Installing the hood on the facade of an apartment building

Schemes of arrangement of ventilation systems in an apartment building

To be comfortable in the rooms, and the air exchange occurred according to standards, each apartment building is equipped with a ventilation system. This also applies to multi-storey buildings, which represent the main segment of urban housing.

During construction, use a standard scheme of ventilation systems in an apartment building, through which the various modes of air circulation.

Volumetric Construction

In this article we will consider the features of traditional schemes, details of arrangements for forced ventilation and the nuances of ventilation arrangement of the sewage system.

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Natural exhaust ventilation in an apartment building.

If the natural exhaust ventilation is operating normally, the exhaust air saturated with carbon dioxide is removed from the premises at a sufficient speed. But in practice this is not always the case. Various factors can disrupt the exhaust ventilation in an apartment building.

  • Air ducts can get clogged because of leaves, other debris, and dust accumulation. Then the air can no longer flow through the ducts (draughts) normally. Unfortunately, not all apartment buildings have their ventilation ducts cleaned regularly.
  • Errors in the design of the building, in particular, its ventilation system can lead to the fact that in frosty weather shafts freeze: air temperature in them falls almost to street level, which does not allow the exhaust air flows to understand upwards.
  • At a strong wind in the street the air can be blown into the shaft, not letting the exhaust air masses from the premises outwards.
  • Illiterate alterations in apartments sometimes obstruct the passage of air flow through ducts, if not block it at all.

A simple test lets you know how well your exhaust system works. Having cut a strip of thin (better newsprint) paper 15-20 cm long and 5 cm wide, take it by one end and put it near the exhaust ventilating grill at a distance of about seven centimeters. If the paper is lifted by the airflow almost horizontally or is drawn into the hood, the ventilation works well. If the strip is faintly fluttering or stops moving, you have a problem with your apartment building‘s extraction system.

How to increase the efficiency of ventilation in an apartment building?

You can improve the exhaust ventilation of the apartment in several ways.

  • The first. to restore the normal functioning of ventilation shafts. To do this you will need to contact the organization that services your home. Do not clean the shafts yourself: it is joint property of the house.
  • The second (after putting the vents in order) is to use exhaust fans for the apartment to increase the flow of exhaust air: install fans.
  • The third is to use forced ventilation systems, usually supply, but preferably supply and exhaust. Naturally, taking into account the existing supply and exhaust air balances beforehand.

Types of exhaust vents

Low efficiency of exhaust ventilation is most often caused by various reasons, for example, disturbances in the permeability or tightness of ducts.

In multi-storey buildings, such situations often arise from mistakes during repair, and it is not always possible to eliminate the consequences of errors and restore the normal state of ventilation ducts.

Depending on where you install the exhaust ventilation use horizontal or vertical model of the valve and the fan with a sufficiently high capacity

In this case, extraction dampers may be more than appropriate. The design of these devices is very simple, their main purpose is to let the air flow outward and not allow them to penetrate back. According to the type of installation, these dampers are divided into horizontal and vertical, all depending on the direction of air flow.

If the exhaust flow should move vertically, choose a valve with a horizontal installation. And for horizontal air extraction you need a vertical valve. Extraction valve models are usually fitted with a fan. They are used where the removal of air from the room should be carried out forcibly.

Another important point is the noise level that a working device emits. The lower the sound effects of the opening vanes of the valve and/or rotating fan, the better. A lot of useful information can be found in the product data sheet.

Choosing a draft valve, which will be installed in the wall, should take into account the thickness of the wall, as well as the material in which to make a hole

If the building is not a new construction

First of all, you need to determine whether your house is a cultural heritage site. You can get this information on the official open data portal of the Moscow City Government, the houses are marked on the map.

Not all old buildings in Moscow are cultural heritage objects. It is very likely that in your case, you will not need approval. You can always contact the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow if you cannot find information about the house on the interactive map and would like to clarify the information.

If you want to know more quickly if there are any problems before installing the air handling unit, here’s a tip: take a look at the building. If you see air conditioning units on the facade, it is most likely that the building is not a heritage site and is not protected.

In addition, there is a normative document: “and repair of facades of buildings and structures” NM-97-02/1. It gives a lot of information on the content of the facades of buildings, but unlike the document of St. Petersburg, there is no clarification related to drilling.

If you want to find a law confirming that drilling holes up to 200 mm is allowed and you don’t find it, the problem is not your inability to use a search engine. In writing this article, we encountered the same problem. Yes, there is no separate law for Moscow. You will not be given proof that drilling is allowed, but there is no information that it is forbidden, either.

If you live in a house, which is a cultural heritage site, and you do not agree with the drilling of the outer wall to install a breezer, our experts can still offer a number of effective and non-standard engineering solutions to organize fresh air ventilation.

How ventilation systems are installed in an apartment building?

How complex will be the installation of ventilation systems in an apartment building depends on the ventilation project. When choosing a natural system, the main thing is to correctly calculate the cross-section of channels and shafts, to consider their location and to ensure protection against the cold. This option is the easiest, because you do not need to select and install additional equipment.

When you create a scheme of forced-type task is much more complicated. In the project must provide capacity of the system, the points where the fans will be located, to calculate their performance. And since the equipment is powered from the mains, you will need to bring them electrical cables, which requires special knowledge and skills.

The first step of ventilation installation in an apartment building. the choice of air exchange scheme. The air masses can either be mixed or displaced.

The first solution is actual for buildings with impermeable walls and equipped with vapor barrier. Air from the street penetrates through special slots and holes. Quickly passing into the room, the outdoor air mixes with the air inside. When the displacement principle is used, the cold air coming from the street displaces the warm air that is inside the room into the hood.

When deciding which scheme to choose, experts in the field of ventilation take into account the number of floors of the building, the level of street noise, the location of the house in relation to other nearby objects, the degree of outdoor air pollution.

For example, in a house that is located far from highways with heavy traffic, inside a block surrounded by other buildings, and the noise level in the street is not more than 51 decibels, you can do with natural ventilation.

When the area is very gassy or noisy, it is advisable to use forced extraction. And also to install additional filters on the inlet ducts. This will help ensure a comfortable microclimate for the occupants. But as practice shows, forced (mechanical) ventilation is relevant for any objects with any location, especially if we are talking about the city of millionaires.

installing, hood, facade, apartment, building

Calculation of ventilation in an apartment building

Before starting the installation, a detailed project of the ventilation system is made.

  • The points at which the outdoor air is drawn in are selected. If there is no additional heating of the air flow, they are placed as close to the ceiling as possible. In this way, incoming outside air can mix more effectively with the inside air.
  • Exhaust outlets are planned in the kitchen and lavatory. This prevents air from these rooms from entering the living room, bedroom and other rooms. And the exhaust outlet should be at least two meters above the floor. These requirements are dictated by existing sanitary regulations in Russia.
  • On the upper floors of panel buildings, separate air ducts are created that do not communicate with the main ventilation shafts. In this way the whole system can be made efficient.

Room air exchange rates

When calculating the capacity of the ventilation system and the choice of equipment, you should take into account the standards and requirements for ventilation in the apartment that people can feel comfortable in.

  • At least half of the air (60 cubic meters per person) must be changed in the kitchen every hour.
  • In the bathroom or toilet: also 50 % (at least 25 cubic meters per person).
  • In a living room at least 30 cubic meters of fresh air per person per hour should be supplied. which is 100% of its volume in the room. That is, every hour the air mass must be completely renewed.

Calculation features

The amount of fresh air to the rooms of high-rise residential buildings with the same occupancy should be the same as in mass housing. However, the infiltration of fresh air in high-rise buildings is different due to high wind speeds at higher altitudes and the influence of zones located one above the other.

The intensity of infiltration depends on wind, temperature differences, tightness of building envelopes and many other factors, and for each building, depending on its planning features, the intensity of infiltration will be different.

installing, hood, facade, apartment, building

According to approximate calculations made by the authors, for three- and four-room apartments without pass-through ventilation, equipped with combined extract and input ventilation and double apartment doors, in a 30-storey building divided into three equal zones, the infiltration of ambient air at ambient temperature is.5 °C and average wind speeds are expressed as the following average values:

The air exchange rate in the living rooms created by the supply and exhaust ventilation (at the above data) shall be as follows:

In all intermediate stories of each zone, the exchange rate may be defined by interpolation rounded to the nearest 0.05 exchange rate/h. The air exchange rate for the living quarters of a multi-storey building is therefore set at 0.75-1 exchanger per hour, which is recommended in the provisional technical conditions.

The exchange rate in kitchens and sanitary facilities should be the same as in mass market dwellings. The amount of air extracted and supplied to the apartment should be equal.

The initial value for determining the cross-sectional area of the supply and exhaust ducts in high-rise buildings should be the air speed, which is taken so that in case of fan inactivity the system can work with a natural stimulus. For this reason, it is advisable to have a ventilation system radius of no more than 10 to 12 m.

To increase the resistance of the ventilation system during normal ventilation with a fan in operation, a slide valve or throttle valve must be installed in each air inlet and outlet duct. These regulating devices must be installed in immediate proximity to the ventilating grill or in the place where a group of ducts is joined.

The selection of supply and exhaust ventilation fans is made on the basis of the pressure depending on the height of the building: at 20 floors not less than 20 mm of water. Art., At 30 floors not less than 30 mm of water. Art. etc. д.

Otherwise, the calculation of ventilation devices has no peculiarities and is conducted in the usual way.


The operative part of the ruling was announced on October 22, 2014. The full text of the ruling was produced on October 28, 2014. The Sixth Arbitration Court of Appeal, composed of: presiding officer Karasev V.Ф. Judges Inozemtsev I.В., Drozdova V.Г. The protocol of the court session was kept by the secretary of the court session Polegkaya D.И. With the participation in the meeting:. From Limited Liability Company “Management Company “Northern District”: Daniel Vladimirovich Krakhin, representative by proxy of 19.12.2013 N 183;. From Limited Liability Company “Partner Plus Company”: did not appear;. The Chief Supervisory Board of the Government of the Khabarovsk region: were not present considered the appeal of Limited Liability Company “Partner Plus” on the decision of 10.07.2014 in case N A73-5428/2014 of the Arbitration Court of Khabarovsk Krai adopted by Judge Usenko J.А. on the claim of Limited Liability Company Management Company “Northern District” to Limited Liability Company “Partner Plus” on the elimination of violations third parties Main Control Department of the Government of Khabarovsk Krai State Housing Supervision Department

Northern District Managing Company Limited Liability Company (OGRN 1072722013220, INN 2725067430, location: 680033, Kaluga, Russia 680033, г. Khabarovsk, ul. Rudnev, 39, further. Severny District Management Company LLC (Managing Company) filed a lawsuit against Partner Plus Company Limited Liability Company (OGRN 1062721098000, INN 2721142862, location: 680011, г. Khabarovsk, ul. Krasnoarmeiskaya str. 6 further. Company Partner Plus LLC, the company) to oblige to dismantle the ventilation box and to carry out work to restore the integrity of the brickwork of the wall of the apartment building located at: d.a. Kasteev, Khabarovsk Krai. Khabarovsk, st. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 6. By court order of 08.05.2014 the Main Control Department of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory of the State Housing Supervision Authority was invited to participate in the case as a third party, not declaring independent claims in relation to the subject of the dispute. Decision of the Arbitration Court of Khabarovsk Territory of 10.07.2014 the claims are satisfied. The court ordered LLC “Partner Plus Company” within ten days from the date of entry into force of the court decision to remove the ventilation box installed on the brick wall of the house number 6 on Krasnoarmeyskaya street in Khabarovsk and produce work to restore the integrity of the brickwork wall of the house in place of openings for ventilation devices. Not agreeing with the decision of the court, LLC “Partner Plus Company” appealed to the Sixth Arbitration Appeal Court, which asks to cancel it and take a new judicial act of dismissal of the claim. In support of her complaint she cited evidence that she had contacted the Administration of the Northern District of St. Petersburg in order to request a permit for the use of the ventilation box. Khabarovsk, to the architect of the Northern District with a letter requesting approval of the location of the ventilation duct, to which no response was received; holding a general meeting of apartment building owners in compliance with the requirements established by law; lack of evidence that the ventilation duct poses a hazard or worsens the living conditions of apartment building owners. Managing Company “Northern District” Ltd, the Main Supervision Department of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory Directorate of State Housing Supervision provided feedback on the appeal, which expressed disagreement with it, pointing to the absence of permits for the installation of ventilation ducts, the lack of consent of common property owners to install the construction. At the court hearing, a representative of Severny District Management Company LLC objected to satisfying the complaint and requested that the court’s decision be left unchanged. LLC “Company” Partner Plus “, Head Control Department of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory State Housing Supervision Authority, duly notified of the appeal hearing in the manner prescribed in Articles 121. 123 of the Arbitration Procedural Code of the Russian Federation, did not ensure the appearance of their representatives in the court hearing. The appeal was considered in the absence of the defendant and the third party, on the basis of article 156 of the APC Legality and soundness of the appealed judicial act were checked by the court of appeal in the order provided by articles 266, 268 APC As follows from the materials of the case, and established by the court, Kolochko M.Н. on the property belongs non-residential premises, the area of 219,2 sq. M, located on the basement of the building at the address: 6, Pobedy str. Khabarovsk, ul. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 6, pov. 0 (3,9,23,29-31;40), as evidenced by a certificate of state registration of rights of 21.05.2009 series 27-AB 201490 (hereinafter. non-residential premises). The premises are used by Partner Plus Company LLC on the basis of a lease agreement. The management company of the multi-family building # 6, Pushkinskaya str. The court ruled to dismantle the ventilation duct in the end part of the residential building without an appropriate permission. Khabarovsk on the basis of the report of the general meeting of 04.08.On April 11, 2008 the building management company submitted an application to the local administration company to approve the installation of a ventilation pipe in the apartment house at 6, ul.10.The Management Company of Apartment House # 6, 2008, is OOO MC “Severny Okrug”. 19.07.2011 “Partner Plus Company” LLC addressed the managing company with a request to agree the installation of the ventilation pipe on the structural elements of the block.08.2011 was the answer on the need to coordinate the work with the local government, as well as obtaining the consent of the owners of rooms in an apartment building. The materials of the case include the Minutes N 1 of the extraordinary general meeting of owners of premises of the apartment house at Pushkin Str., 19 08. Khabarovsk, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 6, held in the form of an absentee voting of 22.08.2011, which implies the permission of LLC “Partner Plus Company” to install the ventilation pipe in accordance with the submitted project. Appendix to the protocol N 1 of 22.08.2011 is an absentee voting ballot, according to which the owners of 36 apartments took part in the voting. According to the project, the total length of the pipe is 25.2 m, the total mass is 40 kg, anchor bolts of 12 mm diameter were used as anchoring points. On the basis of the Contract dated 22.11.2011 with OOO “Vent-Stroy”, the defendant performed work on the installation of fresh air ventilation on the facade of the building. 13.12.2013 и 20.02.2014 Order No. 477 and Order No. 94 of the Directorate for State Housing Supervision of Khabarovsk Territory Government regarding violations of the rules of maintenance and repair of residential buildings were issued to the management company by the Chief Supervision Department of Khabarovsk Territory Government, in particular point 3.5.8, of the rules and norms of technical exploitation of the housing stock in connection with the installation at the end part of the house of a ventilation box without an appropriate permission, the execution of openings for ventilation devices, in connection with which it was ordered to work to remove the ventilation box and to restore the integrity of the brickwork. According to the letter of the Department of architecture, construction and land use of 25.04.2014 (ref. N 01-49/4763) permission documents for the installation of the ventilation duct on the facade of the apartment building were not issued. By letters dated 16.01.2014, 28.04.2014 the managing company applied to the respondent with a demand to dismantle the ventilation duct and restore the integrity of the brickwork, which were not fulfilled, which was the reason for the managing company to apply to the Arbitration Court of Khabarovsk Territory with the present claim. Having checked the validity of the arguments set forth in the complaint and responses thereto, having heard the representative of the plaintiff, having studied the case file and evaluated the evidence presented, the court of appeal comes to the following conclusions. The dispute arose in connection with the installation by the defendant, a tenant of non-residential premises in an apartment building, of a ventilation duct and making holes in the end part of the building for a ventilation device. In accordance with Part 1 of Article 161 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the “Management Company”) of the apartment house No.6 in St. Petersburg. The Civil Code of the apartment building management should provide favorable and safe living conditions for citizens, proper use of the common property in the apartment building, and provision of public services to the citizens living in such building. Proper common property of the owners of premises in an apartment building shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, on technical regulation, fire safety, consumer protection, and shall ensure: compliance with the requirements of reliability and safety of the apartment building; safety of life and health of citizens, property of individuals, property of legal entities, state and municipal.1. Article 161 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation). The contract of management of an apartment house is concluded in writing by drawing up one document signed by the parties. Under the contract of management of an apartment building one party (the management organization) at the request of the other party (the owners of rooms in an apartment building, the governing bodies of the association of owners of housing, the governing bodies of the housing cooperative or the governing bodies of other specialized consumer cooperative, the person specified in paragraph 6 of Part 2 of Article 153 of this Code, or in the case provided for in Part 14 of Article 161 of this Code, the developer) within the agreed period for a fee undertakes to provide services and render services to the 2 of Article 162 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation). The court established that the management company with the owners of residential and non-residential premises of apartment building N 6, Krasnoarmejskogo str. The court established that the management company in Khabarovsk has the right to prevent infringement of its rights, even if such infringement is not connected with deprivation of ownership. Khabarovsk 01.10.2008 concluded a contract for the management of an apartment building, in accordance with paragraph 3.1.3 which the operating organization has incurred obligations to represent interests of owners on a subject of the contract directed on achievement of the purposes of the contract in all organizations, establishments, any organizational forms and levels. Claim in the present case is caused by violation of the rights of owners on possession and use of the general property in an apartment house, that is, it is based on provisions of article 304 of the Civil code, providing the right of the owner of property to demand elimination of any violations of its right though these violations were not connected with deprivation of possession. In view of the above, the appellate court recognizes the management company as a representative of the premises owners in the building it manages, which has the right to bring this claim. As found, the tenant of non-residential premises located in an apartment building performed work on the installation of ventilation duct (under the project. the pipe) a total length of 25, 2 m, a total weight of 40 kg on the end part of the house (facade), as well as holes in the wall of the house. In accordance with clause 7.3 Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia of 30.12.The list of the works related to engineering surveys, design documentation preparation, construction, reconstruction, capital repair of capital construction objects that affect the security of the capital construction objects, 2009 N 624 “On Approval of the List of the works related to engineering surveys, design documentation preparation, construction, reconstruction, capital repair of capital construction objects that affect the security of the capital construction objects” the installation of volume blocks, including ventilation blocks, elevator shafts and garbage chutes, sanitary cabins refer to the works types, that affect the security of the capital construction objects. In accordance with paragraph 14 of Article 1, parts 1, 2 of Article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, construction, reconstruction of capital construction objects, as well as their capital repair, if its implementation affects structural and other reliability and safety features of such objects, requires obtaining a construction permit of an authorized body. The abovementioned permission was not obtained by the defendant for the works, which is not disputed. By virtue of Article 25 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the alteration of residential premises is the installation, replacement or transfer of utilities, sanitary, electrical or other equipment, requiring the introduction of changes in the technical passport of the premises. The procedure for carrying out the alteration (re-planning) of residential premises is established by Article 26 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. According to part 1 of article 26 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation the rearrangement and/or redevelopment of residential premises shall be carried out in compliance with the requirements of the law with the consent of the local self-government body based on its decision. By virtue of a part 1 of article 29 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation as unauthorized are changes and (or) replannings of premises spent in the absence of the coordination with authorized body, or with infringement of the project of change and (or) replannings. The owner of the residential premises, which was unauthorized altered and (or) redesigned, or the tenant of such residential premises under the social rent contract is obliged to bring such residential premises in the former state within the reasonable period and in the order, which are established by the body, which carries out the coordination (part 3 of article 29 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation). These rules of law shall apply to the conversion and (or) redevelopment of non-residential premises located in apartment buildings. The State Committee of the Russian Federation on Construction and Housing and Communal Complex by Decree of 27.09.No. 170 of 2003 approved the Rules and Standards of technical maintenance of the housing stock (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules” and “Standards”). Rules N 170). According to item 1.7.1 of the Rules No. 170, alterations of residential and non-residential premises in residential buildings shall be allowed after obtaining relevant permits in the prescribed manner. Alterations and redevelopment of residential buildings and apartments (rooms), leading to a violation of strength or destruction of the load-bearing structures of the building, disrupting the operation of engineering systems and (or) the installation of equipment on it, affecting the integrity and appearance of the facades, the violation of fire protection devices are not allowed (paragraph 1.7.2 of Regulation N 170). The fact of installation of ventilation ducts along the entire end wall of a 9-storey residential building and the performance of openings for ventilation devices without the consent of the local authority is established on the basis of the submitted case materials, and the defendant is not disputed. In addition, the ventilation box installed by the defendant concerns the use of common property, as erected on the outer wall of the house, which affects the rights of the owners of the premises of an apartment building, since possession and use of common property is by agreement of all parties (Articles 246, 247 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). In the materials of the case the defendant provided the minutes of the general meeting of the owners of the premises of residential building No. 1 of 22.12.2011.08.011, authorizing the installation of the ventilation duct. No evidence of an appeal against this decision by any of the owners and the results of the consideration of such a dispute are presented. Meanwhile, by virtue of paragraph 6 of part 7 of article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, reconstruction of the object of capital construction is possible in case of consent of all right holders of the object (as amended at the moment of works). It follows from the above norms that works in relation to the object of capital construction, accompanied by reconstruction (alteration) of premises, and associated with changes in the parameters of the common property of the apartment building and the regime of use of this property, were possible only with the consent of all owners of premises in the apartment building. According to the technical passport presented in the case file, there are 108 apartments in the disputed building. From the submitted protocol N 1 of 22.08.It follows that in fact the owners (as stated in the protocol) of 36 apartments voted for the permission to install the ventilation pipe. Thus, the conclusion of the court of the first instance that there was no appropriate evidence confirming the consent of the premises owners in the apartment building to perform the disputed work corresponds to the materials of the case. The arguments of the complainant regarding the fact that the installed ventilation equipment does not pose a threat to the life and health of citizens shall be rejected, since this fact is not confirmed by the defendant in violation of article 65 of the APC, there is no evidence in the case materials that the work they performed complies with legal requirements. In the absence of appropriate approvals and permits from the defendant, it cannot be determined whether the work performed has ensured the strength and stability requirements of the real property. The company also refers to an appeal to the administration of the Northern District of St. Petersburg. Khabarovsk, to the architect of the Northern district with a letter of approval of the location of the ventilation duct, to which no response was received. Meanwhile, the inaction of the authorized body is the basis for taking appropriate measures to recognize them as illegal, but not the basis for the beginning of work requiring the appropriate approvals. Under such circumstances, the trial court rightly satisfied the requirements of the management company, requiring them to remove installed on the brick wall of the house on Krasnoarmeiskaya Street in Khabarovsk ventilation box and to work to restore the integrity of the brickwork wall of the house in a place of openings for ventilation devices. On the basis of the above, there are no grounds for cancellation of the judicial act and satisfaction of the appeal appeal. The court of the first instance did not commit any violations, which, according to paragraph 4 of Article 270 of the APC, are grounds for unconditional cancellation of a judicial act. State fee in accordance with the requirements of Article 110 of the APC shall be charged to the complainant. Guided by Articles 258, 268. 271 of the Arbitration Procedural Code of the Russian Federation, Sixth Arbitration Court of Appeal

Private house

In principle, the requirements for the installation of heating and ventilation equipment in a private home correspond to the requirements for apartments in an apartment building. The only. and very large. The advantage is that you do not need to obtain the consent of other tenants, except for your housemates. Let’s look at a few additional nuances related to gas equipment.

If you installed a gas boiler with a capacity of 30 kW or more, this type of equipment needs to be separated from the rest of the house. boiler room. The boiler room must meet special requirements:

How to Finance an Apartment Building (5 Components)

  • Width of the door opening to the boiler room: 80 cm or more.
  • Free space in front of the boiler must be at least 1.3 m. It is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Floor standing boiler must be mounted in a very stable, horizontal position. The floor must be as flat as possible. This will reduce possible vibrations and noise during the operation of the boiler.
  • Floor and wall lining materials must be non-combustible. Surfaces around the boiler must be insulated with heat resistant materials.
  • It is necessary to ensure the availability of cold water in the boiler room and install a water drainage system.
  • It is better to have grounded socket outlets installed in the boiler room beforehand. They are needed, because.к. Many elements in the boilers must be connected to the mains.
  • It is necessary to provide an effective ventilation system in the boiler room.
  • Be sure to take care of easy access to the chimney. it is necessary to check the permeability of ducts, and for preventive cleaning work.

And lastly, if when laying a gas line to the house it will pass through the land of the neighbors, you will have to make another project. With an indication of the location of the gas line in this area and where it enters your home.

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