Indesit refrigerator with upper freezer compartment

Indesit two-chamber refrigerators

Total volume of your fridge. volume including shelves and other interior equipment (overhangs, panels, etc.).д.).

Useful volume of refrigerator. Total internal volume of all compartments suitable for food storage.

Total volume of the refrigerated compartment. volume including shelves and other interior equipment (value includes fresh zone, if any).

Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber. Volume minus shelves and other interior equipment, suitable for storing food (value given including fresh zone, if any).

Total volume of the freezer compartment. volume including volume of shelves and other interior equipment.

Useful volume of freezer compartment. Volume minus the volume of shelves and other interior equipment, suitable for storing food.

indesit, refrigerator, upper, freezer

Total volume of the refrigerator. volume including shelves and other internal equipment (protrusions, panels, etc.д.).

Useful volume of a refrigerator. Total internal volume of all compartments suitable for food storage.

Total volume of the refrigerator compartment. volume including shelves and other internal equipment (the value is given taking into account the fresh zone, if any).

Indesit IBD5517 Fridge Freezer Demo

Useful volume of refrigerating chamber. The volume minus shelves and other internal equipment suitable for storing food (the value is given taking into account the fresh zone, if any).

Total volume of freezer. volume including shelves and other internal equipment.

Useful volume of freezing chamber. Volume minus the volume of shelves and other interior equipment suitable for storing food.

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Top 4 Indesit refrigerators with top freezer

Some people decide to buy a refrigerator that has a freezer on top. It is convenient if a person frequently uses the freezer. After all, he will have to bend down less often when it is necessary to get the products. Here are the best models from this category, distinguished by good quality and affordable price.

Indesit RTM 014

The body is made of durable stainless steel. The manufacturer has equipped the refrigerator with a low-noise compressor that will not disturb the owner with loud sounds.

Model is able to keep cold up to 17 hours in the absence of power supply, so the owner will not have to worry about an unexpected power outage. With a large 51 litre freezer compartment, you can always keep enough frozen food in stock.

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Indesit RTM 016

The basic difference of this model from the previous one is the considerable volume of the refrigerating chamber (245 l instead of 194 l). Therefore, if the owner does not like to go to the store frequently and tries to buy products beforehand, the refrigerator will become an excellent acquisition for him/her.

It features 5 shelves made of durable glass that can easily withstand heavy pots and other food containers. After having purchased the refrigerator the owner does not have to worry about high electricity bills as it consumes very little electricity, as evidenced by its energy efficiency class A.

  • Sturdy shelves made of stain-resistant glass.
  • Easy operation.
  • Tightly closing doors.
  • Motor and relay are virtually silent.
  • Flimsy and small fruit and vegetable drawers.

Indesit RTM 16 S

This fridge-freezer compartment has a manual defrosting system, while the previous model has a drip-free defrosting system. It has a nice design and will easily blend into your kitchen interior.

The doors have wide shelves on which it will be convenient to place milk bottles, sauces, etc. д. The compressor does not make much noise during operation. Long-lasting low temperature maintenance (up to 17 hours) in the absence of power will avoid food spoilage due to sudden power outage.

  • Large door shelves.
  • Long retention of cold in case of power outage.
  • Low-noise.
  • Enjoys low power consumption.
  • Necessary to defrost the fridge compartment manually.

Indesit TIA 180

Unlike the previous model, this one has a greater freezing capacity (up to 4 kg/day instead of 2), allowing the owner to freeze a lot of food. There is also an antibacterial coating on the inner walls of the refrigerator, which will not be able to breed germs.

The owner has the option of re-hanging the door on the other side. Such a need usually arises if when it is opened it touches kitchen appliances or furniture. The model has a stylish design, with no sharp corners or protruding handles.

Top 10: Top 10 best Indesit refrigerators of 2022

Model No. Name Description
2. Indesit TT 85 Best mini fridge 3. Indesit ITR 4180 W Indesit quality refrigerator for 300 liters 4. Indesit DS 4200 W Popular 339 liter fridge at the best price 5. Indesit DS 4160 E A compact, inexpensive drip fridge 6. Indesit ITS 5180 W Reliable Full No Frost refrigerator 7. Indesit RTM 014 A small and capacious 245-litre Indesit refrigerator 8. Indesit MT 08 T A good mini fridge from Indesit 9. Indesit DS 318 W 310 liter liquid drip fridge 10. Indesit ITD 125 W Compact inexpensive 210 liter refrigerator Indesit RTM 016

The RTM 016 is an inexpensive, but quite functional model of the Indesit refrigerators. A freezer compartment is installed in the upper part of the appliance as standard. Here it is the same as in the previous models. by 51 liters. And it also features a removable metal shelf for food storage. On the freezer there is also a mechanical thermostat by means of which one can change the temperature mode in the chambers. The shelves in the refrigerating chamber are made of durable tempered glass. There are five pieces of shelves in this model. Each of them can be removed or moved to the necessary level. Two sturdy plastic fruit and vegetable drawers are located in the bottom of the refrigerator. On the refrigerating compartment door there are five hinged s for large bottles, preserves and eggs.

  • Low power consumption;
  • Low noise level during operation;
  • compact dimensions;
  • The drip defrosting system of the refrigerator compartment;
  • The possibility of re-hanging the door on the opposite side;
  • low cost.
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“An excellent refrigerator both in terms of price and in terms of equipment. Everything is perfect in it. It doesn’t make any noise and defrosts without my interference. It is convenient to use it, as the internal space is intelligently organized. True, the first week after purchase I had some problems. there was a constant humming noise. Over time, of course, passed.”

“The refrigerator looks modern despite the standard performance style. Doesn’t make any noise when it works. It is not audible even in complete silence. Doors close tightly, so you don’t have to worry about cold air escaping. Very many shelves, it is very convenient, because they fit all the products. If suddenly there is not enough space in the refrigerator, a few of them can be taken out.”

“Absolutely silent and comfortable refrigerator. The interior is organised very nicely. lots of shelves that can be rearranged and removed;. The interior is organised very nicely. many shelves that can be rearranged and removed. I don’t like the layout of the drawer for vegetables, because you have to bend down all the time.”

The indesit refrigerator with a top freezer

Refrigerators in widths from 500 (mm) to 1200 (mm).

The main refrigerator size ranges:

  • With top freezer: Fridges with a top freezer are much more environmentally friendly and help save energy;
  • With bottom freezer: when you open the fridge, the whole range of food will be in front of your eyes;
  • Single-door models: a great choice for those who need extra storage space;
  • Compact refrigerators: the option to fit perfectly under the countertop and suitable for a small kitchen or office;
  • Built-in fridge-freezers: such a fridge-freezer blends in perfectly with the kitchen interior.

Important: Detailed information on the main dimensions of the refrigerators can be found via the links below.

B (mm) Standard product width (mm)

H (mm) Standard product height (mm)

W (mm) Standard product depth (mm)

B (mm) Standard product width (mm)

H (mm) Standard product height (mm)

W (mm) Standard product depth (mm)

H (mm) Standard product height (mm)

B (mm) Standard product width (mm)

W (mm) Standard product depth (mm)

Indesit MD 14 top freezer compartment refrigerator

The Indesit MD 14 refrigerator is a compact device, which will fit into any small kitchen. The use of modern compressor allows you to limit the noise level to 39 dB, making the work of the device is almost inaudible to others. EASY TO SERVEThe drip system makes the defrosting of the refrigerator compartment much easier and helps to keep the kitchen clean during this process.

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All assortment of Indesit refrigerators is presented in our store, where you can get acquainted with the parameters of the product and choose the original model that will be in harmony with the interior. We offer all our customers free delivery of the appliances to.

Indesit refrigerators and freezers prices

The refrigerator Indesit, which reviews testify to its nice design, ergonomics and reliability for many years already enjoys the deserved demand among inhabitants of the Moscow region. Indesit refrigerators are recommended to buy for their excellent functionality and advanced technologies. The Italian manufacturer cares about reduction of your expenses on electricity bills, offering appliances of the class A above, comfort of use (No Frost technology), strong appearance (Prime line and 3D series). In the extensive model line it is easy to choose an Indesit refrigerator,

Indesit budget fridge

If you are limited in finances, experts recommend buying Indesit refrigerators, reviews on which you can find on the Internet, with one chamber. For example, the model TT 85 with a refrigerator (94 l) and freezer compartment (14 l) costs only 7 885. The dimensions of the appliances are 85x62x60 cm. Naturally, for such a price, the manufacturer offers standard electromechanical settings and manual defrosting.

Indesit two-chamber fridge

Such units are in the greatest demand among the Russians. As a rule, they have a practical antibacterial coating, which fights foreign odors and harmful bacteria. Two-chamber refrigerators Indesit, according to buyers’ reviews, please with their reasonable price policy and unique options. Among them are:

  • The Smart technology function, which automatically corrects the appliance operation.
  • Eco option that allows to reduce the electric power consumption at not full loading of the refrigerator Indesit.
  • Vacation mode, which will be indispensable if you are going on a trip.
  • Flexy Cool Box (zero zone).
  • The Sliding Shelf technology that helps you to organize the inner space in the most organised way.

One of the best variants will be to buy Indesit refrigerator PBAA 34 NF X D with the volume of 356 liters. The Indesit refrigerator,. has a bottom freezer compartment (100 l) that allows to freeze up to 11 kg of foodstuffs per day. In case of an unforeseen power cut, the appliance will operate for another 12 hours off-line. Environmentally friendly with R600 freon refrigerant.

Today it is also possible to buy Indesit three-door refrigerators, the price of which is higher. In such appliances the freshness zone is separated into a separate compartment, which allows to arrange the food as effectively as possible and to keep its freshness. However, before choosing a specific model, it is worth comparing the of Indesit refrigerators, customer reviews. You can do it in online stores in Moscow.

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