How to turn off your haier refrigerator through the control panel

Vacation Mode

In English it may be called “Vacation” or “Holiday”. This mode serves to save energy, can be used when there is nobody at home for a long time and in the refrigerating chamber there are no perishable products that we eat daily. When the mode is activated, the freezing chamber works as usual (because the food is likely to stay there), and the temperature in the refrigerating chamber rises up to 15-18 degrees, depending on the model. This allows you to not waste extra electricity, but keep the temperature below room temperature, so that the refrigerator maintains a certain microclimate. If there is no “Vacation” mode, but there is a temperature regulator for the fridge and freezer compartments separately, then you can arrange your refrigerator “vacation” by setting the maximum temperature in the fridge compartment.

Give your refrigerator a vacation if you go away!

Haier AFD634CX

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Brief description

The system guarantees ultra-fast freezing, for example, when loading the freezer

The refrigerator is designed to keep food fresh and retain its nutritional properties better.

The height of the shelves can be altered to make the most efficient use of the space available-

The shelves are made of tempered non-slip glass, scratch-resistant and easy to clean

easy to clean. Shelf edges are fitted with plastic ribs to prevent accidental scraping

Humidity-controlled container

You can adjust the humidity level according to the type of products.

Original bottle shelf allows bottles to be stored horizontally-

Your product can be stored in the main shelf, without taking up space on the main shelf.

The fridge defrosts automatically after a set interval-

The refrigerator defrosts automatically after a certain interval, without the need to unplug it from the mains.

Reduced temperature and reduced humidity zone for storing meat, fish

Automatically maintains the optimum temperature in the refrigerator depending on the

The freezer compartment is cooler than the ambient temperature, which optimizes energy consumption.

If you accidentally leave the door open, the refrigerator will inform you with an acoustic

If you leave the fridge for a long time, this mode prevents the food from defrosting-

there in the freezer compartment, while the refrigerator compartment may not function-

Uniform temperature in the refrigerator compartment

Haier “Active Cooling” technology keeps the temperature in the fridge compartment at an even level-

The refrigerator cools the entire volume of the fridge compartment.

The freezer compartment cools to a lower temperature. 18°C, which provides more energy efficient cooling

Haier appliances are designed with state-of-the-art, low-noise electrical-

HAIER C2F636CFFD instruction manual online. Page 3

HAIER C2F636CFFD manual for refrigerator contains pages in Russian.

You can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF



This pattern may vary slightly from the configuration of the refrigerator you purchased.

Freezer compartment temperature setting

Press A1 several times until the C indicator lights up; at-

Press A2 to set the freezer temperature. The indicators

C and D start flashing simultaneously. The temperature is reduced by 1 °C

with each press; Sequence of setting parameters

23″-“-24”-“-16”. The temperature range varies from min. values

-24°C to max. value.16 °C. Stop pressing A2 to

Press button A3 repeatedly until the

E; press A4 to confirm activation of the function Strong

cooling. The function can be deactivated by

Repeat the manual activation process. This function automatically-

It will automatically shut off when the temperature drops below the minimum

levels. In this mode, the Strong Cooling function turns off-

If the fridge is set to temperature, press button A3 repeatedly until it switches off.

Press button A3 several times until light comes on

F; press A4 to confirm activation of the Strong function

freezing. This function can be disabled by

Repeating the activation process manually. This function is automatic-

The fridge switches off automatically after 56 hours. If you are freezing

large quantity of food in the freezer compartment, activate

the Deep-freeze function 24 hours before placing the food

lights up in the freezer compartment. In this mode, the Strong function

turn, your, haier, refrigerator, control

freezing is disabled at the freezer temperature setting-

Press button A3 repeatedly until the

G lights up; press A4 to confirm the activation of the Output function.

This function can be disabled by repeating

manual activation process. In the Output mode, the refrigerator

operates automatically at a temperature of 17 °C. In this mode,

The output function turns off when the temperature setting is ho-

Display operation and lock function

The display screen turns off and locks (the indicator light comes on)-

H) automatically 30 seconds after the end of the operation.

It lights up when the refrigerator door is opened or when the door is pressed-

Any button is released in case of a warning signal. (When a warning signal is given, the display is unlocked by pressing any button-

is not illuminated). Lock function: Press and hold down A4 for 3 seconds to unlock the display-

A4 button for 3 seconds until H,

Display screen is blocked. Unlock function: Press

and hold down button A4 for 3 seconds until the light goes out-

H indicator, and the display screen unlocks.

Open door warning light

When the refrigerator door opens, the light inside the refrigerator-

indicator and control panel light up. If the door is not closed-

The warning signal sounds for 3 minutes.

The warning signal can be interrupted by closing the door or

by touching the control panel. If the refrigerator door

does not close for more than 7 minutes, refrigerator light and backlight

control panel will automatically turn off.

Freezer compartment temperature setting

To select the required temperature, press button A2

Haier DC Inverter Refrigerator / Digital temperature settings / Haier Real Inverter Refrigerator

the temperature will cycle from Min to Max

on the D indicator, select the required temperature. Diap-

indicator D illuminates, the fridge temperature zones vary from Min to-

To activate the function, keep button A1 pressed for 3 seconds-

Haier A2FE735CXJ Frost Free Fridge Freezer

until LED C lights up. To exit the boiling water temperature mode, press button A 1-

Press and hold A1 key to start cooling until the indicator C lights up

of the C indicator to turn off. This function automatically switches the appliance off-

will turn off when the temperature drops below the minimum level.

To activate this function, press and hold button A2 for at least 10 seconds

3 seconds until LED D lights up. To exit the strong

The freezer temperature can be set at any time by pressing and holding button A2 until the-

the indicator D will turn off. This feature automatically turns off the-

The function is activated after 56 hours. If you are freezing a large amount of

If the fridge is switched on and the number of items in the freezer compartment is reached, press button A4 for 3 seconds

Deep freeze 24 hours before placing food in the

Press button A3 until G indicator lights up. This

the function can be disabled by repeating the process-

manual activation. In Weekend mode, the refrigerator automates-

How to set Digital Panel of SBS Haier Refrigerator Model 622IBS/IBG/ICG

Display control and lock function

The display screen turns off and locks (the indicator lights up)-

H torus) automatically 30 seconds after the end of the operation.

It lights up when the door of the refrigerator is opened or when the-

Press any button. (When a warning signal is given, the display screen-

It lights up when the door is opened or when the door is pressed). Lock function: Press and hold down A4 for 3 seconds until the light goes out and the door locks-

press button A4 for 3 seconds until the H indicator lights up,

Display screen is locked. Unlock function: Press the

and hold down button A4 for 3 seconds until the light goes out-

H indicator, the display screen is unlocked.

Warning signal for open door

When the fridge door opens, the light inside the fridge-

Illuminates and the control panel lights up. If the door is not closed-

The temperature in the drawer stays at around 0 °C for 3 minutes, an alarm sounds.

Warning signal can be silenced by closing door or

by touching the control panel. If refrigerator door

does not close for more than 7 minutes, refrigerator light and illumination

The control panel will automatically go out.

The fridge-freezer has a fruit and vegetable drawer. Suitable for storing fruit, vegetables, etc. п.The shelf can be repositioned,

To reattach the shelf, place the lugs on both sides of the shelf on the rails and push the shelf in as far as it will go.

There is a fruit and vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. Suitable for storing fruit, vegetables, etc. п.

The temperature in the drawer is kept at approximately 0 °C. It can change slightly over a period of time-

The following functions are available depending on different ambient temperatures or the refrigerator’s operating mode. It is suitable for

To store fresh fish, meat and cooked food for 1-2 days. Depending on requirement-

The Fresh Zone Zone 0 °C is suitable for the storage of stored products.

The module works based on the properties of tourmaline crystals (a stone of natural origin)-

requirements). The tourmaline crystals have the property to generate an electric charge when exposed to temperature changes-

The properties of the tourmaline crystals in the environment (cooling, heating) are important to the user. One end of the crystal has a negative charge and the other end has a positive charge. Tourmaline charges

water molecules in the surrounding air. Thus, the negatively charged ions in the ambient air, reacting with the

With silver ions, it produces an antibacterial effect. Requires no additional adjustment.

foodstuffs. Fig. 2 shows the folding shelf in its folded state in which you can place

Higher containers with for food. To fold the shelf from state 1 to state 2, simply

Pull the apparatus b backward, and then push the apparatus b inward in the direction of the arrow shown in the illustration.

To unfold the shelf from state 2 to state 1, pull the device b backwards, then pull the device b in the

in the direction of the arrow in the figure.

Using the screw wire holder

Take up a lot of space. Fig. 2 shows the unfolded state of the wire holder for the screw. In this

The position on it is possible to store different wines. To unfold it from position 1 to position 2, just push the wire-

Pull the wire downwards. To fold it from position 2 to position 1, simply push the wire up.

Make sure that both ends of the shelf are level. Otherwise, it might fall down or

the food on it will fall.

Lamp in the refrigerator compartment and how to replace it

Lamp options: 12 V max. 2W C2F636C or 12W A2F635 max. 5 Watt. The bulb is LED and this source

Light ensures low energy consumption and long life. If there are malfunctions, contact

After-sales service personnel.

The shelf above the vegetable drawer is equipped with an eco-friendly plant membrane with respiratory function.

Food will stay fresh for long periods of time.

Align refrigerator cabinet. The refrigerator must be placed on a flat, firm surface. If the refrigerator

Placed on an uneven surface, level, sturdy and flame-resistant materials must be used as a support. If

the refrigerator is slightly unstable, you can lengthen or shorten the adjustable legs of the refrigerator by turning them clockwise

The refrigerator is slightly tilted backwards to ensure proper door closing. design feature.

Remove packaging, foam base, and adhesive tape securing accessories. Check the accompanying documentation-

accessories: the appliance can be manually set at any time by depressing the “temperature setting. In the event of discrepancies, please contact your retailer within 5 days of purchase. Move the chillers to the desired temperature-

refrigerator to the proper location. see “Placement” section. We recommend cleaning the cabinet before use.

Clean the outside and inside of the refrigerator with water before placing food in it. After alignment-

If the appliance has been left out of operation and is not being cleaned, leave it out of operation for at least 6 hours before switching it on in order to guarantee that it is switched back on again

normal operation. After connecting the refrigerator to the power supply, the refrigerator and freezer compartment temperature av-

The refrigerator is set at 5 °C and.18 °C accordingly. My Zone compartment works as a refrigeration unit. Mode

refrigerator settings. Manual temperature setting: you can set the temperature by pressing the “temperature setting” button (see

(refer to “Description of Functions” section of this manual). Load the refrigerator with foodstuffs after some time

How to turn off the freezing chamber in refrigerator Atlant?

Control panels of ATLANT models are different: mechanical panel, electronic panel (inside or outside).

To switch off completely your fridge with mechanical control, it is necessary to turn accurately the roller of temperature adjustment of the freezer to the value of one (to reduce temperature to the minimum), and then, having applied a little effort in the same direction, to switch it off completely.

Mechanical temperature regulation panel on Atlant

The electronic control panel of refrigerators Atlant can be situated both inside and outside, sometimes it is placed on the door.

To switch off the freezing chamber in Atlantean, it is necessary to press the leftmost button on the electronic panel, next to which there is a picture with the open door of the freezer. When the button is pressed, the indicator showing the operation of this chamber will turn off, as well as the temperature up and down indicators will turn off. Together with them the temperature indicator of the compartments will turn off. If you press the button again, the chamber will work in 5 minutes.

Atlanta electronic temperature control panel

How to switch off the freezing chamber in refrigerators of various brands?

Household appliances of brand Atlant are produced with two types of control panel mechanical and electronic (located inside, outside or on the door).

To switch off the freezer with mechanical system, you need to move the temperature regulating roller smoothly to position 1 (minimum value), then exert little effort and turn in the same direction to completely switch off the cooling in the chamber.

Switching off the freezing chamber in refrigerator Atlant is also not difficult. To turn the freezer off, press the leftmost button on the electronic display. After performing this action, the indicators indicating the operation of the freezer compartment and the temperature changes in the compartments will go out. Pressing this button again will turn the freezer on after 5 minutes.

turn, your, haier, refrigerator, control

How to turn off the freezer in an LG or Samsung refrigerator??

In these South Korean brands, the appliances do not have a local freezer switch-off option, i.e.е. The appliance shuts down completely. Each model may have a different sequence, but the principle is the same for all.

In appliances with one compressor, the air flow moves from the freezer side towards the refrigerator compartment and back again. Therefore, when the motor is switched off, a complete shutdown of the equipment takes place.

Apparatuses equipped with a mechanical temperature control system are turned off by pulling the cord out of the socket. If required by the instruction manual, you must first lower the temperature to the limit and then de-energize the appliance.

In latest generation equipment, the compressor cut-out button is located on the dashboard. This eliminates the need to unplug the cord from the power outlet.

Fault codes for Hyer refrigerators

Haier appliances use standard error coding. Full list depends on the type of appliance and the list of additional functions. Here are all kinds of errors that can appear on the display:

  • F1. Fridge compartment temperature sensor failure.
  • F2. Environmental sensor defective. Automatics can incorrectly correct temperature inside freezer compartment. Sometimes F2 means breakage of the second probe of the fridge compartment.
  • F3, F8. Freezer compartment sensor defect. In some models F3 indicates a defect in the ambient sensor and F2 in the freezer compartment.
  • F4. Problem with temperature measurement in freezer compartment.
  • F5, F6. Frost (defrost) or zero chamber sensor disabled or defective.
  • E0, E1. Freezer compartment fan failure. In some models, the E0 symbols are displayed when the connection between the circuit board and the display is broken.
  • E2. Fridge compartment fan disconnected.
  • E5. Damper control problem.
  • ER, F6, F7, FC. Ice maker does not work.
  • Ed. Defrost system malfunction.
  • Eh. Moisture sensor malfunction.
  • r1, T1, r2, T2. Fridge is in the service mode.

Haier refrigerator error codes appear only in case of breakdowns which are repaired by the service technician. The malfunctions that can be fixed by your own hands are not shown on the display. If you see an error code report it when calling a mechanic.

“Vacation” switches the refrigerator to a more economical mode by setting the maximum temperatures inside the chambers. Eh, the temperature in the fridge compartment will not drop below 12-15°C and the temperature in the freezer compartment will not drop below 0°C. This allows you to save electricity while you are away because the compressor will run less often. On the other hand, “Vacation” helps avoid the musty smell that is inevitably found in even the most modern refrigerators if you turn them off for a long time. The best part is that you can usually switch to this mode by pressing one button on the case. It’s usually labeled with the word Holiday or Vacation (which also means “Vacation” in English).

Typically, the “Vacation” function is found in modern refrigerators of the middle and high price segments. Here are the most popular (according to “Yandex. Market) models that manufacturers have equipped with this mode:

  • ATLANT XM 4421-080 N (from 23 000);
  • LG GA-B499YLJL (from 36,000);
  • Samsung RB-37 J5350SS (from 54 000);
  • Vestfrost VF 3663 B (from 50,000);
  • ATLANT XM 4421-049 ND (from 27 000).

Types of modes

There are two types of this mode. with and without freezer shutdown:

  • If the refrigerator has only one compressor and one cooling circuit, which operates both chambers (both the refrigerator and freezer), then you can not put the refrigerator in “Vacation” mode, and turn off the freezer. Only “Holiday without Freezer Shutdown” mode will be available on this unit.
  • If your refrigerator has two compressors or two cooling circuits (with one compressor), you can separately disable the freezer. Some makers of these units even make two separate buttons. Vacation (No Freezer) and Vacation (with Freezer). The first turns off the freezer completely, and the second sets the maximum temperature in both chambers.

How to Use Vacation Effectively

A fridge with “Vacation” on will be able to keep persistent foods. such as frozen vegetables, sauces or eggs. for 2-3 weeks. But you still have to throw out perishables before you leave. They won’t live long enough for you to return without your refrigerator fully working.

Even if you’re leaving your refrigerator completely empty, it’s better to turn on Vacation mode. So you will not admit reproduction of bacteria (which certainly are there, however carefully you clean it) and occurrence of a persistent unpleasant smell.

If you have two “Vacation” modes available, you can cheat. Leave your perishables in the freezer and choose the option with the freezer on. At 0°C, your food won’t spoil before you return. You can even leave the main fridge compartment empty. If you have no plans to leave perishable foodstuffs the freezer should be switched off if possible.

To make sure your fridge doesn’t break down while you’re away, it’s worth checking your climate class. It is specified in the specification of the device, on the case. If you can’t find the markings, just type in your refrigerator model on its manufacturer’s website. you’ll find all the specifications, including climate class. This feature determines the temperature ranges in which the appliance will operate properly. It is noteworthy that it is safe to go below the permissible range. But going over the upper limit is fraught with a breakdown. So make sure that your kitchen will not heat up to higher temperatures during your absence.

For example, if the kitchen windows face the south side, it is better to drape them with thick curtains before leaving home so that in your absence there is no small branch of hell in the kitchen which will disable the working fridge.

Table: Climate classes

Label Class Temperature range
SN Moderate Extended 10 to 32
N Moderate 16 to 32
ST Subtropical 16 to 38
T Tropical 16 to 43

Holiday function for different manufacturers

Let’s take a look at the features of Holiday mode from different manufacturers:

  • LG keeps the temperature at 12°C in this mode. No freezer shutdown function. “Holiday” is activated by pressing the Holiday button on the front panel;
  • In Heier refrigerators the temperature is controlled by a rotary switch. There is a Holiday marking on the left end of it. Only the refrigerating chamber can be put into Vacation mode, but the freezer can be simply switched off with the same rotary switch;
  • Samsung refrigerators allow you to turn on “Vacation” by pressing one button (Vacation) on the cabinet. There is no separate control for the freezer. Vacation will activate both chambers at once and set the maximum temperatures;
  • Liebherr fridges are menu-driven. In order to switch Holiday on, you have to go to the main menu, choose the item “Fridge”, find the line “Holiday” and press the central button (OK). After activating this function, Holiday will appear on top of the display. It will hold until you turn off the mode. The freezer is not switched to “Holiday”, it can only be switched off manually.

Troubleshooting in Hyer refrigerators

Haier a3fe742cmjru refrigerator in operation. After turning it on the temperature is set automatically. Everything cools and freezes, but when trying to set the temperature in the freezer manually, it was found that the desired button (sensor) does not work. That is, there is no toggle between setting the refrigerator temperature. freezer. Help, please advise what is the risk? The temperature is fine, but the fact that something does not work strains me. Let it live or better get rid of it?

Tweak the buttons, there was something written wrong in the manual. I remember when I was setting it up, there was some difficulty, the setting didn’t match the manual.

Hyer HRF 317fwaa side by side with full No Frost and electronic control with red glass framing. Error E0 on the display. Maybe you can tell me what the cause is and what needs to be replaced?

The E0 error on these models means there is a fault in the freezer compartment temperature sensor. Exactly which sensor is out you have to check, maybe the air sensor or maybe the evaporator sensor.

The Haier bcfe625awru (built-in) two-chamber refrigerator does not turn off, the compressor runs continuously. Also it began to freeze heavily, even though the knob is in the right position. What is the reason of the problem?

Most likely the thermostat that is responsible for switching the compressor on and off has malfunctioned. You need to replace the thermostat.

Haier a2f635crmv No Frost two-chamber fridge, refrigerator, no frost. the chamber does not cool, the freezer freezes, there is a lot of snow and ice in the MC. After defrosting it takes about 10 days and then the problem starts again. CC does not defrost, how to determine what the problem is: either the defrost sensor or the evaporator heater?

If defrosting helps for about 10 days then the problem is with the evaporator defrost system. Determining if a defrost sensor or evaporator heater is malfunctioning is very simple. Measuring evaporator heater resistance, when working properly it is between 150-200 ohm. You measure the resistance of the defrost sensor, then heat it in hot water, for example, and measure again if the resistance changes. it’s good.

Please tell me how to determine the size of the front doors for the built-in refrigerator combi Haier bcfe625awru? The instructions are somehow not quite clear.

Your model can be built into a standard 60cm niche and therefore you need a door size of 60cm in width. Door size. 625mm and 1040mm.

I have a two-chamber refrigerator Haier hrf 409a with one motor-compressor and electronic control. F1 (fridge compartment sensor error). Sensor burned out, soldered into the foam. Can you tell me where to cut the wall to find the damaged sensor?

F1 error in this model means one of the x-cal temperature sensors is faulty. You need to determine which one is out of order. All brands have sensors in the same places. In the hall. The left side wall is the left side wall (foam wall).

Fully built-in, two-compartment Heier bcfe625awru No Frost refrigerator with two chambers and mechanical control and dimensions of 54.0×55.5×177.3 cm. It stopped working and stopped freezing. What it may be?

Maybe defrost timer is defective. It is usually located near the evaporator and prevents it from possibly overheating.

Refrigerator afd631gw third two days gave error E0. Disconnected it today, no cold at all. I bought it in january 2013. Installed and working in April (month of operation). Please tell me what it is?

Е0. communication error between modules (display module and control module afd631gw), caused by a lack of contact in the connection cable.

Haier a3fe742cgbjru refrigerator, single-compressor, with NO FROST function. No fridge in the fridge compartment, freezer freezes in the freezer compartment, the “XK” temperature display on the control panel is blank and the “MC” temperature display shows.22, when I pressed the quick cool button on the temperature display the HC shows.4, but the HC does not cool, what is the reason?

Check the freezer, and if there is a lot of snow and ice in it, it’s a faulty evaporator defrost system (defrost sensor or evaporator heater). If there is no ice and snow, it is a problem with the motor-fan or the control module.

Please tell me what defects are indicated by error codes of Xaer fridges?

Fault F1. Thermosensor in the cooling compartment is not working. I need to diagnose. F2 error. Outside temperature sensor does not work. Error F3. Freezer sensor does not work. F5 error. Sensor responsible for frost formation has failed. Error E1. The fan in the freezer does not work. Check fan contacts, may need to be replaced. Error E2. In the refrigerator. Compartment fan is not working. Error ER. Ice maker does not work. Most likely the device will need to be replaced.

Why doesn’t the light go out on Hayer a2f635ccmv? Door sensor disconnected and checked with a tester. Shorted and open.

Control module must be checked. But it is better to check the wiring up to the base of the bulb.

About two years ago I purchased a haier c3fe744cmjru. After a few months of use the light began to go out when opening the door. And then the chol. The chamber has stopped cooling. I had the door replaced with a new one. Said that the cable from the door to the x-counter is frayed, it only changes with the door, in addition to the light it also controls the operation of the compressor. After replacing for a long time everything was fine, the light did not go out. Recently the malfunction repeated, the light goes out again when opening the door. Can you please explain why the cable keeps chafing? Where?? Is there any improvement possible?

Most likely it’s the bottom door stop on the refrigerator compartment door. If the door is re-hung, the limiter must be moved to the opposite side (where the hinge is currently installed).

Tell me, the Hyer AFD634CX model has an Embraco compressor. Is it an inverter or not?

The AFD634CX has an inverter compressor.

I have a three-compartment refrigerator Haier afd634cx with one motor-compressor, electronic control and No Frost in all chambers. The fridge compartment is off, how to turn it back on?

If the chill doesn’t work. Check the snow and ice in the freezer compartment. If there is a lot of snow and ice in the freezer, it is preventing the No Frost system fan from rotating. In this case the evaporator defrost system (defrost sensor or evaporator heater) is defective. If there is no snow or ice in the freezer, it could be the fan motor or the “cold” temperature sensor that is malfunctioning. of the freezer.

Purchased c3fe744cmjru six months ago, everything was quite satisfactory. About 4 days ago, the error message came on the display (freezer light was blinking and beeping occasionally). Unplugged the unit. When restarting, the display was not lit, nor was the backlight in the chamber itself. It sounds like the unit is on, but has stopped working for some reason after a few seconds. And so on every time I turned it on. What is the cause of this??

Control module or compressor malfunction.

The refrigerator haier a2fe637cxjru does not set the temperature in the refrigerator. the camera. This can be selected, but then it is reset and the display shows a dash.

Most likely the loop to the module is frayed. Loop goes in the loop, check the wires in this area.

In the two-chamber x-ke Hyer a2f637cxmv has a compressor jiaxipera zbc 1115 cy. I wonder if it’s an inverter? What kind of compressor, for example, in the AFD634CX??

This model can have both inverter and non inverter compressor models.

Model a2f637cxmv in use. There is a power button and a standby button on the indicator panel. when pressed, nothing happens but the indicators brighten up (exit from economy mode). Why do you need them??

Standby button, when pressed for a long time and held down, shuts off only the refrigeration chamber, the ON/OFF button shuts off the entire unit.

Can you tell me which compressor should be on a2fe635cfjru? Embarco or jiaxipera?

On a two-compartment Haer refrigerator, a jiaxipera compressor is installed.

X-k a3fe742cgwjru, is it necessary to remove/ loosen or do anything with the compressor mounting screws after delivery? To reduce noise and vibration.

Not necessary, but be sure to install the x-c a3fe742cgwjru vertically.

Model AFD634CX has two styrofoam bars on the back wall behind the grill. Are they shipping type and should be removed (they are not fixed but it is hard to get them out) or are they functional type to dampen the vibration and should not be touched? I do not understand whether the side walls of the foil is a protective element or a construction element?

Foam under the condenser and protective film on the panels. These are the shipping elements. These must be removed when using the unit.

Model CFL633CX Zero Frost, the evaporator heater when measured shows 347 ohms, this means that it is defective?

Resistance of the heating element must be between 150 and 250 Ohm. 347 is of course a lot. Need to check the installation of a new heater.

The interior light inside the Haer a2f635cwmv two-compartment refrigerator does not light up. Could you tell me what it could be, or is it necessary to turn on an additional button??

Normally, no extra.No button is needed for this. There is a magnetic reed switch with no contact. X-k a2f635cwmv should turn on the camera light when the door is open. It is possible that the switch is broken.

Hrf 430mfgs freezer with electronic control and display. The display does not turn off (used to turn off automatically) after manual adjustment. Again adjusts the temperature by itself. Reduces the temperature automatically, the display is constantly on. This has never happened before.

Most likely a frayed wire that runs in the door. The contact is bad and the display is malfunctioning and giving the wrong commands to the control module.

Please tell me where is the defrost sensor in a two-compartment cooler Hayer CFL633CX (with electronic control and Nou Frost in both chambers)?

Most likely the defrost sensor is the middle chip in the middle of the three. The defrost sensor on the shortest lead of any Know Frost model is on the top of the evaporator.

As well as all other modern models, X-series Xers have a huge number of modifications, differing in mechanical or electronic control (there are combined electromechanical), one or two installed compressor motors, defrost systems, cooling, gas distribution (falling drops, No-Frost and so on).

Unfortunately there are still models with some defects that can not be repaired (it is the way the manufacturer does it). That means that their repair can be carried out only by full replacement of defective units. But such malfunctions are few and far between.

Weaknesses of these models stem from their advantages. the use of innovative technology makes them more vulnerable to power surges or violations of operating rules by the owner. For example, a door that opens too much can eventually cause the wiring harness connecting the electronic control module to the liquid crystal display to break.

The most common malfunctions are related to malfunctions of the compressor motor (faulty starting relay, burned compressor, etc.д.), burnout of the operating control board, switches and malfunctions of other microcircuits. In each of these cases, it is necessary to repair.

Hier refrigerator display control

Cooling function in the compartment My zone

Press button A3 several times, indicator J flashes. Press button A4 to confirm

Selecting the cooling function in My Zone. This function can be disabled automatically

by selecting other functions in My Zone.

Note: the compartment temperature can be reduced with the quick

cooling function or increased by the defrost function in My Zone compartment. Of the three functions

In compartment My zone one must be activated.

The screen turns off automatically 30 seconds after the operation is complete. It will

Light up when the door is opened or any key is pressed. (In case of alarm

If the door is open for more than three minutes, the system will emit a consecutive

If the A4 key is pressed within 5 seconds, the refrigerator will turn off. The buzzer will start

Beep after pressing key A3 for 5 seconds. The entire refrigerator

will stop working after the beep beep.

If the refrigerator is off. When the A4 key is pressed for 5 seconds

The corresponding indicator light comes on, the refrigerator starts to work.

Note: the refrigerator must be cleaned before using this function; this operation is not

operation is not equivalent to setting the power off.

beep beep alarm. However, the display backlight and the light in the refrigerator compartment

will be constantly on. After closing the door or turning off the alarm, the backlight

the display and the freezer light will go out. Also automatic switching off

display backlight and freezer light will turn off automatically after seven minutes

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