How to turn off the heating on the boiler Bosch

How to turn off the gas boiler

To begin with, you need to figure out what are the reasons for turning off the boiler in the summer and whether it is necessary to do it at all. This is done for reasons of gas saving. But this only appears to be the case at first glance: In fact, frequent boiler shutdowns affect the condition of the.

This increases the wear and tear of the equipment and can cause a breakdown:

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  • Firstly, the longer the system stays in the cold, the lower the temperature of the coolant and the harder it will be to heat when igniting the boiler. In this case the fuel consumption will be significant.
  • Secondly, the temperature of the heat exchanger decreases. On reheating, water droplets will accumulate on its surface. This condensate can cause destruction and corrosion of the heat exchanger.
  • Thirdly, the water droplets also settle on the burner. This significantly reduces its efficiency and as a consequence, increases fuel consumption.
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Corrosion of the main components of the boiler structure in most cases requires their replacement. It is unlikely that it can be repaired by soldering. Properly and smoothly starting up the equipment after a long break will help to reduce the risk of such problems. Most boilers have special modes of operation. If available, it is important to know how to turn them on correctly on different types of automatics and units of different brands.

Important! If you want to save fuel, you can leave the boiler on in the summer. There are many ways to save money. One of them. the use of modulating burners. When deciding whether or not to turn off the heating system in the summer, you need to assess the possible risk and the amount of gas saved.

Bosch WBN 6000-18 C RN S5700 operation manual online. page 21

Bosch WBN 6000-18 C RN S5700 manual for the device gas floor standing boiler contains pages in Russian.

You can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

Setting the max. flow temperature

The maximum flow temperature can be set between 40 °C and 82 °C. The display shows the current supply line temperature. ▶ Press the button as many times as necessary until the display shows

The display shows the set maximum flow temperature.

▶ Press the or button to set the required maximum temperature

▶ Press the “ok” button to save the set value.

The actual flow temperature appears on the display.

A typical maximum flow temperature is given in Tab. 19.

When the burner is in heating mode the display shows

Setting the hot water temperature

The hot water temperature can be set from 35 °C to 60 °C. Press button. as many times as necessary until the display shows

The display will show the set hot water temperature.

Press the or button to set the desired hot water temperature.Press “ok” button to save the set value.

The display will show the actual flow temperature.

When the burner is in the hot water preparation mode, the display will show the sign

You can use the Open-Therm regulator Bosch TRZ200 (programmable heating regulator).

▶ Fill in the boiler commissioning certificate (

Installer Guide. The Greenstar 8000 Style Boiler Display

Heating circuit pump and with it the heating is switched off. Hot water supply and power supply for heating regulation and timer continue.

To set the summer mode:▶ Press the. button as many times as necessary until the display shows

The display will show the set maximum temperature of the supply line.

Press the. button repeatedly until the display shows ▶ Press the “ok” button to save the set value.

Further information can be found in the instruction manual of the room thermostat.

Freeze protection of the heating systemFreeze protection of the heating system is only ensured, when the heating circuit pump is operating, t.е. The water flow through the entire heating system is ensured.▶ Leave the heating on.Set the maximum flow temperature

-Or. if you want to leave the boiler off:▶ With the boiler off, add antifreeze to the system water

Anti-frost protection: The anti-frost protection function switches on the burner and the heating circuit pump when the temperature in the room where the equipment is installed drops below 5 °C (on the heating flow temperature sensor). This prevents the boiler from freezing.▶ Activate the summer mode (

If you set. the heating mode is blocked (on the display appears

Tab. 19 Maximum flow temperature

Follow the requirements given in the operating instructions of the heating controller. This shows ▶ how you can adjust the temperature in the

▶ How to heat the room quickly and economically.

NOTICE: Danger of freezing in the heating system. In summer mode only the boiler frost protection works.▶ If there is a risk of frost, use the anti-freeze protection

Further information can be found in the operating instructions of the heating controller.

Gas heating

The priority for such a device is hot water, so if you expect a large expenditure of hot water, you should consider a two-circuit boiler with a pre-built boiler. Although for a small family of 3-4 people the familiar instantaneous water heater is quite enough.

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It is noteworthy that the installation of a two-circuit boiler does not require a separately planned space for the boiler room. It can be located, for example, in the kitchen, taking up a little more space than the AHV.

Pipelines for heating, cold and hot water are supplied directly to the boiler, because the expansion tank, pumping equipment and even all safety equipment are located directly in the appliance.

But despite the visual simplicity of installation, you should not overestimate your capabilities. Installation and start-up of a two-circuit boiler is a job for an experienced specialist with a permit to do so.

Successful experience of fifteen years allows “Design Prestige” Ltd. to design and arrange absolutely any gas heating. This is where you can obtain motivated advice and real help in installing high quality, up-to-date home heating.

Gas heating

How the water is heated in the boiler?

If the boiler operates in winter mode, the water is heated in the primary heat exchanger and distributed by the circulation pump to the heating system. When you open the hot water tap in the boiler, the flow sensor is triggered. It begins to circulate in a circle, passing through a secondary heat exchanger and heating water for DHW.

The principle of the gas boiler. the coolant, passing through a heat exchanger, is heated and then circulates through the heating system, giving the thermal energy received through the radiators, underfloor heating, towel rails, as well as providing water heating in the indirect heated boiler (in case it is connected to the boiler on gas).

Turning off rules

The order of shutdown is different for each brand of boiler, but in general it has common stages. The process of stopping the unit depends on the purpose and design. single-circuit or dual-circuit units. Shutdown of a two-circuit boiler for the summer period will be partial, that is, the heating equipment will be disabled, and the DHW load will continue to function.

  • Turning off the gas valve. There are 2 options. only for the main burner or jointly for the main burner and igniter.
  • In the first case, the knob is turned clockwise and set to the “ignition” position, the main unit will be shut down, but the pilot unit will continue to function.
  • In the second case, the knob is turned clockwise to the “off” position, which will shut off gas to all burners.
  • You can turn off auxiliary equipment fans, smoke exhausters in 15-20 minutes after shutting off the gas.
  • Stop the circulation pump after cooling the mains water to room temperature.
  • Turn off the power to the device.
  • Perform preservation of the unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Shutting down a two-circuit unit in the summertime follows a slightly different procedure.
  • First, the heating trimmer line is blocked with a three-way valve, in this case, from the heating system, the coolant flows into the secondary DHW boiler.

Why the gas boiler shuts down. causes and solution methods

It is good when the gas boiler works smoothly all winter. But it happens that the unit suddenly stops working. Then the owner begins to frantically search for an answer to the question of why the gas boiler shuts down. Sometimes the cause can be eliminated independently, without involving a specialist.

The reasons why the gas boiler shuts down quickly, can be very different. They are associated with the influence of external factors or malfunctions in the unit itself. The main reasons are as follows:

  • Incorrect capacity;
  • Low gas pressure;
  • Reverse draught;
  • problems with the chimney;
  • Voltage fluctuations;
  • automation failures.

Note! Often users complain that in winter after a long downtime, the gas boiler quickly shuts down. This happens because the coolant and the smoke evacuation system have cooled down a lot and have not had time to warm up. In this case, you first need to let the unit run on low power and warm up, and then you can gradually increase the heating.

Incorrect capacity of the unit

If the gas boiler frequently turns on and off, it indicates that the capacity of the unit is too large for the room. As a result, the device quickly gains the desired temperature and shuts down. Frequent switching on and off leads to increased wear of parts of the boiler. Therefore, before buying a gas device, it is important to calculate the optimal value of its capacity based on the area of the heated room, its insulation and other factors.

For a large private home suitable floor standing gas boilers rated from 35 kW. For apartments and small cottages, it is better to buy compact hinged models, which will fit perfectly in a small kitchen or hallway.

If the boiler is already installed, the problem of overcapacity can be solved by the following methods:

  • Installation of four-way valves;
  • Resetting the gas burner to the minimum mode;
  • Connection of a boiler or other systems, so that part of the boiler power is spent on them.

Usually causes of low gas pressure are the following factors:

turn, heating, boiler, bosch
  • Fuel meter malfunction. Suspicious sounds or noise may be heard from the device. On a defective device the readings change jerkily or the arrow does not move at all. Contact a specialist to fix the problem.
  • Safety sensors are triggered. if the system detects a fuel leak, the work of the unit is blocked. Also for leaks is characterized by the smell of gas. If you see such a problem, you should turn off the gas boiler and call a master gas service.
  • The filter is clogged. you should clean it.

Reverse draught

If there is a back draft and the flame goes out, the protection system of the gas boiler is activated, and it shuts down.

The situation can only be rectified by eliminating the back draft. To do this, you must identify the cause of back draft. For example, to adjust the chimney design, install a deflector, etc.д.

The reverse draught also occurs with poor ventilation in the room. This is easy to check. the flame will burn well when you open the window. The following factors can make the ventilation worse

In this case it is necessary to take measures for improvement of ventilation.

A common problem for gas boilers of open and closed type is icing, forming at the outlet of the chimney. Hot combustion products come out of the pipe and are converted into condensate, which freezes on the cap. This frost obstructs the air flow, the fire goes out and the boiler shuts down. It is necessary to clean the ice and the air flow will resume.

If ice forms regularly, the chimney must be insulated.

A classic chimney is more prone to all sorts of clogs. It can get in there:

Power supply voltage fluctuations

If the voltage in the electrical system falls below the reading provided by the mode of operation of the unit, the safety system will shut down the gas boiler. When the voltage returns to normal, the unit will restart.

To avoid this problem, an uninterruptible power supply must be installed.

Failure of the fan

In turbo gas boilers the air inflow and exhaust of the combustion products is carried out with the help of a fan. If there is a failure in this node, the boiler will shut down.

In this case, it is necessary to diagnose the fan, clean it from clogs, replace damaged parts, inspect the wiring.

Problems in pump operation

If the pump is malfunctioning, the heat transfer fluid is not circulating properly through the system. As a result, the radiators do not heat, and the automation shuts down the gas boiler.

If the circulation pump has recently been included in the system, and after that the unit began to turn off, there may have been errors in its installation.

Malfunctions in the burner

If the gas boiler shuts down all the time, you should check the functioning of the burner:

  • If the ignition does not occur and the flame immediately goes out, then most likely the problem is in the nozzles. they should be cleaned of soot and vent the excess air. It is also advisable to check the position of the ignition electrode and, if necessary, clean it.
  • If the flame goes out after a short burn, the ionization electrode should be diagnosed.
  • The flame bursts and the nozzle makes a noise. the gas supply must be adjusted. Sometimes it happens because of excessive draft.

Why the water pressure in the heating system drops?

The main reasons are: leaks in the heating system, failure of the expansion vessel in the boiler, lack of built in expansion vessel of the volume of the heating system, faulty pressure gauge or pressure sensor, leaks of heat exchanger for hot water heating or bi-thermal heat exchanger (flow between heating and water heater, lack of insulation, etc.)

There are several frequent causes of pressure drop in the gas boiler: Violation of the expansion tank. Problems with electricity or its long absence. The heating system is leaking.

Why reduce the power?

This is all very simple, often the boiler capacity of, say, 25 kW is excessive in heating your area.

For example, you have a house with 100 sq.If the boiler is 25 kW, it can heat 250 sq.m., but the boiler is 25 kW.м., Why does it need to be rated specifically for heating? You can reduce, and there will be many advantages:

  • A small reduction in gas consumption. It’s really small, about a few percent. There is no such thing as a miracle and the boiler still needs to heat a certain amount of water. It just will do it more evenly, the heat loss will be minimal
  • Increases the service life of the heat exchanger. Here already a real benefit, many people know that from a strong flame, it can simply burn through. So you increase its service life by about twice
  • Avoiding overheating errors. For example, you have a small house, only 30 sq.If you have a 25 kW boiler, it will heat a small volume of water (or coolant) in the heating system, VERY quickly. And it can boil right in the heat exchanger because it has no time to cool. You’re going to get errors. But if you reduce the power, you can get rid of them

In general. there are a lot of benefits, but this operation is mainly engaged in the service departments, we will do everything ourselves, and in a few minutes.

How to avoid overheating errors?

My last advice, but not least. buy not just a stabilizer electricity for the boiler (it really saves from sudden changes in voltage). Take the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Its principle is simple: when there is power, it stores it, and when the power is out, it gives it back. It also works as a stabilizer

500 to 600 watts is good enough for your eyes. Given that the work of the boiler needs a maximum. 120-150 watts per hour, this UPS will work for about 4. 5 hours.

If you do not live in a remote area, such outages are extremely rare. This means that the system will not stand up and cool down. Yes, and you will always be with the heat, even if cut off the power for an hour or two.

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