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Instructions for air conditioner Elenberg PRT-9040

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Installation of air conditioning system

It is necessary to operate the air conditioners with strict observance of the most necessary norms. this action will provide prolongation of the service life up to the maximum and will save owners of climate control equipment from expensive and frequent repairs, which, as a rule, are made with replacement of expensive parts like compressor or control board.

Before installation of air conditioner it is required to study in details the instruction, which specifies the best way to perform these actions, and also how to turn on the air conditioner on heat. Specialists advise not to save on such important actions as installation, and to trust professionals. But with the elementary functions you have to understand them by yourself.

The system must be installed in accordance with the common rules for using this apparatus, so that the system has an easy supply of air and its outflow.

Switching of an air conditioner on heat is carried out by means of a remote control of the conditioner (remote control or wall-mounted). Operation mode of conditioner in a warm mode is usually designated by a pictogram with the sun icon on a remote control. In addition, in order to operate the air conditioners before its use, it is necessary to conclude a special contract with the company, which is its supplier, regarding the service of this system.

Before you start using conditioner you should know all details and peculiarities of its operation, how to switch conditioner on for warm or for cold, how often it is necessary to air it and if it is possible to do preventive works by yourself? Everyone should know that regular servicing of this unit will prevent the system from failing prematurely. This, for example, often happens in the summer, at a time when maintenance companies are completely overloaded with orders and simply do not have any opportunity to respond quickly to a call to restore the functionality of your particular system. So, if the climatic equipment suddenly broke down in a difficult period for repair, and you do not want to ruin it finally, you should not proceed to repair it yourself. You should disconnect conditioner from a network and wait for a specialist, who can carry out a really qualified repair with his knowledge in this sphere.

What to do if the heating won’t turn on?

You have done everything correctly, you have waited for 5-10 minutes or even more, but conditioner does not warm up air all the same?

  • Check if your model has such a mode, according to the manual? Even if there is “solar” or HEAT on the remote control, it does not mean that conditioner will help to heat. Manufacturers often use standard remotes for all their units.
  • Repeat the steps from the beginning, carefully reading the native manual and listening to the reaction of the split system. 10-15 minutes after turning it on, put your hand to the appliance and check if the heat is coming out of it.
  • If the “sunshine” / “HEAT” buttons are blinking when pressed correctly, change the batteries on the remote or just take them out and put them back in.
  • If there is a heating mode, but it does not work, it is possible that there is not enough freon in the split system. Contact the service center that serves you or call our company, we will help you figure it out.

How to switch on air conditioner in heating mode

Gone is the gracious time of warmth, summer and vacations, the stuffiness and heat retreated, unable to cope with the power of a working air conditioner. It is time to switch on the installed conditioner in heating mode.

The experience of the previous years shows that often there are some difficulties and simply deadlocks when switching split-system in a heating mode. To some extent one can complain about a certain paucity of descriptions in the instruction manuals, but most often our people do not even look at these very instructions, and more than 30% of users do not even know where they are.

In this article we have decided to describe in detail the sequence of actions when switching an air conditioner from cooling to heating.

Temperature setting

As it was already mentioned in the step-by-step instruction, setting the necessary air temperature in a room is made with the help of “” and “-” keys. When starting conditioner in a heating mode it is necessary to set the temperature, which value is higher than at the moment in the room. Otherwise, the device will not work.

Many people, the owners of climatic equipment, ask if a conditioner with a reversible mode can work in winter or not? For normal split systems, the operating temperature range, at which “heat” operation is possible, is within the following limits: from.5°C to 24°C. For inverter units the operation temperature range is usually from.15°C to 24°C.

In winter, in normal operation, climate technology can only work if there is a “winter kit”, which includes the following elements:

  • Unit control for fan operation.
  • A crankcase heater needed to keep the oil at the proper viscosity.
  • The heater of the drainage system, preventing it from icing up.

Before turning on the air conditioner for heat, make sure that:

1) The air conditioner has a heating function

2) The outside temperature corresponds to the temperature indicated in the manual of the air conditioner

In each instruction to an air conditioner it is specified at what temperatures it is allowed to operate. If you are not sure, call your air conditioner installer or service company. Normal split system can be operated up to.5 degrees, but we advise our customers to operate up to 0 degrees. Having installed winter set it is possible to use conditioner in a heating mode and turn it on even at.30 degrees.

How to turn the air conditioner on to heat without a remote control

Many models of split-systems have an active control panel on the indoor unit. It can be touch-operated or usual, in the form of buttons. Sometimes it is hidden under a plastic cover.

If you cannot see the buttons or control sensor, you must open the front cover of the air conditioner. To do this, locate the indentations or finger protrusions in its lower right and left side and pull it toward you and upward (see the “ON/OFF” sign). photo).

After a control panel is seen, there can be no ON/OFF button on it. In order to switch on conditioner without a remote control you should use a hidden button. It is located on the panel, to the right of the air filter. It may be labeled “ON/OFF” or “AUTO.

You need a regular pen to turn it on. Depending on the diameter of the hole, reach for the button with either the writing side or the reverse side. To switch off air conditioner. do the same procedure.

It is more convenient to put conditioner in a heating mode with the help of control panel. On the body of the device there are special buttons with labels, all the necessary information is displayed. There are two main types of markings on the remote control of various split-system models, which are slightly different from each other. Let’s analyze each of them.

With “MODE” key

On the remote control of split system you can select required program with “Mode” button. When you press it the inscription “Heat” or a schematic picture of the sun should appear. Then you set temperature value by pressing ” ” and “-” buttons or buttons with icon “up”-“down”. You can pre-program the remote controller so that you can easily switch the air conditioner to a warm mode by pressing “ON” button.

How to operate Air Conditioner on Heating Mode

Without “MODE” key

In some models of split-systems on the remote control there is no “Mode” marking, but there is a symbol “sun”. Pressing the button next to it, you can set air conditioner to warm mode. Hot air starts blowing not at once but in 5-10 minutes. There are also systems where you have to additionally press the “ON” button to change from one mode to the other.

Important! It is not recommended to set the temperature too high. This causes the elements of the equipment to wear out and fail faster.

If there is no remote control

Let’s see how to turn on air conditioner on heat in case the remote control is lost or it is out of order. Most models of climate control equipment can be set to heat using the electronics control panel.

The sequence of operations should be as follows:

  • Firstly check if the split-system works by switching it on.
  • Then locate the plastic cover on the front of the unit covering the control panel. Lift it, slightly pushing and supporting by edges.
  • On the control panel there is a button labeled “ON/OF. Press and hold (for a few seconds) to turn the unit on or off. The same key will help you to switch the device to the heating air mode. How to set the air conditioner to heat. just press the button without holding it down.

Important ! It is possible to regulate value of air temperature only with the help of the buttons, which are on the remote control, by pressing the buttons “” or “-“. Before you switch conditioner from one mode to another you should get acquainted with the instruction on operation of a split-system model installed in your apartment.

Why does conditioner blows out warm air??

In modern air conditioners there are two basic modes, which are used by consumers more often, they are cooling and heating modes. By setting the functions for heat, the owner of the equipment forcibly sets the task of hot air supply.

To not go into details of the system operation, warm air mode is shown on the photo.

When conditioner is working in a usual cooling mode and does not interfere the necessary task, and vice versa it gives out warm air, and in this case the system needs a service.

The reasons why the air conditioner starts blowing warm air in the cooling mode:

  • Function parameter set to warm up. It is necessary to check if the parameters are set correctly.
  • Operating range is out of tolerance level. Outdoor temperature must be 30 degrees F or less.5 degrees.
  • Freon deficiency. The gaseous substance used to fill the system’s tracks is used to operate the device. Its complete or partial absence leads to unstable operation of the equipment.
  • Outer unit is clogged with debris. It is recommended that the unit be cleaned annually, since a lot of dust gets into the outdoor unit.
  • Control board has failed. Rare case of a major part failing. The cause of failure may be affected by a sudden voltage drop.

In any malfunctioning situation, it is necessary to seek help from a service center or a qualified technician.

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