How to wash a magnifica s coffee machine

How to wash a Magnifika s coffee machine

Every machine has a different manual, but the operating principles are similar.

DeLonghi ESAM 4500.S

DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino ESAM 4500.S can make cappuccino, latte and espresso at the touch of a button. Unlike the 4200, the machine is equipped with a two-line display, which shows the settings of the device and the level of readiness of coffee.

The coffee machine has a timer for programming the brewing time. It also alerts the owner when water needs to be refilled or cleaned. Adjust the settings for strength, water temperature and consistency of grind. The machine switches off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

DELONGHI ECAM 22.110.B Magnifica S instruction manual online. page 10

Instructions DELONGHI ECAM 22.110.The Magnifica S for the coffee machine has pages in Russian.

You can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

Check the holes marked with an arrow to make sure they are not blocked

in fig.23, not clogged. If necessary, clean them with a pin.

Carefully wash the elements of the cappuccino frother

Refit the steam nozzle and the frothing nozzle

over it with the cappuccino nozzle, turn and push it upwards until it engages.

Do not leave the appliance unattended when it is preparing hot water. The hot water dispenser tube gets hot during the water outlet, so you should only hold the dispenser by the handle. 1. Place a container underneath the cappuccino frother (as

Turn the steam knob to position I: begins

Turn the steam knob to the left or right to close the appliance

If the “Energy Saving” mode is activated, it may take a few seconds before hot water is dispensed.

The following parts of the machine must be cleaned periodically:- grounds container (A13). drip tray (A17) and drip tray

wash, magnifica, coffee, machine

Do not use

Do not use solvents, abrasive cleaning agents or alcohol. De’Longhi super dispensers do not require any chemical additives for cleaning. Descaling agent recommended

The steam is 100% biodegradable, made with natural ingredients.

Do not wash any parts of the appliance in

Do not use metal objects for

descaling or coffee deposits, as they can scratch the metal or plastic surfaces of the appliance.

Cleaning the grounds containerWhen the light flashes

Empty and clean the grounds container. The light will continue to flash and the machine will not make coffee until the grounds container is emptied.To perform cleaning (with the machine switched on): Remove the drip tray. Empty

Empty and gently clean the grounds container

Empty the grounds container, taking care to remove any deposits at the bottom.

Check the condition of the red coffee grounds tray for

of condensation and empty it if necessary.

When you remove the drip tray, always empty the grounds container, even if it is only slightly empty.

If you do not perform this operation, the next time you prepare coffee, the grounds container may overflow and clog the dispenser.

Cleaning the drip tray and drip tray

If the drip tray is not emptied from time to time, the water can overflow and leak inside the device or even come out. Doing so may result in damage to the unit, the support surface, or the surrounding area.

The drip tray is equipped with a water level indicator float (red) Before this indicator goes out of the drip tray, the drip tray must be emptied and cleaned. To remove the drip tray:1. Remove the drip tray and grounds container

Empty the drip tray and grounds container

Check the condition of the condensate tray and

Replace the drip tray

coffee grounds container and coffee grounds container.

Danger of electric shock!

Before performing any cleaning operation, the machine must be turned off (see. “Switch the appliance off) and unplug it from the power outlet. Never immerse the product in water.1. Periodically (about once a month) check

clean the machine from the inside (for this purpose it is enough to remove the drip tray). If necessary, remove coffee deposits with a sponge.

Vacuum the remainder with a vacuum cleaner

Clean the water tank Periodically (about once a month) clean the water tank (A9) with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent.

Cleaning the coffee spouts1. Clean the coffee dispenser spouts with

Check that the holes in the coffee spout

have not been blocked. If necessary, remove coffee deposits with a toothpick

Cleaning the pre-ground coffee funnel Periodically (approx. once a month) check that the pre-ground coffee funnel is not blocked. If necessary, remove coffee deposits.

DeLonghi ECAM Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Restoration | DeLonghi Repair and Restoration

Cleaning the brewing unitClean the brewing unit (A11) at least once a month.

Do not remove the infuser when the machine is switched on. 1. Ensure that the dispenser is turned off

Correctly (see Chapter 4 “Placing the container correctly in the dispenser”). “Turning the appliance off”, pg. 122).

Remove the water tank.3. Open the window of the infuser unit. which

DELONGHI ESAM 04.350.S Magnifica instruction manual online. page 11

DELONGHI ESAM 04 manual.350.S Magnifica for your coffee machine contains pages in Russian.

You can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

How to change the amount of water for the automatic

Water deliveryThe machine is programmed by the manufacturer to deliver 250 ml of water. If you want to change the quantity, proceed as follows:1. Place a container under the supply unit.2. Press the button

The “Hot Water Prog. quantity”.

When the water in the cup reaches the desired level, still

The machine is now reprogrammed for the new amount of water.

solvents, abrasive detergents or alcohol. De Longhi high automatic coffee machines do not require chemical additives for cleaning.

None of the components of the apparatus are intended

the milk container (B) must be emptied and cleaned

Do not use metal objects for

Remove limescale or coffee deposits because they can scratch metal or plastic surfaces.

coffee machine parts to be cleaned from time to time:- grounds container (A15),- drip tray (A13),- inside the machine when it is open

Cleaning the grounds containerWhen the message “CLEAN THE BEANS CONTAINER” appears on the display!”, it must be emptied and cleaned. Until the container is cleaned, this message will not disappear from the display and the machine will not make coffee. Cleaning procedure (with the appliance switched on):

Open the service door on the front panel

Coffee machine. then remove the drip tray. empty it and clean it.

Empty and gently clean the container for

Take care to remove any deposits on the bottom of the drip tray: the brush provided with the delivery can be used for this purpose.

Reinstall the drip tray

together with the grounds container.

Always empty the grounds container when removing the drip tray, even if it is hardly ever full. If you do not perform this operation, the container may overflow the next time you make coffee, causing the machine to clog.

If the drip tray is not regularly cleaned, water can overflow and get inside the machine. Doing so may damage the coffee machine, the surfaces on which it is installed or the surroundings.

The drip tray has a float indicator (red) for the water level Before this indicator is visible from behind the cup tray, the drip tray must be emptied and cleaned.To remove the drip tray:1. Open the service door ;2. Remove drip tray and drip tray container

Empty the drip tray and grounds container

Replace the drip tray and container

Clean the inside of the coffee machine

Risk of electric shock!

Before performing any operation to clean internal parts, the coffee machine must be turned off (see. Steam. “Switching off”, pg. 10) and unplug it from the power outlet. Never immerse the machine in water.

Care of the appliance

Clean the DeLonghi Magnifica regularly and remove limescale or the machine may break down. The pump will make a lot of noise during operation, the housing will begin to leak and water circulation will be impaired. Particles of steam and limescale may be released from the nozzle and an error message may appear on the display.

Cleaning the coffee machine

The number of cleanings depends on the water. If it is hard, descale it every month, provided that the coffee is brewed daily. Medium hardness. cleaning once every 3 months, soft once every six months.

Automatic models with integrated cleaning system use audible signals to alert the owner to the need for the procedure. Step-by-step instructions:

wash, magnifica, coffee, machine
  • Pour the cleaning agent into the tank.
  • Add warm water.
  • Press the drink button.
  • Make two coffees and pour out.

The machine will then start the cleaning program. Rinse the removable parts under water and dry them before putting them back.

For coffee machines without automatic cleaning, use diluted detergent. You must also first make 2 drinks, then rinse the parts, start 3 more cups and rinse the parts again with water.

Cleaning products

Decalcifying the DeLonghi Magnifica must not be done with citric acid or other folk remedies. Use a special certified descaler and coffee oil (resin) remover.

DeLonghi SER 3018 Cleaner is sold as a ready-to-use liquid. The product is used for decalcification. One bottle is enough for 4 rinses.

DeLonghi milk system cleaner cleans coffee machine ducts and milk frother. Contents enough for 25 treatments.

Cleaning the DeLonghi Magnifica coffee machine with tablets also gives lasting results. They come in two varieties. for cleaning limescale and removing oil deposits that form on the brewing mechanism.

For the care and maintenance of your DeLonghi coffee machine, it is advisable to use products from the same brand. Read label information when purchasing non-DeLonghi products. It should be written on it about the possibility of cleaning units of any make and model.

This is a universal article on how to clean any coffee machine without the help of others at home with your own hands. Maybe this will help to answer many questions.

Let’s look at the possible causes of fouling and coffee machine parts where they are formed, and possible options for cleaning and prevention.

It appears in the heating element, which is in every coffee machine or coffee maker.

Scale (calc) appears inside the water system of the coffee machine where the water is heated. It then spreads to all parts of the coffee machine. If the coffee machine is not decalcified on time, the temperature of the water can drop, which is felt in the taste and temperature of the coffee in the cup. It can also clog aqua system pipes and valves, which leads to poor water pressure and it is noticeable by jets of coffee from the spout. For all coffee machines are branded cleaners Bosch Siemens Jura Delonghi Saeco Nivona and others. There is usually a detailed manual in the packet on how to descale the espresso machine. But the instruction manual of your coffee machine will give you a more complete guide. This is because different models have different functions. It is strongly advised to read all instructions carefully. Practice indicates that people often confuse the pills and where to apply them. Decalcifier from different manufacturers come in the form of water, pills or even a powder. Occasionally, people use traditional descaling agents. The descaler should be diluted in about 1-1.5 liters of water in the water containers of the coffee machine. Next, if you have an automatic cleaning program run this program. In the future the machine will give prompts of the action. Such a program usually lasts 40-50 minutes. If there is no automatic program for cleaning the machine, you must manually expel the dissolved liquid through the coffee machine within 30-40 minutes, and then rinse the water container, pour the newest water and expel already clean water through the machine.

Coffee fats and oils.

They are both in the so-called “brewing unit”. the place where the ground coffee meets the water. Exactly there from coffee oils and fats get out and deposit on mechanisms, in pipes, valves and nets. In rare cases the brewing unit can be removed from the machine, so you can wash it yourself.

Most machines use special pills to remove coffee oils or rinse. The machines also have a cleaning program, which goes pretty much the same way in all coffee machines. You drop a pill at the coffee machine’s request into the ground coffee compartment. This way the pill goes straight into the brewing unit. The appliance will take care of everything else.

Milk in the cappuccinator.

If your coffee machine has an automatic cappuccino-making system, then you need to rinse this device frequently. Otherwise the cappuccinator gets progressively worse at foaming and soon stops whipping up the milk completely.

To clean the cappuccinator you need a special cappuccino maker. Usually they are watery and foaming, like shampoo, but there are also powders that need to be diluted in water. Use the automatic program for cleaning or if you don’t have it, just run a small amount of detergent or solution through the cappuccinator like whipping milk. Then do the same with tap water.

What Delonghi coffee machines are like?

Delonghi is an Italian company which creates automatic coffee machines and accessories. Over several decades of existence the brand has gained a reputation for producing the most reliable, functional and beautiful coffee machines. There are machines on the market in the medium and high price range. The company is not engaged in the creation of economical coffee machines.

Developers pay maximum attention to technology and design of their own devices, using only the most reliable and durable materials. This makes Delonghi coffee machines some of the best on the market. To counterbalance the countless advantages of this manufacturer’s machines, only one significant drawback stands out. the high cost of the coffee machines. There are no economical Delonghi models, as mentioned above. But the quality of assembly of the devices, unsurpassed design, and certainly, the amazing taste of drinks made with them, is worth the money for which they are sold.

Useful information

In order to rid the coffee machine of limescale successfully, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

How to descale your Magnifica S Smart

  • Before you start cleaning, carefully study the instructions that come with the appliance. For different models, the procedure may be different.
  • Do not use folk remedies to clean your Delongi coffee machine. They can lead to malfunction and damage to the appliance.
  • After cleaning, be sure to rinse unit with water to remove detergent residue.
  • In the process of descaling, the water can splash in different directions, so it is necessary to spread a towel near the device.

What products are suitable?

All Delonghi coffee machines use only specialized products from the same brand for cleaning. You can find these products at authorized dealers or in major appliance stores.

Delonghi DLSC 500

Universal liquid suitable for both coffee machines and coffee makers. Sold in concentrated form and has an economical flow rate.

Delonghi Eco de Calc

A specialized descaler, designed for use in automatic coffee machines.

The product contains only natural ingredients that are safe for humans and effectively cope with limescale deposits.

One 500 ml bottle is enough for five washes

Delonghi Ser 3018

The fluid used to care for all types of coffee machines of this brand. Does not affect the taste of the beverage and extends the life of the appliance. 500 ml bottle is enough for four uses,

Cleaning the Delonghi Magnifica

To remove limescale without harming the machine, it is worth to avoid alternative methods such as citric acid or Coca-Cola. A professional cleaner and strict adherence to the instructions are essential for a flawless cleaning.

A coffee machine with automatic cleaning gets rid of limescale with the decalcifier. The preparation is poured into the tank, diluted with warm liquid and then the beverage is prepared. The first two cups are poured into the sink. Then the appliance cleaning program is started. After the procedure, the removable parts are rinsed under running water. Certain types of tablets and powders, along with plaque, additionally remove coffee oils from the walls of the machine.

The coffee machine without automatic cleaning is filled with the diluted decalcifier solution. Two cups of conditional coffee pass through in the same way. Depending on the condition of the appliance, 3-4 more cups of liquid are run through the feeding system. The appliance is then rinsed with clean water until the water is clear, odorless and tasteless.

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