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Manual multi-food grinder. How to assemble correctly, review of the best models of cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic

Every housewife in the kitchen has such a necessary device, such as a meat grinder. The modern market offers a very large choice of automatic helpers, analogues with electric drive. An ordinary mechanical mincer is not inferior to the automatic one, it is no less popular. There are several reasons for this, but perhaps the most important is the ease of operation.

A hand mincer is a mechanical device that is needed to grind meat or fish for mince. The device is used to process other products used in the manufacture of noodles, spaghetti, juice, cookies. The main advantage. price, possibility to assemble, grind, disassemble, peel quickly. The only disadvantage. very labor-intensive process when working with meat. requires a little physical strength.

There are several types of meat grinders. They differ in the principle of operation:

  • Manual or mechanical. Manual food processor, made of cast iron, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel.
  • Universal. Resemble a food processor, equipped with many functions and modes. Ideal for juicing, cookies, noodles. Safe.
  • Combine. There is no auger (torque shaft) familiar to users. A special knife (impeller) turns all products into a homogeneous mass.

According to the materials of manufacture, the device for mechanical chopping of products is made of cast iron, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel. Features:

  • Cast iron is regarded as rugged. The disadvantage is that when dropped sharply, there are splits in the body.
  • Aluminum ones depend on the composition. Silicon-added device is considered durable, withstands impact. Aluminum-magnesium alloy is very fragile.
  • Plastic models are lightweight, with a meat-pushing press and vacuum attachment that can easily be kept even in the middle of the table.
  • Stainless steel meat grinders are practical.

Many hostesses choose mechanical models of devices. Explanation:

  • Inexpensive.
  • It is believed that minced meat, which is processed on a manual device, is much tastier than on an electric meat grinder.
  • Independence from the power grid. Can be used under any conditions, for example in the country house.
  • Durability, the ability to quickly and cheaply replace, if necessary, parts. Knives are dull. you can get them sharpened, nozzles are lost. they’re always on sale.
  • Compact size.
  • Silent operation.
  • Easy to assemble and use.

The device

The construction of the device includes several components. The whole mechanism will only work if properly assembled. The classic configuration of the mechanical mincer. 7 parts. This:

  • body;
  • the socket of the meat collector;
  • Archimedes shaft or auger shaft, which feeds the meat to the knife;
  • Wing blade or disc blade;
  • nozzles;
  • Grinding Grate;
  • attachment in the form of a clamping nut for the knife;
  • handles;
  • screw or suction cup.

The composition of parts included in the mechanical device for food processing is similar to the electric one, but there are still differences. Each of these has its own purpose. Features:

  • Metal or plastic body is a molded container with a meat collector (a tube that expands at the top);
  • Spiral shaft. pushes the meat to the cutters;
  • Blades. cross or disk-shaped;
  • Grate with holes of different diameters to regulate the degree of chopping;
  • Clamping cover is shaped like a large nut;
  • The handle. attached to the back of the protruding part of the shaft, secured by means of gaskets and a screw;
  • clamp. secures the device on the table.

The first thing to consider when assembling this household appliance is that all parts fit tightly together. The quality of minced meat is affected by the tightness of the contact between the knife and the grid. The classic version of the cutters is the four-blade. As for the grates, they have different slots, but the smaller the holes, the more tender the meat will be. The set includes additional parts in the form of metal (plastic) nozzles of different sizes and shapes, which are designed for making cookies, mashed potatoes, chopping vegetables and fruits.

How to assemble correctly

To assemble a manual meat grinder, you need to follow a certain algorithm. The sequence is as follows:

  • Take the body, the largest part with three holes.
  • Place a shaft (screw-shaped) in the large round socket, designed to push the contents to the cutters.
  • Connect the blade for manual mincer with the concave part to the shaft (this position grinds products).
  • Fit the rack, fitting snugly to the flat side of the blade. Make sure that the notch (groove) on the part fits on the ledge of the housing. This will secure the grate.

Once all the parts are in place, the next step is to fasten. It is done in this way:

  • Everything is fixed with a large ring (clamping cap), which is screwed on the housing by thread.
  • The handle is mounted on the back side with two spacers and a screw.
  • The final stage. place the device on a flat surface. To do this, you need to set the meat grinder on the edge of the table, using the screw that is on the bottom of the housing, by the principle of a vise screwed into the table top.

The principle of operation of such a device is to feed the ingredients for chopping into the meat grinder. It is not recommended to take very large pieces, because they can get stuck, which will lead to a work stoppage. You will have to disassemble the device and remove the meat. The spiral shaft pushes the meat to the knives that cut it into pieces (depending on the type of cutter). They arrive at the sorter, the holes in which grind them to the right state. The resulting mince comes out of the nozzle and falls into a bowl, which you must first set up on the side of the clamping lid.

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manual, meat, grinder

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How to properly assemble a hand grinder step by step with photos of the process

So, how do you assemble a hand-held mechanical device correctly? It is easiest to follow the order of assembly according to the instruction manual of the product. But if the instructions are lost, then follow the step-by-step assembly method. So, here we go.

The first step is to prepare all the elements and carefully lay them out in front of you

Installing the auger shaft

Next, we fix our helper on the table and begin to assemble and prepare it for work in sequence.

Illustration Description of action
For models with a collapsible body, it is necessary to install a cylinder for feeding meat.
Next, we insert the auger shaft into the body so that the wide part of the shaft is in the place of attachment of the handle. That is, in the narrowest opening of the meat grinder. The thin side of the auger should be in the wide and round hole. This is where the knife will be mounted.

How to properly insert the knife into the meat grinder

There are two kinds of knives: one-sided and double-sided.

Once the auger is in place, take a knife with a single-sided cutting part and install it on the auger shaft.

Grinding Meat || How To Grind Meat With A Cast Iron Meat Grinder

The flat part of the blade must face the grate and slide over it. But not the other way around.

Sometimes the knife is installed incorrectly. And then there’s not much use for such a meat grinder. Meat is not ground, but only crushed. And in this case the device can simply jam.

The knife with the double-sided cutter can be used on either side. There is no difference. How to properly install the knife in the meat grinder, and what they are, you can see in this video.

Positioning the grid and screwing the handle

Illustration Description of operation
Once the knife is in place, you need to install the grate correctly. It’s easier than a knife. The main thing is to install so that the notch on the grate coincides with the protrusion on the body of the kitchen helper.
Then just fix the whole construction with fixation nut, also known as cap nut, on the body of the multi-food grinder.
Next, attach the meat picker.
And put the pressure shaft in place.

Now all that’s left is to screw the handle on the back side with a screw. Everything. The multi-food grinder is assembled. You only need to set it on the work surface, and you can get to work.

Place the multi-food grinder on the work surface

The meat grinder must be as stable as possible, otherwise you will have to exert effort to keep the machine in place while working on it

Screwing the multi-food grinder to the work surface is easy. You need to attach the device to the table with the “foot”. And to firmly fix the kitchen unit, you can put newspaper or a soft cloth between the countertop and the “foot”. Even better, a thick rubber is suitable for this role.

How to properly assemble a manual meat grinder if you need to put an attachment

Most meat grinders are equipped with various attachments and grates for making sausages, sausages, juice and many other delicacies. But not everyone knows how to properly insert the nozzle, knife or grate into the meat grinder. After all, the order of assembly of the meat grinder with the attachment is slightly different:

  • insert auger shaft into the main body. The wide part of the shaft is inserted in the place where you attach the handle. The thin one should be at the attachment point of the grate;
  • Then place the grating. It can be with very large holes or medium. All depends on the recipe and your preferences;
  • and then you fit the head. Just make sure that there are no chips or roughness on it. Otherwise you run the risk of tearing the gut that is put on the nozzle when making sausages and kebabs;
  • Secure it with the clamping nut and now you only need to screw on the crank. That’s it. Nothing complicated. Isn’t it??

When making sausages and kebbe, the knife is not put. And that’s because a meat grinder with these attachments is filled with ready-made minced meat;

How the meat grinder works

The electric motor drives the gear motor, which in turn transmits the torque to the auger. The auger pushes the meat cut into small pieces toward the knife. The pressure forces the meat into the holes in the grid and the knife cuts it off. New portions of minced meat displace the previous portions into the container underneath.

Before you use the grinder for the first time

Remove any labels from the new multi-food grinder, clean the body with a damp cloth and rinse the accessories and the knife under running water. Caution: Do not cut yourself! When the grates and knife are dry, lightly wipe their working surfaces with sunflower oil.

manual, meat, grinder

Assembly and preparation

Make sure your mincer is unplugged. 2. Insert the detachable operating unit into the correct slot on the body of your multi-food grinder. 3. Insert and mount the auger according to the instructions, place the knife on it with the sharp edge facing outwards. 4. Then install a suitable grid. The consistency of the minced meat depends on the diameter of the holes in the mincer. The mono-grain is good for making pâté and the coarser one for baking. Check that the disc is firmly seated in the grooves on the pulley. 5. Tighten the ring nut. 6. Place the tray on top of the work unit. 7. Place the multi-food grinder on a hard surface to allow air to flow into the ventilation holes. 8. Place the stuffing bowl under the grate. 9. Connect the multi-food grinder to the power supply.

Preparing the meat

No matter how powerful the meat grinder is, you will need to pre-process the meat:

manual, meat, grinder
  • If the meat is frozen thaw it.
  • Remove bones, sinews, hard gristle.
  • Cut the meat into small pieces so that they can slide freely into the auger.

Using the meat grinder

Turn the appliance on and start gradually pouring in the prepared meat. Only use the plastic pusher to push it in: never use your hands to help, because it can be dangerous! Feed all massages through the multi-food grinder and turn it off. Remember: the appliance should not run continuously for more than 3 minutes, otherwise the motor could overheat. Let the multi-food grinder rest for 10 minutes and then use it again.

Reverse function

The meat is jammed? Switch off the multi-food grinder immediately! Let the motor come to a complete standstill, then put it into reverse. The auger will start to rotate in the opposite direction and you can pull out the tough bits. This is the convenience of mincing machines with reversing function: if you don’t have it, you’ll have to dismantle the device completely.

Cleaning and care

After use, unplug the electric multi-food grinder: first with the button, then with the mains. Disassemble the appliance: remove the tray, unscrew the end nut, take out the grate, knife, auger, detach the operating unit. Remove any leftover meat and rinse all parts that have come into contact with the food with water and mild detergent. Simply wipe down the outer casing with a soft, damp cloth. Wipe dry all parts of the multi-food grinder. Brush the grate and knife lightly with vegetable oil. Put the multi-food grinder away from children and pets.

What you can and cannot grind in the multi-food grinder?

  • Meat with no strings or bones;
  • Seedless fruit;
  • Vegetables;
  • Cheese;
  • Nuts without shells.
  • Too hard, e.g. nuts in shells;
  • Meat with bones;
  • Ginger and other fibrous foods.

What else you need to know?

The meat grinder works to its full potential, provided its four-blade blade cuts well. If you notice that the device is having difficulty cutting meat, sharpen the knife. At home, this can be done with sandpaper or a sharpening stone with a fine grain. Press the knife firmly with the cutting edge against the abrasive and make several circular movements in a counterclockwise direction. Continue until you grind away all the oxidized areas.

With proper use and care, your meat grinder will last for many years.

Varieties and features of designs

Thanks to a significant rise in the market of home appliances and modern appliances, the choice of meat grinders is quite wide, and allows everyone to choose the most suitable option for themselves on many parameters. Theoretically, they can be divided into two types. these are electric and manual, that is, mechanical.

Because there are so many attachments and blades, these appliances are very versatile and easy to use. They can be used not only to make mincemeat, but also to make many different dishes, such as sausages or sausages, to prepare fresh juice, vegetable puree, you can even make your own pasta (pasta).

Today it is the electric type of mincer that is very popular. First, the work with such a device does not require any physical effort. Secondly, it takes much less time to process food with such a device, because you only need to put the product in the meat tray, and press the start button. In just a few minutes the minced meat or any other product will be ready. And thirdly, unlike mechanical devices, this device has many different attachments.

However, there are also disadvantages. And the first is the lack of control over the presence of bones in the meat. If manual mincing machines are not afraid of this problem, then in the case of their modern counterparts, the device can simply deteriorate. The second disadvantage is that the entire cooking process is directly connected with the electric power supply. Therefore, if the power is cut off or the motor in the device burns out or some other detail is broken, it will not be possible to prepare food for cooking with an electric multi-food grinder.

Unlike the manual type, when working with an electric meat grinder, there is a choice of degrees of minced meat grind, thanks to different grind speeds.

Sausage syringe from the assembly gun with their own hands

These guns are usually sold at the same places that carry various sealants and assembly foams. (2018, the dollar was about 63). Here’s what it looks like unassembled.

Mounting gun

What are the advantages of such a solution:

  • A very economical solution. After a little manipulation with the tip the gun turns into a small, inexpensive syringe.
  • Unlike meat grinders, the minced meat is fed with a piston instead of an auger, which is much more technologically advanced.
  • Such a mini-syringe, made by your own hands, is good when you need to prepare a small amount of product. Let’s say you need to make sausages for frying for two portions, or fill one loaf of sausage with an experimental composition of minced meat or spices. On a syringe with a volume of 3-5 liters of such a small amount of minced meat, we only mess up the syringe.
  • Gun volume is only 0.6 liters. It is easier to clean and has almost no stuffing and squeezes out the entire volume well.

Update Brings Meat Processing & ~ Ranch Simulator #10

Disadvantages of this design:

  • In the inconvenience of use. You have to hold the syringe by weight with one hand and pump the piston with the other hand to remove the sausage. You can’t fill a lot of sausages this way. But I warned you right away that this mini-solution is more suitable for those who need to make a small amount.
  • It is suitable for small diameter sausage casings, up to about 25 millimeters.

To be able to stuff the sausage casing with this gun it is only necessary to modify the tip a bit. Unfortunately, there is no way to show the original tip before cutting. It’s a cone. We need a cylinder to use the gun as a sausage syringe. The solution was quite simple. You can buy a medical syringe of suitable length and diameter take out the piston, and cut the body in the place where the needle is inserted.

manual, meat, grinder

The future sausage syringe and tube from a medical syringe

That way you get a tube. Now you need to cut to the diameter of this tube cone tip of the gun and insert the tube into the tip. The adhesion of the pieces should be tight.

Insert the tube into the nozzle homemade sausage syringe

It remains to put the casing on the homemade sausage syringe and start the sausage!

Casing on the tip of the homemade sausage syringe

Vegetables and fruit

Can I spin carrots in a meat grinder?? Of course, because modern appliances have a complete set of vegetable slicers. So, the model Polaris PMG 1874 RUS as much as three interchangeable drums: large and small grinder, and also shredding for long slices. This is a real godsend: with a single swap of the reel, you can prepare vegetables for soup stir-frys, salads, vegetable stews. Zucchini caviar, apple jam, chickpeas for falafel are also good.

There are many options for what can be twisted in a meat grinder. Including the most unexpected, such as coffee beans or dough for certain types of cookies. Choose a reliable appliance with overload protection, and then you can cook for a long time and with genuine pleasure.

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