Indesit wiu 81 the lock indicator blinks

The lock light on the washing machine is on or blinking? Causes

You certainly paid attention to the burning on the display of the washing machine door lock icon (either a key or a lock). If your model doesn’t have a display, the lock indicator light is on or blinking. Does this mean there is something wrong with your machine?

Do not worry, it should be when the hatch is locked, but only if everything is working in normal mode, and there are no difficulties with the washing.

If the hatch lock light is blinking

One of the common problems. the door lock light blinks. The machine may not start or run at this time, or stop in the middle of the cycle, the door can not be opened.

This kind of trouble can happen for several reasons:

  • tamper-proof function is activated (often parents turn on the Child Lock mode to protect the device from curious toddlers who may accidentally disable the program settings);
  • there is no water coming into the machine;
  • Door hatch is not fully closed;
  • malfunction in the control program (this problem usually occurs due to power outages or voltage fluctuations in the network);
  • the door lock doesn’t work;
  • Faulty heating element (in this case the appliance continues to run but the laundry is in cold water).

Each of these causes the door lock indicator light, with the open lock beside it, to light up and go out.

What to do if the washing machine lights are blinking

The washing machine is broken, and you don’t know what to do? All indicators start blinking when the appliance is switched on? Check one by one all the possible sources of failure: the circuit board, the drain system, the correct installation, the heating element.

Let’s consider in detail how to inspect and replace or repair each part.

Electronic circuit board

  • Unplug the washer-dryer.
  • Remove the top cover from the housing by sliding it away from you by unscrewing the two screws on the back.
  • Pull out the dispenser tray by pressing on the center latch.
  • Undo all the screws that hold the control panel.
  • Unclip the plastic tabs.
  • After removing the panel from the SM case, take pictures of the connectors so you can properly connect the board.
  • Disconnect wires and remove panel.
  • To remove the board, squeeze the latches that fasten it to the panel.

Pay close attention! In a front-loading washer-dryer the electronic board is located in the back, at the bottom of the housing.

Visually inspect the board for punctures. Pay special attention to the capacitors C16, C17, C20. If capacitor is blown or burnt out, it needs to be replaced. If no external signs of failure are detected, use a multimeter to test the capacitors. Defective part will not give any readings.

Locate the new part before carrying out the replacement. To do so, look at the capacitor number. The element is installed with a soldering iron.

Most often the reason why all the lights on the washing machine are flashing is the control board. Therefore, after repairing, run the washing machine and check its operation.

If there is nothing wrong with the circuit board, you need to rule out other breakdowns.


Water is constantly drained from the tank or takes too long to fill. If you have managed to set the program, the electronic unit will reset it and give a fault code on the display, or the indicators will start blinking.

  • Check and unscrew water supply tap.
  • Inspect the fill hose. perhaps it is overbent.
  • Open the water intake hose and clean the strainer mesh if it is clogged.

Improper installation

Unintentional draining or drawing of water into the tank occurs if hoses are incorrectly connected. Study the manual carefully or call a master.

Modern washing machines react to over or underloading the laundry in the tank. An error code will be displayed. To eliminate the malfunction, open the drum and spread the laundry evenly or remove some of it from the machine.

Problems with the pump

If the washer does not drain, then there are problems in the drainage system. In this case the system may reset the program and a fault code will be displayed.

  • Drain hose. Make sure it is not kinked or clogged.
  • The drain. Check for blockages at the hose connection to the drain.
  • Impeller. To check the pump impeller open the small door at the bottom of the front panel. Unscrew the drain filter by placing a container underneath to catch the water. Shine a flashlight into the hole of the filter: it is possible that the impeller is wrapped in string and the element does not rotate. Then you need to get to the pump and clean the impeller.
  • The pump should also be checked for blockage.

Heating element

If the heating element of the water heating or drying element breaks through, it can be life and limb threatening. In this case the self-diagnostic system will indicate the malfunction by flashing of the lights on the control panel. Depending on the model of the machine, the heater may be in the front or back.

How to get to the heating element we described in the previous articles. When you have found the element, do the following:

  • Disconnect the wires from the heating element.
  • Place the stylus of a multimeter on its contacts and check the resistance.
  • In case of failure the heater must be replaced.
  • To do this, loosen the fastening nut in the center.
  • Push the bolt in and pull out the heater.

If the thermistor on the THEN is intact, move it to the new element.


If the washing machine motor is defective, water can be drawn into the drum, but the washing will not start. The system will display an error code. You need to check such elements of the motor:

If there is water in the drum, first drain it through the drain filter, unplug the machine. To remove the motor to check it:

  • Remove the screws from the rear panel around the perimeter.
  • Remove the panel. There is a motor under the tank.
  • Disconnect its wiring.
  • Now unscrew the mounting bolts and pull the motor out of the housing.

Brushes are completely replaced when worn, lamellae are turned on a lathe or replaced too. Wiring can be tested with a multimeter and replaced if faulty.

Troubleshooting and repair of washing machines Indesit

The washing machine Indesit Wiun 81. Spins badly from time to time. Now it takes the powder out of the tank with water, I think it runs water through it twice and that’s it. Standing and thinking. Flicks some relays and stands still, inactive. It does not let the water drain out. But it won’t start or get any more water in the tank. Advised to check the pressostat and the tube going to it. Could not figure out how to get to the end of the tube. To make sure it was intact. Goes to the bottom of the tank. Removed the sealing rubber on the door and wrapped in the tank. Т.к. They said that you can see a tube on the edge. But I couldn’t see or feel anything. It was also suggested to remove the tank, as it is possible contamination under the tank. How do I take it off?? And can you do the cleaning without removing the tank? To check the pressostat, just apply air to it to hear the contacts click?

The engine relay is probably clicking. The belt is in place? Motor is rotating? Motor brushes are “sticking out” of the holder more than 10mm? Pressostat checked? It is sending the “tank empty” signal? The tube has two ends. One on the pressostat, one on the pickup chamber. Carefully put the washer on the back wall. In the pipe from the tank to the pump there is an extraction chamber (plastic cylinder). On it the other end of the hose to the pressostat. Brushes are on the motor, the motor is very easy to remove. The belt should be placed on its side and you will see it too, but it is necessary to remove the holder from the motor, otherwise you will not measure the length of the outlet.

In operation Indesit washing machine Wiun 80, after starting any program all indicators go out except the indicator “washing with soaking” and all, nothing else happens, the door is closed.

If the soak light is on, it’s trouble (error) F01. Most likely a breakdown in the electric motor.

I have a washing machine Indesit Wisa 81 (4.5 kg). While washing the speed, rinse and door lock icons began to flash simultaneously (it flashed very quickly), and the sound was as if the machine is trying to pump water or scroll the drum, but not constantly humming, but cyclically trying to do something. I unplugged it, checked that the drum turns freely, waited 15 minutes, turned it on again, the washer filled with water, spun the drum twice, and again the same thing happened. Could you advise what it could be??

If spin and rinse indicators are on and “lock” indicator blinks, then it is error F10. The water level sensor or control module may be defective, as well as a breakdown in the electromagnetic water valve (EWC).

Indesit machine Wiun 102 (3,5 kg) starts the washing, switches to the rinse mode and can not finish it, the speed does not gain, the motor does not spin at high and medium speeds, the spinning does not occur, the pump properly drains water into the drain, the heating element works. What can it be?? Why The Washing Machine Does Not Finish?

If the unit both drains and heats water, then the cause is most likely due to a faulty wear and tear of the brushes of the electric motor. Check the brushes for wear and tear and if they are less than 2cm then you need to replace them with new ones.

I have a washing machine Indesit Wisa 61, in general, washing stopped in the middle, water was left inside, had to drain through the bottom filter. Now I turn it on, first all the lights go on for 2 seconds, as usual, then I put any program, the red hatch lock light flashes, but the door does not lock and the start button does not work, the machine does not start, no sound, just stands there and flashes the hatch lock light. Could you tell me if it is the OCR or something else?? I took the control unit off, took it apart, there seems to be nothing broken inside, everything looks intact.

May be a failure of the UBL (hatch locking device) or the control module. UBL is checked by installation of faultless UBL as there is just a thermoplastic plate which can be switched off by heat, to check it in another way is not possible.

The problem of washing machine Indesit Wia 81. After washing, leaves a little powder, and almost does not take away the conditioner, I open the tray, and in the compartment for the conditioner is diluted water, the water pressure is normal before it all worked, but it all started a couple of days ago, advise what could be the reason? How to fix it?

Probably the solenoid valve of water supply is out of order or the filter in the valve is clogged. The valve on the water intake only works for water for washing and water conditioner does not open fully.

Washing machine Indesit Wiun 104, blinking lock and extra rinse button. What can be the problem??

If the indicator light is on and the additional rinse is flashing, it is error F01, which means a problem with the electric motor.

The washing machine Indesit Wiun 82 (CSI). Starts and stops after 2-3 seconds on any program. When replacing a new UBL (burned from the inside, also traces of burning over the UBL). The hatch does not block, the indicator light is on. What can it be? I didn’t find anything in the error display.

If the UBL was really burned, you need to look at the control circuit on the module. Triacs, resistors, diodes, are between connectors.

Used Indesit washing machine Wiun 104, not new. Drum in the off state does not rotate freely, as if jammed. I am wary of wiring/checking. No transport screws. What do you recommend??

If you removed the shipping bolts and the drum is stuck, you have two possible causes: something got between the drum and the tank that is blocking the rotation of the drum; bearings are worn out and crumbled, now a bearing remnant is blocking the shaft. We also recommend checking the drive belt and the electric motor.

Washing machine Indesit Wia 100. First, the water stopped draining. Replaced the pump. Checked by taking in and draining, everything was working. Decided to wash, got water in, spun a couple of times and stood up. Restarted the program, turned it on, the washing cycle went fine. At the rinse stood still. When starting the program, the laundry light is on, but nothing happens if you just turn the switch, then after a few seconds the set and drain mode is on. At the same time the “rinse” and “spin” indicators are lit, blinking, and very often the door lock blinks. Of the things I have done. pump replaced, motor brush replaced. Checked the temperature sensor, heating element, all work fine, checked and cleaned the filter and hoses. Lifted the drain hose above 50cm, checked the circuit board. Did not give any results.

You have already replaced almost all the parts, I hope that before replacing them you at least checked them with a multimeter and megohmmeter. If the rinse and spin indicators are lit and the lock is blinking, it is fault F17 (error in the hatch lock).

Indicators malfunctioning Indesit washing machine Wiun 80. Indicator light does not go out when washing mode is on. The washing machine. On wash and rinse modes, the drum rotates normally when draining. But in spin mode, the drum just rotates, does not pick up a revolution, the laundry is still wet.

The following can be the causes of the fact that the electric motor does not pick up a revolution during the spin cycle: the unit does not drain. the pump is broken; if there is water in the machine, the motor simply can not spin with it. Worn brushes or drive belt; malfunction in control module or revolution sensor (tacho generator).

Indesit Wiun 105 cis washing machine. Help to determine the error code. In the table of error codes, I did not find this. Or maybe I do not understand something. Indicators are blinking. “Spin speed”, “Fast wash”, “Door lock” indicators. Change heating element. But the problem remains. For example, in program 9: wash cycle, rinse light comes on, nothing happens for a minute, then lights start blinking.

Installed and connected washing machine Indesit Wisa 81. After washing the red light at the end of the wash light does not flash (as it should after a “click”) and after returning the knob to zero the red light does not go out, it burns constantly, I have to unplug it from the socket.

If after the end of the wash, the hatch lock indicator continues to flash, the cause may be a malfunction of the UBL (Door Interlock Device) or the control module. Also, check if the water is drained at the end. If not, then that is why the hatch does not open. In this case the drain pump must be diagnosed.

Please tell me why the machine Wiun 82 does not turn on the lights when plugged in and then after 15 min. Turns on: the indicator light on the hatch button and the speed, but the washer does not work, and the buttons blink quickly.

If the Rinse and Spin indicators and the lock are blinking, it is error F01, which is related to the lack of rotation of the drum.

Indesit Wiun 105. Not enough power to turn the drum, humming. The laundry started, the process went on. After a while I came and saw that the machine in rinse mode can not spin the drum. Turns in 1/4, buzzes and can’t go any further, then it takes the voltage off the motor and it goes back to the same place. Same in the other direction. After a few times, it rpm goes up and seems to speed up. But it sounds like a ratchet. I took the motor off and found a missing lamella on the manifold. I restored the lamella with copper plate, poxypol and a soldering iron. I sharpened the brushes, too, because they’re chipped a little without the lamella. I sharpened a new lamella as best I could (no lathe), but while installing the brushes, there is still a ratchet sound, though not the same. No step to the touch though. Re-started the drum and rinsed it a few times. Then the same thing again. Thought the lamella had fallen off. Feel with your finger. in place. Removed the motor, the lamella is in place. Soldered the wire to the lamella again. I put it back. At some point I heard the click again, the lamella broke off again, obviously from overheating. I don’t know how it cycled but it was sparking, it smelled like it was burning, and the manifold was obviously too hot. I am interested in this: the symptoms seem to be just the motor. I was confused by the fact that it had stopped working before the lamella fell off again. Although I understand that the manifold was not perfectly round and the brushes were not lapped, so it was sparking and heating. But it could be a control unit malfunction? Either it works or it doesn’t work at all?

The blade doesn’t just fall off, most likely it’s shorted out (causing severe overheating), replace the motor and everything will be fine. One in one winding is enough, the others may be fine, but the motor will not run.

Installed and connected washing machine Indesit Wia 101. Water squirting out of powder compartment during rinse cycle. What might be the reason? Drain filter is clean. Tried to start but as soon as water starts to come out, it starts spurting out the spout. And the filter, for example, in the form of a grid, is not in this spigot?

A lump of powder stuck in the nozzle. Clean the one on top (tray tank). There is no mesh in this spigot. The pipe needs to be taken off and cleaned well. It is accessible through the top (with the lid removed) and in the front, through the removed from the front of the door cuff.

Washer Wiun 81 csi. When you turn on, all LEDs light up, go out, and flashing red continuously, locking the hatch does not work, when you press the start button, the red lock goes out, locking the hatch works.

Most likely a malfunction in the DEB or control module.

Indesit Wisa 101 machine, by the end of the wash does not spin or drain, the spin speed indicator and dirty laundry are flashing. When you switch mode to spin, the water goes away and spins as it should.

If the indicator of speed and dirty laundry lights up, it is error F12 (no communication between the module and the indicators). Probably a failure in the control module.

Used Wiun 100 washing machine. When I press the Start button, I hear the door locking sound, it locks, but the hatch lock indicator does not light up. The machine doesn’t start to fill up with water and the washing process doesn’t start. The door can be opened only after turning off the power for 10-15 minutes. Water flows in, pressure is normal, no additional indicators light up. What could be the problem??

Most likely a malfunction, either in the control module or in the heating element (water heater).

Washer Wiun 103. It is leaking from the bottom. Pulled out, removed the back cover, the top panel removed. Disassembled the dispenser, looked at it, everything is fine, put it back together. Checked all hoses, spigot, tank for mechanical damage. everything’s fine. I decided to take two stools, put the unit on them. Put a bucket down, threw a jacket and turned on the wash for 30 minutes (the back cover and top hat did not put on, so that there was an overview and the opportunity to find the leak). And so passed about 20 minutes, the washing machine in working condition was drawing and draining water, everything worked like clockwork. And so, when turned on 3 mode “spin”, a little while ago, the working machine began to pour a jet at a time when she stopped for 10 seconds and not spinning the drum begins to drain. And through the open back cover I found a leak. As I understand it, during shipping, there are 4 bolts screwed in there to fasten the case to the drum. Naturally, when the unit is brought to the house, the bolts are unscrewed and turn it on and it works fine. But here’s the paradox, we have it pours just the two bottom bolts. Please help me, tell me what to do?

You overtightened the bolts or screwed in the wrong ones. Now only solder these holes. You can screw in the holes suitable screws lubricated with sealant.

The machine Indesit Wisa 101. I turn on, the hatch lock flashes, I choose any program or function, the program LED is lit and the lock goes out, and the hatch is blocked, what to do?

It is very important which lights are on when the power (lock) LED is flashing.

In operation washing machine Indesit Wiun 105. Yesterday evening, threw things in the wash, put on a normal mode, still washes, turn it off and just move the spin, but it still continues to wash and water is not drained. There is no way to get things out.

Causes of this in a faulty drain pump. Water is not draining and to prevent leakage, the hatch does not open. The first thing to do. Drain the water through the drain filter. After that unplug it from the mains for 30 minutes. Most likely, after these manipulations, the hatch will open and you will be able to get the laundry.

Indesit Wia 80 (5 kg load). Turn it on, runs in washing mode for about 10 minutes. Then it stops, the lock, rinse, spin start flashing, pumps water at the same time. Unplugged, plugged in after 20 minutes, same cycle happens. By the way, I cleaned the drain pump.

If the spin, rinse and lock are blinking. it is error F03. Most likely the problem is with the water heater, if it’s good, check the temperature sensor.

Problems with the washing machine Wiun 81, in use for 1 year. The problem is that after washing in any program the washing machine stops after switching on the “rinse” mode and the “lock” and “rinse” function selection indicator (next to the “Reset” button) start blinking. To continue the wash, turn the lever to the program “rinse” and then it will continue to rinse and spin, but directly from any program no rinse or spin happens. What is this error when the lock blinks and the extra rinse function?

If the lock and extra rinse indicators are blinking. it is error F01, which means trouble in the electric motor.

Wiun 102 (CSI) washer stops during rinse. Replaced the drain pump because there was water in the vertical backlash of the impeller, where the armature. stator. After a successful one wash everyday (30m), the other programs (intensive, slow wash) were fine.), in other programs (intensive, 60gr, slow cooker, pellets per minute), after one successful wash (30gr) I changed drain pump and so on., Clap 90gr.) defect repeats. It stops before the rinse, the rinse indicator on the control panel lights up and the “start. pause” button starts blinking. It will start manually and go on working. Checked the brushes on the motor. Ideal, remove heater. Resistance at terminals 29ohm, resistance of the temperature sensor at room temperature 22kOhm, the pressostat tube is not clogged, when blowing slightly into the pressostat, the contact clicks.

Most likely need reflashing the memory chip that is on the control board.

Indesit Wisa 61 after washing starts spinning and stops, “800-400” and “lock” starts flashing.

If the RPM indicator and the lock indicator are blinking. If the shut-off does not come off even after disconnecting the mains, then there is an F01 error, which means there is a fault in the electric motor.

In operation, the washing machine Wiun 81. After washing it does not open, blinked “rinse” button when pressed. The washing machine does not respond to any program, there is no water in it, it is locked, the lock indicator is lit. When disconnecting and de-energizing the lock still does not open.

If the door lock is not released even by disconnecting from the mains, first of all try draining the water through the drainage filter and then try disconnecting from the mains again. If it does not help, then the LCR (hatch locking device) is out of order and only a mechanical disassembly of the top lid and unlocking with either a screwdriver or through the cable unlock will help.

Indesit Wiun 82 (csi). has been running for 7 years. Problems began 2 years ago, the washing mode, poured water and a couple of seconds to drain it, put the valve on the drain. has helped. Filled with water, then the pump turns on for 2-3 seconds, then stops for 10 seconds and then continues with the program. Now behaves as follows: fills with water, turns on the pump and with it the bleach indicator and the hatch lock (blinks often), and stops responding to everything except “plug out of socket”. Rinse mode starts, but before the first flush, that is when you turn on the flush. Indicators, by the way, the water drains normally, the pump inside is clean. Spinning mode is the same, but if the drum (and therefore the motor) is forced to rotate when the pump is switched on, the spinning starts and goes to the end of the program. In the washing mode similar Focus does not pass. The boards are clean, visually no damage. burn-in, no.

See error F01. engine. The length of the brushes should not be less than 15 millimeters. If not, the motor triac should be replaced. Remove the motor and check separately on the table. Verify all the lamellae collector in pairs (the norm is 2-4 ohms, if somewhere will be 10 or more the engine for replacement).

Indesit Wia 102 washing machine (4 kg) has an electric valve constantly on, because water is always flowing from the drain hose. It can’t be filled with water as a result.

It is necessary to check the resistance of the solenoid valve of water supply, it should be from 2 to 4 kOhm., if the resistance is lower or higher, the water valve must be replaced with a new one.

Indesit washing machine Wiun 103 in operation. After washing turns on the rinse mode, then begins to drain the water, turn on the spin at low speed. The spin at low speed and the pump runs (drains) endlessly. After a while you hear an attempt to switch to a further mode, but nothing happens. The wringer and pump can work endlessly.

First, you need to check whether the machine drains, without water drainage spinning will never start and the drum can rotate very long, try at this point to drain the water through a drainage filter and if spinning is over, it may be in a faulty drain pump.

Washing machine Indesit Wiun 100. On any program, when spinning begins, it continues indefinitely. Can spin at 1000 rpm all day. If you set the programs “spin” or “gentle spin” separately, everything goes correctly. The heating element is normal, there is no blockage on the level sensor. Pressostat has not changed. Pump is normal. The firmware is?

Indesit Wiun 81 washing machine. The machine stopped starting the washing program after a power outage. Now, after starting, the lock indicator lights up for a few minutes, then it starts making noise, and the lock and extra rinse indicators alternately flash on the panel. Disassembled it to check the control module. There was some soot on it, but after checking it turned out to be serviceable. Besides the module, there is soot on the phase wire of the lock (the entire wire is black up to the lock), but the lock works when turned on (it seems). So, what is the problem and what kind of error is the washing machine trying to tell me?? Try to replace the lock or it is not the fault?

Take a tester and check all the actuators.

Wiun 105. Does not turn on, after a few minutes the red power light starts blinking and the leftmost light on the spin speed button blinks with lower frequency. Doesn’t respond to anything. In all likelihood, the error is F08. Check heating element, water temperature sensor. I took out the arkadia control box, it has traces of oxide, I cleaned it, the error has not changed.

F08 error. appliance doesn’t heat the water. You can check the heating element by measuring the resistance and the water heater “breakdown to ground”. Also check your pressostat and water valve. Module malfunction with this behavior is very unlikely.

Indesit Wisa 81 with any washing program immediately switches on rinse and drain. And so on and so forth. is stuck. What to do?

The cause of the malfunction could be a damaged control module or TEN (water heater).

Trouble with the washing machine Wiun 102. Stopped drawing water. Water will start a couple of times and that’s it. Silence. Washing mode does not turn on. But on the mode of rinse, spin and drain water works well.

If water comes in during the rinse, the water shutoff is excluded. Solenoid valve water supply, consists of two parts. The first one pours water for prewash and main wash, and the second one. to rinse. Most likely, a part of it has failed and now you need to replace the valve with a new one.

The Wiun 103 washing machine. I press the “start” button, everything works, everything turns on, I set the washing program, then the temperature mode and start the unit by pressing the “start” button, I hear a little hum (probably the water pump hums) for literally 2 seconds, and then silence, the washing machine just stands and nothing happens (although it should continue to take in water). Checked at different modes, spinning works, draining works, but the water intake probably does not work, and I can not understand why.

Wiun 100. Can not determine the error code. Only one LED (clock) blinks, but also the lock blinks very fast. The main problem: I select any mode, the lock locks, for a second, the selected mode starts, the relay clicks and everything stops. The lock then opens only after unplugging from the socket. Waited 15 minutes without turning off, the pump started working and two LEDs are flashing.

F02 error. Malfunction in the motor.

Please advise, I can not fix the problem with the washing machine Wiun 82. When you turn on any washing program, the washing process begins, washes, then comes the drainage of water to include the automatic rinse mode, the drainage is complete, unwinds the drum, and then it spins to infinity, without switching to rinse mode. What can be the problem??

Trouble washing machine Wiun 102, periodically going into rinse mode, stops at what can not drain the water, and the motor noises. When turning off and on again, it refuses to drain, although the motor continues to hum. When the problem first appeared, the 500/1000 RPM lights were flashing, heavily soiled laundry and locking lock. What is this error?? Sometimes in the rinse mode completes the whole cycle without any problems. The filter is clean and so is the drain hose.

Your Wiun 100 washer collects and empties water only when using one function, “cotton, normal washing 60”, the other programs work properly. What to do?

In your case, the cause of the problem could be: a failure in the control module. Simply restart the appliance by unplugging it for about 30 minutes; the water level sensor is defective; the heating element (water heater) is defective.

Indesit washing machine malfunctions: how to decipher error codes and make repairs

Experts from appliance repair shops claim that only they can fix modern household goods. But using the 19 built-in tips from the manufacturer, the malfunction of the washing machine Indesit can eliminate by itself.

To do this, you need to arm yourself with a list of errors that appear on the display and light bulbs, home tools and a good mood to make things happen.

Repair and operation of washing machines Indesit

Indesit iwsb 5085. The hatch lock failed. Replaced the lock and exploded triac Q018 Z0607. Pours the water, then turns on the pump and drains endlessly. Upper (horizontal) row of lights is blinking. Turns off only with a plug out of the socket. Peripherals are normal. Noticed that the factory triac was soldered in the wrong way (180 degree turn). I soldered it in as it should be.

On these modules, the LOS circuit is tied to the motor circuit, check everything. These triacs are soldered in 180 degrees to the drawing on the board, if it is a simple UBL, according to the drawing, soldered in another triac, under the “quick” lock.

Indesit iwub 4085, UBL replacement was performed with original UBL. The drum works. intact, the motor is intact, there is a darkening on the electronic control board, but it’s probably from the belt.

If the UBL is new, it is very strange and a diagnosis of the washing machine is needed, t.к. blinking lock. Indicates a faulty UBL.

The machine win 102, begins to fill the water, then the indicators of the lock and dirty laundry start flashing. It does not start washing, but starts draining water! What can it be??

Blinking “lock” and dirty laundry indicator light, means error F04. Most likely a faulty water level sensor or a failure in the control module and you need to reset the processor.

Indesit ws84tx washing machine in use. It appears that over time the packing has worn out and as a consequence the bearing began to knock. I decided to open it and if possible to repair it (by this time the machine had been without work for about half a year). No problem getting to the removal of the crossover, but the crossover was removed only with a puller (it looks like the bearing had time to corrode). And the outer rim of the bearing remained in the cross, but the inner rim had to be removed separately from the shaft. The shaft is clean and smooth, but on the bronze sleeve (at least, very similar to the rusty metal) is a groove from the oil seal. Is there sense to continue repair with such development on a shaft? And if so, please advise in what sequence? The packing was: ROLF 35 52/65 7/10.5. Bearing: SKF 30x60x37 BA2B 026298 633667.

Bearing (code 26298) 30x60x37. Polish the bushing and it will be fine for a while (if you assemble it right). Press the bearing in. 2. Insert the packing in the spigot. Slide the sprocket onto the drum shaft and fasten it.

The washing machine Индезит ws105tx, works only cycle washing, drains the water and does not go to any more cycles (rinse, spin), it can be opened if you manually set the end program. After that, and washing immediately does not work, it may start only after a few hours and then repeat everything. I must have explained incorrectly, when I press start the hatch is locked, but after stopping the machine, I manually flip the program selection knob to end the cycle and the lock clicks back to open the hatch.

Most likely a faulty water valve. The valve consists of two parts. One part supplies water to the main wash, the second part supplies water to the rinse. So, it supplies water to the main wash, but it does not supply water to the rinse, and the unit does not go to the next mode. If the valve does not work, you need to replace it with a new one.

Fault Indesit washing machine Wiu 80. After activating the washing mode, a small amount of water is poured (the powder is not flushed out of the box) and the door lock indicator and 3 other indicators (rinse, spin, spin speed) start blinking often. after that the appliance stops responding to any buttons. Only disconnecting it from the mains helps. Or the problem is in the control unit?

In your case, flashing are “lock”, “spin”, “rinse” and “revs”. it’s error F11. Most likely, the drain pump is out of order and needs to be replaced.

The machine iwsb 5085, description of the problem. It pours the water, the drum spins a couple of seconds in one direction, stops, then it spins two more times, a couple of seconds each, in the opposite direction and silence. The indicators are lit as they should be, the programs are switched, but in any program, the drum rotates 3 times. No error message when turned on. Drum spinning easily, check tachometer. Working. The problem was solved by replacing 4 resistors, (tachogenerator circuit), after a few weeks of proper operation, began blinking indicator lock, the washing machine does not work, the lock is not blocked. Probably F01 error. I’ll look at the triac.

It makes sense to check the motor for breakdowns, e.g. Brush length, condition of the collector, connector. DEB circuit needs to be checked.

Indesit iwub 4085 cis. The machine was washing and then turned off. The error message keeps popping up when I turn the device on. I can not figure out what is the error code for this model and the electronic module. Checked the heating element, NTC sensor, trigger, power supply in the module. Removed module and display panel and connected separately, same error lights up. Tell me what the error is and what to check next. Horizontal lights are all blinking but 3(9h) and 4(12h) (top to bottom) are always on.

Apparently, the error is F12, (when all horizontal lights flash, the spin and drain light up). To reflash the module (for starters. minimum). If it doesn’t work. module replacement.

The washing machine iwub 4105 cis in use. And here’s the problem: I turn it on, start any cycle of washing, it gets water, but the washing does not start. All the buttons light up and blink about 3-5 times a second. At the same time I hear a sound, as if the drum is rotating. although it is not really spinning. Turn on the rinse cycle. The machine started working but the spin cycle did it all over again but without the noise. It was just blinking all the buttons. Can you tell me what it could be?? How do I fix it??

If all indicators are blinking, the cause may be in the current leakage to the housing. Your washer could be damaged by a defective control module, motor or heating element.

Indesit ws105tx. At low speed, washing and spin modes, the motor can not rotate the drum, but at high speed, 800 or 1000 it operates without any problem. What is the problem?? How does the speed control work with this model?? What voltage should be on the brushes and stator in washing and spin modes?

Take out the brushes and measure the length. There may be a short circuit in the stator.

Ws 84 tx machine no longer rinses but laundry is squeezed out, everything is fine. Tried to restart the rinse mode, it wouldn’t even draw water, and then I just wanted to run the “quick wash” program and it stopped drawing water at all. What to do?

Washer could not rinse because it could not draw water. This is the root cause of the problem. The most common causes: damage to the intake valve, which opens to fill the water; faulty control module; the pressostat is out of order. sensor that controls the level of water intake.

Indesit IWD 71051. After washing, started spinning and stopped. All buttons and error F11 are lit. Checked. no garbage. Maybe the drain hose is clogged? If a pump, how much will it cost with the cost of the pump?

F11 error means fault in drain pump circuit.

The machine Wiu 81, when you turn on a washing program (any), it takes 20 seconds to fill the water and stops, the drum does not spin, but the heater heats. If you add water manually through the tray, comes to life and continues to wash until the 2nd cycle, then also need to manually fill the water otherwise stands. Pour by itself on last cycle, no need to refill manually, wash ends by itself. What checked: both valves are serviceable water intake, the heater is serviceable (29 ohms on the multimeter, the body does not ring), the tachometer is serviceable, the pump is working and the brushes too, the collector on the motor clean, fee visually in order; condensation, diodes proezvonil normal. But I couldn’t check the diode pkc 136.The multimeter shows 1 in both directions, but it seems to work. I suspect pressure switch or I have to reckon with the control board (maybe the firmware is wrong). The pressostat itself seems to work 4 pin, single chamber. The three modes work, if you blow manually and check (empty tank, full, overflow) everything is normal. The potentiometer that sets the programs works and resetting works.

Have you checked everything possible? If the water does not fill to the end, then the matter is either in the pressostat (water level sensor), or in the control module. The module can burn out and so that all microcircuits and capacitors will be intact, check the valve on short circuit on wires and the control module with microcircuits to the pressostat.

Iwub 4085, doesn’t turn on anymore. After washing, plug the cord into the network, it does not react at all, the light switch is not lit and the other lights are also not lit, as if there is no electricity, the socket is intact, checked. What could it be??

If the washing machine stopped working when plugged into a working outlet, you need to check the power cord for kinks or breaks, and check if the noise filter has burned out.

The iwsb 5105 washing machine malfunction. Drum does not start when washing, rinsing and spinning. spins. It seems as if the water is just pouring in and draining. Turned it on without checking how it works, and it poured water for an hour and a half, and only the cloths underneath got wet. I opened the pump. didn’t help (somehow it fixed the situation when it wouldn’t start at all). I think the pressostat is defective. When rinsing, I also noticed that the water does not come on, although it spins. Generally problematic model. Even though it is new (more than a month). Initially stopped when switching to rinse and worked until you turn it off, so I change programs manually every wash. first wash, then rinse, then spin. But it does not bother me much. Currently concerned about the problem with the drum.

Drain, but the obvious sound of the pump is not heard. Just once, to check, take the drain hose out of the drain and lead it to the tub, sink and do one wash.

Washing machine ws 105 tx. Earlier, there was a noise when the drum was spinning in the spin mode, then it began to make noise in the washing mode, too. turned on the 7th mode, the water poured, but the drum does not rotate, you can only hear the quiet humming of the motor. I drained the water, tried to spin the drum by hand. It spins in 10-15 cm increments and then stops. Tried to rotate the drum with the backlash in the longitudinal direction. The drum began to rotate by hand, but it still, refuses to wash, the water is poured, the drum does not rotate, just hear a quiet humming of the engine. What could be the reason?

I think the belt or bearings may be broken, it’s time for replacement.

Indesit Ws84tx washing machine, the second water inlet valve does not turn on. Start the program runs normally, then turns on the water fill, then pause, should turn on, refill, but it does not happen.

On the wires, trace where the valves connector is, and on the tracks, look for not working elements of the module.

My machine has this problem while it is washing all is well, when it starts to rinse, the lights start blinking. Then it does not turn off and blinks while unplugged, then plugged in and continues to blink and does not do anything. Can you tell me what the problem could be??

If the delayed laundry, dirty laundry and lock indicators are lit, it is error F12, which means a loss of indication between the module and the command buttons. The cause could be in the wiring or in the control module.

Installed and connected washing machine Wiu 100. When it reaches the wring mode it stops and during the rinse, it does not rinse at all, after it stops the light of lock and rotation speed (500/1000) are blinking. Tell me what to do?

500/1000 RPM indicator lit means error F08. Either the heating element or the control module is defective.

In operation Indesit washing machine Wiu 61. Washing starts, takes water, but washes with long pauses for 3-5 min. Water doesn’t drain, even if I change the program to drain, but I can hear the drain pump working. Checked the filter, took out a couple of coins! Please advise what the problem could be.

Drain pump in washer-dryer is broken. To check this is very simple, measure the resistance. If the resistance of the pump is outside the limits of 160. 200 ohms, the pump is broken.

The machine iwsb 50851, pumps water but does not start the program and the first light flashes.

The first light of the LED indicates error F08. There is a problem with the water heating system. Most likely the heating element has burned out, it can not heat up after you pour the water and the error code is on.

Washing machine Indesit iwsb 5851. Starts pumping water, then resets after 15 seconds. All horizontal lights and the top vertical one that says “3h” are blinking. If I use the “rinse” or “spin” modes, it does them all without any problem. Please advise what is the error code?

Slow water intake, then clean intake valve strainer.

The washing machine iwub 4085, does not turn on, that is, when you apply power and press “start”, there is no indication or other reaction, the previous wash completed normally, after which the unit is not included 5 days. Disassembled and inspected. Power comes to the control unit through the input filter. the code 21501264600 from it like that, does not go (but I am not sure, because there is no scheme). All the connectors are dry, not oxidized, no traces of water. The washing machine is new, warranty expired 2 weeks ago. Question: How can you check if the control unit is working or not? What can be done with the block (read that it is reprogrammed). My further steps in diagnosing if the problem is not in the control unit.

Turn the CMM on and wait 10-15 minutes, if you get F12, the module needs to be reprogrammed.

Washing machine ws84tx with laundry drum does not rotate, but the cycle is completely empty.

Most likely, either the brushes of the electric motor or the drive belt are worn out. The contact is no longer sufficient and the rotor cannot rotate the drum with the laundry.

Indesit iwsb 5085, while switching on, the circuit breakers in the panelboard tripped. Reactivation produced a quiet noise, in the form of a pulse in the arcadia module. Checking showed that the triac is not working, as the relays did not work, after replacing the triac the water valve came to life. Water pumped, but immediately triggered the water drain and the top row of indicators blinked and sort of dimly blinking 3h.

The upper row shows that the washing machine doesn’t work. Check, measure, the triac does not just burn out. This is a consequence, look for the reason. Error is shown in vertical row, counting from bottom to top on 5 indicators.

Fault on washing machine IWB 6105. Carried, installed, doesn’t turn on. I hear a little squeak when plugged in.

During transportation, could be loose one of the contacts from the noise filter to the control module. Check this. To access, simply remove the top cover of the washing machine and check all the contacts.

Washing machine Indesit iwub 4085. Very noisy spinning noise. Last time I did another spin a lot of stones or limescale came out. What can it be?

As far as we understand, the spin noise did not stop after the stones and limescale came out? Most likely cause of the noise. Drum shaft bearing wear. It needs to be replaced. If the reason is really in the bearing, then after a while the machine will stop spinning.

I have a question, the “Start” button and the first button (with the 3 o’clock pointer) are lit simultaneously. What to do?

If the power light is on and the drain light is flashing (3H), there is a problem with the water heater and it needs to be replaced.

Installed and connected Indesit Wiu 82 washing machine. When plugging in, the inlet valve knocks at a rate of a couple of times per second, water starts flowing immediately. The door locks, no LEDs are lit.

Most likely a faulty water valve. Valve solenoid failed.

Indesit Wiu 80, in a washing cycle shuts off, the lock indicator light goes out. What could be the reason?

If similar actions occur in 5-15 minutes after the beginning of washing, the reason can be in failure of a heating element. In order to avoid a short circuit in the wiring and fire, the machine resets the program.

The washer iwsb 5085 cis, replacement of the drain pump. Please help in choosing a replacement pump. It says Askoll M231, and 34 watts. Terminals for the chip. But in the catalogs M231 for some reason with separate terminals. Its terminals are the same as mine and the key is in the same place. But the power is not 34W, but 30. Water doesn’t drain every time. I think it’s the pump. Not critical such a difference in power?

Put any, and the terminals, not to remake, just move the coil, do not pay attention to the power.

Disassembled the washing machine iwub 4105, reassembled the motor terminals connected incorrectly (backwards), then turned on the program, and the motor does not work. Moved the terminals correctly, the engine runs, but not correctly, turns for a short time and stops, although it should run constantly. Water comes in and goes out. What’s the problem? Also took off the top counterweight. Tried doing laundry with things, the machine started bouncing.

You burned the SMD speed control current limiting resistors on the ARCADIA module. Contact a professional.

The Indesit iwsb 5105 washing machine, when the four upper green leds blink when turned on, plus the two outer LEDs are lit. Does not respond to buttons. EDT0117 board.11. Checked the output voltage from the power supply submodule, 12v is there. Checked both capacitors in the PSU, both are normal. Is it a broken firmware or a faulty element base? Test procedure doesn’t start 9h (9h) is on. There is no way to do it without the programmer?

If the 9h light is on, it is F08. But with the lock. F09.

Indesit ws105tx Washing machine. You put, for example, the first mode and it can wash without switching for 5 hours, until you notice and do not switch yourself. Such problem with all modes of washing, but not constantly. Sometimes the programmer starts to run in circles without stopping until it is unplugged. In operation for about 10 years, of repairs only replaced the bearing and twice cleaned the drain pump.

You need to turn off the hot water and check to see if the heating element is really heating the water. Check on absence of a self-drain.

Washing machine 789 W, when working there is a chemical smell inside and there is smoke, what to do?

Most likely there is a problem with the wiring. Do not recommend use with this type of fault.

Indesit iwsb 50851. When in washing mode, draws water, drains immediately, top row of indicators starts flashing and “start/pause” indicator flashes yellow. In rinse mode, gets water, spins, drains after about 5 minutes, starts blinking, stops spinning and the pump periodically turns on just like that.

Horizontal row, shows that the washing machine does not work. In the vertical row, only the lowest button blinks? Then error F01, with all its consequences.

In operation washing machine iwub 4105. When starting a wash cycle, the “start” and “wash” indicators light up and the “hatch lock” indicator blinks. Washing cycle doesn’t start. What could be the problem?

Most likely it is error F04 (signal overflow and empty). Either the water valve or the pressostat (water level sensor) is defective.

Washing machine Indesit iwsb 6105, there was a short circuit in the network. Replaced the heating element, the lock, it worked, but in the process stops and blinks all the upper lights.

If all horizontal lights are on, it is error F09. Most likely the control card is defective.

The washing machine worked yesterday, but today when you turn it on, not even the lights are on, I checked the voltage is coming to it and then went to the board. What to do?

If electricity reaches the control board, through the surge protector, the problem is most likely in the control module. We recommend that you check it. Try also to turn off the unit for 20-30 minutes to restart the processor.

Indesit iwub 4105 cis. All LEDs are blinking and the lock is permanently lit. A burnt Q018 component was detected while examining the module. Unfortunately, the marking can not be read. How to replace it? What else should I check? Maybe it is pulling something else.

Q018. This is the triac controlling the UPS. Its marking is Z0607. Check the three SMD diodes surrounding the resistor at the bottom of the board. UBL definitely needs to be replaced. Or a short in the connector or the UBL harness.

washing machine Indesit Wiu 102, spin indicator is lit, turn off and on, nothing changes, does not wash, does not get water, starts to spin immediately. What to do?

If the spin light is on and the lock light is blinking, it means error F01, which is caused by a malfunction in the motor.

The malfunction of the washing machine iwub 4085 cis. After turning on the washing it makes 3 turns and stands up the hatch lock works, quiet clicks are emitted 1 time per second, what is the reason, tell me?

If only the hatch lock blinks, then the problem is in the LCR (hatch locking device) breakage. Check that there is nothing in the way of closing the hatch. If not, you need to diagnose and if necessary repair the master. Also, try unplugging the machine for 20-30 minutes to restart the processor.

Indesit Wiu 82. If the drum is full of water, it only stops when you unplug it. When filling with water, the drum does not rotate and no light is lit. And the water can only be drained through the hole that is under the lid. What’s the problem? Please advise and whether you can fix it yourself?

Look at the water level sensor, the tube goes to it, blow it. Take off the top cover, you can see everything.

I have a machine Indexit WI84X. On the first and second wash modes, it just goes crazy. That is, heats up the water to 90 degrees, and then the knob just turns and that’s it. It doesn’t want water in mode 3.

Most likely a malfunction in the drain system.

Washing machine IWB 6085. I heard a heavy rattle during the wash and there were white plastic chips on the clothes, I’ve been using it for about 5 years. Please tell me what the reason may be and whether repair is possible at home.

The rattle may be due to bearing wear. Replace the seals and bearings.

The washing machine iwub 4105 in operation. When you turn it on, the water gets in, and it goes quiet, that is, the laundry light and door lock is on, but the drum does not spin, and you can not hear the sound of the motor. Does not react to other programs until you unplug it, then turn it on to drain the water, the pump works. What could be the problem?

Which lights come on will tell you exactly what the problem is.

Model WS 84. Washed overnight on program “5” (with a stop before spinning and a manual spin). In the morning, the programs switch went in a circle and the power light was flashing (ready to turn off). When I opened the appliance, there was no water in it but the laundry was not squeezed out. Today I turned it on again, the power indicator light came on, the lock locked, but the wash didn’t start. I turned the program knob to the “Stop” point with my hands. Washing machine stopped and door unlocked as scheduled. Tried two more times to start the wash and everything repeated the same way. Question: What is it about??

It may be a problem with the programmer (controller). It could also be a faulty heating element or inlet valve.

Main breakdowns

Rinse and spin cycle does not start

Before rinsing the machine stops, begins to drain the water and gives an error. 2 LEDs are blinking on the panel: above the clock and lock buttons.

Error code F08 means that the heating element relay is jammed, emptying alarm. Or the pressure switch is in “fill” position.

In order to eliminate this kind of error you should check

  • J3 connector pins on the board
  • Condition of the pressure regulator by making a test on its connectors
  • Wires connecting peristat with J3 connectors
  • need to replace the pressure regulator, control board or heating element

often than not, this error code signals a defective heating element or a damaged TEN, the main heating element. This part is easy to replace by yourself and can be accessed through the rear panel.

Water leakage

Leakage is indicated by a hole in the rubber gasket sealing the hatch. If the cuff is not damaged but the water leaks, it is necessary to clean the bottom of the door glass from the inside.

During use, dirt accumulates in this area, deteriorating the contact between the glass and the rubber seal. To remedy this problem it is sufficient to wipe the glass with a cotton swab moistened with nail polish remover.

Wisl series washing machines have an additional leakage protection for the cabinet.

The washing machine does not turn on

If the washing machine does not respond when you press the power button, you need to check the serviceability of the socket.

Disconnect the plug from the socket and plug in any other electrical device, for example, a desk lamp. If the socket is working, visually inspect the power cord for damage.

Total machine shutdown could mean a fault in the electronic control module and requires the intervention of a specialist.

If the machine turns on, but does not start the washing program, you must check the tightness of the door closure.

Various clogs

Clogs in the drain system are considered one of the main problems of Indesit washing machines. If the drain hose and filter are clogged, the machine stops draining. If the model is equipped with a display, error code F05 will appear on the display.

It is easy to clean the filters yourself even if you are not an appliance user. To clean a clog, open the bottom door on the front panel, spread a rag on the floor or place a flat tray and pull out the filter catcher by rotating it counterclockwise.

Debris and small objects (coins, buttons, pins) accumulate here. After cleaning the filter, the unit is ready to use. Such a procedure is recommended to do every few months as a preventive.

Parts malfunction

The Italian brand Indesit conforms to European technical standards. There are vulnerabilities in this brand of washing machine that are worth paying attention to when operating and fixing the units.

Frequent failures are subject to the following parts:

  • The mains filter can withstand operation for up to 4 years, often there are defects
  • TEN (tubular heating element). made of uncoated stainless steel, which leads to rapid fouling
  • Motor parts. Capacitors, harness and tachogenerator sensor
  • Leakage of the door seal

To the difficulties of repair experts include replacing the bearings because the tank is welded on tightly. Often the owners of the machine Indesit Wisl turn to the service in connection with clogging of the drain system.

Failures occur because of incorrect connection of the equipment, careless handling of the machine or as a result of natural wear and tear.


Light-weight sealed tank is a feature of Indesit washing machines. This is the unit’s weak point, which often causes the bearings to break. The design of the tank does not allow you to disassemble it yourself, it is better to go to a workshop where the tank will be replaced completely. This is an expensive operation, so sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new machine.

In some models of Indesit manufactured in Italy, Turkey and some other countries the possibility of bearing replacement is provided. Only a qualified technician will be able to determine whether the device can be repaired.

Control module

The electronic control module in Indesit machines of the Wisl series is highly reliable. It is equipped with an automatic protection system, which activates if the machine is not used properly.

The control module of an Indesit washing machine is sensitive to humidity, water droplets in the system or voltage fluctuations.

In order to “please” the electronics, you should clearly follow the instructions that come with the machine.

If a module error code is displayed on the panel, you should check it:

  • condensation on the current circuits
  • contact fastening reliability
  • oxidation
  • No blockages in the drain hose and filter
  • Accumulation of dirt on nodes and parts.

After eliminating the inconsistencies of the program requirements, the machine can be restarted. many models support starting the cycle from the middle.

Electric Motor

Collector type motor installed here.

  • Brush abrasion. Occurs if the machine is operated too often. When starting the program, it does not start, indicating a breakage of the main motor brushes. Parts are paired and must be replaced at the same time for the motor to work properly.
  • Flaking lamellae on manifold. Lamellas tend to peel off most often on older machines when the brushes are abraded until they are perforated.
  • Open or inter-turn short circuit in rotor and stator windings. If there is any sign of burning of the winding, the motor must be completely replaced.

Motor failure is also indicated by a lack of rinse and spin. If the washing machine heats the water, washes, but when you go to the final modes, the motor starts scrolling idly, it means that the motor is broken and must be replaced.

Shock absorber and dampers

Damper is a device of elongated shape, inside which there is a piston with a return spring. They serve to reduce the vibration of the drum.

Dampers. devices, similar to shock absorbers, they differ in the absence of a return spring. Dampers are installed in new models of washing machines.

If the tank knocks while washing and vibrates with a rumble, it is worth checking the condition of the shock absorbers. Lack of grease in them is evidenced by a characteristic creaking and stiff rotation of the drum.

Some owners of washing machines save on parts, replacing the rubber tab in the old shock absorber. This method does not guarantee the correct operation of the device, it is better to buy a new shock absorber.


The pump is part of the drain system of the washing machine and performs an important function in pumping water out of the tank. This is the most stressful part and can fail quickly. You can determine the pump malfunction by ear.

Before changing the pump, make sure that the drainage system is clean. Inspect and clean drain filter, hose, and drain pump impeller if necessary. Check for foreign objects in the system.

If this does not help, the pump must be replaced.

Problem with the water supply

If you have problems with water supply, you must check the presence of pressure in the faucet, and then inspect the inflow hose and its filter.

The washer is not pumping properly

If the pump is having difficulty pumping water into the tank, this could indicate a clogged strainer in the inlet valve. Turn the unit away from the wall and unscrew the drain hose from the rear panel. Pull out the fill valve filter with pliers, then rinse well under running hot water. Clean with a brush if necessary.

The washing machine does not fill

If the washing machine does not pour water, you need to check:

  • Connecting the fill hose to the faucet
  • Check the hose for kinks and kinks
  • water pressure in the tap
  • water supply tap open/closed
  • Pressing the “Start” button

If there is a suspicion of a clog, it is necessary to shut off the water supply to the washing machine, unscrew the filling hose, direct it into a basin and resume the water supply. This will flush it, ridding it of debris.

It is advisable to check the inlet hose at least once a year and replace it immediately if there is any suspicion of leakage. Do not install used hoses.

The supply of detergent is disrupted

If the washing machine does not pass the powder, and from the tray, where it is poured, water flows out, this indicates a clog.

Стиральная машина Indesit WIUN 81 не блокирует дверцу, не запускается, не начинает стирку, ремонт!

To solve the problem, pour a small amount of boiling water gently into the tray. This kind of trouble occurs when using a bad quality detergent or too low pressure in the spigot that connects the tray and the tank of the machine.

As a result, a dense powder plug is formed, due to which the water does not get inside the tank. Periodically it is worth to wash the cuvette itself under running water.

What’s the problem?

If the lock on the washing machine flashes Indesit, Samsung, perhaps one of the four types of damage occurred:

  • The lock of the loading hatch is broken.
  • The heating element is defective.
  • The water pressure sensor in the tank is broken.
  • The control module is defective.

How to accurately identify the cause of the malfunction? Given the likely breakdowns, it is recommended to contact the master. An experienced technician using special equipment will diagnose the washing machine and identify the exact cause of the blinking light. If there is no possibility to call a master it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the lock. Often a trivial clogging of debris leads to blinking of the indicator light. The problem can be solved by cleaning the lock from the fine debris.

If the heating element has failed, the unit will freeze and stop washing. It is possible that the machine starts the operation and even a rinse has begun, but the lock indicator light is constantly on. If it is confirmed that the heating element is broken, you will need to replace it.

If the lock light is blinking on the washing machine, the water level sensor may be broken. It is necessary to control the amount of water that is poured into the unit’s tank. The sensor is available in any washing machine Indesit, Samsung and other brands. Over time, the element begins to malfunction, causing the light to flash. The water level sensor cannot be repaired. It must be replaced with a new one.

Another reason that causes the blinking of the lock icon light on the washing machine panel is the breakdown of the control board. This occurs as a result of a power surge or moisture on the board. Do not despair, in most cases the board Indesit is repairable. Only a very serious breakdown requires the old board to be replaced with a new one.

To finish

In case when Samsung, Indesit washing machine blinks or the lock indicator light constantly on when the washing machine is on, it is necessary to find the reason. Masters say that the blinking of the indicator is possible in four cases: clogging the lock with debris, defective heating element, water pressure sensor, the control module. If solving the first problem did not lead to the expected result, it is necessary to contact an experienced specialist, who will identify the exact breakdown with the help of special equipment.

Most washing machines have a key or lock indicator posted as a separate light on the control panel. In some models of washing machines, symbols on the machine display function as indicators.

This light is rarely noticed unless it is constantly on. What does this signal mean, in what cases it lights up, and whether something needs to be done?

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