Installation of a fireplace in the country house with a chimney

Rules of safety and measuring of the construction

If the installation of the stove is planned outside, the device chimney will not cause much trouble, the main thing. to choose a suitable place. It is important to remember that the stove structure should be located away from flammable objects and places of active recreation.

The construction of the chimney in the room will require knowledge of safety rules that will help avoid the occurrence of fire. The material of which the chimney is made must be heat resistant and be able to withstand the temperature of more than 1 thousand cubic meters. degrees. If you intend to install the burzhuyka near the walls, lined with clapboard or plastic, the part of the wall in the immediate vicinity of the stove is lined with fireproof material.

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Don’t forget to decide on the size of the tube

The hole through which the flue will enter the ceiling, must also be decorated with non-combustible materials, since during the operation of the stove the whole structure is strongly heated. For this purpose, a special cup is used, which prevents the hot pipe from contact with the edges of the hole. If the building has more than one burzhuyka, then for each of them a separate chimney system is made.

At the initial stage, the required diameter and total length of the pipes is determined. First of all, calculate the diameter, which should be 2.7 times the volume of the combustion chamber of the stove. Violation of this norm is fraught with weakening of the draught and malfunction of the entire heating system.

After calculating the diameter of the pipe for the burzhuyka will need to calculate the total length of the pipeline, but first you need to accurately determine the location of the stove in the room. Then determine the specific place where the chimney flue will go out. Measuring the length of the pipeline outside the room, you must consider that the pipe height over the ridge should be equal to 1.3-1.7 meters.

In the room itself it is more difficult to carry out installation work

How to install the fireplace?

Despite the popularity of natural gas in the modern world, there are still places where its use is still inaccessible. In this situation, a person can help stove burzhuyka in a wooden house, which is heated with wood fuel or coal. You can buy such fuel at any time of year.

In appearance burzhuyka resembles an ordinary rectangle on legs. It is supplemented with a door and a compartment for fuel, ash drawer for combustion waste. In addition, any burzhuyka is equipped with a pipe socket, which is put the exhaust pipe length of 5 meters or more. The chimney length directly affects the draft and power of the device. The body of the stove is made of steel or cast iron. We recommend to read the same about the chimney for a burzhuyka in the garage on our portal.

Burzhuyka stoves are classified into two varieties:

Metal burzhuyka

Brick models go well with a small cottage and can heat several rooms in it at once. The stove heats the rooms evenly and allows you to keep warm for a long time. The only disadvantage of a brick fireplace is the long heating process. But the brick adds more functionality to the device, for example, during masonry, you can build a place for cooking. Masters can equip a recess for the oven.

Brick hut

Stove models made of cast iron are compact and easy to install, because they can be placed in any suitable place. The main thing is to fold the chimney properly, so it can be easily moved thanks to corrugated pipes.

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Difficult climatic conditions. a factor that everyone living in the vast Russian territory has to take into account. With the onset of cold weather houses, apartments, industrial buildings are connected to centralized heating systems, supplying heat and creating comfortable conditions for us throughout the heating period.

How to make a chimney for a wood-burning stove

Determine the diameter of the chimney pipe for the burzhuyka can be based on the volume of its chamber: so, it is worth choosing the diameter (in mm) in 2.5-2.7 times the volume (in l).

In addition to the base for the chimney will also need:

Tip: If the main purpose of the burzhuyka and the chimney is to heat the premises, it is worth to make a pipe with several bends. However, each of them should have a length of not more than a meter and a slope of less than 90 degrees. For other purposes, a straight flue is suitable.

  • Mushroom for completing the upper part of the chimney.
  • A through glass.
  • Insulating material.
  • Heat-resistant sealant (We advise you to read more about the use of heat-resistant sealants on our website).

Lap and normal chimney should have a common vertical part not less than the height of the building with the addition of the elevation above the ceiling 0,5-1,5 m depending on whether it is a flat roof or having a ridge

Chimney for the chimney with their own hands

The easiest option for independent construction involves:

To connect the parts of the pipe will need a welder and protective clothing

The distance from the burzhuyka to the first knee of the chimney should be at least a meter. Only in this way the smoke will be well flue and not accumulate in the room

Ceiling-through unit can be purchased in a store or make your own by the given drawing, where d. diameter of the chimney.

  • Installation of pipes of an external part of a chimney with heat insulation. A layer of bitumen with insulation is suitable for this purpose.
  • Installing the hatch on top of the chimney.

If all the work is done correctly and carefully, you can use the construction for its intended purpose.

The diagram shows the installation of the chimney through the wall

Special moments of installation and use of the chimney burzhuyka in the garage

Highlighted rules relate to fire and personal safety:

  • A good ventilation system must be installed or provided naturally in the garage room.
  • For intensive, uninterrupted combustion air must enter the room, so keep the door ajar when the woodburning stove is in use.

Tip: Before using the firebox at full power it is worth checking it and the chimney by adding a small quantity of fuel.

If exploitation of portable burzhuyka involves use in the street, to create a chimney is worth using steel with anti-corrosive properties.

  • Near the working burzhuyka, as well as in normal conditions, there should not be easily deformed under the influence of heat.
  • Fuel and other flammable substances and objects should be stored away in designated areas.

Installation recommendations

Before preparing materials, make a drawing of the chimney and put the dimensions of all sections. so it is easier to pick up the pipes of the right length. Do not forget about fasteners. brackets and clamps, and buy sealing products for joints. furnace sealant and asbestos cord.

See for more information. For the furnace include sealants black, rated at a maximum temperature of 1500 ° C. Red compounds with the smell of vinegar are designed for cars and will not go to the jointing of gas chimneys.

How to properly make attachable chimneys burzhuks:

  • Start by punching (cutting) through the hole. In a brick wall its diameter is equal to the outer size of the insulated pipe. In the wooden cut a square opening, whose dimensions are 760 mm larger than the live section of the channel (38 cm on each side).
  • Assemble the vertical section, installing a tee and a condensate collector in front of the finished hole. Wall brackets and fastening clamps are put with a spacing of 1.5-2 m, the joints are processed with sealant.
  • Install the heater at least 50 cm away from flammable structures and connect the horizontal part of the single-wall pipe. It, too, move away from combustible surfaces by 500 mm or protect the wood with a sheet of iron, a slab of mineralite and so on.
  • Connect the inner part to the outer part. In a brick wall the pipe goes through a steel sleeve with a seal, in a wooden wall it is framed with a roofing iron with rock wool inside. Do not allow the joint to be in the wall thickness.

Important. The flue pipe going down into the wall or floor must be insulated with non-combustible basalt thermal insulation. The best option is to use a sandwich.

Laying the internal chimney through the ceiling is done in a similar way. The difference is that the condensate collector is located inside the room, and the passage through the roof sealed with a special chimney lining (master. flush).

The specifics of the work burzhueca low efficiency allows you to reduce to 3,5-4 m overall height of the pipe, derived above the flat roof of the single-storey garage. There is no wind backpressure zone, because there is no ridge and slopes, and heating of flue gases to a high temperature creates sufficient natural draught. How this is implemented in the garage, look at

Building a chimney for the firebox

To make a chimney for the fireplace in the garage is not very difficult. Spigot to install the chimney we have already left, it remains to punch a hole in the wall or ceiling. Recall that the height of the chimney should be 4-5 meters. Lower chimney for the burnt stove can cause loss of draft or blow air in the opposite direction.

Chimney for burzhuyka in the garage can be straight or curved L-shaped. it all depends on the characteristics of the garage room. For example, if there are some rooms above the garage, the pipe is led behind the wall, then curved and goes up. It is desirable that it was higher than the roof of the entire building. The top of the chimney is closed with a tin or metal cone to prevent water and snow from getting inside.

Mounting a chimney in the window is quite possible, but not safe. Wooden window frame can catch fire from contact with the overheated chimney. Therefore it must be insulated. for example with mineral wool between the metal and the frame. When taking the chimney through the roof, you must isolate it from the roofing and to seal all cracks.

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Installing the stove in a holiday home with your own hands

To start the installation, it is necessary to determine the place where the burzhuyka will be, located. It is important not to forget that the stove should not be at a close distance from all other objects. Another thing to keep an eye on the stove when working, which means that it must be visible to you.

It is necessary to adhere to such rules:

  • Since the legs are metal, they are also heated to a high temperature. The stove must be installed on a non-combustible base, it can be concrete, tile, brick or tin cover. In no case can not put it on a soft surface, on the wooden floor, on the parquet, etc.
  • The chimney should not have connections within the room. If it can not be avoided, connections should be as tight as possible and the lower part of the pipe should be inserted into the pipe. If the chimney is supposed to pass through a wall, in this case it is necessary to make a brick or ceramic thermal barrier.

In addition, be sure to follow the storage of fuel. It should not be near the chimney.

General requirements for the construction

Since you can properly build a chimney on your own, you should take into account technological requirements. Depends on the capacity of the heating equipment depends on the cross-section of the flue. At smaller parameters will worsen the draught and the products of combustion will be removed more slowly.

For the formation of a normal draught it is better to use a round chimney. It is necessary to reduce the number of bends. The minimum allowed height of the construction. 5 m. If the roof covering is prone to ignition, then in the area of contact with the chimney is put a spark arrester.

Near the boiler is equipped with good ventilation. The length of the internal part should not exceed 1 m, otherwise this area will quickly get clogged with soot, and the draft will deteriorate. The chimney provides a reservoir to collect accumulated condensate, a window for maintenance. It is not necessary to make 90° bends.

Pipe for the stove burzhuyka: making it with your own hands

Once the fireplace is installed and ready for operation, you must install a chimney that will be able to function properly, keep the heat in the room and at the same time not allow the combustion waste into the air room where the stove is installed. For this you need to correctly calculate the diameter of the pipe, its length and to think about how it will lead the smoke to the fresh air.

In order for the heating system to have the highest efficiency, it is necessary that the pipe for the firebox to ensure sufficient draft.

The best is the ratio of the diameter of the pipe to the combustion chamber of 2.7 millimeters to 1 liter. For example, let’s take a burzhuyka with a combustion chamber of 50 liters: 2.750=135 mm. This chimney diameter is optimal for efficient operation of the 50 liters fireplace.

After determining the diameter of the pipe for the chimney, you should calculate the length of the entire pipeline. In these calculations, it is important to consider not only the location of the fireplace, but also at what distance from the ridge is the chimney on the roof.

Place the outlet of the pipe over the roof should be according to certain rules:

  • The chimney is from the ridge of the roof at a distance of 1500 millimeters, so the output of the pipe should be located at a height of 50 centimeters above the top of the ridge;
  • If the distance to the canopy is 150-300 centimeters, the pipe outlet can be located at the same level as it;
  • If the chimney is located near the edge of the roof, its outlet should be slightly below the ridge, or at the same level as it;

The second option for the exit of the chimney is through the wall, not through the roof. In this case, the end of the chimney must be located slightly below the top of the roof ridge.

But the main length of the pipe will be the total distance from the pipe outlet to the chimney. the calculations in each individual case will be different, it all depends on what floor, in what room and at what height, will be located burzhuyka.

Protecting the floor from ignition

If the stove is installed on a flammable floor, it must be protected under and before the fire with a steel sheet or other non-combustible material, e.g. glass or stone at least 0.9 cm thick. Any flammable flooring materials should be removed from under the floor plate.

The minimum dimensions of the front protective slab are determined by the provisions of the SNiP. The combustion floor must be located at a distance from the frame of the hearth not less than the height to the bottom of the hearth plus 30 cm. The firebox must be positioned at least 30 cm above the floor on legs or on a stable non-combustible structure.

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