Indesit machine replacement bearing on the drum

How to change the bearings on the washing machine Indesit

If your machine needs to be repaired, you probably had such a question: how to replace the bearing in the washing machine indesit? Ask for help from a handyman or do it with your own hands? If you have a minimum set of tools, which is in every home, and you have some experience in repairing machines Indesit, it is quite possible to cope with the replacement of the bearing in the washing machine.

First of all, it is worth carrying out a diagnosis of the breakdown: and whether the washing machine really needs to replace the bearings? Signs of their wear and tear are:

It should be noted that the noise during the operation of the machine can also arise for other reasons. First of all, you need to exclude foreign objects inside the device, check the system of draining and water intake. If everything is fine, then most likely the source of the noise is a worn bearing. Replacement does not need to be delayed: a broken bearing can completely disable the washing machine. The cost of such repair is quite high, since it requires almost complete disassembly of the device. However, following the step-by-step recommendations, you can make expensive repairs yourself.

How to change the bearing on the washing machine Samsung. How to replace a bearing: preparation

Replacing the bearing in a Samsung washing machine is the only correct solution when it breaks down, since repairing this component is often impossible.

To begin preparations for the works is worth looking for the right parts. Now the market (in stores, service centers, and on the Internet) offers a huge selection of bearings for any model of Samsung washing machines. In the kit you get:

In order not to mix up and not to buy the wrong set, tell the seller the exact model and year of manufacture of your washing machine. To make it easier to navigate, look at the table of spare parts for Samsung machines:

In addition to the part itself, you need to prepare a small set of tools. To remove the fasteners, unscrew the tank in two pieces, knock out the bearings, arm yourself with:

  • A small copper hammer;
  • Grease or WD-40;
  • a bent hex wrench;
  • a marker pen;
  • with a metal stud;
  • with a pair of pliers;
  • an adjustable wrench;
  • with wrenches of various modifications;
  • indicator, minus and plus screwdriver;
  • sealant.

Changing the bearing on my Indesit washing machine

All this will help you to replace the bearing with your own hands according to all the rules.

Common mistakes when replacing

Study the following recommendations carefully so that replacement does not costly repairs:

    If the pulley is broken, you cannot jerk it, only rock it slightly sideways and pull it lightly;

  • tear off the bolt heads, if the bolt does not go splash WD-40;
  • Breakage of the wire of the temperature sensor, be careful with the cover of the tank;
  • The sliding assembly is damaged;
  • The gasket of the moving assembly has not been replaced;
  • during assembly all sensors and wires are not connected.

So you see that the replacement is quite time consuming, but doable, if you have at least a little experience with machinery.

If this process is difficult for you, we advise you to contact professionals, such as an official service center, check the price on the website.

Cutting the tank.

To cut the tank, you use an ordinary hacksaw for metal. To speed up the process it is possible to use a blade with increased teeth, to reduce the width of the sawing along the blade, you can pre-walk a hammer to reduce the setting of the teeth.

Let me tell you right away. before I faced with this myself, I read a lot of advice, and everyone does it in his own way. What I am describing. tested in practice and over several years has not been a single puncture. So, let’s start sawing the tank. The cut goes exactly along the glue joint. There may be complications, depending on what kind of tank you got. If the seam is in the front of the tank. you are lucky and the operation will be less time consuming.

In most cases, however, the seam goes through the pressure tapping chamber (pressostat chamber) and this will be more complicated. Since it is no longer possible to cut here with a hacksaw, we have to take a single blade. First the upper part of the chamber is cut, then the lower part. On average, depending on skills and experience, it takes 30 minutes to an hour and a half to saw the tank (Figure 3).3). Be especially careful when completing the sawing work, so the tank does not break under the weight of its halves.

Replacing the bearing in the Indesit WIS washing machine. The preparatory stage

After determining the fault it is necessary to prepare properly for the repair of the machine. Work on replacing the bearing requires certain skills and knowledge of the unit device. The most difficult thing in this process is to get to the worn parts. To carry out a successive replacement of the bearing in the Indesit washing machine with your own hands, you will have to completely disassemble the unit, which will take a lot of time and effort.

Prepare all the necessary tools before starting the repair

If you have decided to carry out the replacement at home, you should first prepare all the necessary tools. This will allow you to concentrate on the process of disassembling the appliance and not have to run to the garage for every little thing. Assemble the following tools to replace the bearing:

  • Wrenches and socket wrenches.
  • Hammer.
  • Phillips and flat-blade screwdrivers.
  • Pliers.
  • Chisel.
  • Metal hacksaw or angle grinder.
  • WD-40 fabric softener.
  • Sealant or adhesive.
  • New replacement parts.

In order to choose the right new bearings and oil seals for your Indesit machine, you need to know exactly what elements are installed in your machine. For example, the WISL 85 EX will take 2о4 and 2о5 bearings, whereas the Indesit WI 101 EX model requires 2о2 and 2о3 bearings. It’s best to remove the old bearings and oil seals and take them to the store to select similar items before you buy them. Be sure to buy two oil seals and bearings at once, even if only one part is broken. If you miss this point, you will soon need to replace all the elements again.

If you doubt your abilities, the right decision is not to try to repair the machine yourself, but immediately entrust the repair to an experienced specialist from the service center.

Before starting disassembly, disconnect the machine from the mains and unscrew the intake hose, having previously shut off the water supply tap. Then disconnect the drain hose from the sewage pipe. If there is water left in the machine, it must be drained through the filter compartment, located at the bottom behind a small panel.

The repair of

So disconnect the SM from the drain hose and water inlet hose. Remove the top cover. Unscrew the two screws from the back. Slide the cover towards the back with your hands and unhook it.

indesit, machine, replacement, bearing, drum

Then let’s remove the back cover by unscrewing the self-tapping screws.

Fig. 3 Washing machine with back cover removed

To make it easier to unscrew the bolt on the shaft, I tightened the drum with bolts that were originally installed on the CM. There are four in total, but I only needed two. Remove plastic inserts on these bolts beforehand and leave the rubber bushings. screwed into the technological holes. The wheel is now protruding and the sprocket bolt is easier to access.

indesit, machine, replacement, bearing, drum

Figure. 5 Installing the technological bolts

I must say that it was not possible to unscrew it with the bit at the first attempt. And to avoid deformation of splines on the bit, I pre-strike a bolt from its place with an ordinary chisel and hammer. To find out if you have knocked the bolt off place or not, just use a pencil to make a mark on the flat of the bolt and its base. Two or three strokes and the head is displaced. Unfortunately the picture shows a chisel on the unscrewed bolt.

Figure. 6 Unscrewing the pulley bolt

Then use a 40 mm bit. Insert into the head of the bolt

Figure. 7 Insert the bit in the head of the bolt

indesit, machine, replacement, bearing, drum

Using the back of the hammer to hold the pulley in place with one hand. The second using an adjustable wrench, unscrew the bolt, t.е. Turn it counterclockwise (the thread on the bolt is standard right-hand thread).

Picture. 8 Unscrew the bolt securing the pulley

Before removing the counterweight, unscrew the bolts with rubber bushings, previously screwed in from technological holes. Next, use a socket wrench 10 to remove the counterweight or load whatever you want to call it.

Figure. 12 Disassembly of the retaining ring

Then the most uncomfortable step was to remove the 8 bolts with star, which fix the duralumin cross. To make sure nothing was in the way, I took off the following parts.

The powder loading block can be removed by unscrewing the screws in the front and back.

Fig. 14 Dismantling the detergent dispenser

Indesit Washing Machine dismantling(Bearings issue problem)

Unscrew the 4 bolts from the upper part of the pulley with the bit and a standard spanner.

Turn the CM upside down. Carefully. Take care not to break the loading block and the rest of the elements. I personally covered everything with the top lid and turned it upside down, with the drum resting on the top lid under its own weight.

Fig. 16 Turning the washing machine over

Fig. 17 Disassembly of the electric motor

Fig. 18 View after removing the motor

Do not let the wires get in the way. Pull them off the heating element.

Fig. 19 Removal of heating element wires

Next, disconnect the electronic block from the housing.

Picture. 20 Disconnect electronic block

Since the gas spanner was too big, to remove 4 more bolts I had to use the construction of a simple spanner. Using a socket head for 9 and chiseling an extension bit for this head I made a spanner.

Fig. 21 Adjusting the ratchet extension

Unscrew 4 screws and turn the machine back over. Using the crow bar, carefully remove the spider. Pull them off in a circular motion with a little effort. On the picture the crossover was already removed, so the oil seal is looking at this side))) But the principle of removal is the same, so do not pay attention.

Preparing the working place

To replace the bearing in the washing machine Indesit should first of all be stocked with new bearings and seals, corresponding to the model, which requires repair. By the way, the wear and tear of the oil seal can be the main cause of problems with the bearing.

The best option is to use the original accessories. Next, we deal directly with the washing machine. To replace the bearings in a washing machine, you have to pull out its tank, which the evil and mercenary designers of this brand managed to make monolithic in Indesitic.

For what? So that instead of replacing the bearing you have to replace the whole unit with a new tank. And this “pleasure” will cost a lot (not less than half of the cost of the whole machine). That doesn’t work for us! Why pay extra money?

We will limit ourselves to replacement of bearings and seals only. Well, let’s deal directly with the washing machine. You have to almost completely disassemble it. And therefore it is necessary to settle down where there will be enough space and nothing will interfere with the process. Well and prepare the necessary tools.

How to choose a new part

In order to change the bearing of an indexit washing machine, it is important to buy exactly the same new parts. If you do not know what bearings are in your model of indesit washing machine, then go to buy after you get the old.

They usually have a marking on them, which allows you to find the exact replacement. If after working on one of them the inscription has worn off, then you can find out which bearing is the second, since their markings are consecutive.

If the large bearing is numbered 203, the smaller one will be marked 202.

You need to buy both glands and bearings for washing machines indexit at once, so that then do not go through this procedure again, disassembling the drum at the next breakdown. To find out how much the parts for an Indesit washing machine cost, look at online stores.

How to replace the bearing in the washing machine Indesit ws84tx. How to replace the bearing: step by step instructions

Bearing replacement for Indesit models WISL 82, WISL 102, WISL 105 X, IWSD 5085 and others is performed according to the general algorithm. The only difference can be in the order of opening the tank. In devices of this brand both collapsible and one-piece element is installed. In the first case, to get to the bearing will be simple, you just need to disconnect the tank mounts. If the washing machine is equipped with a non-disassembled element, the plastic blade will have to be sawed and then re-glue both parts.

First you need to remove the top cover from the unit. It is easy to do this by unscrewing the two screws on the back of the washing machine and gently sliding the cover back a little. Then it must be lifted and removed from the support. In some Indesit models the lid is additionally held by plastic catches in the front part. If they are, use a hammer and tap lightly away from yourself to disengage the cover from the latches.

Before removing the top cover you need to unscrew the self-tapping screws

Next remove the back wall. To do this, unscrew the 6 self-tapping screws on it, after which the panel should detach without too much effort. Behind it you will see the motor, but it will need to be disconnected at the end of the disassembly. If the machine is equipped with a drive belt, it should be removed at this stage so that it does not interfere with further operations.

Then proceed to disconnect the dashboard. First remove the powder collector by pushing the latch inside the element. In the hopper free compartment, unscrew the bolts that secure the dashboard and remove it from its holders. Connecting wires need to be removed and put the completely separated part aside, so as not to damage it in the process.

Experienced craftsmen advise beginners to take pictures of each step of disassembly of the unit to facilitate the process of reassembly after the repair.

After removing the dashboard, it is necessary to remove all the parts that are in the upper part. These include the concrete counterweight, the spigot between the tank and the powder compartment, the pressostat and the water valve, and their contacts.

Before removing the front wall, unscrew the hatch door and remove the rubber seal. First, using a screwdriver, unscrew the gasket and carefully wrap it in the tank so as not to damage it. Unscrew the bolts that hold the hinge and remove the door.

On the bottom back side, disconnect the electric motor and heating element, shock absorbers, drainage tube and counterweight from the housing. To remove the motor from the machine, disconnect the power supply and ground wire, and then unscrew the bolts that fasten the element. Disconnect the heating element wiring in the same way.

After removing the back cover, disconnect the heating element and the motor

Remove the clamp with a pair of pliers and disconnect the drainage connection from the pump. Before doing this, it is recommended to unscrew the filter. To release shock absorbers from mountings you need to unscrew nuts from left and right side. When all the elements are removed, make sure that the tank is not holding anything, and carry out its removal. Then unscrew the pulley using a T40 socket hex wrench. Loosen its mount, loosening the bolt little by little. If this is not easy to do, use WD-40 to soften it up.

To get to the bottom to disconnect the pipe and shock absorbers you need to put the machine on the front or side panel.

Next you need to dismantle the dismantled tank. to reach the pulley and bearings. In a collapsible tank just unscrew all the bolts around the circumference and gently separate the two parts. The whole piece should be sawed in half at the joint, using a metal saw or an angle grinder. Preliminarily along the perimeter of the tank should be drilled holes, the distance between which should not be more than 4-5 cm. This is necessary in order to be able to reassemble the body of the tank and secure it with the bolts.

This is how the tank looks after it is removed from the body of the machine

Then unscrew the bolts that fix the tank to the drum. Unfasten the retaining latches and remove the plastic tank walls. Then you can proceed directly to the replacement of the bearing on the drum of the washing machine Indesit. The procedure is carried out in the following order:

indesit, machine, replacement, bearing, drum
  • Remove the worn packing from the seats and gently tap out the metal washers.
  • Lay the drum on the side of the hatch.
  • Place the chisel on the rim of the outer bearing and knock the part out with a hammer.
  • Repeat the manipulation with the inner bearing, making sure that the chisel does not hit or damage the body of the drum.
  • Deburr the seats and apply lubricant and WD-40.
  • Drive the new elements to the stop on the vacated places, hitting with a hammer on the outer edges of the parts.
  • Treat the gland with grease and install it on the inside of the tank.
  • Reassemble the washing machine in reverse order.

Do not forget to treat the bearings with grease

Replacing bearings is a laborious and time-consuming process, but if you do it yourself, you can save on the services of a service center. We hope you find our article useful.

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