Installing a gas meter in a municipal apartment

Verification period of a gas meter

Verification periods of gas meters.06.Verification of measuring instruments (which include gas meters) shall be subject to initial verification upon putting into operation and to periodic verification when in service.

Verification period of a gas meter begins to run not from the moment of installation of the device, but from the moment of its production, since this is the period of its initial verification.

Verification period of a gas meter may be found in the data sheet of the device or in a special certificate that is also attached to the meter. In addition, the documents specify the verification interval. the period after which the owner must have the device verified.

The owner of the gas meter is obliged to have the meter checked and to pay for the cost of verification.

And the work on verification of devices is carried out by the organization with which the owner will sign a contract for the maintenance of the gas meter.

Replacement of the gas meter

Replacement of the gas meter is necessary in case the lifetime of your meter has expired or in case of breakage. Service life of the gas meter for a private house from 8 to 10 years for an apartment from 10 to 12 years. Exact information can be obtained from the meter passport that indicates the date of manufacture and period of use.

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Before replacing the gas meter, you should know a few basic things: according to Russian law, the owner of the premises is responsible for the technical condition of the gas equipment free replacement of the gas meter is provided for tenants living in a municipal apartment or house. In this case, the local municipality pays for the subscriber from budgetary funds, remember that the independent replacement of the gas meter is strictly prohibited by law.

Is it obligatory to install a gas meter in an apartment?

Can One Refuse to Install a Gas Meter in a Flat? The answer is yes and no. It all depends on what gas appliances are installed in the apartment. Usually, if you use only one gas stove, the main and only purpose of which is cooking, you can do without a meter, although nobody forbids to install it. If there is no meter, the charge for consumed gas is made according to the norms and the number of occupants, while only those family members who are registered in the room are taken into account. Accordingly, the smaller the family, the less to pay. Therefore, accounting with the use of gas meters is beneficial only if the apartment is a large family, in other cases, this question is not even relevant, and this is due to the fact that a fairly high initial financial costs will be very long payback.

But, if in addition to the gas stove there is also a boiler operating on blue fuel and/or a column, then one cannot do without a meter. Its installation is both an obligation of the owner, according to Federal Law 61 of 23.11.2009г. “About energy saving and increase of energy efficiency and about modification of separate acts of the Russian Federation”, and it is necessary: to pay according to the standard in this case it is absolutely unprofitable.

But there are also several categories of consumers who are not required to install meters, even if they have several gas appliances installed in their apartment, and these are tenants in residence:

  • in an emergency building, which in the near term is subject to demolition;
  • In a room that does not have the technical capabilities to install meters;

How to install a gas meter in a shared apartment

Heating and ventilation engineer. Prepares projects for the gas supply of private homes.

A private home is a dream for many people. And if you expect to live in this “dream” permanently and comfortably, you need to take care about how to heat it. The most affordable way to keep your home warm is a gas boiler.

But how much does it cost to use a boiler for heating?? How not to overpay? To solve these problems the homeowner can get help from the gas meter for the private house. With it you can pay only for the resources consumed and control your gas costs. And to keep the meter out of the way, you can buy an outdoor gas meter and install it on the front of your house.

Who should install a gas meter in the apartment and at whose expense?

In accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Art. You must install natural gas meters in your apartments before January 1st 2015 (article 13 of the Federal Law On Energy Saving). If before January 1, 2016, the homeowner has not installed a meter, the company, which is supplying gas to the premises, has the right to forcibly install it and to charge the consumer all the costs of installation. There are no penalties for late installation of meters.

Meter installation in the municipal apartment, at whose expense is it done

There are cases when municipal authorities refuse to install or service meters, citing lack of budget funds. This is not lawful. Landlords, i.e. local authorities, are obliged to maintain their homes in full compliance with the Civil Code and the Housing Code, and must find funds to install meters.

Tenant’s procedure for the installation of meters in municipal housing

If you have studied the contract and you can’t find the landlord’s obligations regarding the installation of water meters, you can turn to the landlord on this issue. You should not apply to the water supply company or housing management company, although in exceptional cases, the management company can act as a co-owner of the premises.

Usually, the contract clearly states who owns the dwelling. This is the person who is obligated to install the meters. In standard cases, it is a government agency. municipal or regional authorities.

The resident should write an application to the administration of the city, town or other municipality about the desire to install a CEU. To be sure, you should write the document in 2 copies and make sure that you put the date of receipt of the application in the clerk’s office. Ask for answers to the application in writing. This paper will be needed when applying to the court or higher authorities in case the installation of devices refused.

Practice shows that the involvement of the court is a guarantee of quality and prompt installation of meters at the expense of the homeowner.

Who and at whose expense must install and change the meter in the stairwell or apartment in 2022?

In recent years, the energy market has increased significantly, as Russians are increasingly using a variety of modern appliances that need electricity. Due to the increasing load on the networks, meters are no longer able to cope, and therefore there is an increasing need to replace the equipment with newer and better. About how electric meters are replaced, and who must pay for it, we will tell further.

About the mandatory installation of gas meters. We explain the norms of the law

Individual residences and apartments must be equipped with natural gas meters by January 1, 2019. Who will be allowed not to install metering devices?

Changes to Federal Law 61-FZ of November 23, 2009, “On Energy Saving and. “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” is already in force. According to the rules, before January 1, 2015 owners of apartment buildings and premises in apartment buildings were required to install individual gas meters. Persons who have not met this obligation by the due date are required to pay a monthly service fee by January 1, 2019. Allow access for gas distribution company specialists to the places where gas meters are installed, and pay for the installation of the meters for these organizations.

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Woman upset by poles placed around gas meter

There is not much time left before the marked date, but you should not panic. Here’s how to make it through the changes as painlessly as possible.

The provisions of the law do not apply to “dilapidated and damaged facilities, and facilities subject to demolition or repair before January 1, 2013. (from the wording of the law). In addition, apartment owners with a maximum volume of natural gas consumption of less than two cubic meters per hour, who heat their apartments without the use of gas equipment, are not required to install meters.

GAS METERS, a gas tutorial on all you need to know about gas meters for trainee gas engineers.

It’s easy to find out if you fit this definition.

If your home only runs a stove on gas, you do not need to install metering devices.

But if an apartment or house has a heating device. A heating gas boiler, as well as a gas stove or a gas water heater running on natural gas, cannot be done without installing a meter.

Installing natural gas service: New home construction

In case of refusal to install a gas meter.

If the owner of the apartment doesn’t want to install a meter voluntarily, the gas distribution company has the right to do it forcibly. No consent of the owner is required.

In any case all the installation costs will be charged to the consumer one way or another.

Understanding that not all consumers are ready to pay the full amount for the installation of a gas meter at once, Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Tver JSC provides installment payments for this service. The maximum installment term. five years, it can be reduced at the request of the subscriber.

Experts assure: after meter installation gas payments are significantly reduced, and the devices will pay for themselves in a few years. This is especially true for those who have more people registered in their apartment than actually live there.

To install gas meters on the objects located in.Tver, Kalina and Rameshkovsky districts of the Tver region, you must apply to the Customer Service Center of the branch of JSC “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Tver” in Tyumen city.The address is: Tver.Tver, ul.Frunze, 5, tel.56-41-41, or fill out a corresponding application electronically on the official website of the organization

When applying in person, you must have a passport and a document of title to the property.

Please note that the installation of gas meters are hazardous and must be carried out by a specialized organization in compliance with the legally established requirements for their implementation.

Installing a gas meter in a municipal apartment

The list of administrative procedures performed by the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloblgaz” in respect of individuals

installing, meter, municipal, apartment

Installation of individual meters for gas consumption is carried out both indoors and outdoors (inside a closed cabinet (box) made of non-combustible materials).

Individual gas meters must be equipped with correctors or temperature compensators. The installation of gas meters not equipped with correctors or temperature compensators is prohibited, except for the installation of individual gas meters in heated apartments in multi-apartment buildings.

Installation of gas meters in newly built houses (apartments) is performed according to projects developed in the prescribed manner, and in existing houses (apartments). according to sketches of the gas supplying organization with standard connectors, in accordance with the requirements of technical normative legal acts.

Norms for installation of gas meters inside the premises:

For the questions concerning the installation, the purchase of the meter, the date of work and the renewal of the contract, the citizen should contact the Gomeloblgaz branch of the Republican Unitary Enterprise at the place of residence.

After the execution of the works the specialist of the gas supplying organization makes the changes to the technical passport of the gasified object of the housing stock, the parties sign the executed works certificate. The payment for the work performed is performed by the customer on the day of performance of the work in cash.

Approximate cost of works the consumer can get acquainted in the branch of RPUE “Gomeloblgaz”, or on the web-site in the section of services.

Replacement of gas meters

According to the Regulation “On Approval of the List of the domains of legal metrology” residential gas meters are subject to metrological checks with the frequency of at least once every 8 years. Certain types of meters require more frequent verification (in accordance with the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus). Beforehand, before the specified period expires, a branch of the gas supply organization contacts the owner of the meter to agree on the date of work. The gas metering installation is replaced by a similar one for the period of verification (roughly 1 month). These works are carried out by the branches of RPU “Gomeloblgaz” free of charge. If as a result of performed metrological verification the necessity of repair is revealed, the period of verification is prolonged for the time of its performance. If it is impossible to perform the repair work, the owner should buy a new gas metering installation in the branch of the gas supply organization at the place of residence or in the retail trade network.

The consumer has the right to purchase a gas meter on his own, but the installation can only be accepted metering units approved type entered in the State Register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Belarus.

When replacing or installing new gas meters, we recommend that you follow the list of organizations with which the RPUE Gomeloblgaz has concluded agreements on cooperation.

It should be noted that the gas consumer is obliged to maintain gas meters in a good condition, ensure the safety of the seals and sealing material installed on them. Consumption of gas supply services with violation of established by legislation requirements on organization of accounting of communal services consumption by a payer of housing and communal services expressed in the malfunction meter of individual metering of gas consumption, interference in its work, failure to comply with established by the legislation terms of metrological verification or failure to ensure safety of the meter of individual accounting of gas consumption is unaccountable consumption of communal services.

If the provider (a representative of the gas supplying organization) or the payer of housing and communal services discovers the fact of unaccountable consumption of communal services, the provider is obliged to certify this fact by the act of unaccountable consumption of communal services (hereinafter. act). In this case, the provider recalculates the payment for the consumed gas for previous periods in accordance with the item “Cost of gas consumption”. 33 of the Regulation on the Procedure of Calculation and Payment for Housing and Communal Services and Payment for the Use of Residential Premises of the State Housing Fund”, approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 12.06.2014 71.

It should be noted that the employees of the gas supplying organization in the process of maintenance of gas equipment revealed a number of violations committed by gas consumers, which led to unaccountable gas consumption. Violations related to the facts of tampering with the gas meter operation, failure to keep the seals result in negative consequences for gas consumers connected with recalculation of gas consumed and, respectively, submission for payment of significant amounts, in some cases exceeding dozens of thousands, followed (in case of late payment) by fines and debt collection through judicial proceedings.

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