Installation standards for the gas meter in the apartment

How to act?

Next, you can learn how to install the device in an apartment or private home and what the correct sequence of actions is for the procedure.

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Where to go?

The gas service can install a gas meter. But it is possible to choose an outside organization that will do this work. The contractor should check the availability of a permit for such work, as well as to clarify the guarantees provided for the installation of the meter.

When the choice is made, it is necessary to submit an application to the gas service for an inspection of the premises. The master will determine where it is best to install the meter and what type of device should be purchased. After purchasing a gas meter, you can do the installation.

What documents must be prepared?

To apply for the installation of a gas meter, you must submit the following documents:

  • The owner’s passport;
  • Documents proving ownership;
  • The written consent of all co-owners (if any);
  • The technical passport of the room;
  • The passport for the purchased meter.

Making an application correctly

With all the necessary documents you can make an application. The application must contain the following information

  • Passport data of the owner of the apartment;
  • Address where the meter will be installed;
  • The list of the gas-consuming equipment;
  • Data of the meter (brand, manufacturer, date of issue).

The application with copies of documents should be submitted to the gas service. Based on the inspection and the application, the gas service will prepare an estimate of the work and provide a receipt for payment. After the payment is made, you still have to agree on the date and time of meter installation.

Time frame

According to the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation of April 7, 2010 “On the inspection of the premises for the purpose of checking the technical feasibility of installing metering devices”. N 149 of the Order the application must be reviewed by the gas service within 3 days. For inspection of the premises to verify the technical feasibility of installing a metering device, the same procedure gives 10 days to the contractor.

The application must be filed within 15 days after the inspection, specifications and contract for the installation of a gas meter are prepared. The same period is given to the owner of the premises to get acquainted with the terms of the contract. The term of the meter installation is stipulated in the contract.

Who pays for the work and what it costs?

According to Art. 158 HCC the owner must bear the costs of the premises, that is, the purchase and installation of the meter is his concern. The Government Decree of 21.07.2008 г. 49 “On the procedure of gas supply for communal needs of citizens” (item. 12) specifies that it is up to the applicant to ensure the availability of the gas metering device.

The price of the meter depends on its capacity and manufacturer. The cost of installation will be determined by the conditions, a list of necessary work and related materials. Will be taken into account:

  • The location of all gas appliances;
  • The need for welding work;
  • The length of the pipes where the installation of the meter is carried out;
  • The need for additional fittings, etc.

As of August 2019, the approximate cost of installing a gas meter in an apartment with a gas stove is from 3 thousand. up to 5 thousand. If other gas equipment is also installed, the cost of installing the meter is doubled.

Is it possible not to pay and are there any benefits for pensioners?

There are no federal programs for free or discounted meter installation. In other words, pensioners, disabled people and low-income families should buy and install the meter at their own expense. Privileged categories of citizens may address to the social security authorities at their place of residence.

Specialists will advise you on current regional subsidy programs, the list of required documents for reimbursement of the cost of meter installation in full or in part.

Nuances for a private residence

If everything is clear with an apartment meter, but how to choose a gas meter for a private house? You need to choose a device based on the capacity. Its maximum value according to the passport should be higher than the total consumption of all gas appliances.

Can the device be placed outdoors?

Install the meter on the street can be agreed with the gas service. Experts will insist on installing a device with a thermal corrector, which will provide more accurate readings. Gas meter with an additional device will cost twice as much as a normal meter.

Choose a device that will be placed outdoors, it is necessary to take into account the maximum temperatures typical of the region. If the minimum temperatures in the region is lower than those specified in the passport, then such a device is not suitable. Even if the gas service will not insist on placing the meter in a box, it is better to provide it. The box will protect the device from direct sunlight, atmospheric precipitation and mechanical impact.

GAS METERS, a gas tutorial on all you need to know about gas meters for trainee gas engineers.

How to choose the right meter

What you should pay attention to if you decide to put a device in the house or apartment? The main criterion for choosing a device is its ability to pass through a certain amount of gas per hour. This value can be determined independently by examining the technical parameters of all devices on blue fuel, located in the apartment.

On average, a standard four-burner stove consumes 1.56 cubic meters of gas in one hour, while a gas boiler consumes 2.5 cubic meters. If both units are located in the apartment, you need to add up these numbers.

When choosing a model of the gas meter, you should pay attention to the fact that the gas supply to the device can be performed both on the right and on the left

It is worth paying attention to the marking on the gas meters: it will help to understand what parameters the unit is designed for.

Letters and numbers printed on the model indicate:

There are also more powerful versions of controllers (G10 or G16), whose characteristics are calculated according to the same principle.

When choosing a device, you should also take into account the following factors:

  • the number of people living in the house;
  • ambient temperature at which the meter will operate. If you plan to use the device outdoors, it is advisable to purchase units with thermal compensators, which can be used even in frosty weather;
  • the diameter of the threads provided on the gas meter outlets. Gas pipes can be 1/2 inch, 3/4 and 1 inch. The first option is adopted in apartments, but can also be used in private homes, where other elements are also used;
  • distance between the centers of controller’s outputs.

The purchase of the gas meter must be agreed with the specialists who will install the device. To do this, contact the selected firm for advice, predetermining the approximate capacity and sketching the plan of the room.

Household gas meters can be installed on the gas pipe in both vertical and horizontal position

When buying, you should pay attention to the exact time of manufacture of the meter you buy, because the test period of the device is determined not by the day of purchase or installation, but by the date of issue.

Do I need a meter in my dwelling: legal norms

To find out whether it is mandatory to install a gas meter in the apartment in 2018, let’s turn to the legislation. Previously, its norms obliged all homeowners using natural gas for household purposes to equip their homes with metering devices by 01.01.15. However, the changes made to Art. 13 FL 61 dd 23.11.The Federal Law 61 On Energy Saving and Increasing Energy Efficiency (hereinafter. FZ 61), provide for a number of exceptions to this rule.

According to the new requirements, only homeowners whose volume of natural gas consumption exceeds 2 m3/h are required to install a meter. Approximately this amount is used for cooking on gas stoves. Combinations of gas appliances, such as a stove a gas column exceeds the specified amount of consumption.

In 2016, the legislation on the installation of the gas meter has undergone further changes. After the changes to the Federal Law 76 of 29.06.15. The requirement to install meters does not apply to homeowners whose residences do not have natural gas heating equipment.

Owners of dwellings with several gas appliances are not required to install meters, even if the volume of consumption exceeds 2 m3/h.

But since the law does not deprive them of the right to use a metering device, it is important to understand whether it is beneficial to install a gas meter in an apartment with a column. To answer this question, you need:

  • Calculate the equipment and installation costs.
  • Compare them with current gas costs (consumption norms, taking into account the number of registered residents).
  • Calculate the payback period of the meter.

Homeowners whose homes are equipped with individual gas heating equipment have no such choice. They all have until the beginning of 2019 to equip their homes with metering devices.

How to choose a proper meter

Choose a device that takes into account gas consumption in domestic conditions, should be based on the capacity and type of equipment. The first parameter is directly related to the number and power of devices that consume gas. The value of the characteristic is indicated in the marking of the meter, next to the letter G. The optimality of control equipment is determined on the basis of compatibility with the stove, depending on the range of its consumption.

  • rotary (mechanical). compact and cheap, but noisy, short-lived, not accurate;
  • diaphragm (diaphragm). reliable, durable, affordable, but noisy and large;
  • electronic. reliable and accurate.

Together with the quality, the cost grows. the last representative of devices that count the amount of gas consumed, is much more expensive than analogues.

On January 1, 2015, the Federal Law (66-FZ of January 29, 2015) came into force.12.2014), according to one of the norms of which apartment and house owners who use only gas stoves are exempt from the obligation to install gas meters.

(Vladimir Information and Analytical Magazine)

On January 1, 2015, a federal law came into effect that exempts owners of gas stoves from the mandatory installation of metering devices

Changes in the law: if an apartment has only a gas stove, you don’t have to install a meter. The federal law came into force on January 1 this year.

A Federal Law on Gas Metering has come into force

This is done so that unscrupulous companies, which used to scare ordinary residents with high bills, won’t get rich

This applies only to those categories of citizens who have only gas stoves

Owners of apartments and houses that use only gas stoves may not install gas meters.

(Information Agency Vladimirskaya Novosti. Russkoe Radio, Dorozhnoe Radio)

Changes in the Law: apartment and house owners who use only gas stoves may forget about installing metering devices.

Changes in legislation: owners of apartments and houses using only gas stoves may not install gas meters.

The owners of apartments and houses with only a stove among the gas equipment are exempt from the obligation to install gas meters, reports the press service of Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Vladimir. On January 1, the relevant federal law came into force.

On January 1, 2015, the Federal Law (66-FZ of 29.12.2014), according to one of its norms, apartment and house owners who use only gas stoves are exempt from the obligation to install gas meters.

(Information portal Za Vladimir region)

It turns out that at the end of last year, President Vladimir Putin made a very generous present to the dear Russians by amending the law on energy saving, adopted in November 2009.

The owners of gas stoves do not need to install heat meters. Since the beginning of this year, a relevant federal law came into force, according to Vladoblgaz.

This decision is due to the fact that the costs of this part of consumers to install meters are not recouped. The effective tariffs do not allow. On the contrary, firms that install meters benefited from this decision, calling on residents to install meters before 2015. Before the New Year Gazprom gaz/distribution of Vladimir even had to give an explanation to calm down the unnecessary fuss. The same situation was observed in other Russian regions.

As a result, lawmakers paid attention to the mass dissatisfaction of apartment and house owners and took measures.

Now only if gas consumption exceeds 2 cubic meters per hour, residents will have to install meters.

Vladimir Ganenko, Advisor to Gazprom gazoraspredelenie General Director, told Gubernia-33 that the most intensive use of a gas stove consumes 1.2-1.4 cubic meters of gas per hour on average.

Measures to abolish the mandatory installation of meters in this case were taken in order to not create a huge list of violators after January 1 this year. Although there are no sanctions.

As for private meter installation firms, according to Gazprom representatives, after the new law was passed, these firms increased their propaganda aimed at accelerating the installation of meters in apartments and residential buildings. And take advantage of the ignorance of consumers.

It is not obligatory to install gas meters, at least for people who have only a kitchen stove. Since 15, changes to the law on energy conservation came into force. If earlier all Russians were obliged to install gas meters. Otherwise, there will be a fine. Now it should be done only by those who consume more than two cubic meters of natural gas per hour. The state gas service explained that no stove consumes this much gas. It is possible to exceed the norm only if there is a gas water heater or a boiler, for instance. But what about those who have already installed a meter and only have one stove?

Alexey Yunichev, representative of Gazprom Gazoraspredelenie, Moscow. Vladimir: “You can’t say they did it for nothing, because there are different situations when, for example, several people are registered. Of course the meter will pay for itself”.

Now there is no need to install meters in apartments with only one gas stove. Corresponding amendments have been made to the federal law on energy saving.

Practice has shown. It is not beneficial for the consumers to install meters in apartments where gas equipment is used exclusively for cooking. High meter readings will not make anyone give up breakfast or boil tea less often. Such a situation is beneficial only for companies that produce and install meters. They fueled the fuss last year by urging people to run and install meters. Lawmakers noticed the problem in time and made the appropriate changes. Alexei YUNICHEV, representative of Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Vladimir “Installing a meter on the gas stove will not bring any energy savings, because we will not cook less anyway. So we decided to simplify people’s lives and refuse to install this installation, which costs money, is still costly, but the effect on energy savings will certainly be minimal.”It is worth noting that with a combination of devices, that is, when in the apartment, in addition to the stove, there is a gas water heater or an individual boiler, the meter must be installed.

Owners of apartments and houses with only a gas stove are exempt from the obligation to install gas meters. On January 1, the corresponding federal law came into force.

Previously, it was assumed that all consumers had to install gas meters, but in practice it turned out to be disadvantageous for owners using only a stove. But on the theme of approaching the deadline for installing meters speculated numerous commercial firms that offered such services to the public. Under a new law passed in December, metering devices must only be installed by homeowners with gas consumption over 2 cubic meters per hour. cubic meters per hour. Consumption of the gas stove is lower than this figure. Combination of several appliances (stove and gas water heater) usually provides consumption above the norm, but not in all cases. So, owners of several gas appliances should specify the volume of consumption in the technical passports. If the total consumption exceeds 2 cu. meters per hour, you must install meters.

Norms of installation of a gas meter in an apartment

The list of administrative procedures performed by the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloblgaz” for individuals

The installation of individual meters for gas consumption can be carried out both indoors and outdoors (inside a closed cabinet (box) made of non-combustible materials).

The individual metering devices of gas consumption are to be equipped with correctors or temperature compensators. The installation of gas meters not equipped with correctors or temperature compensators is prohibited, except for the installation of individual gas meters in heated apartments in multi-family dwellings.

The flow meters in newly built houses (apartments) are installed according to projects developed in accordance with the established procedure, and in the existing houses (apartments). according to sketches of the gas supplying organization with the use of standard connectors in accordance with the requirements of technical normative legal acts.

Standards for the installation of a gas meter indoors:

For the installation, purchase of the meter, the date of work and renegotiation of the contract, the citizen should contact the branch of the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloblgaz” at the place of residence.

After the work is done, the specialist of the gas supplying organization makes changes to the technical passport of the gasified object of the housing stock, and the parties sign an act of the work performed. Payment for work performed shall be made by the customer on the day of performance of the work in cash.

With an approximate cost of the works the consumer can get acquainted in the branch of RUPE “Gomeloblgaz”, or on the site in the section of services.

Replacement of gas meters

According to the Regulation “On the statement of the list of areas in the field of legal metrology” residential gas meters are subject to metrological verification at least once every 8 years. Certain types of meters require more frequent verification (in accordance with the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus). The branch of the gas supplying organization contacts the owner of the meter in advance of the deadline to agree on the date of work. During the period of verification (approximately 1 month), the gas metering unit is replaced with a similar one. The said work is carried out by the branches of the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloblgaz” free of charge. If the metrological verification reveals the need for repair, the period of verification is prolonged for the time of its implementation. If it is impossible to perform the repair work, the owner should buy a new gas accounting unit in the branch of the gas supply organization at the place of residence or in the retail trade network.

The consumer has the right to buy metering unit on his own, but only metering units that passed type approval, entered in the State Register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Belarus are accepted for installation.

When replacing or installing new gas meters, we recommend that you follow the list of organizations with which the RPUE “Gomeloblgaz” has concluded agreements on cooperation.

It should be noted that the gas consumer is obliged to maintain gas meters in a proper state of repair, ensure the safety of the seals and sealing materials installed on them. Consumption of gas supply services with violation of established by legislation requirements on organization of accounting of communal services consumption by a payer of housing and communal services expressed in the malfunction meter of individual metering of gas consumption, interference in its work, failure to comply with established by the legislation terms of metrological verification or failure to ensure safety of the individual meter of gas consumption is unmetered consumption of communal services.

If the provider (a representative of the gas-supplying organization) or the payer of housing and communal services detects the fact of unaccountable consumption of communal services, the provider is obliged to certify this fact by the act of unaccountable consumption of communal services (hereinafter “Act on unaccountable consumption of communal services”). act). In this case, the provider recalculates the payment for the consumed gas for previous periods in accordance with the clause. 33 of the Regulation on the Procedure of Calculation and Payment for Housing and Communal Services and Fees for the Use of Residential Premises of the State Housing Fund”, approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 12 April 2003.06.2014 71.

It should be noted that employees of the gas supplying organization in the process of maintenance of gas equipment revealed a number of violations committed by gas consumers, which led to unaccountable consumption of gas. Violations, connected with the facts of tampering with the operation of gas meters, failure to keep the seals, result in negative consequences for gas consumers, connected with recalculation of gas consumed and, respectively, submission for payment of significant amounts, in some cases exceeding dozens of thousands, followed (in case of late payment) by fines and debt collection through judicial proceedings.

Free meter installation

To install the gas meter free of charge, owners must apply to utilities. But the meter itself and additional tools are purchased at the expense of consumers.

Free installation of gas meters has reduced the number of appeals to dubious services and private craftsmen. Gas explosions due to improper installation have increased in recent years. Going to a trusted service will protect owners from accidents.

Important! By contacting a gas company, you get free installation and licensing assistance. Do not go to dubious individuals and private companies that do not have the appropriate documents to provide services.

Who is eligible for free meter installation

Municipal services install free meters for all citizens who apply to the gas station. Installation will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. But if you want to speed up the process and go to a private company, you will have to pay for installation. between private individuals can vary greatly.

Where to go for free installation

Free gas meter installation requires:

  • Write an application to the gas company. Attach a copy of your passport and property rights.
  • Wait for the representatives of the organization, which will diagnose the pipeline and determine the technical feasibility of installation.
  • Give the device to the expert for installation.
  • Accept the work and sign the corresponding act of acceptance.

Important! When buying a gas meter, ask for a certificate and technical passport.

When the employees have finished the installation, you must go to the utility and register the gas meter. In the near future, an inspector will come to check the work done and seal.

Installation instructions

Rules for installing a gas meter in the apartment:

  • First it is necessary to write an application to the gas service, which specifies the place of registration, the full name of the owner, as well as the mailing address of the place where it is planned to install the meter. After that, you should have a master come to your apartment or house to examine the gas equipment and tell you what kind of meter you should buy. Voiced by the wizard specifications will allow you to develop a project. This is usually done by the gas utility itself.
  • Buy the equipment in accordance with the specifications received from the master. Household meters (designed for apartments or houses) differ from each other nominal volume of energy resources, which they pass per unit time. For an apartment with only a stove, you can buy a meter that lets in 2.5 m 3 gas per hour.
  • Again, go to the gas service, where they will issue an invoice, after which payment will come to the master and install the meter that you purchased. After the installation of a gas meter in the house, it will be necessary to issue a passport. Sometimes the mark is put by the same master, sometimes you have to go to the gas service for this.
  • Then you need to submit to the same gas service an application for sealing the meter. After this procedure, you should be issued a certificate, which should be presented at the unified cash settlement center at the place of residence. Thus, you will pay for the gas supply under the new system, taking readings from the meter yourself.

Rules and deadlines

The lifetime of a meter is determined by the manufacturer. It varies from 10 to 20 years. A meter must be replaced at the end of its service life or after the meter has been calibrated. Replacement rules:

  • Meters are replaced on the basis of a statement of the need to replace the device.
  • The device is installed at a distance of at least 2 meters from the devices that give off heat.
  • An exhaust hood must be present in the room.
  • Distances to be taken into account when replacing, installing: the distance from the floor covering. 160 cm, to the gas appliances. 1 meter, to the wall. 5 cm.
  • If meters are placed outside (in private houses), there must be a metal box in which they must be placed.
  • The meter must be sealed.
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