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Hansa FCCX 68225 manual for the electric stove device contains pages in Russian.

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and plastic, aluminum foil, sugar or

sugar-containing products. Please wipe off any dirt on the hot plate as soon as possible

burners with a scraper. If these items start to melt, they can damage the

glass ceramic surface. So apply a special cleanser to it for

glass ceramic before cooking foods that contain high amounts of sugar.

is a registered trademark of the globally leading SCHOTT company

the special glass manufacturer’s market. CERAN

SCHOTT products are of the highest quality from Germany.

This way the hob will last a long time

Keep it nice and shiny: The diameter of the pots and pans should be

Use cookware with a smooth

As an optimum bottom thickness we

We recommend 2. 3 mm for steel enamel and stainless steel

6 mm for a stainless steel bottom

No scratches due to residual grit

For thorough cleaning of the surface, first remove heavy dirt and food debris with a scraper or cleaning sponge.

Then apply a few drops of a special glass ceramic cleaner to the cooled cooking surface and rub them out with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

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Afterwards wipe the hob with a wet cloth and dry it with a dry cloth or the soft side of a special scouring pad. Done!

Brilliant results in just three simple steps:

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Hansa stove/hob with a genuine SCHOTT CERAN glass ceramic surface

You have a Hansa appliance with the original SCHOTT glass ceramic top. the world leader in glass ceramic technology. You have purchased a product of the highest quality and durability. We would like to introduce you to a few important care instructions to make your stove a joyful and long-lasting pleasure.

It is necessary to clean the glass ceramic surface regularly, preferably after each cooking. Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners. Also, strong detergents such as oven spray are not suitable for cleaning glass ceramic surfaces,

Stain remover, bath cleaner or all-purpose cleaner.

Touch the “ON/OFF” button to turn this appliance on. A “-” will appear on all indicators. Then place a suitable pan on the desired heating zone. For models without a slider, you can select the degree of heat with the “-” and “” buttons.

Press and hold the CLOCK sensor for 5 seconds to activate the lock. The display will illuminate for 5 seconds showing Loc. Indicating that the function settings cannot be changed. To deactivate the lock, press and hold the LOCK sensor again for a few seconds.

To turn on a Hansa gas oven, light a match, press the control knob as far as it will go, then turn it to the left to the selected temperature mark. Hold a lit match to the ignition point, ignite the gas and keep the knob pressed for about 3-10 seconds. If the flame goes out, repeat the operation.

  • Press and hold the “key” button for 3 to 6 seconds.
  • If the temperature reaches 50°C, the hob locks automatically and the “LOCK” symbol appears on the indicator light.
  • Before unlocking the hob, you can press the plus and minus buttons simultaneously.

Main switch with childproof lock To switch the hob on, press and hold down the key until the lights on the cooking zones flash. The same way is done for switching off. The residual heat indicator will remain lit until the burner has cooled down completely.

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Press the “lock” and “0” buttons on both right burners at the same time. The start-up lock and electronic lock are also switched off when the power is switched off. The touch controls are activated by a light touch for between 6 and 10 seconds.

Turn the hob on; Select a cooking zone and press the temperature sensor for that zone; Press the temperature button (usually marked with.) and set the power level (usually from 1 to 3 or 1 to 9, depending on the model).

  • The “Key” button must be pressed and held for 3-6 seconds.
  • Most often, when the temperature reaches 50°C, the hob automatically locks itself and the “lock” sign appears on its display.
  • Before unlocking the hob, the plus and minus buttons can be pressed simultaneously.

This function allows you to lock the control panel to prevent accidental activation of the hob. To lock the hob, touch the “double/triple zone” and “boil” buttons simultaneously; a buzzer sounds and the “Lo” light appears on the display.

The “Lo” sign on the display will indicate that the protection has been triggered. During the time the lock is active, the induction hob will only work on and off, but it will not be possible to activate any zone.

  • Lock to prevent any accidental change of the heating power. In this case, the control panel locks while the hob is in operation. To activate this function, press the “lock” button for 4 seconds (L indicator is displayed). To deactivate the Electrolux Cooktop lock, press the lock again.
  • Child lock. To lock the hob, turn it on. Without setting the cooking power level, press and hold down the “lock” for 4 seconds (indication “L” will light up). Turn the panel off. How to unlock an Electrolux Cooktop? To unlock the hob, turn it on. Without specifying the heating power levels, press and hold the “lock” button for 4 seconds (indication “0” will appear). The hob can now be used.
  • Switch on the hob (the “L” symbol appears on all displays).
  • Simultaneously press sensor 5 of the right front heating zone with sensor 4.
  • Press sensor 4 again (the displays go out).

The Hansa cooktop must be unlocked within 10 seconds without pressing any other sensors.

Hansa electric cooktop can be unlocked by pressing the key sensor (it must be held until the signal LED goes out). When the LED goes out a short signal sounds.

Beko gas oven is turned on by the first of the above controls, namely by turning the knob; to start, you must press the knob and turn it to the left in a circle. counterclockwise, without releasing it for a short time (usually 3-5 seconds); during this time, the ignition electro-mechanism will work, the gas

Turning off the induction hob at the end of cooking is done by means of the control panel (“Turning off” option), if available. Without a display, the unit is switched off with the “On/Off” button.The “/Off” button should be held for a few seconds until the hob shuts down.

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