Installing Burzhuyka in the country with a chimney

Installation of a metal fireplace stove for the garage

The main advantage of this design is that it can be made from any piece of metal. In this case, you can use:

In this case, there will be the following order of work:

  • A small gap is punched in the workpiece. You can do this with a chisel. If a milk can is used, the slot is punched below the throat.
  • Making a hole in the bottom with an angle grinder.
  • The chimney is attached to the spigot.
  • A snake-shaped grate is made of steel wire, installed inside the stove through the throat, and the wire is stretched.
  • Supports are made from small pipes and fixed to the sides of the stove.
  • Metal legs are welded to the bottom of the structure.

In this case, you will need to perform all work on the installation of such design in the correct sequence, as well as know some of the nuances.

The burner must be placed far from the window.

Care should be taken to ensure that the pipe is long. This will make the heating more efficient. To be able to save fuel and increase the cooling time of the furnace, you will need to clad the manufactured structure of quality bricks.

  • The base consists of non-combustible material;
  • Flammable materials during installation and thereafter should not be placed in the vicinity of the construction;
  • There should be a distance of at least 50 cm between the fireplace and other objects, including furniture;
  • During use, you can not touch the body burzhuyka. you can get burned;
  • You can not leave the furnace on for a long time without supervision (there is always a risk of fire);
  • if a malfunction of the exhaust pipe is fixed, the subsequent use of the stove must be temporarily suspended;
  • The furnace door must be closed;
  • The distance from the stove to the wooden wall at least 80 cm;
  • 3 kg of fuel. the maximum volume of a single serving;
  • After the first start of the stove may smell of paint. this is considered the norm for the first time;
  • Cleaning of the ash drawer is to be done with the non-hot stove off;
  • Suitable fuel. dry wood or logs.

When the capacity of the device is calculated for the dimensions of the house, you can begin the installation work. Burzhuyka size 1 sq. м. is able to fully heat 35 square meters. м. the area.

Installing Flexible Flue Liner

Choosing a place in the house

Be guided by the following criteria for choosing a place to install burzhuyka:

  • Flooring. If the house is heterogeneous coating, assess the level of fire safety of each type. Concrete and brick will do. The stove must not be placed on the linoleum. Under the stove you can find a place and remove the section of linoleum. it should start further than 50 cm from the stove.
  • The distance around the device. Evaluate the size of the burzhuyka, compare it to the proposed place of installation. What will be the distance between the stove and the furniture, walls? If it exceeds the figure of 50 cm, the place is suitable.
  • Comfort for the occupants. It is not recommended to install the stove near corridors and passageways. there is a risk of burns during combustion.
  • Accessibility of the pipe installation. It is mounted with a conclusion on the roof or through the wall. In a two-story house convenient option would be to install the fireplace closer to the wall with a pipe outlet.

Wall protection

To preserve the surface of the walls, it is necessary to install a protective screen for the burzhuyka. Between it and the body of the stove must be a gap of an average of 3-4 cm. It is necessary for unobstructed airflow. Screens are installed to protect the nearest wall, which may gradually turn yellow as a result of exposure to high temperatures. Also, an additional layer will provide a high level of safety.

Asbestos board with a thickness of 1 cm. a suitable material to create a screen with their own hands. It is fixed on a metal sheet and fastened so that the air gap between the stove and the screen along the entire perimeter was the same. Fixing elements are used only fire-safe, non-melting, such as those made of steel.

You can buy a screen in a ready-made form in a construction store. Such a design consists of hard mineralized wool and stainless steel. Basalt cardboard can be used instead of wool.

Furnace screens (metal screens in this example)


Floor preparation begins with the removal of combustible materials. The minimum distance between such a covering and the stove is 50 cm.

The following popular flooring materials are considered flammable:

With clinker bricks make a podium, but this step is not considered mandatory. Instead of bricks, stone or durable ceramic tiles will do. This is relevant for tall people who bought a small device or plan to erect a low burzhuyka.

Connection and withdrawal of the pipe

Considering how to properly install burzhuyka, takes into account the process of installation of the chimney. The pipe can consist of the following materials:

installing, burzhuyka, country, chimney
  • Brick (finished construction is not transferable);
  • metal (lightweight, resistant to high temperatures);
  • Asbestos cement (designed to withstand a maximum of 300 degrees).

The basic principle of making a pipe is its disassemblability. This is necessary for subsequent diagnosis, cleaning and easy maintenance.

The metal pipe is made of the following materials:

  • pipes with a diameter of 1.6 cm;
  • A tee made of metal with a diameter of 1.6 cm;
  • elbows for joints (will help to provide directions. one knee of 10×120 cm, several 16×120 cm will come in handy);
  • protective mushroom with a diameter of 20 cm;
  • Thermal insulation materials;
  • sealant to fill the joints;
  • bitumen resin.

The process of assembling the chimney begins with the installation of the chimney. When the base is prepared and the device is placed on it, to the place designed to mount the pipe, fix the first element. Then the second. The number of pipes depends on the height of the summer house.

Next you need to do the following steps:

    Make a hole in the ceiling near the roof. If its type is collapsible, the task will be solved quickly. It all depends on what material is made of the ceiling, how the roof is assembled. The distance between the pipe and the sides of the floor must be 10 cm in circumference.

installing, burzhuyka, country, chimney

Do not start using the furnace until the sealant has dried completely.

Pipe outlet through the wall or roof

In a single-storey house it is allowed to take the chimney out through the ceiling and roof, as described in the previous paragraph. Available option of a pipe and through the wall. If we talk about preference, the first option is still a priority, although in practice it is more labor-intensive. Heat transfer, safety, aesthetic qualities. the advantages are plenty. But also to refuse categorically from the output pipe through the wall, too, should not be.

Chimney flue options in the chimney burzhuyka 1-storey house

If 2-storey house (burzhuyka on the 1st floor):

In a two-storey house to install a chimney through a straight rise to the roof is not the best option.

Therefore, the pipe will rise to a small distance, then “roll” to the side toward the wall. Beforehand you need to think about how to make a hole in it (depending on the materials used during the construction of the house).

Preferably through the wall (left)

Turning of the pipe size not more than 25 centimeters from the ceiling. The same installation rules apply here as when working with the chimney, passing through the roof. The place in the wall is strengthened, using sealant to increase reliability and fix the elements.

After taking the chimney outdoors, it must again be directed upwards. The distance between the pipe and the facade of the building should be at least 10 cm. In some cases, it is greater if the building is finished with heat-sensitive materials. They will not melt from a hot pipe, but may change color.

connection and installation

What materials will be needed to install the burzhuyka:

  • Ceramic bricks (if there will be a backing);
  • fixing fittings;
  • clay mortar;
  • plaster whose composition includes lime and clay.

Lay the first row of bricks for the underlayment carefully, precisely. This is very important. Check the result with a level. Bricks are installed on the clay mortar, you can also use plaster to fill the joints.

Checking the construction

To check if the device works properly, if everything is in order, you need to run the furnace. Check that there are no places in the chimney through which smoke is leaking.

Do not forget to control the smoke evacuation process outside. If no smoke is emitted anywhere but on the top, all is well. Stay near the fireplace for several hours, constantly checking whether everything is in order.

Wood treatment

Some of the most common protectants include special impregnants (flame retardants) and transparent mastics. They are usually treated the following elements of wooden structures:

Additional information! When choosing remedies should be kept in mind that the mastic has a higher rate of fire protection than colorless impregnation.

Fireproofing treatment of wooden elements can be engaged not only representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but also the owners of the house themselves. In the second case, they will need to get a special certificate confirming the correctness of the installation of the stove.

Fire safety standards for installation and operation of the furnace

In order to protect your home with a burzhuyka, you should follow some fire safety rules:

  • Use only dry wood or logs as fuel.
  • To kindle the device, open the firebox damper and put the necessary amount of fuel in it, and then light it.
  • When the fuel has caught fire enough, the output of the firebox can be adjusted by opening and closing the ash drawer.
  • To clean the burzhuyka from the ash, you need to completely cool the body, take out the ash drawer and throw away its contents.

To clean the ash drawer from the ash, you need to cool the body, take out the ash drawer and throw out the trash from it

  • At the first ignition you can smell the burning paint, but afterwards such an effect will not happen again.
  • Any inflammable objects should be at least 80 cm from the firebox.
  • It is forbidden to put more than 3 kg of fuel in the firebox at one time. It is important to always close the firebox hatch.
  • Do not use the stove if there are any malfunctions in the exhaust pipe.
  • Do not leave the fireplace unattended for a long time and in the presence of small children.
  • When the stove is in operation, the body of the stove must not be touched as it is heated to a very high temperature.
  • It is forbidden to place combustible materials near the fireplace.
  • You can install the fireplace only on a non-combustible basis.

Basic rules for the installation and use of the fireplace in a wooden house

Recently it has become more and more important to heat small rooms: wooden summer houses, residential outbuildings, garages, etc.д. The stove is undoubtedly one of the best variants for such buildings, i.e.к. its use saves money on electricity, and its use is not difficult. The appearance of the fireplace is similar to a rectangular box, where the basis are four stable legs. Also, the stove has a door, a compartment for loading firewood and ash drawer, which must be regularly cleaned from the accumulated ash.

Relevance Burzhuyka explained by the fact that for some areas, obtaining natural gas is not available. Way out of this situation is to install burzhuyka, the furnace which is provided by coal or wood. Combustible material is generally available, even for self-made, such as firewood.

Установка дымоходов (Chimney pipe installation)

In addition to the door, fuel compartment and ash drawer, the stove design is supplemented with a pipe, which is a connecting part between the grate and the chimney, the length of which starts from 5 m and above. The length of the pipe determines the strength of the draught and power in the operation of the structure. The material for the stove is steel or cast iron. We advise to read the material on our site: “Installing the chimney for a brick-burning stove in the garage”. There are two types of fireplaces:

[Photo 2 Rectangular metal stove burzhuyka.]

Brick oven design is in good harmony with the interior of the wooden country house and can provide heating to several small rooms at the same time. Due to the uniform heating of the rooms, the heat is retained for a long time. The disadvantages of the brick oven include the duration of the heating process. The pluses include:

  • functionality. For example, in the process of laying bricks, you can make a zone for cooking. For craftsmen will be able to arrange a niche to place the oven.

For cast iron stove models, the main difference is the compactness and easy installation process, their location can be determined in any area of the room. The main rule. the correct folding of the chimney design. Stainless corrugated pipes are used for its unobstructed movement. We advise to read on this topic also with the material: ” The stove-burner. An easy solution for the device of the heating system of small rooms.”

Burzhuyka stove: 3 main functions

Stove burzhuyka can quickly heat a small room stove burzhuyka popular for heating small rooms. Burzhuyka can often be found in villas, as it is economical and easy to use. It has a representation in the form of a box with doors. It has two doors, one for the fuel and the second for sweeping out the ash. Each of these stoves has a spigot for installing a chimney. The chimney must be at least 5 meters. And the larger the chimney, the better organized, as a consequence, more powerful heating. It can be made of steel or cast iron.

Advantages of the stove-burner

The modern wood-burning stove, thanks to new developments and improvements, can be an additional or main source of heat. It has its advantages over brick stoves to these may well include the following:

  • Burzhuyka easy to install, even in an already built house, it is not necessary to arrange the foundation, since the design is not very heavy. It is enough to simply lay under it a fireproof material.
  • Such a stove does not require special maintenance, which is necessary for analogues of masonry.
  • Cast-iron surface, which has a hob, makes it possible to cook food.
  • Relatively low cost compared to brick structures.
  • The possibility of heating with several types of fuel: firewood, toom, wood briquettes (photo).
  • If necessary, the stove can be moved to another room in which there is an opportunity to take the chimney outdoors or to the general chimney.

Advantages and disadvantages of the burzhuyka

Burzhuyka has a lot of advantages, the most important of them is cost-effectiveness, no fuel costs. The stove works fine on any wood, sawdust, wood chips, as long as they are dry enough to ignite. This unit can be easily transported, it is no problem to cook food on it if the model provides a cooktop on the top surface. It is a great option for a cottage, which does not need to be heated every day, also this unit can be found on construction sites, in garages and other small rooms.

How to Install a Chimney Liner and Damper | This Old House

If you choose a stove in any style, it will also become a great decoration and detail of the interior. Burzhuyka, made of stainless steel quickly heats up and cools down after work, this allows you to clean it of ash in the shortest time after extinguishing the hearth. Such a stove is durable and reliable, the materials from which it is made, easily withstand high temperatures and are not subject to destruction.

The disadvantages of this stove include the fact that it can provide a favorable environment only in a small room. Using it in a cottage or large building will not bring a good result. The unit made of cast iron tends to cool for a long time after work. During operation, the stove will retain the natural smell of burning wood in the room. It is necessary to constantly monitor the work of the stove and after it, until it cools down to the end.

Protecting wooden parts of the house

Safety is important in any building, but with the increased popularity of wood construction this issue is especially important. Note that wood or wood-based materials have the lowest ignition temperature compared to other building materials (concrete, blocks, bricks, glass, metal). This depends on the type of wood (mostly density), the moisture content and the heating conditions.

Wood and materials with a high density (e.g., oak, beech, fiberboard, plywood) are the most difficult to ignite. Conifers (e.g., pine or spruce, glulam joinery, fiberboard) have lower flash points. The most easily flammable materials include laminated particleboard, porous fiberboard.

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