How to Wash Carpets in a Washing Machine

How to properly dry the product

Drying is an important step in maintaining the integrity of the bath mat. To keep their shape and color longer, you must follow a number of important recommendations. Do not squeeze the product with twisting movements, because in this case the mat will inevitably be deformed.

Do not let the mat get direct sunlight, because it will fade. Also remember that the use of radiators, central heating and hair dryers to accelerate drying is not allowed. From this material will become rough, brittle and can be overdry. As a result, it will simply begin to unravel because its structure has been damaged.

Do not do without drying at all, because then the mat will settle fungus. After this the product must be replaced at all. Therefore, it is required to have several options for bath mats in the house. Daily after contact with water on the product is required to at least dry the mat, if there is no possibility of washing.

After washing a lot of water will drip from the mat. Some of the options are easy to squeeze out without having to roll up. just gently press down with your palms. You can also hang the mat on the crossbar over the bathtub to let the water run off on its own. This process can be accelerated by blotting the product with towels, they will easily absorb excess moisture.

Then simply hang the mat in a well-ventilated area, turning it over every few hours to ensure it dries evenly.

All bath mats by IKEA, whether “Badaren”, “Nekten” or “Toftbu” models are made from microfiber, perfectly absorb moisture, dry quickly and do not require any special care (products can be washed in the washing machine).

The skin is gently dipped in water, kneaded several times with your hands and left to soak for about 40 minutes. After this time, the mat is gently rubbed with your hands. You can use a soft washcloth with which to pass the fur. After washing, the water from the bathtub is released and the skin is rinsed under the shower.

Drying the product

The first thing to do is to determine the extent of the problem, since the algorithm of actions depends on this:

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  • If the product has absorbed little water, for example, spilled a mug of tea, a couple of towels will suffice. First you should make sure that there is no moisture under the furniture, as it can cause mold on the wood or deform it. It is important to remember that you do not need to rub the carpet. it is enough to gently blot it with a dry towel so as not to damage the structure.
  • If a bucket of water has been spilled, it is necessary to get a wet vacuum cleaner. First you need to move the furniture from the carpet, so as not to spoil it and ensure full access to the inside of the product. It should be twisted and the water accumulated on the floor should be removed. Next, you need to run a vacuum cleaner on both sides, and then blot the outer surface with dry towels.
  • After a flood or when a carpet has been completely washed and is completely wet, more serious measures should be taken: it should be rolled up and put on the balcony. The floor should be well washed and wiped dry. Then roll the tent out onto the floor and use a pressure washer or dry rags to pick up the moisture. Open a window or turn on the air conditioner so that the humidity can evaporate.

Advice. A household dehumidifier is a useful tool that can help lower the humidity percentage in the room. It can be included when drying large items such as furniture.

To wash a small rug or a large-sized carpet at home is difficult. Nevertheless, if you follow the basic rules of washing, you can achieve a good result without harming the product. To make the task easier, it is advisable to vacuum the mats and palats regularly and remove dirt as it appears.

Synthetic mats, including anti-slip, can be washed in a washing machine in the mode for washing related things at temperatures up to 60 degrees without spinning and drying. Soak the product in warm water and unscented detergent and bleach-free detergent before washing it in a washing machine.

  • Set the wash temperature, which under no circumstances should exceed 30°. 40° at the most.
  • To avoid damaging your rug, choose a gentle spin program or leave it as it is.

What to wash your bath towels with

If you have the desire to wash your carpet at home, you need to prepare thoroughly. Buy a cleaner that can handle stains.

It is recommended to buy cleaning shampoos for carpets. Dry detergents such as salt, baking soda, dry Vanish or sawdust can be used.

What manufacturers offer today:

  • Vanish is the most popular dish soap. Active powder easily removes a variety of stains and dirt. Among the disadvantages. only the cost and the inability to remove stubborn stains.
  • Yplon is a quality shampoo. Recommended for washing with a washing vacuum cleaner. For cleaning furniture and car interiors.
  • Fra-Ber Lava Interni is sold in concentrated form, you must dilute with water before use. Can be used for synthetic and natural fibers. Penetrates deeply into dirt and leaves a pleasant fragrance on the surface to be cleaned.
  • Emsal Tuba Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 500 ml prevents quick soiling. Washable on natural and synthetic fabrics. The product is environmentally friendly. Long-lasting detergents. Clean and protects not only the fibers, but also prevents dust from settling quickly.
  • Cinderella. has a pleasant smell, it is a concentrate. Hand wash and use for wet mopping. Disadvantage. does not remove grease stains, soot, etc. Has an anti-moisture effect. It is good to use if after washing the carpet is sent to a well-deserved rest.
  • Amway cleaning shampoo is considered one of the best. One bottle is enough for a long time. Very concentrated composition, work only with gloves.
  • Drop Vox. liquid carpet cleaner. Forms a dense foam when dissolved in water, quickly removes dirt without prolonged friction. Washing natural and synthetic items. Removes dirt fast, leaves no streaks.
  • Kercher cleaning formulas have also proven themselves. They are used to wash the palaces with a special machine or a washing vacuum cleaner. Versatility in that the remaining amount can wash all the furniture in the house and the interior of the car.

There is no single answer to the question of what composition is better to wash a palace at home. Much depends on the quality of the flooring and the nature of the stain. Before choosing a detergent for washing, it is important to determine what product left the contamination, how long ago.

Warm, soft material. Iranian, Australian and New Zealand sheep’s wool is considered the best for carpets. With proper care, wool rugs last 40-50 years. On the market there are models made of 100% wool, but for greater durability and elasticity, manufacturers add 20-30% synthetic materials to the composition.

Secondly, products should not be washed and washed, and even more so with a variety of household chemicals. Of course it should be brushed, but the brushing should be dry.

Can I wash my bath mat in the washing machine?

The bath mat makes the room feel warm and cozy, which is especially important in the winter. However, like all things, it gets dirty, and then there is the question of whether it can be washed.

It all depends on the material.

How to properly dry a rug

If the washing of the carpet took place in the apartment and there is no possibility to take it to the balcony, it is necessary to go through it with a washing vacuum cleaner. It collects water well. Then hang up on chairs.

Tip! Roll out the rug on a mesh bed. This keeps the rug ventilated from all sides and dries it faster.

  • Away from ultraviolet light. Dry it in the shade.
  • Hang it on a crossbar. Do not hang the rug if it has more than 20% moisture by weight. The backing will be damaged and the product will stretch.
  • You can use household appliances designed to dehumidify the air. The hot air won’t damage the nap and the base won’t get too dry.
  • If it needs to be taken to a car wash or dry-cleaner for drying, then after washing, roll it up inside out.
  • Rubber mat is easier to dry. It is enough to wipe it with a dry microfiber, put a towel underneath and on top to absorb the moisture. Then direct a stream of hot air. Or use a hair dryer.

Do not leave the rug to dry on the floor. It will damage the product and deform the flooring.

The machine way: depending on the material

Not all mats are machine washable. Usually there is a label on the product indicating whether the product is allowed to be cleaned this way.

First you need to shake out the cloth from dust and debris, and then conduct the procedure, based on the type of product.


Rubberized mats are less prone to soiling than other materials. Therefore, they do not need to be washed for a long time. The product should be carefully rolled up and placed in a drum.

It is better to use liquid shampoo for washing. The water temperature can not exceed 40 ° C. Rinsing is allowed, and sometimes you must include this mode twice, and the spinning is prohibited.

wash, carpets, washing, machine


Synthetic items may be washed at 60 ° C. But the spin cycle should be forgotten.

An antiseptic should preferably be used for washing. Always add fabric softener. Make sure the detergent is thoroughly washed.

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You have to be extremely careful with natural fabrics. Rugs of this type can only be washed on a gentle cycle. If the machine does not automatically set the degrees, you need to set 30 40 ° C.

It is better to buy a liquid detergent designed for woollens. If possible the mat should be washed in a laundry bag. the spin is not expected.


On sale can be found anti-slip mat, made of microfiber. It is dense, durable, perfectly absorbs water.

Wash the product in the machine to manual or gentle mode, but the water temperature must be within the range of 40 60 ° C, not higher, otherwise the thing will be ruined. Spinning is permitted, but at the lowest speed possible.

With a long pile

These rugs are machine washed at your own risk: the product shrinks, softness is lost. If the nap is dense, you can try to wash the cloth in the manual mode at 30 ° C.

For washing use a special shampoo, add conditioner. It is better to rinse the product by hand.

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