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Learn how to clean your computer to remove dirt and dust and use the CDC recommended disinfectant solution to clean surfaces that the user touches frequently, such as the mouse, keyboard and touch screen.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of acute respiratory viral infections in homes and public places.

As a result of the cleaning methods mentioned in this document, the appearance of the devices you clean may change over time.

Before cleaning your computer, follow these steps to reduce the risk of electric shock:

How to clean the cooler on a HP pavilion g6 laptop. How to disassemble and dust the HP Pavilion g6 laptop computer

Why HP Pavilion G6-2323sr gets very warm and noisy? It’s simple! The problem with any laptop, and indeed any portable equipment. it’s a small channels of heat dissipation, which over time become dirty and clogged with dust. Due to the limited space and lack of heat dissipation (dust buildup) from the laptop, the temperature inside the equipment rises. As a result, it starts to get very hot. In order not to overheat the system, which can damage laptop components, the cooling system fan begins to work hard to dissipate heat. Because of this the noise level increases.

To eliminate such defects requires mechanical cleaning of the cooling system. And the usual vacuuming of the radiator holes on the laptop body in the vast majority of cases does not bring a positive effect. Therefore, further on a specific example, consider how to disassemble HP Pavilion G6-2323sr and the subsequent dust cleaning. At the same time we will replace the thermal paste to improve the thermal conductivity of the “bottleneck” processor radiator.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion G6-2323 sr

pavilion, clean

The first step is to de-energize. Disconnect the power supply and remove the battery.

Next, remove the keyboard. To do this, pick it up with a small flat screwdriver. Moving the screwdriver along the keyboard unfastening the latches.

When all the latches are unfastened, turn the keyboard upside down and disconnect its cable from the motherboard.

Remove the keyboard to the side. Remove all the screws (5 in total) that were hidden under the keyboard. Also disconnect all the cables we can see.

Close the screen HP Pavilion G6-2323sr and turn the laptop. There is a screw in the center of the case. Unscrew it first.

Next, from the side where the battery was. There is a “Release door” sign and an arrow pointing in the right direction. Sliding the cover in this direction. If you can’t remove it with your hands, you can pry it away with a flathead screwdriver.

Under it you will find the hard drive, RAM and a few cables. For convenience, everything should be disconnected and removed.

Do not forget about the Wi-Fi module. Remove the wires (white and black) and unscrew the screw that fixes it.

There is another screw under the hard disk, which should be unscrewed.

And further we unscrew all screws on the laptop body in a circle. After that we remove the hard drive.

Now we have to disconnect the case. To do this, pry a flat screwdriver or a plastic card from any convenient side and undo the first catch

If all the screws are unscrewed and the cables are disconnected, then by undoing all the latches all around, the case can be easily disassembled.

You have the motherboard in front of you. But we don’t have access to the cooling system, because it’s on the bottom. To get the board out you need to disconnect all cables and remove one screw.

After that the board is easily removed from its seats. Turning it over you can see the cooling system in the form of a radiator and fan.

In fact, this completes the disassembly of the HP Pavilion g6-2323sr. But we need to clean the cooling system. So, remove the radiator with the fan.

Next, disconnect the fan from the radiator by removing the fixing screws.

After that it should be something like this (maybe worse, maybe better).

Remove the dirt and sweep off the dust with the brush.

If we replace the thermal paste, we clean the CPU and the video processor chips.

And the pads on the heatsink.

We put a layer of fresh thermal paste on the cleaned from old thermal paste.

And we assemble all in a reverse order. This completes HP Pavilion g6-2323sr cleaning and thermal paste replacement. At every step do not forget to check all pins and wires, so that later we do not have to disassemble the notebook again.

  • Installing cooling system to the motherboard. Connect the fan power.
  • Install the motherboard into the notebook casing and perform the same actions as for disassembly, but in reverse order.
  • Connecting the plumes and connectors to the motherboard.
  • Tighten the screws that secure the motherboard.
  • Install the Wi-Fi module. Connect its contacts.
  • Install the optical drive.
  • We set the upper cover of notebook casing and connect the power supply cables.
  • Connect the keyboard power and install it in place.
  • Install the hard drive and connect its power.
  • Tighten the screws that fasten the keyboard and optical drive, as well as other screws on the bottom lid of the laptop.

How to disassemble the laptop HP Pavilion dv6 itself?

Disassembly of HP Pavilion DV6 does not involve complex actions that require special training. Disassemble the laptop can be at home yourself, even if you never disassembled the computer equipment. Following the detailed instructions from the following clip, you can easily disassemble, clean and reassemble the HP Pavilion dv6-3000 notebook by yourself.

Briefly the algorithm of operations can be described as follows:

  • Remove the battery
  • Unscrew the bottom cover (screws from the cover are not removed)
  • Get the hard drive, RAM, DVD-ROM
  • Remove the keypad by unscrewing the required screws
  • Unscrew and remove the top cover
  • Unscrew the display
  • We disassemble the fan and take out all the dust
  • Reverse order and assemble everything back

Note: the screws in the notebook are four kinds ( the first. keep the bottom cover and they are not removable; the second ones. hold the keyboard and are marked with special badge; the third ones. hold the top cover; the fourth ones. are very small on the fan itself), so to avoid mixing them up you should prepare small boxes for each kind before disassembling. Before you remove the keyboard or anything else, do not forget to disconnect the cables, and when you reassemble be sure to connect them in place! HP Pavilion dv6 fan gets seriously clogged with dust in the first year of use, so it is highly recommended to clean it every six months.

The fan of the laptop HP Pavilion dv6

Removing the lid

To remove the laptop cover, it is necessary to follow the instructions:

  • Close all programs and turn off your notebook. If the notebook is plugged in, pull the mains plug out and disconnect the cable from the notebook.
  • Disconnect all external devices: flash drives, modems, various cables.
  • Close the notebook.
  • Turn the notebook upside down.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Unscrew all the screws with a screwdriver, taking care not to apply too much pressure so as not to damage the threads on the flats. If they are different sizes, and you are afraid to mix up their location, write down on a sheet of paper, where and what screw should be located.
  • Once all the screws have been removed, remove the laptop cover. Bear in mind that you can remove the rear lid of the notebook, but you must start at the top. If you feel a slight resistance while removing it, press on the lower part of the cover and pull it toward you.

If the notebook cover is not fixed with screws, it is necessary to find a fixing latch, with the help of which the notebook back cover can be opened. Slide it as far as it will go and with the other hand gently press the cover. Remove it from the notebook casing without making any sudden movements or exerting force.

pavilion, clean

Other modifications of the HP G62: 120ER, 450ER, a05ER, a10ER, a14ER, a15ER, a16ER, a20ER, a25SR, a30ER, a35ER, a40ER, a50ER, a52SR, a54SR, a55ER, a60ER, a65SR, a70ER, a75ER, a80ER, a82ER, a83ER, a84ER, b11er, b12er, b13ER, b14ER, b15ER, b16ER, b17ER, b18ER, b19ER, b20ER, b21ER, b22ER, b23ER, b24ER, b25ER, b26ER, b27ER, b50SR, b51SR, b52SR, b53SR, b70SR, b71SR, b72SR, b73ER, b73SR, b74SR, b75SR

Warning! It is not rare that disassembly by yourself leads to a serious breakdown, so if at any stage of this instruction you feel any. Contact us for cleaning the notebook from dust.

pavilion, clean

Remove the battery by sliding the latch to the open position, then undo all the screws from the bottom. Green indicates long screws, red indicates long screws. medium, yellow short.

In the picture are marked: 1) Wi-Fi; 2) BIOS battery; 3) RAM; 4) hard drive. Removing the RAM is done by disconnecting the side mounts and pulling at some angle out of the motherboard socket.

To further disassemble the HP g62 dismantle the hard drive, first remove it from the socket, and then disconnect the cable.

After disconnecting the hard disk drive flat cable, you must take it out of the trough, so it doesn’t get in the way.к. to clean the laptop from dust you will need to remove the motherboard with this pin. Next, disconnect the Wi-Fi.

You can remove the Wi-Fi adapter by unscrewing the screw, then remove the BIOS battery from the chute, you can, of course, disconnect the contact, but not desirable, because.к. your settings in the bios will be lost so it’s easier to leave the.

In the next step of the disassembly laptop HP need to unscrew these screws and remove the drive, for this drive is enough to pick up and pull on itself (remembering to unscrew the screws shown in the illustration).

Hooking from 2 sides, disconnect another contact. Next flip the case and pick up the keyboard, otherwise laptop cleaning HP g62 from dust can not be done. Do not remove the keypad, but only lift it up.

The keyboard is glued with glue, if you remove it incorrectly, by applying strong force it can be damaged. To make the disassembly of the keyboard easier to understand, the red area in the illustration shows where the surfaces are glued. The following figure shows the subject. a long screwdriver with which you can safely detach the keyboard.

Also, we need a flashlight, t.к. under the keyboard is dark:). So, shine the light and gently pick up the areas where the glue is, while trying hard not to touch the stub from the keyboard. Once the keyboard goes, you can gently turn it over.

To disconnect the contact, open the lock upwards and pull it out. Also remove the rest of the contacts and unscrew the screws.

The contact in the lower left corner is easy to disconnect with 2 flat-headed screwdrivers. It is better to disassemble the case with a flat plastic object. For example with a SIM card or a guitar pick, t.к. Metal can scratch the plastic coating.

After removing the lid we will find the motherboard, only after removing it, we can proceed to dust cleaning of HP g62 laptop. So, disconnect the two loops by pulling up.

Then the remaining pins and screws and you can remove the motherboard.

After disconnecting the motherboard, as a result of the disassembly of the laptop HP g62, it is desirable to put it on a soft surface. such as a towel, in order to avoid possible damage when unscrewing screws. Clean the laptop HP g62 from dust can be done only by disconnecting the cooling system. to do this, you must remove the specified screws. Due to the fact that screws are usually difficult to loosen, it is recommended to unscrew them with the weight (in vertical position), t.е. So that the motherboard is not bent at the time of unscrewing, on the opposite side (in this place) can be held.

Specifics of cleaning

The performance of the laptop is directly dependent on how effective the cooling system. The air that passes through it must also be able to escape unhindered.

For this purpose on the bottom of the device there are ventilation holes. But over time, dust tends to accumulate.

And how quickly this will happen, depends, above all, on the mechanism of the air cooling system.

So, the need to clean the laptop HP from dust occurs after about two years of use.

Due to clogging dust in the cooling system can severely heat the laptop, as due to a layer of dirt the outflow of hot air is hampered, and as a result of overheating can fail one of the chips, video chip and other.

In any case, the heating of the laptop leads to “hangs” and its spontaneous shutdown.

In order that all this does not lead to the death of technology, you should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the mechanism, since the repair can cost from 4 000 to 6 000 even if it is a laptop Asus VivoBook U38N. to the menu

How to disassemble and clean laptop HP Pavilion dv6

Let’s consider the main steps of disassembly of the HP Pavilion g6 laptop

How to Disassemble an HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop

Remove the battery from the notebook. Then unscrew the screws shown in the picture. This allows us to get rid of the lids of compartments, which are the elements to be dismantled. One of the compartments contains the hard drive and the Wi-Fi card, the second compartment contains the RAM of the laptop. The green circle in the picture shows the screw that still holds the optical drive.

Remove the elements that will prevent us from disassembling the notebook. In the picture you can see which elements we will remove. Winchester, DVD drive, RAM and wireless module.

The wireless module is located under the hard drive. After removing the hard drive you get access to the wireless module. The battery, marked in the picture, can not be removed. It is not an obstacle for taking the laptop apart. Remove the cover over the keyboard and the keyboard itself. To do this, we need to unscrew the five screws that are marked yellow. These are the screws that hold the cover plate in place. Also, unscrew the four screws marked in red. They hold the keyboard itself.

Let’s start to remove the lid. Lift it from the right side and continue taking it gently.

But it is not necessary to force the events, because from this panel to the motherboard, there are two stubs. They are marked in the picture. Also in the picture, marked the screws that need to be unscrewed so that the keyboard can be removed. They are marked with red circles.

Having unscrewed the screws, lift the keyboard toward you, and disconnect the cable from the motherboard. The keyboard can be removed and put to the side.

After removing keyboard, we have access to the cables that go to the panel located above the keyboard. We disconnect them and remove this bar.

Cables in the picture are marked with yellow arrows. It’s time to dismantle the Wi-Fi module. As we have already said, it is located in the compartment where the hard drive used to be. Disconnect the antenna module, unscrew one screw and remove it from the compartment.

Disconnect the two cables, which are marked with yellow arrows. Also release and pull the antenna cables, through a special hole in the body.

Now unscrew screws which fix LCD monitor hinges.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 disassembly, cleaning and thermal paste replacement

After that we can detach the monitor from the laptop.

Remove the remaining screws from the bottom of the laptop. Don’t forget the screw, which is in the compartment where the optical drive used to be. In the picture it is green.

Turn the laptop upside down and remove the speaker module. Disconnect the cable to the motherboard, and remove the four screws that secure the module. The cable is highlighted with a yellow arrow, and the screws are highlighted with red circles.

The top panel of the notebook is screwed down with five screws. After unscrewing them and disconnecting the cable to the touchpad, we can proceed to separating the top panel of the notebook from the bottom.

Disassembling the laptop HP Pavilion DV3, clean it from dust and replace the thermal paste.

To start disassembling the laptop, turn it off and remove the battery. It’s easy to do. Put the notebook so that the bottom cover is on top. Find the battery lock. Slide it so that the battery is unlocked and can be removed from the laptop. When you move the lock, the edge of the battery slightly lifted. In the photo, I highlighted the place that should rise, in yellow. When this edge is lifted it indicates that the battery can be removed.

Now, without turning the laptop, lets proceed to further disassembly. Begin to remove the screws that hold the covers on the bottom of the laptop. First, we unscrew the screw on the cover, under which the hard drive is located.

Grasping the tab, which I marked with a red rectangle in the photo, we lift and then remove the hard drive. We put it aside until the notebook is assembled.

Now it’s time to remove the wireless module. It hides a small cover, which we will now unscrew and remove. There are three screws that hold this cover in place. Two of them are silver and one is black. Unscrew the screws and remove the cover.

To remove the module you need to disconnect the antenna wires. These are the two wires in black and white. Then unscrew the 2 screws that fix the module in the notebook casing. Screws in the picture I marked with red circles. After that, you can lift the module by one of the edges and remove it from the slot where it was inserted. In the pictures below, I have shown everything in detail.

Only one lid is left untouched. Under it will be the notebook RAM cards. We unscrew the fixing screws from the cover and remove it. You only have to unscrew a couple of screws, which I marked in the photo.

Disassembly laptop HP Pavilion g7. Remove the dust and replace the thermal paste.

In this article we will talk about disassembling a notebook series 2275dx. This is what it looks like.

To do this, turn the laptop. Remove the battery by turning the locking mechanism aside as shown in the picture.

The next step, remove the back cover, under which you will find a few important elements.

Unscrew the screw that secures the back cover. Then, with a slight movement slide the cover in the direction of the red arrow in the picture below. And then, with no less light movement, we remove the lid.

Now it’s time to remove the hard drive. Disconnect the wire to the motherboard from the hard drive. Then lift the hard drive and remove it from the laptop. Everything is shown in detail on the pictures.

It does not hurt to get rid of the RAM slots. This is done like on any other notebook. Slide the catches, and lift the memory stick slightly upwards. After that, remove the strip from the slot in which it was installed.

Remove the Wi-Fi module. Remove the screws that secure the module. Disconnect the antenna wires. Removing the module from the laptop. As you can see, everything is easy and simple.

The next step of disassembling the laptop is to unscrew all the screws from the back side. A total of 16 screws need to be unscrewed.

Then disassemble the keyboard of the laptop. Near where not so long ago the RAM slots were, there is a fixing screw. It should definitely be unscrewed. This screw fixes the keyboard. In the picture I have tried to show the screw.

After that, we turn the laptop and open it in its usual working position. From the top of the keyboard, if you look closely, it is possible to see the keyboard locks. Let’s pull aside these catches, pick up and lift off the top edge of the laptop keyboard. Turn the keyboard as shown in the pictures. In this position it will be more convenient to disconnect the keyboard from the motherboard.

After the cables are disconnected, you can safely put the keyboard aside.

The next step of disassembly is to remove the upper part of the laptop. Unscrew the screws, which are marked in the picture below. Disconnect the stub cables which are also shown in the pictures below.

Now, separate both halves of the notebook casing. Starting to pry off the top part from one edge, and ending with the next edge. In short, the effect should be such that the upper part of the casing should be lifted. I have attached detailed photos.

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