Indesit Codes of Errors by Bulbs

Indesit machine errors

It is difficult for the user to independently determine the cause of the breakdown of the washing machine “Indesit”. The self-diagnostic system comes to the rescue, which displays the error code on the display. Thanks to our table, you’ll know the meaning of the code and you’ll be able to solve the problem right away.

Fault code Which light is on (KN) Meaning Causes of occurrence Repair with your own hands
F01 4 Problems in the electric motor operation. Short circuit in the electrical circuits of the motor.

Broken wiring between the tachometer and the module.

Checking the wiring. Replacement of burned-out parts.

Measure the resistance of the sensor. Install a new part.

Debris in drainage system: filter, pump.

Clear a clog in the filter, which is behind the hatch at the bottom of the front panel. Pump impeller inspection.

Connection between controller and board is broken.

Open the water tap and check the water supply.

Clean the intake system from clogging. Unscrew the intake hose, clean the filter-mesh, inspect the intake valve.

Drain filter or pump impeller is clogged.

Thermostat has switched off the heating element in case of danger of overheating.

Remove residual water from the tank by pressing “drain”.

Carefully study the codes, their meanings and instructions for repairing the machine “Indesit”. In the case of errors related to the control board, it is better to call a master.

Error F01 in the washing machine Indesit is quite rare and indicates a breakdown of the electric motor. Often happens in older models with mechanical control. So, the user can.

Error code F02 in Indesit washing machines indicates improper functioning of the electric motor. Motor failure is a rare occurrence in modern machines, but you should not rule out such a probability. Enough.

If your machine shows error F03 on the display, the cause may be a faulty thermostat or heating element. Indesit washing machines are equipped with an electronic display. This error means that the control is not working properly and the washing machine is not working properly.

What does error F04, which Indesit washing machine shows on the display mean? On the electromechanical model, the “Super Wash” and “Soak” indicators are lit. The problem is with the water sensor.

Error F05 on the washing machine Indesit appears as a fault code on the electronic display. If the code appears, it means there is a problem with the water drain or a problem with the pump responsible for draining the water. В.

If error code F 06 appears on the electronic display of your Indesit washing machine, you can try to find out the cause of the problem yourself. This error means that there were problems in the control, and the machine.

The self-diagnostic system in Indesit washing machines allows the user to understand the cause of the problem. Error F07 is lit on the display of Indesit electronic models of washing machines. problem with water. Normal machines.

Indesit washing machine shows error F08 on the display and “Fast washing” light and blinking “Revolutions” indicator on electromechanical model? Be careful, it is one of the most dangerous errors.

Error F09 in an Indesit washing machine indicates a malfunction in the control module. F09 is displayed on the electronic models of Indesit washing machines; the “Delayed Washing” and “Additional Washing” bulbs are displayed on mechanical models.

When there is no signal from water level sensor, error F10 appears on the electronic display of Indesit machine. Indesit model electromechanical washer-dryer, indicates a problem by flashing the indicators “Additional.

Deciphering peculiarities

Indesit Company (formerly Merloni) is not a newcomer to the market. Its washing machines under the names Ariston and Indesit have been satisfying the users with their functionality and affordable for over 20 years. Every year the technique is improved, and with it the system of determining faults is simplified. Models manufactured before 2000 have the EVO-I control system. It is possible to identify the malfunction in such units by the blinking of indicator, which is rather simple. The power light flashes several times depending on the problem encountered, then makes a short pause and repeats the action again. For example, 5 times blinking with a short interval indicates the error code F05.

Indesit washing machine error codes without display are shown by flashing a certain combination of indicators

The more modern Indesit models are equipped with the EVO-II control system and indicate the defect in a different way. If the machine is equipped with a display, it displays the error code in the form of letters and numbers, after which it is easy to decipher the symbols and find the cause of the problem. In low cost appliances without a display, such as the WISL 82, WISL 102, W105TX, IVSB5105 etc., have to determine the problem by displaying a group of glowing lights, which are listed below:

By the designation of each lamp you can already understand the direction in which you need to look for the solution to the problem. The following tips will be helpful for the user who wants to detect the malfunction correctly:

indesit, codes, errors, bulbs
  • Error codes F01-11 are valid for Ariston and Indesit 2000 series machines.
  • F01-F12 values indicate errors in Indesit Evolution series of appliances.
  • Symbols F01-F15 are used for washing machines with a drying mode.

Here is the error codes of Indesit washing machines of EVO-II series without display, their symbolic meaning and short description of the problem.

Luminous indicators (for machines without display) Error code Deciphering
KH4 F01 Short circuit in motor triac
KN3 F02 Tachometer does not signal motor operation
KN3, KN4 F03 Temperature sensor defect detected
KH2 F04 There is a message from the water level sensor about the opposite processes (tank full and tank empty)
KHN2, KHN4 F05 Level switch does not indicate an empty tank after being told to empty the tank
KH2, KH3 F06 Error in the control panel is detected
KH2, KH3, KH4 F07 There is no power to the heating element
KHN1 F08 There is a problem with the contacts of the heating element relay
KN1, KN4 F09 There is a failure in the washer’s non-volatile memory
KN1, KN3 F10 No information from the pressostat on whether the washing machine tank is empty or full
KH1, KH3, KH4 F11 Power is not supplied to the drain pump
KH1, KH2 F12 F07 Communication between the controller and the indication module has been interrupted
KH1, KH2, KH4 F13 There is a problem with the temperature sensor wiring
KHN1, KHN2, KHN3 F14 Dryer heater element is defective
KN1, KN2, KN3, KN4 F15 Dryer heater is out of order
No LEDs glowing F16 Jammed the drum of the washing machine (only for vertical models)
LED4, KH4 F17 Problems with the hatch lock are detected
LED4, KH3 F18 No communication between control box and processor that controls the electric motor (only for machines with asynchronous motor)

Error codes of Indesit refrigerators (Indesit): decoding, reasons

Modern refrigerators are equipped not only with electronic control, but also with a self-diagnostic system. If a part is defective, the display shows the error code. Indesit refrigerator malfunctions and their meaning are given in the instruction manual and in our article. By deciphering the symbols on the screen you can quickly find the cause of the malfunction.

First of all, experts advise to reset the equipment to rule out a system failure. For this:

If the icons no longer appear on the display, it must have been a failure. If it shows again, then look for the answers in our table.

  • wiring;
  • The enclosure at the time of water leakage, which may have reached the relay and caused a short circuit;
  • The compressor connection is correct;
  • Diagnose connector J6 on main module (measure value in ohms on pins 1 and 2).
  • Inspection of fan wiring connection.
  • Installing a New Fan.

For No Frost appliances: problems with the damper.

In the first case, check connections J7. Tighten choke wires. Replace a nonfunctional part of the.

Diagnose connector J6 on main module, measure pins 1 and 2, calculate value in ohms.

Inspect how fan wiring is connected.

For Ever Fresh: Diagnose J13 and 4th contact.

For static-cooled refrigerators, fan problems.

The other breakdowns are also related to the control panel. Buttons do not respond.

Code Which button doesn’t work What to do
F 40 “Start.” Replace the module.
F 41 I Care
F 42 Vacation
F 43 Ice Party
F 44 Ever Fresh
F 45 Super Freeze
F 46 Super Cool
F 47 Alarm message.
F 51 CCZ

If you follow these values you can try to solve the problem yourself or tell the repairman about it quickly. Our decoding will help you make the right decision.

Identify codes on: WIU, WIN, WISN, WIUN

As for these models, here the error is also indicated by the indicators of the doppler buttons.functions and the hatch locking device. The lock indication for any of the malfunctions will flash red quickly. Here is a complete list of the breakdown designations programmed into the intelligence and their corresponding flashing indicator numbers:

  • F01 (F1). 1;
  • F02 (F2). 2;
  • F03 (F3). 1 and 2;
  • F04 (F4). 3;
  • F05 (F5). 1 and 3;
  • F06 (F6). 2 and 3;
  • F07 (F7). 1, 2, 3;
  • F08 (F8). 4;
  • F09 (F9). 1 and 4;
  • F10. 2 and 4;
  • F11. 1, 2 and 4;
  • F12. 3 and 4;
  • F13. 1, 3 and 4;
  • F14.2, 3, 4;
  • F15. 1, 2, 3 and 4;
  • F16. blinking indicator 5;
  • F17. 1 and 5;
  • F18. 2, 5.

Thus, having calculated the combination of blinking lights, it is not difficult to determine the front of the upcoming repairs. Having found out the source of malfunction, it is possible to find a solution to the problem and return the washing machine to its previous performance.

Tips for self-troubleshooting

Having established the error code and found out the cause of blinking of the indicators, you can independently check and replace the printed circuit board on your Indesit washing machine at home. To do this it is necessary to have a soldering iron, screwdrivers, multimeter and a little experience in working with similar tools.

First of all it is necessary to carefully disassemble the housing of the machine. This work consists of the following steps:

  • the machine is disconnected from the mains;
  • remove the upper part of the housing;
  • unscrewing the screws holding the electronic board in place;
  • Disconnect the wires;
  • Replace the capacitors or install a new board.

There are two types of Indesit washing machines: with vertical or horizontal load. In the first case the electronic board is located in the upper part of the apparatus, in the second case it is in the lower back. It is not difficult to reach it, but you should always take into account the design features of the particular model.

Tip! Before disassembling the board, it is advisable to photograph the factory layout of wires and connectors. So it will be easier to connect them back.

The electronic board should be carefully examined from all sides. The most common capacitors that fail are C16, C17, C20. If the top of these elements are swollen, then the condenser is clearly defective and should be replaced.

In addition to the external examination, you can use a multimeter to check the components of the board. Some capacitors dry out after being used for a long time and cannot be visually distinguished from nonfunctional capacitors. With the help of a multimeter you can more precisely determine where the circuit breakage occurred, and which of the elements requires replacement.

Now all that remains is to install a new capacitor and properly connect the wires. The main thing is not to mix up the markings and choose the electrical element that fits the model of the machine. After the installation of the board is complete, assemble the body of the machine and conduct a test run.

Error codes ariston indezit

Blinking LEDs on an Indesit washing machine can be caused by user inattention or malfunction. In any case, the clever technique will tell you where to look for the breakage. You only need to decipher the error code, which corresponds to a combination of blinking lights, and use the table to find out the cause of the malfunction in the unit.

Other possibilities for reading fault codes

How to remove the indication of errors

Statistically, it is believed that a third of the faults shown are simply a system malfunction or incorrectly set washing parameters. First of all it is necessary to make sure that there is no water leakage from the tank. It gets on contacts of connectors, breaks the control circuit. Usually after blowing out the connectors with air, the machine continues to run.

The corrosive environment from the washing powder has a deleterious effect on the metal parts of the motor, destroying them. Some of them can be replaced independently, without going to the service center.

If the operation fails, if the wrong mode is selected, the machine must be restarted and the washing mode changed. For this purpose it is necessary to press the “Start” button and hold it for some time.

Indesit w 105 tx error codes

Codes of indesit washing machines malfunctions are presented in table 1.

There are several causes for each error message as can be seen from the table. And as a consequence, a light alert shows the direction in which to start troubleshooting, which significantly saves time for service workers and reduces the time the washing machine is in repair.

f07, f7

Indicators for “Express wash”, “Speed”, “Pre-soak mode”. Liquid level sensor defective.

To find out what’s causing the malfunction, check the following

  • Is the fluid valve open and is there enough pressure?
  • Check the water inlet valve. It could be blocked or kinked.
  • Check that the pressostat and its electrical circuits are functioning correctly. Pressostat
  • And the last possible reason could be a malfunction in the control unit.

Codes on machines without display

All modern C.М. have a self-diagnostic function, which allows, in case of failure, to identify the cause, process it and display the error code, but what to do when there is no display, how to be in this case?

Such machines also have self-diagnostic function, but error codes of washing machines without display are shown differently. Anyone with C.М. without display can notice that when you turn on/off the machine, all the bulbs on the panel that are on the machine light up and go out, so there is a self-diagnosis of the presence of problems.

When this or that problem is formed, certain lights light up. In the manual C.М., combinations in which light bulbs light up and causes of malfunction in this case are usually indicated. Indesit machine can show problems by the number of blinking lights.

  • there is a short circuit on the motor,
  • break of circuit and burnout of tachometer,
  • water temperature sensor failure,
  • The sensor showing the drum empty is stuck,
  • the drain pump is faulty,
  • The program controller is broken,
  • relay responsible for heating does not work.

Identifying Hotpoint or Indesit Error Codes

The above problems, will allow to find out the cause on machines that do not have a display.

Error codes of Indesit washing machines with display.

The Indesit family has error codes of washing machine Indesit WISL 102, in fact, do not differ from error codes of washing machine WISL 82

  • There is a short circuit in the motor winding;
  • possible moisture in the connector J9;
  • Oxidation of terminals or wires in the engine connection set;
  • El.module;
  • check the motor for short circuits, replace it if possible;
  • Check for water leaking from the machine somewhere;
  • check the wires for a good connection;
  • check the electronic module;
indesit, codes, errors, bulbs

F02 signals that most likely:

  • replace the tachometer, in case of malfunction;
  • replace the motor, in case of malfunction;
  • Repair or replace el.module;

F03 indicates that most likely:

  • Check the water pump, if necessary replace it;
  • check the water level sensor, if necessary replace it;
  • make inspection of sewer, clean if necessary.

Method of elimination. check the water heating element, if necessary replace it;

F08 draws attention to what is likely:

Solutions: Check and if necessary replace the heating element and water level sensor;

F08 indicates failure in electronic control system.

Methods of treatment: carrying out the firmware of the processor memory;

F10 indicates that the pressostat is out of order;

  • Check the boards for water, dry them if necessary;
  • Replace the main board;
  • Replace the display module, if necessary;
  • Check integrity of wires, which are responsible for connection of these devices.

Methods of treatment: check and if necessary replace the controller and the temperature sensor.

F15 indicates that the dryer does not turn off;

Method of rectification. check, if necessary replace the relay.

F16: interlock of the drum (only for vertical loading).

Method of elimination. check for foreign objects, remove the object;

F17: The washing machine door does not close;

F18: microprocessor error is produced;

A solution is to repair or replace the electric.module;

indesit, codes, errors, bulbs

The above list of faults and how to fix them will help to understand the problem with the machine and help to repair it yourself.

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