How to wind up a gas meter at home

Gas meter quickly spins what to do?

Recently, in large cities and metropolitan areas, more and more actively began to change to new gas and electric meters. If previously they could only be found on communal pipes, today they are indiscriminately installed in each apartment. Due to the fact that gas are constantly rising, people are trying to find all possible ways to save money, not to pay for conventional rates, but to account for the actual cubic meters consumed. But more and more often there are questions on the network about the fact that the new gas meter quickly spins and how you can cheat it or unwind the winded cubes back at home. What to do in this situation, where to go and what measures to take. we will find out in the next article. And these situations do require attention, because it even happens that the meters wind up twice as much as people used to use them before they were installed.

Which gas meters can be stopped after rework?

The table shows the models of counters presented in our store, with an indication of the ways of improvement:

Model With a magnet With remote control With film With underestimation
Agat G16/G25 Yes
Elster BK-G4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elster BK-G4T (BK-G4T) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elster BK-G4 ETe Yes
BETAR SGMN-1 G6 or G4 Yes Yes
Elster BK-G6T, BK-G6 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elster BK-G6 ETe Yes Yes
Elster Gazelectronika BK-G10/G10T, BK-G16/G16T, BK-G25/G25T, BK-G40, BK-G60, BK-G100 Yes
Omega ETK GSM G4 Yes
Omega G4 and Omega G6 Yes
GoldCard JGD4S-G/JGD6S-ML-G Yes
CJSC Gazdevice NPM-G4 Yes
SGB G4 Yes
SGD G4 Yes
SGD-3T G6 Yes
JGC G4 Yes
Grand 4, 1.6, 2.4, 3.2, 6, 10, 16 Yes
Metrix G6/G10 Yes
Gallus G4 Yes
  • The modification for the installation of the magnet will cost the customer from 9 000. the kit includes the counter itself and a small magnet. Equipment with electronic display (for example, Elster BK-G4 ETe) costs from 30 000 Upgrade of industrial gas meters (not used in private houses and apartments), designed to measure large amounts of fuel, the cost of such equipment reaches 40 000 and more.
  • If the owner wishes, for example, to stop the gas meter Elster BK-G6T or BK-G6 with a wireless remote control, he will need to buy an upgraded device at a cost of 17 000 Other models of converted meters cost from 14 000
  • To cheat gas meters Elster BK-G4T and VK-G4 with film, will have to lay out from 9 000 In the same way without a magnet you can stop the gas meter NPM-G4 (NPM-G4) producer JSC Gazdevais.
  • Equipment with underestimation will cost the buyer 12 000-15 000

In our store you can find popular gas meters that are serially produced. Individual customization of devices is also possible:

  • SGBET G4 electronic type;
  • Betar SGBM 4 and SGBM 1.6;
  • Gallus 2000 G4 or Gallus Itron with Smart Card;
  • Metrix G4 (Metrix);
  • SGD G4 TC (with thermal compensation);
  • SGM 4;
  • Elekhant brand meters;
  • Vector M G4;
  • Vector T G6 and many others.

How to cheat the meter: Ukrainians cheat to simplify payments

Growth of utility rates spurred interest of Ukrainians in gadgets that allegedly can reduce bills for electricity, gas and water.

Sellers offer hundreds of devices and assure that they have shipments of refined meters straight from the factories. And service providers warn: you can pay a penalty for using such gadgets for the rest of your life.

In Rada they even offer to introduce criminal responsibility, because such devices affect flight safety and provoke serious illnesses.

There are a lot of meters today, you can choose any one you want

The gas meter is a device for measuring gas flowing through your gas pipe to your apartment. Usually the unit of measure of gas is a cubic meter (m3). And the more you use these meters, the greater will be the sum in the bill. That is why it is natural that we should know the amount of gas we burn and strive to reduce it. And without a meter, you can’t do that.

And is it possible to stop the meter not by saving gas, but with a skillful hand? Specialists like Ostap Bender, in his own way understand the famous slogan of the Chess Town Vasyuki club that helping the drowning is a matter of drowning themselves, sometimes came up with their own ways to save money.

It’s not worth repeating! Previously, rotary (rotary) meters were made with a metal impeller and knowledgeable people have found that if the right place to put a powerful magnet to the meter, it attracted the shaft of the impeller and slowed her. And a sufficiently powerful magnet could completely stop such a household meter.

wind, meter, home

Needless to say, that for this kind of device craftsmen face considerable penalties. And for the especially risky, we inform that nowadays rotary meters are made with plastic gears and impeller, and no external magnet affects them. Just as it was not confirmed version that in bad frosts counters start to slow down, or even stop. Each meter is designed for its own operating conditions, as written in the specifications. And each has its own special design. Let us take a closer look at them.

The magnet on the gas meter

Magnet on the gas meter allows you to stop the gas meter to 80-100% of the rotary type, membrane type, depending on the manufacturer. Quite often people are interested in the question of whether and how to cheat the gas meter at home? You can cheat the meter. There are several ways:

  • Passing through the meter more gas than the mechanism considers.
  • Removing and restoring seals.
  • For old-style devices, the method of passing air in the opposite direction through the meter is suitable.
  • Complete stopping of gas meter with neodymium magnet.

Folk answer

While the population is forced to count the consumed liters, cubic meters and kilowatt-hours, and then to pay for them faithfully, our resourceful people do not forget the old and invent new ways to “minimize” utility bills

Old-fashioned ways to cheat are still in fashion. As in the old days, especially in summer cottages, craftsmen plug in electricity directly from the wires, bypassing the meter. Where meters are very old, they are blocked, as in Soviet times, by passing a photographic film through a slot under the casing.

With new measuring instruments the old tricks do not work, and here the action creates a counteraction. A popular “countermeasure” of amateurs to save money on bills is manipulating with security seals. This allows enthusiasts of the genre to get inside the device and either slow down the meter, or turn it off, or even rewind the meter at all.

Other craftsmen have adapted to influence the meter from outside with an electric shocker, or even a specially built device. But here you need a certain electrical skills. And in case of an error, you can easily ruin an expensive device. Then instead of saving money you have to buy a new meter.

A common way that does not require special skills is to block the wheels with numbers using powerful magnets. It’s not just about electric meters, but about water and gas meters as well. Manufacturers have spotted this diversion and in response began to equip devices with antimagnetic protection, which have to be overcome by more and more powerful magnets. Now meter manufacturers have to go for a new round of devices that, when a powerful external magnetic field signals about an unauthorized intervention.

Innovators of payments responded to it: in the market of “alternative services” there is a new offer of manufacturing of the remote-controlled bug. An expert buys a meter of a suitable size, breaks the seal, inserts a bug and brings the device in for testing. If it is done carefully, no one will notice any tampering. After the meter is sealed again, it can be turned on by the remote key fob. Or not to turn on.

There is a pattern: new types of meters give rise to new tricks for the population. For example, most water meters have a filter and a special plug for cleaning this filter. It cannot be sealed, which is what smart people use. Detailed recommendations are available in the Network: it is enough to twist cap, shove a hose and drain the water in the right amount. Or, as they write, to stick a cable in the pipe, which will slow down the turbine filter or even stop the.

Fans of savings on utility costs are capable of much more. There have been cases, for example, when craftsmen unwound water meter back with the help of a vacuum cleaner traction. True, not every device can withstand such violence.

With gas, the techniques are similar. You can also insert a wire and use a vacuum cleaner to rewind the counter. True, the risk is higher here: it is not just a chance to flood the neighbors, as in the manipulation of the water, but also to naturally arrange an explosion. So few take the risk.

On the Internet widely established sale of “safe and secure” ways to cheat the gas meter, and not just gas. Everyone is invited to download the file with a description and scheme, and the password to open it, they promise to send after the transfer of money to the account. Are inexpensive at 200 per method or from 1 to 2 thousand for the full set of options. Some of these sites also offer to buy software to forge checks or hack into email accounts.

For inquiries like “to block the water meter” and “to disable electric meter” search engines give out from 500 thousand to 2 million (!) pages. And literally everyone will try to sell you something. For example, especially powerful magnets (up to 3.5 thousand a piece) or even ready-made meters with remote control. The latter look exactly like the real products of different firms, from simple household to powerful industrial, and are often equipped with factory seals. True, the modified devices are several times more expensive than the original.

All this convinces: a new service market is emerging in the country: serving citizens who do not want to pay for electricity, water and gas is becoming a very profitable business.

Gas Meter Trick! How To Cut Your Gas Bill

disassembly of the gas meter

How to stop a gas meter or to roll back readings?

If you want to stop the gas meter is likely to do it with a magnet you will not be able to. The fact that modern gas meters are not affected by magnets, and this applies to any manufacturer of gas meters. Even if you manage to slow down the mechanism inside the meter it won’t do anything, because at the same time it will also stop the gas supply.

What to do with this device? How to stop the gas meter, how to unwind and whether it is possible to do?

I can put your mind at ease here. Using neodymium magnets can stop the gas meter, but to do this you need to modify it and make some discreet changes inside the meter. Of course to make such a modification is not possible with all models of modern meters, but with most it can be done. If this question of overpayment for gas is relevant to you and you need to stop or unwind gas meter you can not do it yourself, but you can contact our unique experts by phone on the site, through chat and other available means. We will try to cure your meter from excessive gas metering. Also, you can order from us a new converted gas meter complete with a magnet.

wind, meter, home

How to unmoor a gas meter, Voronezh and Rostov can be found by calling us by tel. 89185220077

We can wind off the gas meter on the spot or you can send it to us. Rolling back readings on almost any model.

What is the best gas meter to install in an apartment or house, watch video

So, mid-autumn. The rains are already filling almost the whole Ukraine, and a cold wind is blowing in the houses and apartments. Just want to find more warm winter clothes or favorite Plaid to get out of the closet. Somebody is dealing with a cold snap with a gas heater or a burner on the stove. However, with today’s tariffs, it is not the most economical option. Let’s find out how to get back paychecks for communal services to familiar prices, namely, how to stop the meter with a magnet at home.


I should say right away that we will talk about magnets to stop the gas meter, and from the name of the site this could be guessed. Honestly, we have explored many different ways to save on utility bills and neodymium magnets have been the most beneficial. Here are just a few of the benefits we have found for ourselves:

  • Time to reduce the bills do not need to wait until the cancer climbs the mountain for the victorious whistle, at any time you can use a magnet;
  • The cost of the method to buy magnets to stop the counter today you can at modest prices, and given their payback, you can also go into profit;
  • Availability we are not talking about the material side of the issue, but the theoretical, to stop the gas meter with a neodymium magnet does not need to be a spanner in the sky or understand the inner workings of the measuring device.

These strengths apply to just about everyone, as evidenced by the many threads on local forums. We repeatedly specify that we are talking about gas meters, but in fact this method is suitable for most metering devices. Find an article on how to stop a neodymium magnet electricity meter.

What to do

So how to stop the gas meter magnet at home ? Quite simply! In order not to answer this question just once, we decided to derive the following instruction:

  • Decide on the name and model of the meter you are going to stop.
  • Choose a suitable neodymium magnet (for example, suitable for domestic meters, while Europe will need a more powerful).
  • Attach it to the meter as shown in the photo.

Actually that’s all! True, a small caveat is required.

Mentioned point is actual for the majority of devices, but it happens that for gas meter stopping the neodymium magnet should be shifted a little.

There are also variants when it should be placed on the back of the device. So do not panic if the device does not stop immediately.

Case Study

If you still have questions, with the following. In which we talk about how to stop the Gallus gas meter. Detailed tips and clear instructions are all you need to start saving on utility bills.

The idea of how to stop the gas meter came immediately after the emergence of this device. As a result of the efforts of folk inventors today there are many methods for getting false readings of this device or stopping it completely. Some of them are effective for specific models of meters, others are considered relatively dangerous, but, one way or another, is the solution to this issue.

Warning! The information is provided for information purposes and does not constitute a full stop counter functionality.

The real story of what can be the threat of a meter rollback

Who cheats the consumer or the electricity supplier, or how the suppliers make money off of us in excess of the electricity we consume.

I think most of us got into this situation when, representatives came from electricity organizations allegedly to verify the electric meter, but at the same time, offered their services, illegal, of course: to wind back the counter in exchange for the nth amount, and the difference false electricity to pay according to the receipt, referring to the new readings.

So, about five years ago there was a case. The electricians came and offered their services. I thought about it, well, it seems profitable, and with money were then the problems, in short, without thinking too much, agreed. Everything seemed to go fine. I paid them, they reduced the counter to those readings in which I could fit, I paid the difference as required. (Note, no tampering with the induction meter itself was not!)

Time passes and the situation comes out to change from induction meters to electronic meters. So, the electrician comes again and says that it is necessary to change the meter to an electronic meter. To do this, you need to buy an electronic meter job, allegedly for free. Well, in this case, I agreed.

We remove the meter, (and to remove it, you need to open the seal) and then, attention(!), most importantly the illegal opening of the state seal.

Relocating my gas meter

Disassembly began, I explain him that it’s not me, but HE opened the fucking seal in front of me. In short, nothing could be explained. The electrician drew up a report of breaking the state seal (of course, I did not sign it).

And then the process of proving innocence began: the meter was taken to the city laboratory did not help, in the regional did not help, well, we can say, I stopped there. In the end, they assessed a fine in such an amount that I immediately remembered the case with the winding off the old counter.

Later I met a former employee of a laboratory that checks electricity meters. He gave me the answer as to why the lab said no at the time. The answer was, what do you think?? Yes, yes, it was all about that illegal meter winding!

Smart Gas Meter Installation

So, dear readers of my article, I want to assure you: DO NOT fall for any promises of electricians, because in the end it will cost you so much that you will immediately remember all the illegal moments of concealment of electricity consumption! So think about it: do you need it??!

The Segodnya website found out what will happen to those “craftsmen” who dare to use illegal devices.

Devices that help you “save” on gas are now being sold through social media. “Artisans” of the people offer to make a duplicate of the gas meter or buy two meters at once: one original and counts as it should, and the second has a built-in magnet that counts slower.

The gas utility usually seals the meter, but “handymen” offer a variety of seals that can be installed on the meter after you open it. In addition, Telegram channels publish “video courses” that explain how all these devices work, or how to open and then close the seal without breaking it. Statistics show that such resources already have thousands of subscribers.

Sellers of such devices promise that they will sell an absolute copy of the customer’s meter. The price is different for each case and it is not indicated right away.

Gas companies are aware of this kind of craftsman: 1-5% of the currently installed equipment has been “tampered with,” so that meters stop counting gas. But they warn you right away: if you manipulate the meter, you can damage its tightness. Both leaks and depressurization are possible. Homeowners risk their lives if an altered meter starts leaking gas.

According to the gas companies, dealers often advertise the meter duplicates.

Gas technicians tell us there are two types of interventions. For example, common vandalism, when the internal elements are broken and the meter stops counting gas. But these actions are easy to distinguish by sight. The second aspect of the problem. modification. That is, they forge seals, embed valves, all kinds of magnets. Such changes can also be detected. The responsibility of the consumer in such cases is as follows: the gas consumption is recalculated for the year to the maximum that is possible.

There is also criminal liability for such offenses, and it is easy enough to identify the perpetrator. For example, if a person uses too little gas in winter, it is suspicious. It happens that the owners of the house are often on the road, but if the situation is repeated from month to month, the inspectors will pay attention and appoint a control withdrawal.

Verification of the meter will also easily detect tampering.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the gas company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” lowered the price of natural gas for population for February 2021 by 5%, or 0.36 hryvnyas/cubic meters. m, up to 6.86 hryvnia / cu. The Cabinet of Ministers has previously fixed the price of gas for household consumers at 6.99 hryvnyas per cu.m. (including VAT, excluding distribution and delivery costs) compared with January.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers fixed the price of gas for domestic consumers at 6.99 hryvnia / cu. From February 1 until the end of the quarantine.

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