Is it possible to change the gas stove yourself

How to change the gas stove in the apartment by yourself

The gas stove is one of the most popular appliances in the kitchen. At the same time, it carries a potential danger. Therefore, experts recommend checking the performance of gas appliances and eliminate the identified faults. However, it should be noted that if the device is more than 10 years old, it is likely that you will need to replace your gas stove with a new one.

  • What is required to replace the gas appliance in the apartment?
  • Is it possible to carry out such a procedure for free??
  • How is replacement done and is it possible to install new equipment or not??

We will try to answer these important questions.

What is required to replace a stove in the apartment?

Such large appliances owners are more likely to change during major repairs. Of course, there is appropriate equipment in khrushchevkas, which means that outdated models are replaced with more modern stoves and ovens to improve the interior and increase comfort in the kitchen.

In addition, devices running on gas, according to the Government Decree of 14.05.2013 10, to be replaced in such cases:

  • Failure of equipment in a situation when simple repair or replacement of jets is not enough.
  • Non-compliance with new safety standards, which also applies to outdated Soviet models.
  • Expiry of the service life established by the manufacturer.
  • Customer’s request.

If the equipment is in poor condition, the inspecting organization will issue a prescription indicating the period within which the replacement must be made.

The event of replacing the stove with a more modern one in the apartment should not cause difficulties. This will require:

  • A self-purchased appliance, in the case where the owners do not have benefits that provide the opportunity to obtain new equipment for free.
  • Services of a city gas distribution organization or a company that has an SRO certificate, which indicates that this legal entity is allowed to carry out activities in the field of installation and repair of gas appliances. The staff must have a protocol of certification and permits for installation of in-house gas equipment. The company must have an emergency dispatch service.
possible, change, stove, yourself

Approvals for the replacement of gas equipment on the new, provided that it will be installed in the same room, is not required. Except when a gas hob and a separate gas oven are installed in place of the old stove. In this case, you’ll need to redo the in-home gas distribution system. A second split tap must be installed.

What documents do you need to replace your gas stove??

If you go to the city gas service, you do not need any documents. You simply buy a stove, call a technician, he signs a contract with you on the spot, makes all the necessary work and makes a note in the passport of the stove. You do not need to legitimize the stove replacement additionally.

But if you went to an outside company and it has all the permits, you still need to go to the gas company to legitimize the replacement.

Installation of gas equipment can be performed by the construction company, which has admission self-regulating organization, staff certification protocols and other documents confirming that in accordance with the law for the implementation of activities to install indoor gas equipment and has in its composition emergency control service.

After the work on the replacement of the gas device by a third party, you will need to provide the MOSGAS JSC with the executive and technical documentation.

Responsibility for safe use of household gas appliances, for their proper condition is imposed on owners and tenants of residential premises (Art. 210 of the Civil Code, Art. 30.67 Housing Code ).

Where to go?

It is up to the owner to contact a specialized service or a certified company to replace the home appliance that runs on gas.

Private companies usually offer services at a more affordable cost, masters come quickly, but according to all the rules after the installation of a new gas appliance must register it in the gas station.

Specialists from licensed companies also mark the installation on the device certificate, but many owners still prefer to immediately contact the city gas service to avoid any claims from employees during routine inspections.

possible, change, stove, yourself

Here are approximate rates from Mos-Gaz site.Call for a locksmith. 480 ; connection of the gas stove.1180. not including materials. Materials are all available: bellows flexible liner from 300 to 1500 ; dielectric from 150 to 450 The final cost of the work is determined by the locksmith price list.

Is it possible to change a gas stove in an apartment by yourself??

Important! Penalty is foreseen for independent installation of the device. In addition, the supplier has the right to cut off gas supply to the apartment.

Can I change my stove free of charge??

Before buying a new appliance, the owner should find out whether he or she is entitled to replace the gas appliances for free. There are different rules when it comes to replacing such appliances in municipal and private apartments.

In some regions, in particular, there is a program of gas equipment modernization for the privileged categories of citizens.

Thus, Muscovites have the right to apply to social services to receive financial assistance for partial or full payment for the replacement of gas equipment, if:

  • The stove is on the balance sheet of public housing organizations (under any form of ownership);
  • Tenants or owners who live in the apartment receive subsidies for housing and communal services, are Heroes of the USSR, Heroes of Socialist Labor, Cavaliers of the Orders of Glory, participants in the Great Patriotic War;
  • pensioners living alone or living in a family consisting only of pensioners who are not provided with additional measures of social support to pay for housing and utilities and who receive: an old-age labor pension; pension for length of service and reached retirement age;
  • Families (single citizens) whose average income per capita is lower than 1.15 of the subsistence minimum;
  • apartment is transferred to the ownership of the city or is moved to citizens on the waiting list for housing.

Answers@: how to change a gas stove in an apartment?

We had a similar problem, but with registering a gas meter. The thing is that the law does not prohibit people who have professional training in this field.

However, any representative of the gas service in your area. the local gas utility will try to convince you that all these types of work (installation of gas stoves, boilers, meters) can only do them. My brother graduated with honors in heating and gas supply systems. He does any kind of work for gas and heat with high quality.

He bought a meter and installed it on a metal pipe (and not the gas company from the gas station, which ignores safety rules and usually does not make a thread), and the main thing is to do it quickly. And the gas company refused to register our meter. The mother wrote to the president’s office.

And imagine, to everyone’s surprise, they responded! Uncles in expensive suits came to the apartment and asked who was it that complained about them. The mother explained that she.Retired woman that she does not have extra money to install this equipment, and her son has a red diploma in heating and gas systems. After all, they registered the meter.

Because my brother is a certified specialist. On their own or with an unqualified person can not do it (for safety reasons including, you do not want something to go wrong after connecting), but the law does not prohibit the installation of gas equipment by a qualified person with experience.

According to the law you need to make an application, but we like to save money and do it with their own hands). With gas do not joke, it is better to call a specialist, or your man (friend) who knows this well and already has experience in connection. Then they only go “out of sight” to check if everything is okay with your stove, although not always. 15,000 is a lot of money?

You can call a specialist with a permit or just a man with normal hands, I put myself nothing complicated, the second time a specialist put, just installed a standalone gas heating. boiler, pipes, stove all changed, he did the same as I did before. The main thing is to have a normal hose with a quality stamp, buy it in a specialty store and a good winding, and I think 15,000 is expensive, less than 1,000 it costs.

Any guy will unscrew the nut and screw in a new one for free

how to install gas stove][ kitchen stove installation with outside cylinder

We called a specialist. They paid a thousand and a half or less

Call a technician at the time of installation, let him inspect and record the replacement of the stove.

You can call the gas station and find out how much they cost, but certainly not 15000.

Where to go for the replacement of the gas stove?

From the editorial board. Additional approval during the replacement of the gas stove is not required, provided that it will be in the same room where the old stove functioned. For the service of installing a new appliance, you should contact the gas distribution organization in your area.

The employees of the local gas service are licensed to provide this type of service. They will install the gas stove, check it for performance and safety, give a guarantee for further operation.

Who can be at risk of reduction or dismissal in 2020?

This service requires a small fee. The application procedure is as follows: you must submit an application to the director of the gas company and wait for an answer within a certain period of time. You will be informed about the time and date of the gas service workers’ arrival.

The gas service staff should be in uniform and you can also ask for their ID card. A contract is made for gas connection services, you are given an estimate, a certificate of work and a receipt to sign. It can be paid for via a bank.

possible, change, stove, yourself

To connect the stove, you can also apply to a private licensed company, but to put the device on the account in any case, the local gas utility. That is why you cannot avoid a visit to a gas supply company.

Changing a gas stove for an electric one

Who should be consulted when replacing a gas stove with an electric one??

For the first time I hear that with someone it is necessary to coordinate. The only thing is that there will be just a huge electricity bill. In gasified homes, it’s better to buy a gas stove and an electric oven.

Full replacement, of course, is not profitable. But the way an electric oven bakes can’t even compare to a gas one. Everything is always well baked, many modes, temperature is set. So a partial replacement is very convenient.

And your wiring will hold up? Call the gas service or call! Only those who do not have gas (natural), they had a lower price for electricity in connection with this!You’ll have to check with the utilities!

Gas-fired apartment buildings pay almost twice as much per kWh as non-gas-fired ones. If you want to not use a gas stove, it’s up to you, but you won’t pay less for electricity.

З.ы. You won’t remove the gas pipe, will you?? Just get rid of the gas oven, put the electric one on. You do not need to call them, you will only pay for nothing.

Of course, with the building authority. They service your gas supply and you pay them for the gas. But I don’t think that’s possible, because you need a special power cable for the stoves.

Write an application for refusal of gas supply (so as not to pay for it every month). They come from the gas station, turn it off, put a seal. Then the electricians run a separate cable for the electric stove. And you use.

Application to the state gas company and the gas stove will be shut off. Application to the management company and pull the three-phase cable and a meter for the electric.

How to replace a gas stove with an electric

Many consumers now prefer to use electric stoves instead of gas stoves, explaining that:

  • The main thing to remember about electric stoves is that they have a huge number of settings and programs that allow you to automate the cooking process
  • safety, because you do not need to monitor the gas supply.

Most apartments are equipped with gas, so if you decide to replace the kitchen appliances, you need to prepare for a number of documentary (coordination of remodeling) and household (kitchen remodeling) changes.

What you need to replace your gas stove

As the gas stove is marked on the plan of BTI, in the technical passport of the house and in the technical passport of the apartment, its dismantling must necessarily be reflected in these documents.

And it means that you need to coordinate the installation of electrical equipment and redevelopment.

Since it concerns not only the disconnection of the stove itself, but also the gas pipes, you will need coordination with the fire department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, because according to the standards, the gas and electric equipment is the same threat to the lives of others in terms of fire safety.

So, to replace the gas stove with an electric stove, you need:

  • Write an application to the management company or housing maintenance company that services your home
  • Get permission from the utility company to increase the power in the apartment
  • Agree with the central power supply department on the possibility of using the electric meter installed in the apartment in connection with the installation of a new appliance
  • You must sign a power supply contract with the city’s CHP (customer service center).

In addition to mandatory documentation, there may be difficulties with the operation of an electric stove in a gas-fired home. The device with the oven consumes more than 8 kW at maximum power.

As a rule, the wiring in houses with gas ovens is not designed for this rating. Therefore, you will have to pay for your own money to lay a separate cable from the switchboard to the stove and to install separate protections.

You will need to get an approval of the municipality of power supply, where you will have to pay extra for each kilowatt of power above the permitted limit.

Of course, you can take a risk and replace the gas stove with an electric stove without any approvals. But if the cable closes and there is a fire because of the excess load on the wiring, the entire responsibility will fall on the owner of the apartment. Unauthorized replacement stove can cause problems when selling the apartment, as indicated in the technical passport gas stove.

It is not difficult to replace one stove with another. But do not rush to succumb to the whims of fashion trends, look at modern gas stoves. they are also versatile, economical and safe.

In fact, you should have a contract with the gas company to service your gas installation. You can cancel this contract at any time, without explaining the reason (you can just say “I don’t want to”)! ). Then the gas installer will come and cut your gas pipe. It’s true that you’ll have to pay a little money to have them dismantled. You don’t need a lot of certificates for that.

Joining the answer of the previous expert, I would like to add that in most regions the gas facilities (operating) and subscriber departments for the collection of payments are separated.

So after you cut the pipe :))) you need to get a disconnecting service certificate. in 2 copies.) and you will terminate your gas supply agreement on the basis of this certificate.

When repayment of debts on payment, if any.

What is required to replace the stove in the apartment?

Such large appliances are more often replaced by owners during major repairs. Naturally, in Khrushchev houses, the equipment is installed accordingly, which means that outdated models to improve the interior and increase comfort in the kitchen are replaced with more modern stoves and ovens.

Universal Master. Entrepreneur. 15 years of experience. Over 100 completed projects.

In addition, gas-fired appliances, according to the Government Decree of 14.05.2013 10, to be replaced in such cases:

  • Equipment failure, in a situation where a simple repair or replacement piston (nozzle) can not do.
  • Non-compliance with new safety standards, which also applies to outdated Soviet models.
  • Expiration of the terms of operation established by the manufacturer.
  • Customer’s application.

If the equipment is in unsatisfactory condition, the inspecting agency will issue an order stating the time limit within which the replacement must be made.

The measure to replace the stove with a more modern one in the apartment should not cause difficulties. This will require:

  • Independently purchased device, in the case where the benefits that provide the opportunity to obtain new equipment for free, the owners do not have.
  • The services of a city gas distribution organization or a company that has an SRO certificate, which indicates that this legal entity is allowed to carry out activities in the installation and repair of gas appliances. Personnel must have certification protocols and permits for installation of in-house gas equipment. The company must have an emergency dispatch service.

No approvals for the replacement of the gas equipment with the new one, provided that it will be installed in the same room, are not required. Except when a gas stove and a separate gas oven are installed instead of the old one. In this case it will be necessary to redo the in-apartment gas distribution. It is necessary to install a second sectional tap.

Chief engineer of JSC “MOSGAS. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation.

Based on the p. 3.5 of the Moscow standard for the exploitation of the housing stock ZHNM-2004/03 “Gas pipelines and gas equipment of residential buildings”, approved and enacted by the Government of Moscow of 02.11.2004 5 8-1111, when installing a gas cooktop and independent gas oven, you must install a second disconnecting device.

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Where to go to connect the gas stove in the house or apartment

The first option suggests concluding a service contract with a service company according to the same principle as for apartment owners. In the second case, the connection of the equipment is carried out by your own efforts or by ordering the services of specialized professionals.

  • Find out who is in charge of servicing gas appliances in an apartment building, and order the work from the appropriate company.
  • Contact a specialized organization that has permission to work with gas. Employees of such companies are required to provide documentation of their work. The latter usually confirm that all actions with the gas equipment carried out in accordance with state standards and regulations.

Replacing the kitchen equipment is done during the repair of the apartment or if there are malfunctions in the units. To connect the gas stove at home on your own is possible, but it is desirable to do it with the help of specialized professionals, although not everyone knows where to go to get the appropriate service.

The gas boiler in a private home has been in operation since 2009. At the annual rounds, the gas company said they needed to replace the boiler. Boiler is in good working order, no complaints and complaints about boiler operation. Do gas companies have the right to demand a boiler replacement?? What regulatory documents are relevant at the moment?

This issue you should solve with the gas service, Konstantin. The fact that the flat is rented or not privatized does not play a role. The main thing is the serviceability of gas equipment and its wear and tear. A replacement is possible.

Andrei, alas, but no. Only Heroes of the Soviet Union, Socialist Labor and the Russian Federation, holders of the Orders of Glory of three classes, participants of the Great Patriotic War can be replaced for free. But you try to appeal to the social protection of your city or region, you may have a regional law.

The apartment house is commissioned with external and internal gas networks, but the gas is not connected and the owners have not noticed. Who should pay for the connection and installation of gas in apartments?

The types of penalties for breaking the law

Administrative and criminal responsibility for unauthorized connection of gas appliances is established by Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Gas Appliances”.19 CAO

If gas was unauthorizedly let into the building (with no permit for connection), the subscriber will be subject to a fine of 10. 15 thousand. Persons engaged in business activities will have to pay 100. 200 thousand. A specific amount will be set in court.

In accordance with Articles 109 and 158 of the Criminal Code, because of an unauthorized connection, criminal penalties may be imposed in some situations.

Such measures are applied to those persons whose activities can be traced to the following factors:

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  • Bringing into disrepair the condition of in-house devices, which are associated with the supply of gas;
  • Theft of gas on a large scale;
  • Creating a dangerous situation for the lives of surrounding people.

The subscriber must present: authorization documentation for the equipment, receipts confirming payment for gas use, the contract for maintenance, concluded with the gas service.

How to calculate a surcharge for damages?

In addition to the penalty, the subscriber must pay all the costs incurred by the gas supply company. The amount of damage depends on the time period: the surcharge begins to be calculated from the date of the last inspection, but no more than 6 months and until the violation is corrected.

  • According to the results of a routine inspection on February 1, gas service workers did not find a violation.
  • On March 31 an unscheduled inspection was made, which revealed the unauthorized connection of appliances.
  • The violation was corrected on April 14.

The supplement will be calculated for 73 days. The offender must eliminate all deficiencies as soon as possible, because the elimination is calculated from the date of confirmation by the supervisory authority.

possible, change, stove, yourself

In further calculations, the capacity of gas appliances must be taken into account.

Let’s consider a related option to the stove, a gas water heater brand Bosh model Therm 4000 O WR13. For him, the amount of charges will be as follows:

  • Based on the data in the data sheet, the volume of gas required reaches 2.8 m3 /h.
  • If the device operates around the clock, the column spends 4905.6 m 3 for 73 days.
  • For example, the rate is 8.2 rubles per 1 m 3.

As a result of the performed calculations, we conclude that the surcharge is equal to 40,225.9.

When does criminal liability for unauthorized stove plugging come into play?

The rules for connecting gas equipment are set in a single order is not accidental. And they are obligatory for all, because independent work (not professional level) can lead to serious consequences. gas leakage.

Hence the explosion and spontaneous combustion. the perpetrator faces criminal liability. If the violation resulted in the death of a person or caused harm to health by negligence, according to Article 109 of the Criminal Code, the offender would get up to two years in prison.

If an unauthorized connection of a gas stove or unauthorized replacement of a burner can cause a fire, you will have to pay compensation for material damage, in addition to other penalties. In the case of the burner, if the fact of deception (hiding information from the gas service), due to which there was property damage, will be punished under Article 165 of the Criminal Code. a fine of 300 thousand or imprisonment up to two years.

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