How to use tirette for the washing machine

Ingredients and features

“Tiret Turbo” contains in its composition chlorine bleaches (from 5% to 15%) and surfactants. surface active substances: anionic and non-ionic. Anionic are recognized as the most effective for cleaning and at the same time are of low cost. Nonionic are biodegradable.

The product is available as a gel, bottle capacity 500 ml, medium depending on the point of sale.

Instructions for use

An important condition for applying the gel is the presence of a small amount of water. The product shows effectiveness in the breakdown of clogs of organic origin, fat sludge. Tiret is also recommended for preventive purposes

The substance is considered quite toxic, so precautions should be taken in advance. The procedure is recommended to be carried out in a ventilated room

You can use Tiret Turbo for preventive purposes.

Remove any residual water from the sink, scooping it out with a mug if necessary. This will help maintain the concentration of the solution and increase its cleaning efficiency. Pour ¼ of the bottle into the drain and leave it for 5-15 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the blockage. It is advisable to pour the liquid into the center of the hole, the solution will reach the clog faster. Pour ½ of the remaining liquid in the bottle without turning on the water and wait 5-15 minutes. A buzzing sound can be heard afterwards. It is not recommended to look into the drain hole, this will help avoid harmful effects of vapors on the body. Fill a sink full of hot water, having previously closed the drain with a plug. Open the plug, let the water in. The clog will clear faster under pressure. Boiling water can help make the procedure more effective

Use caution when removing the plug.

The blockage removal procedure can be repeated several times if necessary, it is very important to observe the safety precautions. Do not forget to wear protective gear. It is best to wear special gloves and a mask

It is best to wear special gloves and a mask

Do not forget to wear protective gear. It is best to wear special gloves and a mask.

According to the instructions for use tiret for washing machines means should be used 2 times a year on an empty cycle. To clean the machine, the solution must be poured in small quantities into the compartments for the powder, rinse aid, the rest of the contents of the container pour into the empty laundry compartment. After that, the machine should be turned on to 60 degrees, carry out a full washing cycle.

Before using the Tiret Cleaner for washing machines, read the instructions carefully.

What is Tiret Turbo

Tool Tiret Turbo for pipes is a gel that allows you to quickly get rid of clogs, unpleasant odor.

Tiret Turbo will not only help to get rid of clogs, but also eliminate the cause of unpleasant odor from the pipe.

The concentration of the product differs depending on the composition. The line includes the following products:

  • Turbo. a gel designed to eliminate complex clogs.
  • Professional. used for cleaning light blockages, as a prophylactic.
  • Antibacterial. the difference is the increased concentration of chlorine, the product is used to get rid of clogs and unpleasant odors.
tirette, washing, machine

A separate category includes turbo washing machine cleaner.

Precautions when using Tiret Turbo

Use Tiret for unclogging pipes only on plastic, cast iron and steel pipes. The product is contraindicated for copper lines. The components have a negative effect on rubber. This can affect the gaskets and seals of the plumbing system. After several cycles of Tiret pipe unclogging, the condition of these components is checked and if necessary replacements are made. The advantage of Tiret for plastic pipes. it has no destructive effect on polymer compounds.

  • Use only with rubber gloves. This will prevent the gel from coming in contact with exposed skin.
  • In case of contact with skin, wash with hot water and soap or disinfectant. This neutralizes the action of the anionic surfactants.
  • If the gel gets into the eye area, rinse immediately with cold water and consult a doctor.
  • Cleaning agent in food. Do a gastric lavage. This can be done with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or kitchen salt. Immediate consultation and check with a doctor is mandatory.

During the decomposition reaction of biological debris vapors are formed. They have an unpleasant odor, but they do not contain dangerous concentrations of harmful substances for humans. But after pouring Tirette into the pipes or siphon, it is not recommended to be above the drainage hole. The room may not be ventilated, except if the unpleasant odor from the sewer causes discomfort.

Preventive care

In order to maximize the operation of your automatic machine, it is recommended to regularly protect it from the appearance of mold, dirt and fungus. To this end, the following measures are taken:

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  • when the washing process is completed, the rubber cuff is thoroughly wiped with a dry rag, and the door of the boot door is left open to allow the internal parts of the machine to dry well;
  • The powder tray is rinsed regularly under running warm water;
  • to remove limescale, use an antiscale powder (Tiret powder), which is put into the machine at least once every six months;
  • the machine is started periodically with a disinfectant. To do this, one cup of chlorine bleach is added to a couple of cups of detergent or washing-up liquid, poured into the drum of the machine and the program is activated, so that the water is heated to ninety degrees.

Composition and features

“Tiret Turbo contains in its composition chlorine bleach (5 to 15%) and surfactants. surface active substances: anionic and non-ionic. Anionic ones are recognized as the most effective for cleaning and at a low cost. Nonionic are biodegradable.

The product comes in the form of a gel, the bottle capacity is 500 ml, the average, depending on the specific point of sale.

Varieties of contaminants in washing machines

Let’s figure out what problems occur in the washing machine:

  • Limescale that gradually builds up on the water heating element makes it difficult to heat the liquid, reducing the washing efficiency. Its layer of limescale prolongs the heating process, which affects the consumption of electrical energy. If the heating element is not cleaned in time, it is covered with a thick layer of scale, causing serious malfunctions in the mechanism of the machine;
  • Dirt, hair and dust that ended up in the drum along with things are poorly washed out, settling inside the hoses and on the parts. If such impurities are not removed in time, a characteristic odor appears from the drum;
  • Forms in the machine and fungal mold. Once it gets into the human body through things, it contributes to allergies.

“Mr. Muscle

This is the most hyped sewer pipe cleaner. It is mainly used as a preventive measure and to remove small clogs. With its help you can clean the pipes, dissolve hair and food residues. In addition, it kills harmful bacteria in the pipes. As a result, the unpleasant smell coming from the sewer pipes disappears.

“Mr. Muscle” is made as a gel or granulated.

Granulated, 70 gr. “Mr. Muscle.”

It is a disposable remedy to remove clogs occurring in the drain pipe. In half an hour it kills harmful microorganisms and removes unpleasant odors. This cleaner can be used on all pipe materials. It comes in a single-use package.


When I had a clogged drain pipes, I found two identical products in the store:

“Mr. Muscle”, weighing 70 grams. which includes:

“Mole Cinderella” is designed to clean the pipes, weighing 90 grams. The composition is completely similar to the above product. However, 50 cents.

Of course, 50 is not a lot of money, but why overpay four times when the volume is much less.

In the package were exactly the same granules, white in color. Cinderella has a slightly smaller pellet size. After cleaning two completely different drain pipes, the effect was the same.

If you use a plunger at the same time as the product, it turns out quite good. However, the effectiveness of the cable is much higher.

Perhaps Cinderella is in the category of cheap products. I decided to look at the cost of other similar products:

The question immediately arose as to why we had to pay so much for Mr. Muscle? Maybe it’s the most common brand surcharge.

“Mr. Muscle 500 ml gel

With this gel you can dissolve: Can be used in any pipe, regardless of the material of manufacture. Very thick, highly concentrated gel, able to quickly penetrate the pipe, and it does not interfere even with standing water. It takes about 15 minutes to remove difficult clogs. At the same time it will destroy harmful germs, remove unpleasant odors.

How to use: Half of the container should be poured into standing water. Wait 15 minutes. Flush the drain pipe with boiling water. The contents of the bottle can be used up to two times.

To remove severely clogged pipes, pour more than half a bottle and increase the waiting time. It is very important to observe safety precautions. If it comes into contact with the skin, it can cause burns. Work only with gloves.

tirette, washing, machine
  • Water;
  • Sodium hypochlorite. less than 5%;
  • Sodium hydroxide;
  • Amphoteric surfactant. less than 5%;
  • Soap. less than 5%;
  • Sodium silicate;
  • Sodium polystyrene sulfonate.

Methods of unclogging

It is possible to remove the clog in 2 ways:

tirette, washing, machine


Cleaning of clogs is made with a plunger or a plumbing rope. A plunger is effective for uncomplicated sewer blockages. If it proves ineffective, use a rope with a diameter of about 8 mm. Firstly the siphon is disassembled, then a metal rope is inserted into the hole until it hits a dirt plug and gently scrolls in a clockwise direction. Then a large amount of boiling water should be poured into the pipe to clear the clog.


Cleaning is done with household chemicals, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Means can be in the form of powder, granules or liquid. Acidic and alkaline according to the active ingredient. Their choice is determined by the degree of blockage, the material of the pipes.

Chemical compositions come in:

The choice of one or another means is determined by the characteristics of the material of which the pipes are made, as well as the type of blockage. often universal compositions are used, which can cope with any clog.

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