How to wash towels in a washing machine

How to dry terry towels and whether they can be ironed?

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It’s best to dry the terry cloth outside in the shade. Frotte does not handle direct sunlight well and becomes stiff and dull. If you cannot hang towels outside, an unglazed balcony or a well-ventilated room will do. You should not hang items near open sources of fire and heating appliances.

Should terrycloths be ironed?? Towels and robes do not usually need ironing. If such a necessity arises, the temperature mode should not exceed 150 degrees. Only iron terry towels with steam ironing to avoid fabric stiffness.

How to easily and simply wash terry towels

Hostesses are aware of all the problematic materials that can change when washing, they usually use a gentler mode of cleaning and add special detergents. To these can include terry towels, they clean normally, but what to do with stiffness and worse absorbency after washing? Why does a terry towel become so coarse after washing and drying?? What has affected its structure and whether it is possible to return the product to its original characteristics?

How to wash terry towels to be soft

Washing stains on tufted fabrics is not difficult, but the main problem becomes the preservation of softness. To prevent the nap from becoming stiff after cleaning, it is necessary:

  • avoid strong mechanical impact on the fabric. this applies not only to manual, but also to machine processing, with automatic washing it is better to refuse spinning;
  • to monitor the water hardness, if it is of low quality, and if there is no special purifying filter, then a little salt, soda or vinegar should be added to the water;
  • use the right detergents, conventional powders and bleach should not be used for fluffy product, you must take only delicate gels, liquid soap or even shampoo.

How well a terry cloth can be washed depends on the quality of the rinse. Both in the machine and in the basin, make sure that no detergent particles remain in the fabric structure.

Only load one-third of the drum size into the machine. Spinning speeds of no more than 500 rpm are advisable.

When using an intensive mode, terry fibers stretch and lose their attractive appearance. It is best to set the fabric to be rinsed three times a day.

Select the water temperature

The water temperature should not exceed 40-60 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal temperature to preserve the texture of the fabrics.

When using the boiling method, the fabric wears out quickly and loses its former attractiveness. Before using, read the instructions on the fabric manufacturer’s label: they generally indicate the temperature range.

The most common material for making kitchen and bath towels is cotton. Especially popular among housewives are also terry towels, which can be with short or long pile. Every woman knows that repeated washing and bleaching spoils the fabric, making the towels rough and unpleasant to the touch. The cause of this may be:

  • Incorrect temperature settings. Optimal water temperature for washing cotton and terry towels is 60 degrees,
  • Poor quality detergent. Not enough active agents are present in the cheap detergents to care for the fabric,
  • Hard water,
  • Ironing without a steamer,
  • Incorrect spin cycle. You should choose a mode in which the drum rotates up to 600 revolutions per minute.

Hand-washing helps to maximize the service life. But as this process is labour- and time-consuming, it is less frequently used.

How to wash terry towels by hand

If for some reason washing in the machine is not possible for you, there are instructions for action for your situation as well:

  • It is best to wash in the bathroom, that is where terry towels can be placed without crumpling them.
  • The choice of laundry detergent and softening water is not radically different from machine washing. If there are serious stains, you can start by treating them with laundry soap. this “hello from the past” to this day surprises housewives with its abilities. You can also grate laundry soap and add it to the soaking water.
  • Do not apply strong mechanical impact on the fabric: the material is very sensitive, and if it is rubbed hard, the nap can be spoiled. To get rid of stains it is better to soak the items for a longer period of time. It is not recommended to wring the towels too much, or to twist them.
  • Since terry cloth is very active in absorbing water, and hence the laundry detergent dissolved in it, rinsing should be paid special attention. You will have to pour out the water and draw in fresh water at least three times: until it remains clean and without soap bubbles after the towel rinsing.
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After washing

Even if you wash towels absolutely correctly, but then you broke the drying or ironing process, the stiffness of the fabric is irreparable.

  • Drying. Terry cloth likes a natural drying process. This is best done outside, on a balcony, or at least in a well-ventilated room. Artificial heat sources, heaters, direct sunlight causes the fabric to dry out, deteriorate and become rough.
  • Ironing. Because terry towels should not be used at high temperatures, you should not iron them: they are not very crumpleable, so you do not need to do that. If ironing is still necessary, use only a vertical steamer.

Why does the towel get stiff??

A terry towel consists of a large number of small loop-twine loops, which guarantee the softness of the fabric and its good absorbency. After improper washing, terry completely loses its properties. Tiny loops crumple, do not hold their shape, and the product becomes quite rigid.

Damage to the fabric structure can be caused by an incorrectly selected detergent or inappropriate drying. Such material should not be dried in direct sunlight. Towels become unpleasant to the touch and then virtually cease to absorb moisture from the surface of the skin. The softness of such products is also influenced by the water quality. If water is hard, it is necessary to soften it. You can achieve this by choosing a specialized powder or other detergent.

On what mode wash towels

Kitchen and bath textiles are used daily in everyday life, which means that they quickly lose their freshness and cleanliness. Today we’re going to tell you what wash cycles you should use to keep your towels in their original, aesthetic appearance for as long as possible.

Before figuring out which wash mode is best for towels, you need to remember a few simple rules:

-Separate colored and white items from other laundry.

-Remove stubborn dirt and grease stains from towels before loading.

-Towels with lace and trimmings should be set aside for a separate wash.

-Do not load the drum more than 70-80% so that the rinsing process is as effective as possible.

-Shake all items thoroughly before loading to flatten and free from dust.

-Do not use too much detergent, so it does not remain on the surface of the fabric after rinsing. This rule especially applies to dry detergents.

-Insert special washcloth balls into the drum to prevent towels from becoming stiff.

The freshness and softness of fabric depends not only on what mode you use to wash your towels, but also on the quality of the detergent. Non-aggressive detergents in the form of gels should be used for bath and kitchen textiles; they are easily rinsed out of the fibres.

Cotton waffle textiles, which are used in the kitchen, require more intensive washing than any other:

any detergent or gel can be used.white items are washed at 60 degrees Celsius;

-Colored towels. at temperatures no higher than 40 degrees;

-intensity of spin.800 to 1000 rpm;

any washing substance. both powder and gel. may be used.

The temperature range and wash best suited for towels can always be found on the washing label. To avoid accidentally ruining the product, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be checked first.

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Terry towels are more sensitive to detergent choice and washing mode; if handled incorrectly they tend to lose their softness, fluffiness and volume.

A few simple recommendations on how and on what mode to wash bath towels:

-Optimal modes. “wool”, “delicate” and “silk”;

-Washing temperature. 40 degrees, in case of heavy soiling is allowed. 50-60 degrees;

-For terry towels, it is desirable to include the “extra rinse” function;

For washcloths it is desirable to include the function “extra rinse”;.detergent for washing the best use of gel.

Clean wet terry towels should not be wrung out with hands and twisted, otherwise they will become stiff and lose their volume.

After you understand what mode of washing towels, you must follow the rules of drying. Kitchen and bath textiles should not be dried on radiant heaters, under the scorching sunlight and near heaters. The items should dry naturally at room temperature or in the fresh air.

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How to Make Towels Soft and Fluffy Again | Laundry Hacks How to Get Fluffy Towels

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How to make the towels soft and fluffy

Surely the lion’s share of housewives sooner or later face the problem of how to return the softness of terry towels after washing. No wonder, since it’s frustrating to find your towel stiff after the first wash, no matter how expensive it is.

It is unpleasant when a thing becomes stiff after washing.

The following tips will help return softness and airiness:

  • Old (or very stiff) towels are best washed in salted water;
  • Soaking the towel before washing might also help it regain its former appearance;
  • It is best to dry it outside, so it will retain its freshness and the fabric will not be compressed;
  • use a lint breaker ball for your washing machine;
  • choose silicone-based conditioners.

These simple tips will keep your favorite towel soft for a long time.

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