Ice for the refrigerator bag how to use

What is a thermo-bag cooler and how to use it

For those who like picnics and travelling long distances, the thermo-bag-refrigerator is an indispensable accessory. But not all consumers fully understand how it looks and how it works. They would like to know, due to what and how long such a device keeps cold. Others wonder what the difference between a cooler bag and an insulated container is, and which is better to choose. This article will answer these and other questions.

A refrigerator bag is the name of an isothermal (insulated) device. Cold accumulators are used to maintain a constant internal temperature. Sturdy synthetic fabrics that can repel water and protect against sunlight penetration are often used to make thermal bags.

The following materials are used for the exterior of the cooler bag: synthetic polyamides or thermoplastic vinyl chloride polymer. The advantage of these fabrics is that they are easy to clean from dirt, and they also dry quickly. the device is stable due to the thermal insulating seal (special foam) put between the outer elements of the thermo bag and the inside of the thermo bag.

From the outside the product description resembles a classic bag with handles, complete with s for various small items. The thermo bag does not cool, but only maintains the original temperature of the food, medicine or cosmetics placed in it. For it to act as a refrigerator for a longer period of time, special ice containers are used.

Important! The thermal bag is also used as a thermos to keep food warm. The accumulators in this case are subjected to heating.

Properties of Cold Sources

Only safe plastics that do not endanger human health are used in the production of these temperature storage products. The capacity of the store’s devices is mostly from 0.25 to 0.8 liters.

The use of the film surface allows you to give the not yet frozen sources the desired shape. over, they are not affected by fluctuations in temperature.

The outer part of the gel devices is made of a film, and the substance with the same name, which has a high thermal conductivity, is used as a filler.

The use of gel cold sources allows you to create an area of low temperatures (inside the container, bag), and maintain a certain temperature of food, so they can stay warmer for longer.

Carboxymethylcellulose, which is a gel-forming substance, in the case of damage to the film and accidental contact with food or medicine does not spoil them and has no adverse effect on the human body.

Salt storage tanks are distinguished by their ability to hold temperatures ranging from.20 to 8 degrees. However, they are not suitable for long-term storage because their charge lasts only a day. The outer part is solid and made of plastic. There is an aqueous salt solution inside the container.

When choosing water-salt devices you should remember that the tightness of the plastic container can be broken and the liquid can leak into the bag and thus spoil the food.

The silicone ice pack has a number of advantages: the material used for its manufacture is sufficiently strong, and the filler contains polymers containing silicon crystals. The temperature in the bag when using this type of storages for a long time (up to 160 hours) remains within the 0 to 2 degrees range.


If you plan a long trip, as well as transporting perishable food or medicines that can only be stored at certain temperatures, more reliable sources should be preferred. than one hard drive can be stored in the same bag if necessary.

Coolers for insulated bags

Refrigerant thermo bags (accumulator of cold) will help to save the desired freshness of food in an isothermal bag on hot summer days. You will need an ice thermal storage unit by itself if you need to keep a certain temperature for a long time, which exceeds the capacity of the bag.

The thermocontainer itself can hold a temperature for 2 to 3 hours. But if you travel longer than this, your food and drink may be spoiled. Refrigerant should be placed in the thermal bag for the duration of the trip to maintain the temperature even longer.

Where you can use a cold storage battery

There are also sources of cold, used as trays. Food and drinks on them are either chilled or stay warm longer.

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Cold storage devices are indispensable in the case of a power outage. The items in the freezer or refrigerator give up the accumulated cold, thus slowing down the defrosting process by one day.

Cold accumulators in the freezer are needed not only in case of emergencies, but also on normal days. Their presence leads to an increase in the degree of freezing of food placed in the chamber.

Choosing a cooling element, you must first answer the questions for what purposes it will be used, and what the duration of operation of the device is necessary. Only after that it will be clear whether a factory (gel, silicone, water-salt) or homemade cooling element is needed.

Refrigeration systems resemble a container that holds a substance with a high thermal capacity. A traditional accumulator for a refrigerator bag plays the role of a special element that creates the desired temperature inside the container for storing food. It is very convenient when there is no possibility to use stationary equipment.

How to use the accumulator of cold?

As a rule, the work of the accumulator is very simple. Before using it, it should be placed in the freezer for a long time to freeze the filler inside the device completely. Then put it in an isometric bag and the accumulator will keep cold for about 20 hours (depending on the model of the bag), taking heat from the food in the bag. Then the accumulator should be rinsed with water and put back on cold. The accumulator is made of environmentally friendly materials, absolutely harmless to food. Such accumulators can be stored in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator or in some other light-protected place. The service life of these devices is not limited with proper storage. Depending on the size of your cooler bag and the amount of food in it, you may need more than one cooler. If you use one cooler, then put it on top of the food, but if you have several, then layer everything in the bag with them and put another one on top.

Cold batteries are also used in domestic refrigerators. They stabilize the temperature in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator, thus contributing to less frequent compressor on/off. In addition, the accumulator of cold increases the time for safely storing food if the power goes out and the refrigerator doesn’t work. Minus temperatures will remain in the freezer for about 18 hours. Also, this device increases the freezing power in freezers. When defrosting your refrigerator manually, it is very convenient to use cold storage systems.

Cold accumulators are used in thermal chambers in the sale of ice cream or during the transportation of perishable food.

Cold accumulator design

By design, a refrigerant accumulator is quite simple. The shape of the devices is chosen depending on their purpose and application. Usually such accumulators are made rectangular and flat to create a sufficiently large contact surface to enable the device to perform its function of cooling adjacent objects or air. The outer shell is made either of a rigid polymeric material that retains its original shape regardless of the state of the working body, or of a dense film that allows the accumulator to take any desired shape before freezing. Inside the device is a gel-shaped working body, which has the property of staying in the solid phase for a long time after freezing.

What you need a cooler bag for

The range of uses for the insulated bag is extremely wide. Think about it:

  • You can make large purchases of food without worrying about its safety. Even a half-day walk through the market on a hot July day you can be absolutely sure of the freshness of the purchased meat or dairy products if you carry them in an insulated bag with rechargeable batteries;
  • You can take cold drinks, ice cream and other foods to the beach;
  • You can store the necessary cosmetics and medicines in the thermal bag, which cannot be kept out of the fridge;
  • You can take perishable food with you on long trips (to the nature, to the sea, to a summer cottage, on a camping trip);
  • You can keep baked goods or other meals and drinks warm even if you went on a trip or a picnic in the country;
  • It is possible to take your lunch in a small thermo container to work, to study or to train;
  • You can calmly wait out a sudden power outage, repair or defrost the fridge without losing the food from the freezer;
  • In the thermal bag you can store your fishing catch or meat caught during the hunt.

Some calculating housewives get several thermo-bags of different size for different needs. In a word, it is enough to buy or make a refrigerator bag with your own hands, and believe me, it will not stand idle!

What are accumulators of cold used for?

Refrigerators are used for maintaining low temperature in the stationary freezing equipment. They are used as additional devices in the following cases:

The use of rechargeable batteries keeps the refrigerator and freezer compartment at the lowest possible temperature for as long as possible. If you defrost the food, sanitize it, turn off the light, you can keep it safe for up to 12-18 hours. The period of stable low temperature depends on the type and number of generators.

How to use cold batteries?

The number of refrigerators to put in a thermocontainer or bag depends on the purpose for which you intend to use them and how long they are needed. Also you need to consider the condition of the food, frozen or chilled. So if you transport frozen meat or fish from Moscow to the country, the batteries may not be needed at all. And if you need to take the catch from Astrakhan to St. Petersburg in the car, you can’t do without batteries.

It is very easy to use the ice packs: put them in the freezer of the domestic refrigerator for 6-8 hours and then put them on top of chilled food or drinks.

Camping World IceBlock accumulators are available in three versions for different cooling volumes:

HOW TO TIE AN ICE PLASTIC BAG EASIER (kahit 200 pcs pa na yelo itatali mo, hindi sasakit daliri mo)

Accordingly, the required number of cooling elements is calculated. For example, if you are using the Campingaz Fold’n Cool 5L cooler bag, one 200g accumulator is sufficient. And for the Icetime Plus 38L container, four 200g or one 200g and one 750g.

The temperature range of the accumulators is from.18° to 40°C. Shelf life is not limited.

Clean condensate from the cooler dry after use. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a cool place or freezer.

With Camping World IceBlock IceBlock keep your ice cream, compote and sandwiches warm and the barbeque meat will not spoil in the traffic jam on the way to the cottage. Cold and fresh at all times!

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