How to turn off the heating on the boiler vaillant

Controls and indication elements of the Vaillant Atmotec boiler

Control panel of the electronic block of Vaillant Atmotec / Turbotec plus/pro boiler consists of two sensors (potentiometers), display of DIA-indication and diagnostic system with a field of keys (4 keys) located under it, spaces for positioning the regulator (covered with a decorative cover panel) and the mains switch.

The temperature is infinitely variable. When setting the set temperature on the boiler control panel, the setpoint value is shown on the DIA display. After about 5 seconds this indication disappears and the normal standard display appears again.

As a standard display, the temperature is shown on the display and the temperature and pressure display can easily be interchanged. Press “-” to switch from the pressure display to the temperature display.

If pressed briefly, the display will also be brief, and then will switch back to the initial indication. Pressing and holding down button “-” causes symbol C to flash. Then the flashing stops and the temperature display remains long.

Nominal heat load (kW)

Vaillant Turbotec / Atmotec / plus/pro gas boilers

VUW INT 242-3-3. 26,8 VUW INT 282-3-3. 31,2 VU/VUW INT 242-3-5. 26,8 VU/VUW INT 282-3-5. 31.2 VUW INT 322-3-5. 34.8 VUW INT 362-3-5. 40,5 VUW INT 240-3-3. 26.7 VUW INT 280-3-3. 31.1 VU/VUW INT 240-3-5. 26.7 VU/VUW INT 280-3-5. 31,1

In the operation of the gas boiler Vaillant Atmo Tech on the summer mode. Only for hot water preparation.

To set the summer mode, the flow temperature sensor is turned counter-clockwise to the “left” stop, the same position is simultaneously the mode of anti-freeze protection.

Setting of maximum flow temperature

The maximum temperature of the supply line (“right” stop sensor) is set through the DIA-system in point d.71.

Factory setting = 0, which corresponds to a maximum flow temperature of 82°C; if set to d.71= 1, the maximum temperature will be 87°C.

Switching on the Aqua-Comfort system for Vaillant Atmotec / Turbotec plus boilers

The hot start function is activated by turning the hot water temperature sensor to the maximum position and is deactivated by turning it to the minimum position.

C appears on the display when the hot start is activated.

DIA-system display has three digits for displaying temperature and status codes, diagnostic or fault. There are 3 buttons to control the DIA-system and a button to remove the failure. Pressing the fault release button unlocks the boiler. DIA system has three digits for temperature display and different indication. Underneath there are 3 colored LEDs to indicate the modes. The symbols on the display show. The control buttons are wide, and operate with a click.

The DIA-system of the Vaillant Turbo Tech wall hung boilers allows the display to show messages with codes:

The diagnostic information is divided into 2 levels.

Activation and deactivation of level 1: Press the “Info” and “” keys simultaneously. The display “d.0”. Scrolling through the diagnostics items: with the “” and “-” keys, the new value will flash, press “Info” and hold for 5 seconds to confirm.

Level 2 activation: Access code must be entered: scroll down to d in level 1.97, then change the setting to 17 and save. Diagnosis level 2 shows all information from diagnostics levels 1 and 2.

Page through and change parameter values as at 1st level. If “Info” and “” are pressed again within 4 minutes of exiting the 2nd level, the switchover to the 2nd level takes place without entering a password. “I” on the display means “On” or “Yes”, “0” means “Off” or “No” respectively.

If the boiler Turbotec / Atmotec plus/pro malfunctions, the error code appears on the display. This code supersedes other messages.

Display of last fault messages

The electronics stores a list of the last 10 fault messages.

After 1 hour of burner operation (only during initial start-up) the fault memory is erased in order to delete any faults that may have occurred during start-up.

Codes and indication of Vaillant Turbo Tech boiler

1st diagnostic level Turbotec / Atmotec / plus/pro

Indication Meaning Indication / configurable values

VU/VUW INT 200/3-5 7. 20 kW VUW INT 240/3-3. 24 kW VU/VUW INT 240/3-5 9. 24 kW VU/VUW INT 280/3-5 10. 28 kW VU INT 122/3-5 6. 12 kW VU/VUW INT 202/3-5 6. 20 kW VUW INT 242/3-3. 24 kW VU/VUW INT 242/3-5 8. 24 kW VU/VUW INT 282/3-5 9. 28 kW VUW INT 322/3-5 10. 32 kW VU INT 362/3-5 10. 36 kW


The model line of gas boilers Vaillant turboTEC is presented by single- and double-circuit units of various capacity from 12 to 36 kW, depending on the specific model.

The first line is a basic model that has a limited power selection. only 24 kW is offered. Plus line units have expanded functionality and capacity, giving the user a choice of models from 12 to 36 kW.

This makes it possible to match the unit to the area or configuration of the dwelling and obtain the best design option for the prevailing operating conditions.

Rules for turning off the heating on the boiler

Each type of automation has its own rules for how to turn off a gas heating boiler for the summer:

  • EuroSit 630. Turn the knob until the mark on it aligns with the star on the body. Then close the gas valve.
  • MiniSit 710. Turn the thermostat knob clockwise as far as it will go. Press “Off”. Turn off the gas.

Vaillant 3 boiler faults

Vaillant gas heating units are available in different versions. The most purchased. wall mounted two-circuit boilers Vailant VUW three series: Turbo FIT, TEC Plus and Pro.

Analysis of error tables in their instructions shows the identity of the problems that arise, and for the last two models, the manual is common. The article will help to understand the causes of incorrect operation or stopping the equipment by the signal of failure and will give recommendations on their elimination.

How to control a Vaillant ecotec plus heat only boiler.

Vaillant boilers. a complex technique, complete with various nodes, devices, electronics. And if you add “gas”, such heating units represent an increased danger in terms of operation. Consequently, independent elimination of errors is possible only within reasonable limits.

Further the codes are deciphered with the reasons of which appearance the competent user can cope with, especially as some of them are caused by external factors and not breakages of Vaillant boiler. The solving of the other problems is the duty of a professional.

Vaillant errors with unstable power supply can be initiated by power surges. Removed by pressing the “Reset” button. If it does not help, you need to look for the cause.

  • ECO button
  • Heating mode button (ON/OFF)
  • Turning button (ON/OFF)
  • Heating mode button (temperature setting)
  • RESET button
  • Display (operating mode indication)
  • DHW mode button (temperature setting)

Practitioners call electrical engineering the science of contacts. The errors appearing on the display of the Vaillant are generated by the electronic module of the boiler based on information from the relevant sensors. Troubleshooting must begin with checking the signal lines. What to pay attention to:

  • breaks or oxidation of wires, lamellae of contact groups;
  • Short-circuited to frame, between each other;
  • loose fit of the plugs in the sockets of connectors;
  • Damage to the insulation layer.

Repair practice shows: 85% of boiler faults are caused by these reasons. And therefore, can be easily solved.

As the basis for the instructions for two-circuit gas Vaillant VUW TEC. Symbols of the codes of other boiler models may be different, but the meaning of the errors and their causes are the same. Knowing this, it is easy to find and fix the problem, regardless of the version of the heating system.

Vaillant Turbo FIT series error codes are listed in brackets

F20/F22/23/24 (F10|F11). overheating

The errors occur when the volume of water in the system decreases, the temperature rises sharply, its extreme difference at the outlet and inlet of the Vaillant.

Recommendation: fill the circuit with water, bringing the pressure to normal (2±0.5 bar). Reset and restart the boiler. Repeated occurrence of an error is an indication of a malfunction.

Probable causes

Leak. Autonomous circuit. the system is closed and closed: natural evaporation of the fluid is excluded. Loss of coolant is possible only in case of mechanical damage or violation of tightness. The problem area of the track (appliance) is not difficult to find by inspecting the house for signs of dampness, stains and divorces. Leaks rarely occur in the Vaillant boiler itself: more often at pipe connections or radiators.

Reduced circulation speed. The coolant moves more slowly, and the boiler burner operates in the set mode. Hence overheating and a Vaillant error. What is the reason?

  • Air plug. The easiest way to pinpoint and isolate such a problem is to. It is necessary to check all the radiators for the degree of heating: a sharp difference in temperature in some areas of the circuit will indicate the “culprit”. Even if there are automatic valves, you should bleed manually. they often fail with poor water treatment.
  • Pump. Error overheating of the boiler is caused by stopping the device or reducing the number of revolutions of the shaft.
  • First of all check the supply voltage and the set speed. The incorrect operation of the Vaillant pump can be a consequence of salt deposits on the impeller. Need to dismantle the pumping device, do a partial disassembly and wash. Boiler overheating error disappears after start-up.
  • Heat Exchanger. Fouling of the cavity is one of the possible causes. The gradual reduction of the channel diameter negatively affects the liquid circulation, hence the overheating of the Vaillant boiler and the error.

Recommendation: If the object has an alternative heat source, the device must be removed and sent for service. Self-cleaning is ineffective, and after the start-up the Vaillant boiler can stand up again in a month and a half. High-quality maintenance involves filling the cavity of the heat-exchange unit with an aggressive liquid, keeping it for at least one day, followed by pressure washing. This cannot be done on site.

At the initial start-up of the Waylant it is necessary to check the installation of the back pressure valve in the system. Incorrect installation blocks the channel, hence the boiler error.

F26 (F07). problem with the gas fitting.

Must ensure the integrity of wires and reliability of contacts. It is not reasonable to change it by yourself. you also need to configure it correctly.

F27. flame simulation error.

Probable cause. ionization sensor: shorted wires, dirty electrode, dampness. If the boiler has been idle for a long time, remove the casing and dry it out (by directing warm air stream).

F28 (F04). failed ignition.

There are many reasons for this error. You can independently check only the gas supply to the boiler burner, its pressure, the reliability of alarm circuits and grounding. Other defects. in the counter, trunk filter, Vaillant armature, transformer, electronic board. should be defined by the expert.

F29. Boiler failure, problem with restarting.

Probable causes of errors in autonomous gasification: gearbox failure, icing, LPG generation. Other failures are identical to F28, can not be determined independently.

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F33 (F05). fan not working properly.

The error is caused by its breakage, failure of the flow switch, malfunction in the electronic module of the boiler. If supply and signal lines are not damaged, it is necessary to address to the expert.

The most common malfunctions and their causes

Despite the true German quality, as well as any other equipment, Vaillant boilers are subject to various kinds of failures. If one or another problem still occurred, then the device informs the owner by the method of alphanumeric code displaying on the LCD, including a red light, as it was mentioned above. Each error has its own code.

If you study the thematic forums, where owners of boilers discuss their malfunctions, the most popular queries are the following:

  • Error code F22, indicating lack of water in the device or shortage of water. It is worth checking if the pump is not jammed, if the pump cables are securely connected to the water pressure sensor, look at the sensor itself or the pump power. Weak water circulation is also possible;
  • Error code F28, when the unit does not start at all. The causes can be different: wrongly connected zero and phase, oversaturation of gas with air, too low gas pressure, the control board is broken, the boiler is not properly grounded, a cable break or error in connecting to the gas line. Some problems can be solved yourself by looking in the instruction manual. For example, check whether the gas valve is open or change the gas pressure in the boiler settings to 5 mbar;
  • Error code F29, when the burner flame goes out constantly and new attempts to ignite it are unsuccessful. Causes can be: wrongly grounded gas boiler, gas supply in the gas system, problems with the ignition transformer or with the gas valve. To eliminate this problem it is worth checking the gas pressure, it may be too low or see if there is enough air for normal combustion;
  • Error code F36 (Vaillant Atmo), when the combustion products come out. Such a problem can occur due to poor ventilation in the room or poor draft in the chimney, or the temperature in the room is too high. You should also check whether sufficient clearance is made between the boiler and the wall;
  • Error with code F75, when boiler pump works, but pressure does not rise. There can also be several reasons: pump breakage or water pressure sensor, air in the heating system, incorrect connection or insufficient water pressure. To fix the problem you can try to clean the water pressure sensor or you will have to buy more powerful components.
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Error codes in Vaillant boilers

The most common errors on the display are F22, 28, 29, 36, 75. But in fact, there are a lot of errors that are displayed on the screen with the codes. Most of the codes will not show up even over the long term of use, but there are a few errors that can occur with improper operation. This includes errors such as:

  • F0 or F1. check the cable and the NTC sensor, which controls the temperature mode;
  • F2. sensor failure or broken cable;
  • F5 or F6. improper operation of the sensor that removes combustion products in a safe way;
  • F10. short circuit on the line;
  • F13. Temperature exceeded 130 degrees, causing system failure;
  • F32. bad fan working.

Errors and codes can be numerous, but all can be found in the manual. Russian language manual has a list of the most common codes. Less common, but still occurring, are errors:

  • F11. indicates that the temperature sensor installed in the return line is short-circuited;
  • F12. this type of error appears only if the water heater sensor shorted out;
  • F15. a short circuit occurred in the external flue gas sensor;
  • F20. this type of error appears if the overheating sensor has been badly connected or is out of order. The error indicates that the overheating protection has tripped, which occurs in these situations;
  • F23. this code appears if there is not enough coolant in the unit and because of this there is a large difference between the readings of sensors of the flow and return line. To eliminate this problem it is enough to check the correct connection of the sensors, the performance of the pump, as well as its condition, because it can be damaged or blocked;
  • F24. insufficient amount of coolant in the boiler itself. In this situation the temperature rises sharply. This can be due to insufficient pressure in the system itself, low pump performance or pump blockage;
  • F61. the control signal to the gas valves is broken. In this situation it is necessary to check immediately the valves or electronics, they can be defective.

If these and many other errors appear on the device display, you should immediately diagnose the device and eliminate all errors to prevent it from failing.

Features of usage

Modern Valliant boilers are high-tech devices, equipped with automation, which guarantees autonomous operation of the equipment. Buying a device of this brand, the owner receives a unit that has everything necessary for easy and safe use.

Many of the models are equipped with a gas leakage prevention system and a self-diagnostic system. But first of all, these “helpers” are designed to detect and correct the problem that has arisen. Thus nobody cancelled rules of operation of the boilers, issued by company Vaylant.

In addition, once a year it is necessary to carry out preventive inspections and maintenance. This significantly prolongs the life of any equipment, and the boilers of this brand are no exception to the rules.

Another important factor that is relevant for a Vaillant boiler is the correct installation. It must be carried out according to existing standards and requirements, so this important matter should be entrusted to professionals. They have the appropriate skills, experience and license to perform such work.

Operation of any gas boiler depends largely on what type of equipment is installed. In any case, the instructions to the equipment has a scheme of its installation, as well as the basic rules for use. For example, if you buy an appliance with an open combustion chamber, you should constantly ventilate the room. After all, for their work, such boilers use oxygen circulating inside the house or apartment. Otherwise, the occupants will have nothing to breathe, and the boiler will not work at full capacity.

Before using the boiler, it is necessary to study the instructions very carefully and make sure that the heating system contains the right amount of liquid, as well as check the functionality of the safety valve and the combustion field. If necessary, you should recharge the system with water or other heat transfer fluid. This is done by adding liquid to the expansion tank or through a suitable hole specially designed for this purpose. This should be mentioned in the operating instructions.

Another important factor. overheating of the boiler, which is quite an unpleasant incident. The latest models have a special system that protects against this kind of trouble. But if there is no such protection, you should remove air from the system, using a special valve.

A few more requirements

In addition, proper operation implies the observance of several other points:

  • The heating system. constantly check the condition of the pumps, automatics and pipelines. After all, the safety of the gas equipment depends on them in many respects.
  • Boiler room. the unit must be placed in a room of at least 4 square meters with a ceiling height of at least 2.5 m, with natural light and a constant supply of fresh air. In addition, the width of the doorway in the room should not be less than 80 cm, and it is obligatory to have a ventilation system. The cross-section of the chimney must coincide with the cross-section of the outlet of the used gas equipment.
  • It is strictly forbidden to install the boiler directly to the wall. It is necessary to leave the working gap, which will allow to carry out service work on the gas equipment.
  • When choosing a product, it is necessary to give preference to units with automatics for quick shutoff of gas in case of leakage. During operation, you should pay attention to the absence of extraneous odors, unnecessary debris and the presence of draft. It is also necessary to clean the burner regularly. Make sure that there is no smell of gas in the room, and the temperature on the display does not exceed 90 degrees.

In the case of a boiler shutdown for an extended period of time, you should perform these actions:

  • Close the gas supply tap.
  • It is necessary to disconnect them from power supply if the automatic equipment is supplied from the mains and there is an electric circulating pump in the system.
  • Shut off the cold and hot water taps, as well as the valve leading into the heating system.
  • If the heating system is filled with water, but the temperature is expected to drop in the near future, the coolant should be drained.
  • Complete shutdown of the boiler must be carried out by an expert.

How to Operate Your Vaillant ecotec Pro Combination Boiler, Adjust Hot Water & Heating & Lots

Settings and adjustments of Vaillant boilers

Gas boiler vaillant atmotec pro vuw int 240 3-3 began to give error F28. I go to the place where it is, twice a week, when I arrive I find the battery is cold, the red diode and error F28. Restart by pressing the “fault elimination” button. for the duration of the operation. May even run for 24 hours without failure. But then all the same F28. I was able to find the following symptoms: 1. The boiler can “go into error” during the operation of the burner for heating. That is, here the boiler works for heating, the yellow indicator is on, suddenly it is red, error F28. 2. Ignition is not working properly. It happens: electrodes crack twice as long as “usual” (according to your feeling). electrodes are silent. Some mechanical noise inside the boiler (as if something turns, opens, closes). Electrode crackle again, this time of regular duration. Starting the boiler in heating mode, normal operation. That is, starting from the second ignition attempt. 3. All of the above appears only in heating mode. When the boiler is running on DHW. all is normal. Change the electrodes? Or is there a problem with the gas?

Installed and put into operation a boiler Vaillant 240-3-5 Atmo tek plus two-circuit. Started independently with the inclusion of all required programs. Worked without problems for 2 months. Yesterday I turned on the water in two places at the same time and heard a specific bubbling in the unit. Turned off one point and after a short time everything calmed down. D.H.W. is set to 39gr. After that, I turned on the water in one place and tried to increase the temperature of the DHW to the maximum. Already after 45 gr. It began to vibrate and make a certain bubbling sound as if the water was boiling. When the heating circuit works up to 80 gr. I have not seen anything like that. What could it be??

Wall mounted boiler vaillant atmotec pro vuw int 240-3-3 r2 is gaining pressure in the heating system, how to fix it?

Replace the makeup valve, I have ball valves after three years began to leak water. It is also possible that through a secondary heat exchanger water passes into the heating system.

Wall mounted gas boiler Vaillant Turbo Tech 24 often turned on and off, after about 5-7 minutes. Since yesterday, it’s been working a little differently. For example tonight for at least 2 hours it didn’t turn on, then it turned on and worked for a long time. All that has changed since then. Made a ground connection that wasn’t there before. Could this be the only thing that affects the operation of the boiler?? Or was it just a coincidence?? The gas is connected by a metal pipe, but with a dielectric insert. Consumption of gas for a day remained the same, the temperature in the house has not changed. And also the DHW used to work with off/on every 10-15 seconds, with the yellow light on and flashing green. Today, the first time it ran smoothly without shutting off, only the green light was on.

My unit this year also works with burner lockout. Т. In case the gas flow rate remained the same during the day, the temperature in the flat did not change. e) turned on, reached the set temperature, pumped up to 5 minutes (did not set in continuous mode), and if the return temperature is not lowered to the switching temperature, it stops for about 5 minutes (I did not precisely measure). Difference from last year. I reduced the power from 24 to 14, figuring the power of his radiators. No grounding in the apartment (there is a ground connection). The DHW will turn off during water draw, if the water flow is small and the boiler can not maintain the set temperature at the minimum output (if the gas valve is set). Adjust the temperature of hot water so that the burner is not switched off. If you have a boiler. I don’t see any problems. And if you do it directly. discomfort.

Carried out the installation, installation and connection of the boiler Vaillant Turbotec pro VUW 242-3. It heats 200 m2 is the second year in the last year in freezing temperatures up to 15-20 ate 400 m3 of gas per month. In the summer, the company that sold it to me carried out maintenance, nothing else in the heating system or in the modes of use has not changed. Now for a month in zero degrees outside the machine has consumed 600 m3. Tell me what could happen and how to fix it?

Could change the settings of the gas valve, maybe just because of the clocking. Put a room thermostat.

In Vaillant Turbo Tech 24, error f28 flashes, what can it be?? You restart the boiler and everything works, but a day later. I’ve been having this problem for about two weeks now.

The same error kept popping up. Tortured with this problem for about three weeks. The boiler was shutting down every other day or two. At first we changed the board, it didn’t help, we put. We were worried about the power supply, put a transformer with galvanic isolation, dielectric spacer from the gas hose. Some more activities. Then I was advised to wipe with alcohol contacts (electrodes) which ignite the burner. After that, the problem did not bother me anymore.

The gas boiler Turbotec plus VUW INT 362-3-5 does not start, goes to error 37, the exhaust fan does not start. Can you tell me how to check it?? I have 220 on the three pin connector.

turn, heating, boiler, vaillant

The control board, the one on the fan, is out of order.

Is it possible to put an extra pump to raise the return temperature?? Since the system is large and was designed for central heating. The burner is working strangely, back and forth, you can hear it in the sound, and because of this, I understand, and the temperature jumped. Didn’t work like that before, burner modulates, set the temperature and maintains it.

Try the following: 1. put the bypass back in. 2. Decrease the heating power to such an extent that the error would disappear. One at 60 gr. works. It should work.

Answer, who knows, in a boiler Turbo Tech 24 kW should be a hot plate heat exchanger and the return pipe from the pump (when CO), although the return pipe at the inlet is not hot. The unit heats at 75 degrees (supply), but in fact does not heat the last battery.

Probably not squeeze the pump heating system, that’s through the built-in regulated bypass HE and goes back to the heat exchanger. That’s why the last radiators are underheated. Maybe you need to look at the three-way. Running water through the DHW circuit.

Atmotec vuw int 240-3-3 had error f28. After cleaning the gas valve is not correct indication of the temperature of the flowing water, more on 15-20 degrees. The question is what should be done to ensure that the display is correct, with the one that comes out of the faucet?

There is nothing you can do. It was and always will be. This boiler has no DHW temperature sensor.

When you turn on the program P.6, the error f75 comes up, which shows the failure of some valve. I understand correctly that the problem is that the scale has done its job? And need to clean this valve between the circuits, if so, where is it located and how do you usually clean it?

Controlling your equipment from mobile devices

The Vaillant multiMATIC App is an intelligent way to control and monitor your Vaillant heating and/or ventilation system from your smartphone

Imagine that your boiler would always know when you were coming home, even if you were unexpectedly stuck in traffic or decided to extend your vacation by a few days.

The benefits of this are obvious: close the door and always be sure that when you return to your home will be a comfortable temperature and hot water in the faucet.

The new Vaillant multiMATIC App allows you and your family to control the heating in your home no matter where you are. This not only increases comfort, but also helps to save energy and money. Thanks to its intuitive design and the variety of functions required, the Vaillant multiMATIC app is comfortable and easy to use.

The Vaillant multiMATIC App requires the VR920 module in combination with the multiMATIC 700/x controller

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