How to turn on the water heater royal clima

Questions on the operation of Royal Clima water heaters. Solutions to possible problems

I have connected a boiler Royal Klima RWH F30 RE, only at the moment of heating does not drip water from the safety valve. This is how to?

The safety valve is used to release excess pressure. If there is excess pressure in the supply line over the prescribed pressure, cold water is leaking from the valve. If the water pressure starts to rise when heated up to the limit, hot water is running.

How to correctly disassemble, remove and clean the heating element in a storage water heater Royal Clima RWH DIC50 FS? Stopped working well!

Remove the cap first. There is a heating element. Unscrew the nut, push it into the tank and then carefully clean. Next you need to replace the magnesium anode. Wash the inside of the tank. Reassemble all components in reverse order. Tighten the fasteners carefully so as not to break the stud on the flange of the electric heating element.

During the diagnostics a defect in the heating element was detected. It has stopped heating. I think I can replace it myself. Tell me how to do it?

Need to turn the unit off. Remove the screws and pull out the heating element. Insert the new one and wash the tank with water jet. Wait until it dries out. Install in reverse order.

Water heater malfunction appears. Stopped starting the appliance at all, even though it is equipped with a current regulator. The unit has been in operation for about 3 years, and there were no questions. And then yesterday it suddenly turned off in water heating mode. RCDs blow out regularly and could not be reassembled because of this. It only works for a minute and then shuts off again. How to find the problem?

The machine has a ground fault. Probably the heating element is damaged. If the water is too hard, there may be limescale and scale build up. That’s why you must clean it once a year. Use carefully without a RCD, as the shell can be electrocuted.

The heating element was replaced not long ago, and consequently the thermostat did not cut in. The moment the button is pressed, it extends backwards. Capacity of the device 30 liters. What happened?

Most likely the thermostat is defective. Need to replace it.

Royal Clima RWH DIC80 FS water heater. If you plug it into a grounded socket, it trips the circuit breaker and cuts the power. If plugged into a socket without a grounding system, the appliance works well and there is water heating. This has never been found before. Explain what caused it?

You must first diagnose the RCD.

Electric water heater for 80 liters. During the opening of the faucet, hot water runs as if with air. The unit is cleaned every year, the check valve is intact, the flange is secure. How can air appear?? It also makes a noise like a boiling kettle. Explain, is the heating element all covered with limescale??

If the temperature has risen, the water can turn into steam when heated too much.

Why does the appliance no longer produce an acceptable head of water?of water? How to fix it?

Looks like the appliance has nothing to do with it. You must have a blockage in the outlet pipe from the appliance. You can check and clean it if necessary.

In which case the safety device in a 50 liter electric boiler can activate?

At home we use electric water heater Royal Klima 80 liters. There is hot water, but the appliance makes a strange knocking noise, mostly when opening the cold water tap. Explain why there is a knocking noise?

The inside of the vessel may begin to contract and uncompress when cold water is drawn in.

A 30-liter RON was purchased. Check the water drain valve and also check the plumbing and the appliance itself because the safety relay may be clogged. Adjusted the heating to the maximum, the socket is fine. Removed the panel and found the unit with the button. When you press it, the DHW turns on right away. If you push it back on, it stops working again. What’s the reason?

This button. protection relay. When the button is repeatedly actuated, it means that there are some problems in the wiring or the safety relay itself is broken.

A Royal Clima RWH GI30 FS electric boiler was connected at home. When you replaced the heating element, for some reason the water stops flowing from the appliance, although there is water heating. What else needs to be replaced?

Inspect the drain valve, as well as inspect the water pipes and the appliance itself, because it is possible clogged.

This is the kind of storage water heater we use. When I set the temperature to sixty degrees, the machine heats no more than 40 degrees. Please advise how to fix the problem?

It is possible that the electric heating element or the thermostat is damaged, but we should not rule out other kinds of problems. We recommend that you check in detail.

We installed a similar electric water heater in our vacation home. Suppose we make the temperature setting for the thermostat 50 degrees. Could you please tell me if this is the limit temperature of heating water in the tank or the average temperature of the mixed heated water and cold?

Yes, this is the maximum temperature. The electric heater heats up to the set temperature and then must maintain it.

Dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. After some time it did not switch off, always operates in heating mode. In the case of overheating, it stops working completely until it cools down. Help to understand what is the reason?

We advise you to check the thermostat. It’s most likely the source of the machine’s malfunction.

Electric boiler Royal Clima RWH V80 RE. The thermostat is in the minimum position. At the outlet of the unit the temperature of the liquid reaches 80 degrees, but in the manual indicated heating to seventy degrees. During this operation the thermostat turns on and there is a disturbance in the electrical connections. What component should be changed and how to diagnose the thermostat?

If the machine at the minimum set temperature heats up to 80 C, you need to replace the thermostat.

We have been using the same device for over 2 years. At the beginning of the year we did some repairs in the bathroom and changed the old pipes. A month later the water was off, and running the electric boiler, we saw that after the heating from the relief valve began to leak water. We replaced the valve with a bigger one but it didn’t work. What can be done?

Probable problems, repair and settings of water heaters Royal Clima

I have commissioned a storage water heater Royal Clima RWH DIC50 FS, however, when heated the protection valve does not drip liquid. That’s the way it’s supposed to be?

The protection valve is needed to bleed off excess pressure. If the excess pressure in the pipe line is higher than the prescribed pressure, cold water will drip from the valve. Provided that the water pressure starts to rise in the heating cycle to the limit, hot water runs.

How to dismantle, remove and descale the heating element in a storage water heater Royal Klima RWH F30 RE? Stopped heating well.

First of all the cover must be removed. There is a heating element inside. Unscrew the nut, slip it into the tank and carefully do the cleaning. Next you need to change the magnesium anode. Clean the inside of the tank. Reassemble everything in the reverse order. Do not tighten the fastener too tightly, do not tear the stud of the heating element flange.

Inspection showed damage of heating element. It doesn’t get warm. Decided to change it myself. Can anyone tell me how this should be done?

You need to disconnect the EDV from the mains. Unscrew the screws and remove the heating element. Install a new one and flush the tank with a water pressure. Wait for it to dry. Install in reverse order.

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There is a problem with the water heater. It switches off completely even though it is equipped with a differential voltage regulator. We have been using the product for almost three years, and there was no problem. And yesterday it spontaneously shut off when heating water. The RCD cuts out at regular intervals, so we can’t identify the problem. It starts working for a few seconds and then shuts down again. Where to look for the problem?

The appliance is penetrating the ground. Probably the heating element is out of order. If the water is too hard, then there is a plaque and limescale. For this reason it is recommended to clean the unit regularly. Start up without a safety disconnect device with care, as the shell may be electrocuted.

The heating element was replaced two days ago and since then the thermostat won’t turn on. When you press the button, it does not lock and falls back. The water heater has a capacity of 50 liters. What could have happened??

Thermostat is most likely defective. You have to change it.

Royal Clima RWH DIC80 FS electric water heater. When you connect to a grounded socket, immediately triggered RCD, no electricity. When plugged into a non-earthed socket, the device operates normally and water heating is present. This has never happened before. advise what could be the reason?

You need to check the RCD beforehand.

The 30 liter hard water heater. When I open the tap, hot water comes out with the air. The unit is serviced regularly, the discharge valve is functional, the flange is installed securely. Why the air could appear? In addition, it has a noise that sounds like boiling kettle. Tell me if it is because of scale on the heating element?

If the temperature has increased, the excessive heat turns the water into steam.

The reason why the unit can not give an acceptable pressure of hot water? How to fix the problem?

Probably nothing to do with the boiler. There must be a clog in the pipe where the water comes out of the ESP. We recommend to inspect and clean it if necessary.

In what case the safety device in an electric boiler of 50 liters may be triggered?

I have an 80 liter capacity Royal Klima storage boiler in operation. There is hot water, although the electric water heater has a very unusual knocking sound, mostly when opening the tap with chol.water. Tell me why you hear a knocking sound?

The internal tank may be starting to shrink or unclog from the cold water flowing in.

A boiler with a capacity of 100 liters was purchased. Plugged it in, filled it with water, plugged it in, but nothing happens. We have set the heating device to maximum, the socket is defective. We took off the lid and saw a box with a button. The appliance turns on when you press it. If you release it, it stops working again. How to fix the problem?

This button. Safety Relay. If it works all the time, there must be some defect in the wiring or the safety relay itself is damaged.

We installed a Royal Clima RWH V80 RE electronic domestic hot water heater in our apartment. When the heating element was replaced, for some reason the water from the device stopped flowing, but there is water heating. What else needs to be replaced?

You have to check the safety valve as well as the pipe work and the appliance itself because it could be blocked.

Installed and connected a similar storage water heater. When we set the temperature to 65 degrees, the ED heats no more than 40 degrees. Could you please tell me what this is about??

Probably the THEN or thermostat is defective, but there can be other problems as well. A detailed inspection is required.

In operation of the same model. For example, I set the temperature at the thermostat to 55 C. Can you tell us if this is the highest temperature at which the water heats up in the tank or if it’s the standard temperature for mixing cold water and heated water??

This is indeed the limit temperature. The unit heats to a preset temperature and then maintains that temperature.

Have disassembled the water heater, cleaned and reassembled. After some time it stopped switching off, stably works in a heating mode. In case of severe overheating it switches off for a long time until it cools down. I can’t figure out what the problem is?

The temperature regulator needs to be checked. This is probably the cause of the malfunctioning of the appliance.

Royal Clima RWH GI30 FS storage water heater. The thermostat is in the minimum position. The water temperature at the outlet of the water heater is 80 C, but the instruction manual specifies heating up to seventy degrees. At such cycle the thermostat is switched on and there is a damage of connections in electric circuit. What exactly is the component that needs to be changed and how best to check the thermostat?

Heating water storage tank type ROYAL Clima RWH-V50-RE. review

The water heater appeared in our life in connection with the shutdown of hot water for the whole summer due to serious emergency work (several pipes in the city system burst at once). We chose carefully, that would not leak and worked well, but was not particularly expensive. Unfortunately, for this model only a couple of reviews, but pretty good, so we took a chance and took it. Now adding to the few reviews of his own, because it is worth it.

No matter how I persuaded my husband for a large volume, we took only 50 liters. For two people and three large dogs (labrostaff, mestizo Staffa and mestizo Wolfhound) the volume is very small, not to mention the fact that still need to wash the dishes and clean the apartment. But if you wait a little after washing the dogs after the walk, you can take a shower yourself.

Heating from 11 degrees to 75 degrees took an hour and a half. After washing dirty paws and dishes, the temperature in it dropped to a maximum of 28 degrees (this is with a large number of dishes). From this temperature to a comfortable shower in about an hour.

Timer on the boiler itself is absent, but this was corrected by a special socket (a useful thing, it also shows the power consumption). Controls couldn’t be simpler. single knob to set the desired water heating. Also, there is a display that shows the temperature of the water in the tank.

Included are two pins on which this wonder and hangs on the wall. The device itself weighs a little less than 20kg.

About the heater interior: enameled steel inner coating, bottom water inlet, non-return valve, tubular heating element, overheat protection, magnesium anode.

Despite the small volume, we use it all year round. The house is completely on electricity (no gas), so in our case it is advantageous to put the heating at night (the rate for electricity is less). Additionally bought a timer turns it on at 5:30 and turns off at 7, at other times there is no heating. In the future, the water from the tank all day long is used for all household needs, if you want to take a bath, then switch pipes to regular hot water. During the day the water in it is not cooled, and the expense is cheaper than using hot water from the tap (specially sitting that counts more profitable).

Обзор модельного ряда кондиционеров ROYAL CLIMA

Plans to change the water heater to the same model, but a larger volume.

Check the quality of products

When you make a claim, the seller has the right to check the quality of the goods. In this regard, we remind you of the need to submit the purchased goods along with a claim to the point of return, or allow the seller to take the goods to an authorized service center for delivery to confirm the defect.

Delivery service employee fixes the fact of accepting the goods for diagnostics by the relevant act, filled in two copies, one of which remains with the buyer in his hands.

Based on the results of this quality control, the Seller will provide you with an answer to your complaint.

If you do not agree with the results of the quality control carried out, you are entitled to submit a written request for an independent examination of the goods. The expertise is held at the expense of the seller. You have the right to be present during the inspection. If the examination reveals defects that are not the fault of the store or the manufacturer, you are obliged to reimburse the store for the costs of the examination, as well as the costs associated with the examination.

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Article 26.1. Distant method of selling goods

Contract of retail sale may be concluded on the basis of familiarization of the consumer with the description of the goods offered by the seller through catalogs, brochures, booklets, photographs, communications (television, mail, radio, etc.) or other means, excluding the possibility of direct familiarization of the consumer with the goods or a sample of the goods at the conclusion of such a contract (distance selling method) by other means.

The seller before concluding a contract must provide consumers with information about the main consumer properties of goods, about the address (location) of the seller, the place of manufacture of goods, about the full trade name (name) of the seller (manufacturer), about the price and the conditions of purchase of goods, about their delivery, service life, shelf life and warranty period, about the payment procedure, as well as the period during which the offer to conclude a contract is valid.

The consumer at the time of delivery of goods shall be provided in writing information about the product specified in Article 10 of this Law, as well as the information stipulated by paragraph 4 of this Article on the procedure and terms of returning the goods.

The consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time prior to delivery, and after delivery of the goods. within seven days.

If the information about the procedure and terms of returning the goods of proper quality was not provided in writing at the time of delivery, the consumer has the right to refuse the goods within three months from the date of delivery. Return of the goods of proper quality is possible if the preserved appearance and consumer properties, as well as the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified goods. The consumer’s lack of a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the goods does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the purchase of goods from the seller. The consumer has no right to refuse the goods of proper quality, which have individually specific properties, if the specified goods can be used exclusively by the consumer who acquires it. If the consumer rejects the goods, the seller must return the amount of money paid by the consumer under the contract, except for the seller’s expenses for delivery of the returned goods from the consumer, no later than ten days from the date of the consumer’s corresponding claim.

The consequences of selling goods of improper quality by distance selling method are established by the provisions stipulated in Articles 18. 24 of this Law.

Return of goods process

To initiate the return process for products purchased from us, you must write a free-form request to, which must specify the date of purchase and describe the reason for return (applications for warranty issues are not accepted by phone). It is obligatory to indicate the subject of the email, otherwise the message can fall under the spam filter.

If the product was purchased remotely from the Internet. store

In addition to the right to exchange goods of proper quality provided by the Act of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 On Protection of Consumer Rights, you have the right to refuse goods purchased remotely at any time prior to delivery, as well as within seven days after delivery of the goods.

If the information on the procedure and terms of returning the goods of proper quality was not provided to you in written form at the moment of delivery, the specified term is extended according to the Rules of distance selling of goods.

At a return/exchange of the goods of proper quality the trade form, package integrity, completeness must be preserved. If there are traces of operation, it may be the reason for refusal of your claim.

Setting without remote control

If the remote controller is lost or burnt out, you can set the air conditioner with the ON/OFF button. It is located on the wall unit under the display.

Press the button once to start the air conditioner. At the same time the cooling mode will start. When you press the button again, the device will start the heating mode. After the third pressing the conditioner will be switched off. After 30 minutes of operation, automatic operation will start.

Start-up procedure

So, the water heater is bought. When it is already installed and plugged in, the question arises what to do next. But you should check the quality of connection before pushing the buttons. You need to carefully inspect all joints. It is advisable to put a piece of toilet paper to the connections. It has excellent absorptive properties and therefore will absorb even the slightest drop of water, which you can not see with the naked eye. If the paper after the diagnosis remained completely dry. great, let’s move on.

Important: the use of the boiler must be done strictly in the presence of grounding! In general, this should be mentioned by the professionals who install the heater. If your apartment or house does not have a ground connection, it must be installed, connected to the boiler, and only then turn on the equipment for the first time. Otherwise you will put yourself in great danger.

The first start-up of the water heater is carried out in several steps. It is important to follow the correct sequence.

  • Turn off the hot water supply from the centralized system to your apartment with the stop tap. If you do not do this, then later all the water, thoroughly heated by the boiler, will go into the common riser. Even a check valve, which is one of the mandatory elements of the water heater installation, will not help in this case. After closing the stop valve, open the “hot” tap on the faucet and wait for the remaining water to drain from the pipes. Of course, if your home is not connected to the hot water system at all, just skip this step.
  • Now turn your attention to the boiler itself. There are two pipes connected to the bottom of it. They are usually color-coded. The blue one indicates the pipe for the cold water supply to the water heater (it is usually on the left, but another option is possible), the red one is for the hot water outlet. There are shut-off valves on both pipes. Open the one that is on the “cold”. The water will begin to flow into the equipment. Do not plug the appliance into the mains yet.
  • Now open the valve on the “hot” pipe, as well as the appropriate tap on the faucet. The air will flow out first. you need to wait until it is replaced by a full straight stream. After that, close the faucet on the mixer.
  • Now connect the water heater to the mains and set the desired temperature mode. The last operation is done quite simply by using special levers or a special control panel. you do not need a separate manual for this, everything is shown on the body of the device.

About the optimal temperature of heating is worth a few words. As a rule, the range of acceptable values from the water heater is quite wide. from 30 to 90 degrees. Be guided by not only economy, but also safety.

For example, at a temperature of 40 degrees in the tank actively reproduces various bacteria. You can not get rid of them, because they, in any case, will come from the cold water system. In hot water, such bacteria either fall asleep or die (depending on the temperature). But moderately cold for them. just heaven. The result of washing in such water can become a variety of diseases.

The optimum temperature is from 55 to 60 degrees. Bacteria in this environment do not die, but also do not reproduce, they simply go into a state of anabiosis. In addition, this heating level has a beneficial effect on the service life of the heating element, reducing the intensity of limescale formation. It is optimal in terms of security. water with a temperature of 55-60 degrees does not cause burns, so you can safely trust the interaction with it, not only adults but also children.

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As for the 90-degree mode. it is also necessary, but not for everyday use. Once a week, heat the boiler to that temperature, let it stand like that for two or three hours, and then set it back to normal. During these two hours the hot water will kill all the bacteria, thereby the tank will be disinfected.

Often people wonder whether you can turn off the water heater at night. Many believe that it will be more economical, because at night no one washes, and the constant heating of water goes to waste. In fact, you should not do so. First, heating the entire volume of fluid in the tank “from scratch” will require far more resources than the regular restoration of a slightly lower temperature. Secondly, in the morning you will have to wait a long time to wash your face and go to the shower.

If you really want to save money, then switch the boiler to low temperature overnight, but do not turn it off at all. Thus, the morning heating time will be reduced and the night electricity consumption will be very low.

Heating systems for country houses and cottages. Boilers, gas heaters, water heaters. Repair, service, maintenance. Recommendations for mounting and installation.

Why is water dripping from the safety valve of the storage water heater Royal Clima RWH DIC50 FS??

If the integrity of the tank is damaged, the boiler is not repairable. Through breakage of the flange (this can be easily solved by simply replacing the flange with a new one). Deformation of the outer sheath of the wet heating element (this problem can be solved by the replacement of the heating element). Hydraulic defect, in case of violation of the rules of installation and use (no safety valve). In most cases the device cannot be repaired.

After preventive maintenance, namely cleaning, small leakage at the contact area of heating elements. Is there any way to solve this problem yourself?

No, it is not repairable. You need to replace the heating element.

Two months ago installed a storage water heater Royal Clima RWH GI30 FS, all two months worked fine, at the moment has triggered RCD. What is the problem?

Need to check the electronics, better to use a tester or call a repairman.

Bought a Royal Klima RWH V50 RE water heater. Installed, lasted a day well. There was no water leakage from the safety valve. Lights on RCD, thermo regulator, mode buttons went out the second day. Pulled the plug out of the socket: now when you connect the plug to the socket, even if the device is off, the RCD trips and knocks out the circuit breaker on the switchboard. What can be the reason?

Most likely a problem with the heater. Checking with a tester will show more accurately. Better to call a repairman.

Will it be possible to repair the internal tank in case of a leak?

If the tank fails, you need to replace the unit. Repair is impossible for two reasons. The tank cannot be removed from the case, it is securely packed in insulating material that would have to be destroyed. Welding the steel tank will destroy the enamel, in this area the corrosion process will be intense. The same thing will happen to the weld between the stainless steel sheets. The user can prevent leaks in the tank, if the user will follow the rules of operation: to change the magnesium anode in time (at least once every 2 years) to protect against corrosion, once a year to clean the heating element and thermostat of the scale, to prevent freezing of water, as expanding, it can damage the tank. All procedures you can do yourself or invite a specialist from a service center.

Installed Royal Clima RWH F80 RE. The set temperature is 55 degrees, when I tried to increase the degree of heating to 75 degrees. it kicked out. After that the indication on the device stops lighting up, but there is voltage and water supply.

Most likely triggered the protective temperature sensor, which prevents overheating. Unplug the appliance, after it has cooled down, remove the lid and press the button on the safety switch. After that, the heater should start. If it does not, or if it shuts off again, you are advised to call for service.

The vertical water heater Royal Clima RWH DIC30 FS. After a voltage drop on the RCD, the red light is on but the button won’t “sink in. The lights on the heater are not lit. Could be the reason that the thermostat has to be turned on? Or should I buy a part to be sure to repair it myself??

RCD has nothing to do with it, most likely you have a problem with the electronics inside the device.

Tell me why the water temperature at the outlet of the electric water heater is too high?

Possibly damage to the water temperature control system.

Why is the water leaking from the appliance enclosure? What is the reason?

Wreckage of the internal tank (corrosion). The seal at the heating element connection is broken.

On the Royal Klima RWH GI50 FS the indicator light is off, but the water is not hot. Why does it happen??

The temperature regulating device has been damaged. Temperature limiting device activated or not activated. Turn on the thermostat by following the on/off instructions. Damage to the temperature control device.

No water flows from the hot water outlet. How to fix this problem?

Water supply interrupted. Wait until the water supply is restored. Water pressure too low. Turn the device back on when normal water pressure is restored. Cold water inlet tap closed. Open the cold water tap.

Мини-обзор увлажнителя воздуха Royal Clima TUBE

turn, water, heater, royal, clima

Our Royal Klima RWH GI80 FS water heater is leaking. What can be the problem?

The seal at the pipe connection is broken. The seal on the connection must be replaced.

I have a water heater RWH F50 RE, installed in 2016, worked for two weeks a year. RCD on the meter immediately actuates when it is plugged in. Tell me what the problem is? How to remove the heating element in this model?

At the bottom of the device there is a lid, under the lid there is an el. part. You need to remove the pipes and drain the water first, then remove this cap.

The water heater is installed in the kitchen under the sink. It works fine, but all the time water leaks from the valve. A container needs to be installed. What’s the problem??

You need to check the pressure in the system of cold water. If it’s over 5 or 6 atmospheres, the valve will leak. Would be necessary to install a pressure reducer.

If the pipes to the Royal Clima RWH G50 FE are not connected correctly (hot water to cold water and vice versa), will it affect the supply of hot water (its capacity) from the tap? There’s a check valve, it is only for hot or no matter how to connect?

Do not connect the pipes any other way, the electrical part of the appliance would be damaged.

We have been using the water heater for 4 years, no problems. We don’t use it often, once a year for two weeks. This year it also works, but the cold water meter is constantly spinning weakly, that is, the cold water is constantly flowing somewhere. If I shut off the cold water supply to the EVH, the meter won’t turn. Something with the appliance?

If the device is installed in an apartment, then check the hot water riser tap, most likely not closed tightly and the water runs there.

There is a storage water heater Royal Klima RWH V30 RE. After replacing the heating element on the display the temperature began to jump. What could be the reason?

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