. There are usually 7 of these numbers. The smallest temperature at 1, the largest at 6-7. The optimal setting is 3.

Do not select 5-7 unnecessarily, the compressor works at full speed and this sometimes leads to the appliance not switching off.

As a rule, the mechanical regulator to adjust the refrigerator is used on the old model Biryusa.

Electronic display for setting the temperature in the refrigerator

The electronic controller is also easy to find. It can be on top of the panel or mounted in the door. the display on the outside.

Use the buttons on the display to set the desired temperature. As a rule, manufacturers for the cold room give a spread of 2 to 8 degrees. And for the freezer from.16 to.24 degrees. With one push, you change the value by 1 degree.

Setting the electronic control unit

This node in most cases is located at the bottom of the cold room. It is he who regulates the temperature inside the sealed and insulated chamber.

If it fails or malfunctions, on/off cycles will be disrupted and food will eventually spoil.

Today, for precise regulation, special remote controls or panels are used on the refrigeration unit itself. However, they can only be adjusted if the electronic unit is in good working order.

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Its programming is done at the factory. If the program is broken and you are not able to set up a refrigerated display case on your own, contact the professionals. This way you will save not only time but also money.

Setting begins with checking the level of supply voltage. Constant fluctuations have a negative effect on any electrical equipment. A simple solution can be to install a stabilizer.

A short video demonstrates the principle of setting the electronic control unit of a refrigerated cabinet:

Temperature distribution inside the refrigerator chambers

There is a large volume for storing food inside. It maintains different temperatures in different areas. The exact distribution depends on the specific brand of device. Usually the coldest place is at the top or middle part of the refrigerator. In some models, the freezer can be located at the bottom of the cabinet. It depends on the location of the compressor. You need to know this to understand how to adjust the thermostat.

The important thing is ! The warmest part is the door. The products with the lowest shelf life requirements are placed here. Do not store perishable food here. When storing your food, distribute it in such a way that it stores well and keeps its freshness and flavour as long as possible.

How to regulate the temperature in different brands of refrigerators?

With modern units, you can adjust the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator compartment separately, as well as the different compartments independently of each other. Let’s review the features of thermostat regulation in the models of the leading manufacturers represented in the domestic market:

  • Gorenje. the temperature in the fridge is set by turning the knob to the position between Max and Min. It is recommended to set the thermostat to the ECO position. If the temperature in the room where the refrigerator is installed is below 16 degrees, the manufacturer advises to unscrew the knob to Max, and with the surrounding heat. the other way round.
  • Liebherr. electronic temperature control, in many models. Separate temperature control in the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment. CoolPlus mode available. System that protects fridge against temperature fluctuations in external environment. As soon as the air in the room gets colder, the compressor of the device begins to work intermittently. SmartFreeze with a special cooling technology that makes it possible to freeze many kilograms of food quickly and simultaneously through active air circulation. Supercooling and ultra-fast freezing modes in the freezer.
  • Atlant. the temperature is regulated by turning the thermostat knob in both directions. There is a dial on it. Adjustment occurs on a seven-point scale: 0. compressor off, 1. highest temperature, 7. lowest temperature.
  • Samsung. the temperature is regulated by the control panel separately for the freezer and refrigerator compartments:
  • Fridge chamber: Press Fridge button to set the required temperature in the range from 1 to 7 degrees. The default temperature is set to 3 degrees;
  • Freezer compartment: similarly set temperature from.14 to.25 degrees. Accelerated freezing function available, which is activated for 72 hours, after which the freezer returns to normal temperature mode.

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Stinol. there are two independent regulators for the two-compartment unit. Five positions on both thermoregulators, in the freezing chamber the supercooling mode is available.

How to install the seal on your refrigerator?

How to correctly attach the seal to the refrigerator?

Thanks to the rubber band on the door of the refrigerator the warm air does not get into the chamber. If for some reason the gasket ceases to perform its function, the appliance begins to work to the wear and tear of. To prevent this from happening, it is worth monitoring the condition of the seal on the refrigerator and install a new one on time.

  • Remove the door and place it on the floor;
  • Using a knife at the joints, carefully separate the old rubber band.
  • And remove the sealant with a pair of tweezers. Work without fussing, so as not to damage the refrigerator. And check to make sure the height matches the grooves before you completely remove the rubber band from the back.
  • To install the new seal, take the spike.
  • Insert the rubber band. It has to be the right size, you only need to cut vertically and connect it to the horizontal part.
  • Secure the rubber band with glue or plaster.

Measuring the temperature

Each refrigerator is equipped with a temperature regulator or thermostat. On regular models, these are several levels of indicators on the front of the refrigerator. In the more advanced ones, readings are given in numbers, sometimes there are internal thermometers. Always install the thermometer in the freezer as well. It is possible to buy this device separately. it is very convenient to measure the exact values on each shelf.

There are also folk ways of measuring. with a street thermometer in a glass of water. It is left for 2-3 hours inside the chamber. The optimum temperature is 3 to 4 degrees. Higher is too warm and lower is too cold.

Many people don’t even think about adjusting the microclimate inside when they first turn on the unit. Others approach quite intuitively. scrolling the thermostat knob to the middle position. However, adjusting the cold is a delicate and complex process.

Important! Depending on the temperature in the room, on the frequency of using the refrigerator, on its workload, the level of cold inside should also be adjusted.

Why it is important to properly set the temperature of your fridge?

Many products that spoil quickly must “live” at 2-5 degrees. If the degree is higher, they freeze and lose their quality. And after defrosting, it spoils almost immediately.

refrigerator, cold

If, on the contrary, it is very warm in the cell, then bacteria are happy to multiply. You can tell it by the “dead” greens, mold on the sausage or cheese, fermented soup.

Even worse is the big plus effect on freezing. Meats will remind you of themselves in just a couple of hours with a bad smell.

In addition, if you set the wrong temperature in your No Frost fridge, you will constantly complain about the high energy consumption. And in some models to remove melted ice.

Signs by which you can understand that you have set the temperature in the cooler wrong:

  • Ice will form inside.
  • High electricity consumption.
  • Food spoils very quickly.
  • Some foods dry out in a couple of days.
  • There is a stinky smell.
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