How to turn on the oven gorenje

How to properly ignite gas ovens of different brands and their use

Today, homes and apartments usually install electric or induction stoves. Therefore, many housewives do not know how to use gas equipment. When they encounter such units, many questions arise. One of them is how to turn on a gas oven? This process requires compliance with certain rules, violation of which leads to a breakdown of the device.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Gorenje ovens

When choosing a brand, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages that are common to all models manufactured under one brand name. The advantages of Gorenje ovens can be considered the following points:

  • effective implementation of pyrolysis cleaning, which allows you to quickly cope even with burnt sugar;
  • ergonomics;
  • The cooling of the outer walls, which allows you not to worry about the furniture;
  • Safe doors with high quality insulation and solid glazing;
  • intuitive ease of operation;
  • The presence of a lot of additional options, even in budget models.

Some models are equipped with removable side panels of the chamber, allowing their cleaning or washing even in the dishwasher. According to users, the convenience of the sensor spoils the occasional button hangs Subjective disadvantages, according to most users, are:

  • In models equipped with convection function, there is an increased noise level during operation;
  • The occasional hang-up of the intelligent control system. But, unlike competitors, the company has a reload function.

Using the appliance

Before you start cooking, according to the instructions, you must remove all accessories from the oven and thoroughly clean them with a cleaning agent. Manufacturers recommend warming the appliance at a temperature of about 200 degrees for one hour. It is worth remembering that when using for the first time there is a characteristic smell, so the room should be ventilated.

In the future, preheating the Gorenje oven according to the instructions is required only if this is specified in the recipe. To save on electricity, when cooking for a long time, you can turn off the device 10 minutes before the end of baking.

After completing the creation of a dish when it is in the Gorenje oven, condensation may form on the control panel. This is due to the fact that the cooling fan, which is on only during cooking. All you need to do to fix this is turn on the “light” mode.

Gorenje appliances have an electronic programmer, on which there are several elements:

Instructions for use of the device

How to turn on the oven in an electric stove? Both the oven and the electric stove in general are powerful, as well as quite dangerous appliances. Therefore, every manufacturer tries to make the most detailed and clear instructions for them.

Как это устроено? Обзор EC6352XPA Отдельностоящая электрическая плита от Gorenje

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It’s important to read it thoroughly before using it for the first time, and to consult it later on as needed. What you should pay special attention to:

  • It is important to install and connect, as well as repair if necessary, to trust only qualified specialists.
  • For cooking in the oven, it is recommended to use special fireproof cookware (cast iron, ceramic, silicone, etc.).
  • The lower part of the oven is not designed for cooking, putting a tray or other dishes in it, you risk to spoil the heater.
  • When setting the temperature, refer to the recommendations in the recipe.
  • After cooking, it is also recommended to ventilate the room from the products of combustion.

Warning! Before proceeding to clean the oven, be sure to disconnect the appliance from the power supply. If this simple rule is not followed, there is a risk of electric shock.

Compare measurement scales

How to know the temperature in the oven by the marks

How to determine the temperature of the oven without a thermometer, if the minimum and maximum values do not fit into the “medium” category? In addition, some models have a more precise temperature setting and the number of divisions on the knob reaches 9 or 10. Others may only have 5 divisions and it is difficult to choose the most accurate temperature. That’s why manufacturers of some gas stoves include tables with their products to help you figure out if the oven should be 180 degrees, how many units that is on the regulator.

Scale divisions are also available for other temperatures that are most commonly used in cooking.

tmin. 170, tmax. 266, number of divisions: 5

tmin. 135, tmax. 270, number of divisions: 7

tmin 135, tmax 250, number of divisions: 8

Dividing on the regulator knob t, °C
1 135
2 150
3 165
4 180
5 195
6 210
7 230
8 250

tmin. 150, tmax. 280, number of divisions: 8

Division on the knob t, °C
1 150
2 160
3 180
4 200
5 220
6 240
7 260
8 280

tmin. 140, tmax. 280, number of divisions: 9

Division on the control knob t, °С
1 140
2 150
3 160
4 180
5 200
6 220
7 240
8 260
9 280

Tip! A suitable chart is best placed in the kitchen so that you can easily determine the temperature of your oven.

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Spit cooking with “Gas

Grill” is performed with the oven door fully open.

When cooking on the spit in the mode

“Gas grill” under the control panel of the stove install a protective screen to avoid damaging the switches (see. (refer to “Gas grill” section).

When using the rotisserie with the Gas Grill function

Be especially careful. Use oven mitts or oven gloves and a removable skewer handle.

When piercing meat, hot fat can splash out. At

Use meat tongs to avoid burns.

Keep children away from the oven when it is in operation! Skewers are recommended for use with skewers

Instructions for Spit Cooking on the Gas Grill

The oven is not thermostatically controlled in the Gas Grill mode.

The gas infrared burner operates at maximum power.

Preheating of the infrared burner is not required. The rotating skewer kit includes a rotisserie spit with

removable handle and two forks for meat with screws.

When using the rotisserie, first set the rotisserie to the desired temperature

Thread the prepared meat onto the spit and on both sides

secure it with forks. Tighten the screws on the forks.

Screw the handle onto the skewer. The sharp end of the rotisserie

Insert the motor coupling (hole at the back of the oven on the right side) which is covered by the lid. Place the front of the skewer in the recess in the front of the frame.

On the level below, place a deep tray for

Unscrew the rotisserie handle before you start cooking. Turn on the rotisserie motor with the button or the switch

Spit rotates during cooking

After you finish cooking, screw on the handle

rotisserie. Use oven mitts or oven mitts when removing the skewer.

After cooking on the grill, always clean the rotisserie

Oven and accessories, so that the next time dirt does not burn.

Spit cooking in “Gas Grill” mode (on some models)

How to turn on the Burning Stove

The initial startup procedure is simple enough. Remove the shipping carton and trays from the oven, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth.

Turn on the cast-iron burners for 3-5 minutes at maximum power to burn, the protective coating will form a strong layer. No need to turn the cookware on. The first time you heat up the oven, there may be some smoke and a distinctive smell from the new appliance. Ventilate the kitchen.

Turn the gas burners on by turning the switch. The ignition is ignited by pressing the knob or the button, depending on the model. The thermostat must be in the “high flame” position. A spark ignites the gas between the spark plug and the burner. Keep the knob pressed for about 5 seconds to allow the flame to stabilise. If the gas does not light after 15 seconds, turn the knob to 0 and wait at least 1 minute. Then repeat.

Подключение электроплиты Gorenje | Connecting the Gorenje electric stove

On glass ceramic hobs, turn the knob to ignite the zones. There is no need to preheat them, you can immediately put the dishes and cook.

The induction model EIT6351XPD is equipped with a recessed switch to control the oven. On the hob there is a touch control panel where the heat is set by pressing and

How to connect a Gorenje electric stove

The manufacturer recommends to have the appliance installed by a service technician, only then will a one-year warranty be valid for the appliance plus one year service. Make sure that the marking is inserted in the warranty certificate.

We recommend three-phase connection using a 5×1,5mm 2 type H05VV-F5G-1,5 connection cable (formerly CGLG 5Cx1,5), (3×16 A fuse).

For single-phase connection use cable H05VV-F3G-4 (formerly GGLG 3Cx4), (32-40 A fuse depending on type). The wire ends are crimped in the terminals, fastened with screws, the cover is closed.

Safety instructions

Regardless of the electric stove manufacturer and model, the following basic safety precautions must be read and observed when using the oven:

  • Do not leave the appliance running unattended for long periods of time;
  • Do not let children near the machine when it is on;
  • The oven must be cleaned each time after cooking food in it with the appliance disconnected from the power supply;
  • Only use detergents approved by the instructions for the appliance;
  • Only cool the oven with the lid closed;
  • Do not store flammable substances near the electric stove;
  • Do not use the oven for anything other than its intended use, such as heating the room;
  • In the event of a breakdown, do not disassemble or repair the appliance yourself, but use specialist repair services.

If you follow these simple rules, your oven will serve you well for many years and will delight you with delicious and flavorful meals!

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