How to turn on the battery percentage on your Xiaomi

How to put the battery percentage on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

The battery is the most important element of a smartphone. It determines how long the device will work in standalone mode, that is, without being connected to the mains. For the level of charge allows you to monitor the status bar, where the icon is located in the form of the battery, which is then filled, then depleted. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to determine the exact level. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the battery percentage on Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S in one of the ways described below.

Phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S, like any other device on the operating system Android 6 and above displays the battery level in the form of an icon. You can use it to guess how much battery is approximately charged: 100%, 75%, 50% and so on.

You will need to swipe down from the top of the screen for the system to be able to display the exact percentage of charge. Then the notification curtain will open, and information about the battery level will appear next to the battery icon.

Despite the fact that the phone will always be able to show the percentage, this method can hardly be called convenient. Because the user will have to lower the shutter every time to see the exact charge. In this regard, it is recommended to pay attention to alternative methods of changing the icon that the percentage was always displayed. Even when the notification curtain is closed.

How to return the battery percentage display next to the battery on MIUI10 without root

Addendum from 01.11.2019. MIUI11 brought this feature back. How to activate it, you can see here.

After updating your Xiaomi devices to MIUI 10.2, some users did not like that now the percentage of remaining battery power is not displayed next to it, but in the icon itself. The font is quite small and you have to strain your eyesight to see it. MAA71 found a solution. And now we will tell you how to return the old percentage display.

  • Download BigClockPercent file.mtz
  • Download Theme Editor For MIUI from the market and run it

Result: To get everything back the way it was, just install another theme.

Accumulator percentages in pure Android

You can activate this feature in the settings. Then go to the “Battery” section of the menu, and then activate the appropriate trigger.

MIUI smartphones also have a similar feature. But it’s a different shell here, so it’s done a little differently.

How to Show Battery Indicator in Percentage on Xiaomi Redmi Phone in Hindi

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Useful articles

Smartphone manufacturers often add unnecessary applications to the list of software. That is, such programs that are not needed by most users, and only take up space and consume battery power. There are unnecessary applications and in.

Most smartphones, including models Xiaomi Mi and Redmi has a sensor that reacts to the level of light. It is located at the top of the phone, near the conversation speaker, and is intended to regulate the brightness of the backlight. To avoid problems in.

Xiaomi smartphones are cheaper than most comparable phones. The reason for this is the presence of ads built into the MIUI shell. In this way, the manufacturer increases its profits. but users are pesky.

The first way

To turn on the Xiaomi Redmi battery percentage indicator, follow these steps:

  • Enter the settings menu and scroll to the ” System and Device ” category;
  • Open the “Notifications & Status Bar” tab;
  • Find the column “Battery indicator” and click on it;
  • Select “Percentage” from the offered options.

The procedure is completed successfully if the percentage value appears at the top of the screen next to the battery icon, indicating the amount of battery life.

turn, battery, percentage, your, xiaomi

How To Show Battery Percentage On Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 | Redmi battery percentage setting, #Indicator

How to turn on the battery percentage?

To turn on the battery percentage display on Samsung Galaxy devices with One UI do the following:

1) Go to “Settings” and select the “Notifications” section;

2) press “Status bar” and activate the “Show battery percentage” function.

In order to enable the battery percentage display on Xiaomi devices with MIUI 12 do the following:

1) go to “Settings” and select the “Screen” section;

2) open the “Control Center and the notification curtain;

3) Tap “Battery Indicator” and select the desired icon.

turn, battery, percentage, your, xiaomi

How to display the battery as a percentage in Xiaomi

Xiaomi smartphones, particularly the Redmi series, come with energy-efficient hardware and high-capacity batteries. But the nuance of these devices is a tricky power-saving mode, which requires in some cases the right settings. Depending on the settings, two identical Xiaomi smartphones with an identical set of software, may show different consumption.

And that would be OK: excessive consumption can be eliminated simply by limiting the activity of the most non-optimized programs. But the catch is that it’s hard to detect excessive consumption in a timely manner. Standard MIUI themes contain a small battery indicator, not divided into segments. Looking at it, it’s hard to know if there’s 80% of the battery left, or 60%. You can solve the problem by simply turning on the display in the settings of the charge level as a percentage. It’s easy to do.

Instructions are written using MIUI 8 as an example.5 based on Android 7.1. After the official global updates MIUI 9 we will add the instructions on how to enable the percentage charge indicator on Xiaomi with the new OS (if the settings will be different).

After that, next to the graphical battery icon, in the upper right corner, it will also show the percentage of battery level.

In addition to displaying the charge as a percentage, you can also enable a bar indicator on the Xiaomi. This is done in the same menu, only in the pop-up window you need to select the appropriate view. This indicator does not allow you to monitor exactly how fast the percentage is going down, but when used actively, it clearly illustrates the rate of discharge.

There is an even simpler way to display the percentage of charge. Open all the same Xiaomi smartphone settings menu, find the search bar at the top and start writing “indicator”. The item you want will be offered at the top of the list.

If you need to disable the display of percentages, on the contrary, you want to do it the same way. Only in a pop-up window you should select “graphical” style of display instead of “percent” Well, to more clearly assess the remaining level (albeit without exact numbers), you can download a third-party design theme from Xiaomi’s theme store that contains a segmented battery icon, like on the iPhone. On it, one bar means a charge of up to 33 percent, two bars mean up to 66 percent, and three bars mean more than 66 percent.

Through settings

To make the battery percentage visible on a regular basis, you can do the Xiaomi Redmi 5 settings. If you have never used this option, refer to the instructions:

This method works if you have updated your Xiaomi Redmi 5 to Android 9 or a newer version of the operating system. If you are using old firmware, the algorithm will be slightly different:

  • Lower the notification curtain.
  • Tap on the gear icon and hold your finger on it for a few seconds.
  • After about 5 seconds you will get to the settings section and at the bottom you will see a notice “System UI Tuner added to settings menu”. That’s an indication that you managed to unlock the advanced settings menu.
  • Now you need to go to the “System UI Tuner”.
  • Select the “Status Bar” option.
  • Click on the “Battery” function and activate a fixed battery percentage for the status bar.

Some menu items may have a different name if you are using a modified firmware. But it won’t prevent you from setting the percentages display permanently. Just look under “Battery” or “Battery” and use the settings search if necessary.

Using the app

It is possible to set the percentage of charging, not only by the built-in means of the phone, but also with the help of special applications like “Battery Percentage”. You can easily find it in the Play Market. There are plenty of other similar programs out there that can similarly handle the task at hand.

turn, battery, percentage, your, xiaomi

To display the percentage, you need to start the application and check the box that is responsible for showing the exact level of charge. For all programs operates approximately the same algorithm, so it can be used regardless of which utility the owner of Xiaomi Redmi 8 has downloaded.

At the same time we should explain that the percentage will be shown separately from the battery icon. Many people may find this fact unusual and inconvenient. In addition, you will need to allow a third-party application to run in the background to constantly display the charge.

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