How to turn on your braun silk epil 9 epilator

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Braun Silk epil 7 Dual SE Epilator Description

1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Braun Silk epil 7 Dual SE- 7791 Description 1 Protective cap 2 Smoothing nozzle (for use in the shower and bath) 2a Integrated shaver blade 2b Lubrastrip 3 Epilator head 4 SmartLight 5 Lock-on switch (5a) 6a Battery light 6b Low battery light 7 Detachable anti-slip rubber insert 8 Special connection cord 9 Charging stand (not all models) 10 Epilating head lock button 11 Epilating nozzle (incl, 12 Sensitive hair removal nozzle User manual Our products are built with the highest standards of quality, functionality, and design. We hope you enjoy using the Braun Silk-epil 7 Dual, the first epilator with a built-in Venus shaving blade designed for use in water with shaving gel or foam. Please read this instruction manual carefully before using the device and save it for future reference. After using Braun Silk epil 7 Dual your skin stays smooth for long time thanks to the dual technology of hair removal. First, it gently removes hairs from the root, and then the Venus built-in shaving blade makes your skin perfectly smooth. Important For reasons of hygiene, do not give the appliance to other people. The device is equipped with a special connection cord with a Safety Extra Low Voltage Power Supply. Do not remove or open it. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock. The electrical data sheet is given with the cord. The connecting cord is suitable for any AC power supply. The appliance is suitable for use in the bathtub or shower. For safety reasons, in this case it may only be used without a wire. The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, unless they are supervised or instructed concerning

2 the use of the appliance by the person responsible for their safety. Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. During operation, the appliance must not come into contact with the hair on your head or eyebrows to avoid any injury and to prevent blockage or damage to the appliance. Do not use the appliance without the epilating head attachment. Care must be taken when waxing areas such as the ankles with the smoothing nozzle (2). The built-in blade is very sharp and can hurt. For safety reasons, do not use the smoothing nozzle if you drop it. Replace the nozzle. General Information All root removal methods can result in ingrown hairs and irritation (e.g., itching, discomfort, or redness of the skin), depending on the condition of your skin and hair. This is a normal reaction that should go away quickly, but it may be more severe if you are removing hair the first few times and if you have sensitive skin. If, after 36 hours, your skin is still irritated, we recommend that you see a doctor. Usually skin reactions and discomfort are greatly reduced by repeated use of Silk epil. In some cases, inflammation may occur as a result of bacteria entering the skin (such as when the epilator slides over the skin). Thorough cleaning of the epilating head before each use will reduce the risk of infection. If there are any doubts about using the appliance, please consult your doctor. In the following cases, the device should only be used after prior consultation with your doctor: eczema, wounds, skin inflammation (e.g. folliculitis purulent inflammation of the hair follicle) and varicose veins, moles, reduced skin immunity such as in diabetes, pregnancy, Raynaud’s disease, haemophilia, candidiasis or human immunodeficiency virus. Useful tips: If you’re a first-time epilator user or haven’t epilated in a long time, your skin may adapt to epilation pretty quickly. The discomfort in the beginning decreases significantly with each subsequent use of the epilator as the skin gets used to it. When waxing for the first time, do it in the evening, so that any possible redness can disappear overnight. To relax your skin, we recommend applying moisturizing cream after epilation. Epilation is easier and more comfortable when hair is 2-5mm long. If you have longer hair, we recommend shaving it off first and epilating shorter hair a few days later. If you’ve used an epilator before, remember that you don’t have to go over the same area twice, thanks to the dual technology of hair removal. This allows you to significantly reduce the epilation time. To avoid trauma from the shaving blade, you need to guide the epilator carefully along your leg and be extra careful when you’re removing hair in the joint areas. Charging the device before use. We recommend working with a fully charged epilator for the best results. Put the unit in its charging cradle when turned off, or plug it into an electrical outlet with the cord. Charging time is about 1 hour.

3 The flashing green light (6a) indicates that the epilator is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the light will stop flashing. Once fully charged, use the epilator without the cord. Fully charged battery provides 30 min continuous autonomous work of epilator. When the low charge indicator (6b) starts flashing, plug the instrument in to recharge it. After each use, recharging from mains or placing in charging cradle is recommended. Optimal ambient temperature for charging, operating and storing the appliance is C. If the temperature is higher or lower than indicated, epilator charging time should be increased, because the battery life will be reduced. Switch on Press one of the lock buttons (5a) and set the desired speed by turning the switch clockwise. I = gentle hair removal II = effective hair removal SmartLight is lit steadily while in use. It almost replaces the daylight, allowing even the finest hairs to be seen and making the epilation process as efficient as possible. Shower and bath use The epilator is specially designed for shower and bath use with shaving gel or foam. For maximum glide, use on damp skin with shaving gel. Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel for optimum results. For extra comfort, you can also use the anti-slip tip (7). (not available in all countries). A smooth nozzle epilation Hair removal with Silk epil 7 Dual epilator with Venus technology is a whole new approach to epilation. Gently removes hairs from the root in just one stroke, then the Venus blade gives you the perfect finish. This unique epilator combines the strong grip technology (including 40 tweezers) for long-lasting results and Venus technology to remove hair in one stroke. Dual technology hair removal with smooth nozzle designed for leg hair removal. If you need to remove hair from other areas of the body with this attachment, take special precautions given the shaving blade. Lightly pull your skin when sliding the epilator. To get your skin used to your new hair removal routine quickly, it’s important to use the epilator once a week for the first month. After 3-4 times of use, when each hair has been removed at least once and the hair is used to the process, you can enjoy the result for a long time, using the epilator every 2-3 weeks. How to use the epilator with the smoothing nozzle Before using, make sure that the epilator head (3) is clean.

4 Put on the smoothing nozzle (2). Apply shaving gel or foam to damp skin. Slightly pulling on your skin, slowly move the epilator against the hair growth and toward the switch without applying pressure. Make sure the head glides evenly over your skin. Its flip-tip is designed to follow your body contours precisely. The epilator head removes and then trims hairs in one stroke. With its integrated shaving blade, the smoothing nozzle delivers peak performance. No need to use the epilator several times over the same area. Guide the epilator up and down your leg. Keep your leg stretched out when removing hair below your knee. When working around joints, be extra careful not to cut yourself with the blade. Occasionally remove foam from the smoothing nozzle. Epilation Remove the smoothing nozzle (2) and put on the epilation nozzle (11) or the sensitivity nozzle (12). You can also use it in the bath or shower: when using it in the shower and bath: get your skin very wet for better gliding. Use on dry skin: keep your skin clean and dry. Leg epilation: lightly pull your skin and slowly move the epilator without applying pressure along your skin against the growth of hair towards the switch. For best results, it’s best to move the device in different directions according to the hair growth. Epilating sensitive areas: To remove hair from your armpits and bikini zone, put on the hair removal attachment (12) which is specifically designed for epilating sensitive areas. Before epilating, carefully remove all traces of deodorant, for instance. Keep your hand stretched up to pull the skin taut and move the appliance in different directions. Since the skin is especially sensitive after epilation, do not apply underarm irritants, such as deodorants containing alcohol. Be careful. These areas are especially sensitive to pain. Therefore, when using the device for the first time, it is recommended to choose speed I. Repeated use will lower the pain threshold. Hair length should be 2-5mm for comfort. Protection against overheating To prevent overheating, the device automatically turns off before the red insufficient charging indicator lights up for 8 seconds. If so, turn the appliance off and allow it to cool down. After each use in the shower or bathtub, rinse the epilator thoroughly with water.

5 Remove the smoothing nozzle (2) and rinse it under running warm water. Let the epilator head flip under the stream of water and turn it on for a short time. Then press the release button (10) to remove the epilating head. Shake the epilator and epilating head to get rid of surface droplets. Remove the anti-slip insert and allow all parts of the appliance to dry. Make sure all parts are completely dry before use. After you’ve assembled the epilating head and the smoothing nozzle (2), you can put on the protective attachment (1) for the shaving blade. Cleaning with a brush After using the epilator on dry skin, just use the brush to clean it. Thoroughly clean the tweezers on the back of the epilating head with an alcohol brush. Turn the tweezers drum by hand. This method guarantees hygienic cleanliness of the epilating head. Replacement of the smoothing nozzle The smoothing nozzle (2) is equipped with Lubrastrip (2b). After some time the bar becomes white, it means that the blade is blunt. It’s time to change the nozzle. Because Lubrastrip is water soluble, the smoothing nozzle should be stored in a dry place and should never be left face down in the sink. For best results, replace the nozzle after 12 uses when the Lubrastrip turns white or when the blade is worn or bent. If you drop the smoothing nozzle, you should replace it for safety reasons. Replacement smoothing nozzles (item number 771 WD) are available from the store where you purchased the appliance, and from your Braun Service Center or online. In the interest of environmental protection, please do not dispose of.

Instructions: Braun Silk-epil 9 SensoSmart 9-710

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We all know how valuable in our time a beautiful, soft, smooth skin. In order to maintain it in a condition that would meet modern standards of beauty and aesthetics, it is necessary to periodically perform both nutrition, skin rejuvenation, and epilation procedures. No modern young girl allows herself to be slovenly in such matters. And here to help come to such a device as an epilator. Of course, there are other ways of hair removal, but they are considered outdated, unproductive, and in some cases even harmful to the sensitive delicate skin. With a state-of-the-art epilator you can always take care of yourself and still keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy. Krasnoyarsk store “Laukar” offers epilators of high quality at low prices. Use the services of the Internet-shop “Laukar” and you’ll learn how easy, quickly, and most importantly, cheaply you can buy appliances and electronics.

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The new Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart 4-in-1 Epilator

Today I want to show you the newest model from Braun, the epilator, or rather the whole set of different devices and accessories,

And if you’re wondering what’s great about it for the money, get under the hat

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

In the box is very compact arranged as much as 2 devices and 13 additional accessories and nozzles:

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

  • Deep Massage Brush for better skin tone
  • 2 exfoliating brushes to help reduce ingrown hairs
  • 3 hygienic attachments for these brushes

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

  • Power cable and brush for cleaning your epilator
  • Batteries for facial brush
  • Fabric storage bag
  • Manual


  • Series: Braun Silk-epil 9
  • Number of speeds: 2
  • Number of tweezers: 40
  • Floating epilating head: Yes
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Wet hair removal: Yes
  • Massage during epilation: Yes
  • Under water rinsing: Yes
  • Waterproof body: Yes
  • Type of Power Supply: Battery
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Charging Time: 2 hrs
  • Battery life: 50 min
  • Color: White / Rose Gold

Charge the battery before using it. When the device is discharged it beeps and the red light on the case lights up. During charging. the green light blinks. Fully charged battery lasts for about 2 hours. more than enough to epilate all the necessary areas, and even enough for a massage

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

The light comes on during use, which is great. no need to look around for hairs to find.

The noise of the device is not strong, if the door is closed, you can epilate even at night)

Tweezers as many as 40! This allows you to treat a much larger area, plus there are massage rollers that pick up and guide the hairs well to the tweezers.

Does it hurt?? Of course it does! It pulls hairs, and a bunch of tweezers at once, right?! But the good news is that the new model is very quick and of high quality. you don’t have to wax the same spot twice. My legs were perfectly epilated after the first “pass”, though of course I couldn’t manage a few ingrown hairs. but that’s not to be expected, ingrown hairs should be dealt with separately. Slight skin irritation remained, but the skin calmed down in a couple of hours.

Not very aesthetically pleasing (!), but a good Before and After:

There is a nozzle included for closer contact with the skin. for epilation of the armpits:

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

And the face waxing attachment. it covers part of the tweezers to work more pinpoint:

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

I honestly tried the underarm epilation attachment, but my pain threshold does not allow me to “wield” an epilator in this area, so in the end I can not assess its convenience.

I still use the epilator only for legs. no miracle attachments do not reduce the level of sensitivity so that I could tolerate epilation of the other, more sensitive areas.

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

You can replace the rotating head with a second head and use the device to massage and exfoliate your skin:

The soft but effective deep exfoliation brush has uniquely triangular bristles. If used regularly, it helps to avoid ingrown hairs under the skin and visibly improves its appearance.

The extra fine brush with 10,000 tiny bristles gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates regeneration of the skin. For irresistibly smooth and silky skin that’s impossible not to touch.

Massages your skin more deeply than a normal body brush. It boosts circulation, visibly improving the appearance of your skin.

I’ve used exfoliation brushes to deal with ingrown hairs from waxing, and I got no results. I think it only works as a preventative and only for very sensitive skin. In my subjective opinion, any rough scrub will be more effective against ingrown hairs.

I also found the massage head to be a little weak. I did not feel any increase in blood circulation, no warmth or redness of the skin. Again, I think it’s much more effective to use a stiff brush or coarse scrub to tone the skin.

But if your skin is sensitive, maybe these nozzles will be more than enough.

Rather surprising that the set with epilator comes with a device for the face, but maybe for someone, this is an opportunity to kill two birds with one set

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

HOW TO EPILATE USING THE BRAUN EPILATOR | Body hair removal. is it worth it?

  • The white and pink brushes are very soft. they are suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
  • The blue brush is tougher, good for normal to oily skin.

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

On the body has a power button and a button to adjust the speed (2 options)

The device works with batteries, you need to insert them by removing the bottom of the device handle:

Braun 9-970 Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart

The device will be good for dry peeling, as well as for increasing the lack of effective cleansing agents, such as gentle foam.

The device may well replace the scrubs and gommages, or peel-scrub, and cope with the exfoliation of dead skin cells. But, of course, the effect is not comparable to the mechanical cleansing! It is exactly a peel, able to make the skin softer and softer, but not able to really clean the pores. Perhaps this device will be useful for owners of dry and normal skin without marked black spots and enlarged pores. As the owner of normal skin prone to greasiness, I was not impressed with the device.

Comparison with the old Braun model and my impressions

  • My “old” Braun silk epil eversoft is corded and has a very short cord. it’s very inconvenient, I have to use a portable. And I’m very happy with the new model. it’s much more comfortable to use the cordless epilator.
  • The noise level of the new product is much lower, which makes it more comfortable to use. Also I like the backlight.
  • There are only 20 tweezers in the old one, which is about half as many as I had to stomp around for a long time before I got all my hairs in one tweezer. With Braun 9-970 the process is much faster and more efficient, and the massage attachment to guide the hairs helps as well.
  • But I like the old set better: it has a trimmer for grass and shaving heads. And in my opinion, it’s much more logical than the massage heads and even more so the facial device.
  • The ingrown hair prevention nozzles are a good idea, of course, but they turned out to be too weak. If I had chosen an epilator in a store, I would have preferred a different set. I do not think it is worth overpaying for the weak massage and peeling functions. And it makes more sense to buy the facial device (if you need it at all) separately, based on the needs of your face, rather than getting it in a set with the device for the legs.

Silk Epil 9. Clean the epilator head instead of buying a new one

My rating: 5 for the epilator, 2 for the massagers and 3 for the facial device.

I am very happy with the epilator itself. I always feel great with the epilator, it’s great quality, it’s quick and easy to epilate. I don`t like the packaging. the massage and peeling heads are too weak and not very functional, for my taste.

Review: Braun Silk-epil 9 Flex epilator. The complete facial and body care kit. The epilator has a flexible head that follows the contours of the body!

I’ve been using the Braun epilator for many years now (since 2017), I think it’s the best epilators by far and I’ve never had any issues, it was the highest quality, durable, stylish and functional. That’s why I was very happy to participate in the promotion on Otzovik and received the Braun Silk-epil 9 Flex Epilator as a gift.

The kit includes not only an epilator with several attachments for epilation, exfoliation and massage, but also a special device for the face with special brush attachments, that is a whole beauty set for face and body Beauty Set FaceSpa.

On the back of the package, there’s a picture of the set. The devices, their attachments, and a storage pouch. In addition, there are pictures that clearly show where and how to use the devices and the corresponding nozzles.

The text is in English, but you can easily understand everything from the picture icons, such as the fact that both devices are waterproof,

The facial device is dermatologically accredited, and the nozzle for epilation of delicate areas is as gentle as a feather.

A brief text meaning of the icons can also be found on the packaging in both English and Russian.

Specifications and manufacturer information in Russian.

The products are made in China, but the brand name is from Germany.

I open the box and the first thing I see. These are the booklets (the manual of the main device and the facial device separately advertising booklet).

Underneath the booklets, there is a box with tips and a nice velvet zippered pouch for storing and carrying the instruments and tips. All very compactly packaged.

The brand name pouch with zipper closure looks very stylish and is very comfortable to keep the instruments in.

So what do we have? The basic device looks like this:

Movable head can tilt left and right, follow the contours of a woman’s body.

In order from top to bottom on the work panel, the backlight, the power button, the speed switch button. The intuitive controls are easy to use, very comfortable and pleasant.

The handle is rubberized with welted edges, it won’t slip even from a wet hand. There is a head removal button on the back of the handle.

There will be three heads in this unit. For the main attachments, for the exfoliating brush and for the grass trimmer.

Tips for main head with tweezers. Three pieces.

The first one I don’t use (I had one in my previous unit as well). for removing unwanted facial hair.

The second one I actively use. Underarm and bikini zone.

The third, which I also use very actively. for the body (legs, arms, etc. д.)

The nozzle for the second head is one. is the brush. To use a brush, you need to change the head.

If I understand correctly, there are kits that have a massager. I had a massager like this in one of my kits, too. The very first, he cool, I recommend. This massager would also work with this head. But in this case just the scrubbing and exfoliating brush, also a great thing for body care.

Exfoliating brush. A necessary thing before epilation, as it is necessary to prepare the skin for epilation, to avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon as ingrown hairs. I don’t scrub my whole body with this brush because my arm gets very tired, I only have enough to do my legs, so I don’t have to deal with ingrown hairs later on.

The third head is suitable for a new head for me. grass trimmer. As it turns out, it’s a very cool thing! It cuts the hairs to the root. That is, you can not pull out the hair with tweezers, and neatly trim it (up to 3 mm).

The epilator has the SensoSmart pressure sensor. If you press too hard on the skin, the backlight will turn red. In my old device, the sensor worked most often in the armpit area, because the open tip allows the tweezers close to the skin, and underarms are not the most flat surface, as you know, it is difficult to regulate the pressure. But on the new one, it doesn’t work anywhere. I couldn’t even get it to work for the photo, it just shuts off if you push too hard!

The power adapter is included, the cord is long enough, even more than that, it is easy to charge. After charging the device works for a long time, I did not time it exactly, but it is stated that up to 50 minutes. I will take the manufacturer’s word for it. I only wax my underarms and legs, I have enough charge for several times.

turn, your, braun, silk, epil

The brush is for cleaning your tweezers from trapped hairs and dirt, you really need to brush the tweezers, otherwise the epilator doesn’t want to last.

It is a pleasure to use and fits like a glove in your hand. Practically painless epilation, very clean. The result is perfectly smooth skin, not a single hair missing.

The facial device looks like this:

On the handle at the front is a trigger lever that can be turned on right and left, if I understand correctly, the difference is the speed, and the manual states that you can turn it on either way.

On the head of the device button to remove the nozzle. brush or sponge.

Easy to hold, easy to switch on/off, lightweight, pleasant to use.

Braun Silk-épil 9-890 Epilator for Long-Lasting Hair Removal. Test

Only four nozzles are included for the facial device. brushes for normal and sensitive skin, for exfoliating, and a sponge. And since the device runs on batteries, even a spare battery included.

I use the device with a cleanser on high speed, with a scrub on low speed, a brush for normal skin, the rest are still in stock.

To summarize, I want to list the advantages of the set:. painless epilation- perfectly smooth skin- movable head follows the contours of the body- reliability and durability- duration of operation without recharging- stylish and beautiful device- good equipment- easy to hold in the hand- rubberized handle- easy to operate- waterproof, can be used in the bathroom and shower- backlighting- pressure sensor- battery life- specialized attachments for epilation, brush for exfoliation- facial device 4 attachments to it- spare battery for the device in the kit

The disadvantages are also present:- the device for exfoliating the face works on battery, I would prefer a battery. my hand gets tired during use with the nozzle. a brush

In my opinion, it is a great set, any woman will love it. Everything you need for complete facial and body care.

Braun Silk epil 7 SES 9/995 BS

The Braun Silk epil 7 SES 9/995 BS is efficient and gives you great performance. It is equipped with a special light system that helps you to avoid missing even the smallest hairs. In addition, the WetDry technology makes the device absolutely waterproof, which makes it possible to remove hair in a warm bath or shower. It significantly reduces pain and soothes your skin.

Now you can enjoy perfectly smooth skin for weeks at a time. It’s all about the 40 tweezers on the head. It effectively removes even the tiniest hairs right at the root. In addition, the user has the ability to adjust the intensity of the epilator, switching between 2 speeds. The first is great for softer and shorter hairs, the second. for hard and long. And to soothe your skin, just switch on the massaging action.

Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that gives you up to 50 minutes of continuous use on a 2 hour charge. Now you can forget about uncomfortable wires forever, enjoying absolute freedom of action. And to know when you need to charge your epilator, just look at the little light indicator.

To take better care of your skin, the developers have equipped the Braun Silk epil 7 SES 9/995 BS with a range of attachments. Grass trimmer allows you to easily correct the hair cover in delicate areas, and the shaving head instantly turns into a real razor, which is not afraid of even the toughest hair. You can’t ignore the peeling nozzle, thanks to which you can easily remove dead skin in the area of your knees and elbows. As for the main epilation head, it provides maximum contact with the work surface, for more effective hair removal.

The epilator comes with a special FaceSpa cleaning brush with additional attachments. It’s perfect for removing makeup and other debris from your skin, making you look good and making others look good.

The modern design pleases the eye and makes the operation as convenient as possible. The epilator is comfortable to hold in your hands, penetrating into the most difficult areas. In this case, the compact size will allow you to take the device with you on a business trip or travel, putting it in a small bag. When it comes to cleaning, simply rinse the Braun Silk epil 7 SES 9/995 BS under warm water.

Braun Silk epil 9/700. review

I have been using the epilator for a long time. For about 6 years, during that time has changed 4 models and this is probably the coolest (probably because it is the newest and most modern)!

Price: 9,999 on the official Braun website. In other stores you can find much cheaper.

Packaging: Cardboard box. Brilliant and stylish, yet compact. Everything is well packed and secured inside.

Contents: Epilator, 3 interchangeable tips, carrying case, brush, power supply and instruction manual.

Before the first use, read the manual. Do not try to turn it on right away. It needs to be charged first (I was scared at first that the epilator was broken). Charge it until the green blinking light on the case goes out.

It is convenient and pleasant to use. The body is ergonomically shaped, so it is very comfortable in the hand. Battery operated. No extra wires! Keeps a charge for more than an hour.

The epilator can be used both on dry skin and in water. I pressed hard and the red light on the body comes on. I have to loosen my grip a little!

Compared to my old guy, this model has much more tweezers, which speeds up the epilation process.

Braun Epilator Braun SES 9/700 SensoSmart

“The clever epilator

Epilator though not cheap, but with the prefix Smart, ie with the “smart” function. It controls the pressure on your skin: if you apply too much force, the light on the body turns red. This means that you have to loosen your grip so as not to traumatize the skin.

Visually, the Braun Silk-epil 9 SensoSmart 9700 has a pretty wide head with 40 tweezers, which means it covers more area and reduces epilation time. In addition, the head floats, it repeats the contours of the body and removes hair even in difficult areas (knees, bends, armpits). And if you don’t want to miss hairs in bad light, the backlight can help. True, it is very bright, so blond hairs, on the contrary, can not be seen. You can choose between two speeds: the maximum speed for efficient epilation and a slower speed for getting used to the device and sensitive areas.

Three nozzles

The set with an epilator comes with three nozzles. The first is a massage, which is designed to reduce discomfort during epilation. But some users on the web have noticed that with this attachment the procedure lasts longer, because the tweezers, because of the massage rollers do not adhere so closely to the skin and pull out less hair. Therefore, the second nozzle is more effective: it is a “plug” with a large hole, which provides maximum contact with the skin. It is recommended to use it when epilating underarms and bikini zone. And the third nozzle for epilation is intended for removal of hair on the face.

Also in the kit you will find a bag for storage and transportation unit and a brush to clean nozzles and tweezers.

Epilation in water

The body of the Braun Silk-epil 9 SensoSmart 9700 is water resistant, so it can be used for both dry and wet epilation in the shower or bathtub. In the latter case, the process is less painful and the steamed skin becomes less sensitive. The nozzles and epilator head can be rinsed under running water after use.


The epilator runs on its own built-in battery with no need to be plugged into an outlet. With up to 50 minutes on a single charge, you’ll be able to go as fast as you like and forget about plugging in for the next few epilation sessions. It’s also convenient for when you’re on the go. Takes a couple hours to fully charge the battery. An indicator light on the body signals when it’s time to plug in or unplug it.

Introducing a new standard in epilation: now you can enjoy perfectly smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

The new Mirco-Grip tweezers technology on Braun Silk-epil 9 show you a new level of precision epilation. With wider, longer, deeper tweezers, the Braun Silk-epil 9 removes with incredible precision even the shortest hairs that waxing can’t remove (down to 0.5mm). And you no longer have to wait for your hair to grow out before you can wax it. Get rid of those days of waiting, get rid of unnecessary hassle.

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