Indesit Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Indesit Dishwasher Errors: Codes A5, F15, A13, A04

The Indesit dishwasher is considered a successful appliance. Certain error codes can be fixed with your own hands without disassembling the machine.Experts advise restarting the machine three times. If the code returns again, you will have to disassemble the dishwasher and perform diagnostics, using the deciphering of code values. How to restart the dishwasher:

  • Press the “start” button, hold it for a moment and release it;
  • after ten seconds, disconnect the machine from the power supply;
  • After about twenty minutes, reconnect the power cord, wait for a ten-second pause and activate the start-up again.

If the error code does not appear on the screen, the dishwasher can be used as usual. Otherwise the reset must be repeated a couple more times. The worst case scenario is that the error is not cleared and you have to disassemble the unit.

How to proceed when confronted with a code?

Do not underestimate the dishwasher Indesit. It’s not that bad. In a number of cases the error code can be eliminated even without disassembling the “domestic helper. Experienced craftsmen recommend resetting the machine up to three times. After that, if the code will return, you need to disassemble the machine and conduct its diagnostics, relying on the deciphering of error codes. How to reset?

  • Press on the on/off button and release it for a moment.
  • After 10 seconds, you must de-energize the appliance by pulling the mains plug out of the socket.

It is not advisable to suddenly cut the power to the dishwasher, especially without removing the button.

If the error code does not return, then continue to use the machine as before. Well and if the code returned, you need to repeat the reset two more times. After that there is no point in resetting the system, you must search for the problem.

Technical Specifications

The machine is equipped with a metal housing consisting of removable panels. Parts are coated with a special white paint that protects the steel plate from corrosion. Washing chamber made of stainless steel and fixed inside a load crate. On the walls of the chamber there are guides on which the baskets with dishes move. Two sprinklers and an electrically driven rotary pump are used to supply the detergent, the effluent channel (located on the bottom of the chamber) is equipped with a removable filter.

Front door has a control panel with rotary switch to choose the cleaning program. On the side of the panel there is a block of control diodes indicating the type of the selected algorithm. Additional lamps warn the user when the condensation drying mode is activated or when the level of the salt softener decreases.

  • Power supply voltage is 220-230 V;
  • Power consumption is 1.01 kWh (corresponds to class A);
  • power. 1670 W;
  • The noise level is up to 53 dB;
  • The water consumption for a cleaning cycle is up to 14 liters;
  • Height of the cabinet. 850 mm;
  • width. 450 mm;
  • depth. 600 mm;
  • weight. 40 kg.

Similar models

Competitors of the equipment, designed for 10 sets of dishes:

  • Indesit DSCFE 1B10 RU, equipped with a control unit with 6 dishwashing algorithms. The machine is characterized by reduced power consumption (corresponds to class A).
  • Whirlpool ADP221WH, which cleans dishes in 5 programs, the water is heated by an electric current to 65 ° C. Additional information display on the front door.

Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher: malfunctions, operating instructions, “wash and end” program indicator blinks, pours water and immediately drains, reason


The machine is equipped with a metal body consisting of removable panels. Parts are coated with a special white paint that protects the steel plate from corrosion. Washing chamber is made of stainless steel, fixed inside the power frame. On the walls of the chamber are the rails on which the baskets with dishes move. Two sprinklers and electrically driven rotary pump are used for detergent delivery, drain duct (located in lower part of the chamber) is equipped with removable filter.

indesit, dishwasher, troubleshooting

On the front door there is a control panel with a rotary switch to select the cleaning program. On the side of the panel there is a block of control diodes indicating type of a selected algorithm. Additional lamps warn the user when the condensation drying mode is on or when the level of salt-softener decreases.

  • 220-230 V power supply voltage;
  • power consumption. 1.01 kWh (class A compliance);
  • power. 1670 W;
  • Noise level. to 53 dB;
  • Water consumption per cleaning cycle. up to 14 liters;
  • Height of the housing is 850 mm;
  • width. 450 mm;
  • The depth is 600 mm;
  • weight of 40 kg.

Indesit DSG 0517 Dishwasher Overview

The Indesit DSG 0517 has a generous capacity and is remarkably economical for its size class.

Its functionality is rich and provides the user with a number of programs for all ordinary occasions and also allows the use of some options for special occasions.

You could, for example, use the quick wash instead of the normal one, or set the control to wash a set of glasses or goblets.

Against the background of modern models, its electronic-mechanical control seems unreliable, but the older generation, not used to the abundance of gadgets, it is much easier to use. That’s why this model can be easily recommended for pensioners and people with disabilities.

It is important that the dishwasher has a high temperature mode in its set of programs, which will get rid of stubborn dirt and bacteria on dishes.

The shortest program has a duration of 35 minutes, and with its help you can significantly reduce energy costs without tiring yourself out with manual washing of dishes.

It is also important that the model has a proprietary Overflow protection system, which has a two-stage structure and ensures safe operation without leaks. It stops the machine in case of any problems and safely drains the cabinet.

Side View of the Indesit DSG 0517 Dishwasher

Reviews for Indesit DSG 0517

Reviews of owners allow us to make an unequivocal conclusion that the Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher is compact in size, roomy and easy to use. It is also economical in terms of energy and water consumption. Some users give it their preference for a high-profile brand, while others prefer it for its large selection of wash modes.

There are also aspects that owners clearly do not like. It is the lack of door locking, as well as frequent breakdowns, about which many users say. Some owners also attribute the lack of indication of the presence of rinse aid to the disadvantages.

But there are also aspects that are controversial among users. This noise when working, the cost of the model, the quality of drying and washing. For example, some owners have to use additional soaking in order to fully wash dishes.

Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher control panel

Advantages of the Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher

The Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher has few objective competitive advantages for a modern user. These include the presence of salt amount indication, body leak protection, as well as the ability to adjust the height of baskets to place dishes of different sizes.

The disadvantages of the Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher

As for defects, the Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher has them in abundance. The first can be considered a white, dirty color of the body.

Next comes the control features, for example, the lack of a display, built-in timer, automatic programs with the appropriate sensors in the design, as well as support for complex detergents.

It is also worth noting that compared to other models, which have child protection and automatic adjustment of water hardness, it loses.

Maybe this model has no such flaws.

What to do if the error code appears on the screen?

The Indesit dishwasher is considered a successful household appliance. Certain error codes can be eliminated with your own hands, without disassembling the machine.

Specialists advise to restart the machine three times. If the code returns again, you will have to disassemble the dishwasher and perform diagnostics, using the deciphering of the values of the codes. How the dishwasher resets:

  • Press the “start” button, hold for a moment and release;
  • after ten seconds unplug the machine;
  • After twenty minutes, reconnect the power cord, wait for a ten-second pause and restart.

If the error code does not appear on the display, the dishwasher can be used as usual. Otherwise, the reset should be repeated a couple more times. The worst case scenario. the error is not cleared, and it is necessary to disassemble the machine.

How to proceed, faced with a code?

Do not underestimate the dishwasher Indesit. It is not so bad. In many cases, the error code can be resolved without even taking your “domestic helper” apart. Experienced masters recommend restarting the machine up to three times. After that, if the code will return, it is necessary to disassemble the technique and conduct its diagnostics, relying on the decoding of error codes. How to reboot?

  • Press the on/off button and release it for a moment.
  • After 10 seconds, you must de-energize the equipment by pulling the plug of the power cord out of the socket.

How to repair with your own hands

If there are minor malfunctions, the dishwasher repair Indesit ICD 661 can be done with your own hands.

Replacing the heating element

Due to the use of hard water, the heating element over time is covered with limescale. The layer of scale increases, the heating element overheats and fails. Failure of this part increases the electrical consumption. This part of the dishwasher can be repaired as follows:

  • disconnect the appliance from the power supply, shut off the water supply tap;
  • The machine should be turned on its side;
  • Remove the lower lid;
  • inspect the pump (in Indesit dishwashers and washing machines, the heating element is connected to this part, before removing the heater, it is necessary to check the condition of the pump);
  • Replace the pump (if inspection with an ohmmeter detects a malfunction, the part is replaced);
  • disconnect the wiring of the heating element, check the contacts;
  • remove the heating element (if the part is covered with a thick layer of plaque, unclamp and disconnect the heater, then disconnect the pump and take out the heating element from the body);
  • Replace pump seal;
  • treat the protruding parts of the heater with grease;
  • The heating element is installed (the removed clamps are replaced with new ones).

Drain pump cleaning and replacement

If the Indesit HMG 0517 does not empty, after the program is finished, check the drainage system. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the door, remove all the trays and shelves;
  • Remove the strainer located in the lower part of the device;
  • wash the parts with a jet of water (if the filter parts are heavily soiled, they should be cleaned with a brush);
  • Open the pump, inspect and clean the impeller;
  • Check the pump for damage (it is possible to get to this part through the bottom of the dishwasher)
  • Disconnect the wires and check the terminals, using an ohmmeter;
  • Remove and replace the pump.

Replacing the seal on the door

If the seal is worn or dislodged, the machine begins to leak. You can replace the part yourself. To do this you need to do the following steps:

  • Open the chamber door;
  • Remove the seal around the perimeter of the opening;
  • take a new gasket and install it, spreading it around the perimeter
  • cut off excess material with a knife;
  • check the quality of the installation by starting the machine.
  • Open hopper door;
  • unscrew the screws located on the inside of the door;
  • Lift the door, pull, remove the outer panel;
  • reopen the door, remove the basket from the chamber (you can see the seal at the bottom);
  • Remove the gasket material by gripping the edge with tweezers;
  • tuck in the new gasket (there is a mark on the right side of the product to ease the installation process)
  • Reassemble the door.

Problems with the control board

The control unit is an expensive and fragile part. Each part of the module is responsible for the operation of the various elements of the machine. It is recommended that the board be repaired by an expert. Checking the part involves the following steps:

indesit, dishwasher, troubleshooting
  • Remove the front panel of the door;
  • Removing the clamps that hold the control panel in place;
  • Disconnecting the wire connected to the module;
  • remove the bolts connecting the board to the panel;
  • Disconnect the wiring (before starting this stage of work it is recommended to photograph the connectors);
  • Inspect the part for malfunctions;
  • install a new board in case of breakage.

Checking the filler system

Slow intake of water indicates clogging of the filling system. Check this part of the dishwasher as follows:

  • close the water supply tap;
  • Disconnect the drain hose from the body of the device, disconnect the other end of the flexible tube from the water supply;
  • the hose is flushed with a stream of water;
  • remove and inspect the strainer located in front of the inlet valve;
  • filter is cleaned from contaminants;
  • assess the condition of the inlet valve (if there is no blockage, the electronic parts are checked with an ohmmeter, in case of malfunction the valve is replaced).

Another reason of lack of water supply is a clogged detergent dispenser. Powder absorbs moisture and forms a thick layer, so after each wash, the trays must be wiped with a tissue. It is also necessary to check whether the nozzles are not clogged. The blade is removed by removing the screws. Holes are cleaned with a toothpick and rinsed with water.

Troubleshooting your Indesit dishwasher

Although Indesit company’s main office is located in Italy, the machines are manufactured in Poland. It’s one of the most popular brands thanks to its low cost and functionality. Of course, the equipment is not insured against breakages. Defects of “Indesit” dishwashers are caused by unstable voltage in the network and blockages. Find out how to solve the problems at home.

Error codes and causes of “Indesit” dishwasher breakage

All machinery breakdowns are interconnected. Minor malfunctions or operating errors lead to serious malfunctions that are resolved with repairs.

Your drain is clogged and water doesn’t come out of the tank properly? Over time, the problem will cause the pump or heater to fail. Frequent mains failures occur? This can result in electronic and control card failure. What are these examples? We want to warn you. Watch out for machinery. Do not ignore the problem even if it is a minor malfunction.

What breakdowns are most often fixed in Indesit washing machines:

Indesit IDF125 Dishwasher Review & Demonstration

  • Dishwasher does not turn on. Mains, cable wiring, outlet malfunction. Control board burned out, interference filter.
  • The water in/out of the tank does not flow. Clogged system, faulty drain pump.
  • Leak in the system. Often occurs when the tank is damaged or corroded.
  • It is not heating the water. Faulty heating element, thermistor or its wiring.

The fault can be identified by an error code on the display. System runs a diagnostic test of all components and displays an error message if a malfunction is detected.

  • AL01. Aquastop protection has tripped.
  • AL02. No water in hopper.
  • AL03. the waste liquid does not go out.
  • AL05. circulation pump malfunction.
  • AL06. power supply failure of priming valve.
  • AL10. The heater doesn’t work.

If your dishwasher‘s display shows a code, reset the technique. The reason might be a system error.

If error appears again, it is a sign of malfunction. You can find deciphering of this error in the instruction manual. Start troubleshooting.

Repair of the Indesit washing machine with your own hands

If you want to do the repair yourself, prepare the machine. Slide it out of the recess to inspect the housing and make it easier to disassemble.

Dishwasher will not run

Examine the inlet hose of the machine. Maybe it’s jammed or kinked, that’s why the water doesn’t flow into the tank. Turn the stop valve, it should be fully open. Check the water pressure in the faucet. If water supply is shut off, wait until it is restored.

Now proceed to a thorough inspection and cleaning. Prepare the container and disconnect the hose from the body. There is a strainer behind it, which blocks small debris from entering the chamber. Clean the two elements from clogging.

Check the inlet valve. If the mechanical part is clogged with debris. remove it. If electrical coils are burned out, replace the valve. Disconnect the hose from it and turn off the wiring plugs. Replace with similar element.

Water not draining

Why the drain in the washer-dryer doesn’t work? The main problem is clogs. Pieces of food, wipes from dishes fall into the filter, clogging it. Sometimes a foreign object blocks the impeller, then pumping stops.

  • Open the appliance door.
  • Pull the trays out of the hopper.
  • Unscrew the filter at the bottom. Flush with warm water and brush the strainer.
  • Remove liquid from the hole behind the filter.
  • Remove the cover and clean the pump impeller.
  • Disconnect the drain hose from the sewer.
  • Remove debris from the hose. The clog often forms in the plastic elbow of the drain.

If cleaning does not solve the problem, it is time to check the drain pump.

  • Disconnect the unit from the power supply.
  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Spread a towel and turn the machine on its side.
  • Dismantle bottom panel.
  • Disconnect leak sensor wiring.
  • Put the stylus of a multimeter on the pins of the pump.
  • Readings of 200 ohms or more indicate that the part is serviceable.
  • Remove wiring plugs to replace the unit.
  • Unclip the hose and remove it from its seat.
  • Turn and pull out the pump.
  • Clean debris from the access opening.
  • Install new element.

Appliance will not start

Machine is not responding to commands and pushing? No lights on panel and no water is being drawn? Check the electrical installation of the machine.

  • Cable and plug. Any damage to the cord insulation should result in replacement, not repair. This is dangerous to both the appliance and your health.
  • Outlets. If no fouling is visible, plug in another appliance. Works? It means that it is working.
  • Condenser. It serves to smooth out disturbances in the network. The part is located near the circulation pump. If swollen and burned out the capacitor needs to be replaced.

Last the control module is checked. Do not repair it yourself, unless you are not familiar with electrical circuits. But you can replace the part.

  • Pull the plug out of the socket.
  • Open the door, loosen the front panel screws.
  • Unscrew screws that hold the control box.
  • Pull out black wire, disconnect wires from unit.
  • Reassemble the new element in reverse order.

Is there a leak?

  • From under the stoking door. seal is worn out.
  • At the back of the body. bad connection of the fill or drain hose.
  • From under the housing. the gasket of the pump.

Corrosion can also cause the hopper itself to leak. In this case it is better to call a specialist. When leaking hoses usually actuates the system “Aquastop”. The machine beeps when operating or displays an error code. Check the fill hose. If the protection is triggered, then it must be completely replaced. Retighten hose connections and tighten hose clamps.

How To Fix a Dishwasher that will not run start or fill with water

Error codes of EOS automatic oven with DEA 601/602/700 boards

The DEA 601 comes on Indesit DFG 03/050/051/0515/052/0535/ 054/151/154/250/251/252/ 253/254/261/262/2635, DFP 272/573, DIF 04/14/16/26/36, DIS 04/1147/14/16, DPG 015/15/36, DSG 051/0517/263/2637/573/5737, IDF 125, IDP 127, IDS 105 and also Scholtes LTE 12-106.

DEA 602 control module can be installed on Indesit DFG 03/04/ 050/0507/051/0512/0515/ 054/151/152/ 250/251/252/254/255/ 261/262/2622/2627/2631/2635, DFP 2631/ 272/2727/273/2731/274/277/ 573/5731, DIF 04/14/16/1614/26/ 34/3414/36/361/36/ 4367, DIS 04/1147/14/16/16/161/ 5377/5377/53771, DPG 015/15/36/361, DSG 051/0517/ 263/2631/2637/ 573/5731/5737, DVLS 5, IDF 125/145, IDP 127/147/148, IDS 105/107/1071/573, and Scholtes LTE 12-106.

The DEA 700 control module can be found on the Indesit models DFG 26, DFP 27/58, DIF 66, DIFP 28/68, DPG 26/66, EDIF 66, EDIFP 28, EDPG 66.

EOS dishwashers with DEA 601/602/700 boards can be equipped with various user interfaces (control panel): with 4 or 6 LEDs (indicators) of washing programs, digital (with LCD display). If the PMM has only LEDs, the error code is shown by blinking of a certain set of indicators, on the digital interfaces the error code is shown on the display, but the LED indication remains as well.

On earlier display models, the error code was shown prefixed with “A” (for example A3), on the newer EOS models with “F” (for example “F03”). On a PM with a digital interface, the error is indicated by flashing of digits without a prefix: for example, if an error is “05”, the digit “5” will flash.

On EOS platform only 4 left indicators are used, and strictly defined: led1. “washing”, led2. “drying”, led3. “end”, led4. “delayed start.

on interfaces with LEDs the binary codification of the error number is applied: four indicators are assigned a conditional number in the power of two. 1, 2, 4, 8 (see photo below). and the error code (or rather the number) is defined as the sum of the numbers of the blinking lights; for instance, when LEDs 1, 2 and 4 are illuminated, the error is 11 (128). Numbering starts from the leftmost LED.

What is the cause of most malfunctions

Unfortunately, in many cases dishwasher malfunctions are the fault of the users. Owners who do not carefully read the operating instructions cause their own problems.

The most common causes are:

  • improper connection of the PMM to the water, power and sewage systems;
  • Improper operation of the dishwasher;
  • Use of detergents, salt and rinse aid, not intended for these household devices.

In case of wrong connection to the plumbing the washing machine can stop working. One example of installation errors is exceeding the maximum length of the hoses connected to the water supply and sewer. As a result the drain pump may not have enough capacity to pump the liquid to the sewage system, and water from the water supply system will not come into the tank in a sufficient volume.

indesit, dishwasher, troubleshooting

Before washing dishes in the washer-dryer it is necessary to clean the surface of dishes from dried and burnt pieces of food. this is one of the important rules of operation. Otherwise, even soaking and prolonged intensive washing will not help to wash the kitchen equipment well. Besides, the machine can stop working if filters clogged with dirt stop letting liquid through. Therefore, clean the filter of grease and dirt after every work cycle and at least once a week.

The use of cheap and low-quality products leads to poor wash and rinse quality. For example, they leave a whitish streak on the surface. Sometimes it can cause high levels of foaming and leakage of the liquid into the pan, causing the dishwasher to stop and an error code to display on the control panel.

In addition to the above causes, there are such, which appear due to the fault of public utilities. For example:

If there are too many salts in the water, the regenerative salt cannot soften the liquid to the necessary level. This situation leads to the occurrence of lime deposits in the parts of the PM and on the walls of the working chamber. Scale formed on the surface of the electric flow heater (hereinafter also. heating element) does not allow it to heat water to the required level. Lime scale clogs the holes in the nozzles of the spray arms, and the washing quality suffers considerably.

Power surges in the electrical system (sometimes up to 380 volts) are fraught with fatal consequences for household appliances. Dishwasher control units suffer the most from such processes. In most cases, experienced professionals will check and replace the burnt part. But it also happens that it is necessary to change the entire module.

The last cause of damage to the PM is the wear and tear of parts or defects that have arisen during their production. Over time, this leads to a breakdown of the household appliance.

How the dishwasher works and what breaks in it readers can learn from the following video:

Appearance of cracks or gaps

Cracks form in the plastic parts, and on the metal elements appear dents, bends, due to which the tightness of joints is compromised. It is not always possible to perfectly align metal surfaces at home, but they can easily be eliminated by a master, using a special tool or a spare part. Since metals are inherently corrosive, over time there are gaps between the joints, through which water also begins to leak. Thin plates or a special cloth impregnated with a moisture-proof compound are applied to the damaged joints.

Repair cracks in plastic is carried out by gluing if they are clearly visible. However, in the case of micro cracks glue is unlikely to help, so the part can only be replaced. It is necessary to dry and degrease the damaged place well before gluing.

It is better to use hot melt or “cold welding” with a dispenser set. Unique glue properties have elastic cylinders. “liquid nails” for thermal gun, in drying the product becomes strong, elastic, it is not toxic and can withstand boiling water temperature. After the glue has fully cured, you should check the repaired site, and better yet the whole unit for leaks. To be sure the process can be repeated.

On a note: in dishwashers it is impossible to use epoxy resin for repair of cracks, it is unstable to temperature changes and vibrations, therefore on the glued place over time will inevitably form microcracks.

How to solve problems with your new dishwasher

It is not advisable to begin repair procedures without checking the terms of warranty service for the dishwasher. Most often the manufacturer gives 1 year warranty, but responsible companies extend the period of free repair or replacement up to 5 years.

If the machine broke down during the first year of operation, it is not recommended to disassemble or replace parts yourself. It is necessary to immediately contact the store where you bought the dishwasher, and specify the rules of repair.

indesit, dishwasher, troubleshooting

When you buy a washing machine, you should also inquire about the warranty period. If they aren’t listed on the product card, your sales assistant will be able to give you all the details

  • submitting an application for warranty repair. in the store or service center must provide a special form or fill it out yourself;
  • Choose a convenient time for removal of the equipment;
  • The first thing to do is to draw up a handover report at the time of removal;
  • If you want, you can apply for a replacement product.

This last point is written in the law “About consumer protection” (Art.20). The application is handed over to the representatives of the store against signature, the original is kept by the buyer. You’ll be given a new appliance of the same class for the duration of the repair.

If the device weighs 5 kg or more, the store takes care of its delivery to the service center. Dishwashers are free of charge

But you should not always be in a hurry to deliver the equipment for repair. In order not to let the seemingly right action cause a mishap, one should first check if the machine is connected correctly. For example, the dishwasher may not run because you forgot to plug it in or turn on the water tap.

If the installation and connection of the dishwasher you carried out by your own forces, it will not be superfluous to check whether all correctly connected. The main nuances of self-wiring, we have listed in the following article.

It is necessary to check whether the wiring is serviceable and whether the circuit breaker in the apartment electrical switchboard is on. You can check the power supply to the socket with another electrical device.

If all connection actions are performed correctly, and the new machine does not perform the task or works with interruptions, we advise to use the warranty service.

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