Is it possible to put a fireplace in an apartment

possible, fireplace, apartment

Fireplace in the apartment with their own hands: instructions for the installation of imitation with step-by-step actions

Over the centuries the fireplace has evolved from a necessary attribute of the house (used for heating, cooking) into a beautiful decorative element. In private homes with the installation of the fireplace there are no problems, but if you are a resident of a high-rise, then you are waiting for certain difficulties and frustrations.

A real wood-burning fireplace can be installed, but only in apartments that are on the top floor of the building. This will require a permit issued by the Moszhilishinspektsiya, because:

  • The construction of a fireplace is considered a rearrangement of the living space;
  • Construction of the chimney, which will pass through the ceiling, attic and roof, refers to the reconstruction.

This means that two permits are required, one for each type of operation.

Please note! Paper wires are not the end of the problem. The fact that the SNIP load on the ceiling in urban apartments should not exceed 150 kg / m². For your information: the weight of the fireplace with the furnace and chimney can be up to 500 kg.

possible, fireplace, apartment

So it is better to equip the apartment with an electric fireplace (and residents of not the highest floors do not have another option). Do not be alarmed by the word “electric”. к. In the process of work it is necessary to make only a frame and a pedestal.

Legalization procedure for a fireplace

We called a fireplace a dream for a reason. for the majority of Muscovites it will remain a dream, and only a few will be able to pass all agencies and overcome many obstacles before receiving official permission to arrange the most “cozy” item for the interior of their living room. The fact is that the work of installing a fireplace in the apartment, according to the legal standards are equal to the work on redevelopment, which cannot begin without permission of the Moscow Housing Inspectorate, in addition, it is only realistic if you live on the top floor, or. In the case of a duplex apartment. On the last two floors. Experts will issue a verdict on whether it is possible to lay a chimney without damaging communications, and to combine it with the main ventilation of the house. By the way, the installation of the chimney also needs an official permit issued by the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning. The owner of the apartment, who began work on the installation of a chimney in the absence of all the necessary papers, will face a fine and probably he will not even dream of a fireplace in violation of the rules.

If you were still lucky enough to get the long-awaited permission, rejoice too early. the victorious end is still far away. You expect troubles with the project of redevelopment, and then its coordination with the center of sanitary-epidemiological supervision, state fire control, architectural planning administration. After all of this red tape, accompanied by the collection of necessary documents, which are sent to the housing inspectorate of the respective county for final inspection, you will finally be given a deadline for the repair and construction work. Needless to say, that all this pleasure will cost a pretty penny, but in the end the joy of owning a real fireplace will eclipse all costs and pains. If we did not scare you, and you took a firm decision to “fight” for the right to warm up by the fireplace in the city apartment, you will have to go through all the instances step by step:

  • Order a licensed design company to perform a thorough technical inspection of your apartment to obtain a technical opinion on the arrangement of the fireplace in the apartment. The same organization will make a project to install the fireplace and chimney. (For example, the architectural bureau “World of Projects”, Master Group Company, etc.).)
  • Having on hand a full package of design and technical documentation start pounding the doors of the relevant authorities and services, and this OGPN, SUZH, HOA, and only then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain permission to install a fireplace.
  • You can begin work on the installation of the fireplace. It may turn out that the desired location for the fireplace is not suitable because of the load on the ceiling (in apartments allowed 150 kg / m²) or the mismatch chimney with the attic communications. Therefore, the model and type of fireplace is chosen not only according to external characteristics, but also taking into account the technical parameters and above all the weight.

What documents will need to show the fire and environmental services in the process of legalization of a fireplace? Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked first of all:

  • The situational plan of an apartment building, which actually is your home, and which is made at a scale of 1:2000. The plan indicates the location of residential development, as well as its floors in the immediate radius of your house.
  • Explanatory note, which should contain characteristics of quality and quantity of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere during operation of the fireplace, the results of calculations of atmospheric air pollution at different levels, taking into account the number of floors of nearby houses, the height of your chimney above the roof of the house, the type of fuel used in the fireplace, and data on the multiplicity of use of the fireplace during the year.
  • Certificate from the Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, containing data on the background concentrations of harmful substances in the area where the house is located.
  • Extract from the house book.
  • Copy of Finance and Personal Account.

What to do after the installation of a fireplace

You need to go through several more authorities once you have your fireplace installed:

  • Surrender the apartment to the Acceptance Commission under the Act;
  • Change the floor plan by calling a technician from the MOB;
  • Replace your title deed with the Land Registry Office after you have received the new plan from the Fireplace Registration Office.

And only then you can relax and enjoy not only the fireplace, but also the thought that your apartment is almost a rarity in the urban parameters, because apartments with fireplaces are quite unusual, and often exclusive offer on the Russian real estate market, which respectively affects the cost. Such luxury apartments can be found in the houses built at the beginning of the 20th century in the center of Moscow on the Arbat, in modern club houses, in luxury apartments, in some penthouses. From the above it can be concluded that the Russian real estate market has a large deficit of apartments with fireplaces in the secondary market, and the process of legalization of fireplaces in already built houses and apartments so long, laborious and exhausting, that almost no hope for the arrangement of the desired fireplace. In this situation, undoubtedly, the winners are those developers of luxury homes, which are already in the design of houses take into account the presence of chimneys and put them in the construction of buildings. Such apartments have an important advantage over others, which, as mentioned above, affects the prices.

How to integrate a fireplace in an apartment: photo interiors in different styles

Selecting an electric fireplace in the interior of one of the rooms of the apartment, regardless of purpose and style of living space, you should consider the ratio between the size of the device and the size of the room. A stylized hearth must harmonize with the surroundings. Especially for pieces of furniture.

A false fireplace is the perfect solution for a small apartment

As can be seen in many photos, corner fireplaces of small size is most appropriate to install in rooms, the area of which is not more than 25m². This alternative approach will make the most efficient use of the corner space of the room, without hiding useful centimeters along the walls.

Electric fireplaces with the effect of live fire: elegant interior decoration

Existing views with 3D fire effect. Features of the choice of electric fireplaces. Rules for installing an electric fireplace.

Full-size apartment allows the installation of large-sized equipment, decorated with a massive portal made of wood or artificial stone. In this case, an electric fireplace of wall, recessed or recessed type can be used. The choice of modification depends on the style of the room.

Electric fireplaces may have a glass heating function

Useful tip! Installation of a voltage regulator and regular checks of the wiring will prolong the life of the electric corner fireplace and structures with any other type of installation.

possible, fireplace, apartment

Example of use of an electric fireplace for design of an accent wall in a room

In the space of the studio apartment, where the furniture is zoned, will fit well built-in electric fireplace design, double-sided and island. The device can be used as a partition between the area intended for recreation and the dining room. As a result, it will be possible not only to zone a room, but also to heat the space on both sides of the divider.

The electric fireplace is fireproof that allows to establish a design in the house where children live

Using a fireplace in a modern interior: photo of the room in the hi-tech style

Apartment owners often use an electric fireplace in the interior of the living room, the photos of such designs in large numbers are found not only in the network, but also in magazines on design. However, even experienced decorators have difficulties in the process of developing a design in the high-tech style.

The recessed fireplace can be placed in a niche of hyspocardboard or in a furniture set

This direction is characterized by certain features:

How to Get Rid of House Mice (4 Easy Steps)

A false fireplace with a concrete high-tech portal

Despite the strict restraint and severe framework, the style of high-tech, as well as an electric fireplace in the modern interior is well accustomed. The main thing in this case. to choose the appropriate design of the construction.

To fill the niche of a false fireplace most often used real or artificial candles

In most cases, occurring in the photo electric fireplaces in the style of high-tech completely devoid of decorative component. It is not allowed to have a lattice, shelves and all sorts of curls. Such fireplaces do not need portals, because their design is self-sufficient. The main purpose of an electric fireplace in the interior is to accentuate the imitation flame. The installation system is very simple and involves mounting the design on a pedestal or using a wall as a base for fixation. No need to build a niche.

For bio-fuel is used bio-fuel, which is absolutely safe and is not harmful to human health

High-tech designs, despite their outward simplicity, can have an extensive range of functions:

  • Several versions of the image. the function allows you to change the pattern of the fireplace up to 5-8 times, each time getting a new design of flame.
  • The function of a living flame. such a fireplace quite realistically imitates real tongues of fire.
  • Heated front glass function. a heating element is sealed into the quartz surface of the screen to produce infrared radiation. It heats not only the air in the room, but also all furnishings in range.

To decorate the bedroom in a restrained style, you can use a modern biofireplace

Some manufacturers offer unusual design options. Consumers can buy glass for the fireplace with special features, such as the function of uneven transparency, simulating smoke, with the option of sound (crackling) and the display of illuminated burning logs.

Apartment design with a fireplace

The fireplace is a decoration of any room. It is only important to choose the right option that suits your room.

In an old building with a chimney, you can design a wood-burning fireplace, necessarily made of fire-resistant materials. It allows you to create a modern interior in the apartment at a minimal cost.

There are a variety of interior solutions when decorating a room with a fireplace, such as the design of the kitchen-dining room with a massive large fireplace and lots of storage systems in a strict geometric style.

You can use the design of the apartment and fireplace in the hunting style: rocking chair, chandelier on a massive chain, stuffed deer or deer antlers, antique carpet. This decoration will be reminiscent of Victorian England and will impress all guests with its sophistication and taste.

Also very original is the design of the fireplace with wooden panels on the walls and luxurious doors. Such unpretentious materials will help to create a unique interior.

There is a variant of design of the studio apartment with a fireplace as a subject separating the two rooms. The fireplace is installed in the partition that separates one room from another. This option is both very aesthetic and functional. The design solution can be facing with pebbles or stone, and warming and admiring the fire will be possible from two rooms at once.

For decorating in the royal style, you can use large stones or materials that replace natural stone. This fireplace is suitable for antique furniture and for modern interiors. As decorative elements in this case used crystal, ivory, porcelain statuettes, mirrors and gilding.

Decorating an apartment in the style of high-tech requires an appropriate fireplace: without unnecessary decor, restrained color, with the predominance of straight lines. Some people may find this solution boring, but the fireplaces in the style of high-tech has several advantages:

Some manufacturers of such fireplaces offer unusual options, such as with the function of the image of burning logs.

An interesting design idea is to decorate the fireplace in the dacha style with wooden panels, natural stone, brick. For the interior in this case are also used painted plates, photo frames, forged candlesticks and natural cones in containers.

Getting permission to build a fireplace

One of the main difficulties in arrangement of a fireplace in the apartment is to coordinate the chimney. It must have a certificate of fire safety for use in residential high-rise buildings. Therefore, first of all, you need to contact a design organization and order a technical study of the apartment. On this basis, the designers prepare a technical report describing the state of the supporting structures and the possibility of placing a fireplace. In the same organization you can make a project for the installation of the fireplace and cooker hood.

ProfExpert Group of Companies provides services for the development of project documentation and coordination of projects and alterations in apartments

Then follows the procedure for coordinating all project documentation in the appropriate services and authorities. After submitting documents to the Housing Inspectorate will be able to obtain a permit for installation, which will allow you to begin work on the equipment. After that you need to give the apartment Acceptance Act and call the Technical Inventory Bureau technician to make changes in the floor plan. On the basis of it changes the certificate of ownership registration. By the way, the area under the fireplace in the total area of the apartment is not included, and therefore officially it is somewhat reduced. The approval and permission procedure can take 6-7 months. In order to simplify it as much as possible, it is worth using the help of professionals who will take care of most of the issues.

A real fireplace in a city apartment: pros and cons

Publication Date: March 18, 2015

possible, fireplace, apartment

How to Use a Wood Fireplace

An active fireplace in the city apartment is, you will agree, a real dream for a resident of a megapolis. Fireplaces installed in villas and country houses. The picture has long been familiar and clear to all. And here is a working fireplace with live fire in the city apartments. Today is still a kind of gimmick or at least a phenomenon not very widespread. Why not so popular?? Why there are not so many happy owners of apartment fireplaces among buyers and users of heating equipment? As a rule, this state of affairs is related to the low awareness of users on this subject: people do not even know so much about the possibility of such a successful design solution of the apartment, and do not understand the technical aspects of installation and connection of full-fledged fireplace in urban conditions. In this article we will try to highlight as concisely as possible both the pros and cons of installing a fireplace in a city apartment, as well as the necessary technical requirements for the installation and further safe use of such equipment.

So, let’s start with the positive aspects, the number of which is quite large. First, a real fireplace with live fire brings into the apartment inexpressible comfort and beauty, a clear atmosphere of wealth, prosperity, privacy and relaxation. Any of us, sitting in his modest or not quite modest apartment, dreamed of an idyllic picture: the enchanting flame of the fireplace before our eyes, the glow of the fire and wood crackling, a sense of peace, warmth and stability in our difficult times. And it does not matter in what style the apartment is decorated. Classic or high-tech: for any of the options there is a great many fireplace stoves and facings that will fully decorate the home “nest”. It is no exaggeration to say that an active fireplace in the apartment greatly changes lives for the better. the perception of the owner of such a fireplace will always be transformed into a new awareness, into a high and decent quality of life.

There are also practical advantages of a fireplace in a city apartment. For example, of course, heating. The fireplace in the apartment gives a lot of heat. comfortable and continuous, sometimes even excessive. With optimal power and a high level of efficiency, the fireplace is quite capable of heating an entire apartment. So you can significantly save on city heating, which is costly. just look at your utility bill. In this case, the question definitely arises. how to turn off or minimize the services of centralized heating? There are several options. for example, go to the management company of your building and ask them to turn off the heating altogether. But the process is long, little-studied and probably very complicated. And there’s a very simple option. installation of batteries and radiators with special heating temperature regulators: they are also called “thermostatic heads. New radiators are usually sold with regulators already built in, but you can also try to install them on relatively old batteries. The main thing is not so “terry” soviet-style. Heating valves allow you to regulate the temperature in the radiators, and if you set them to a minimum, the costs will immediately noticeably reduce.

One more advantage of a fireplace in an urban environment is a tremendous opportunity to design and decorate apartments. Due to the large variety of styles, colors, shapes and designs of fireplaces you can create exclusive, very original and beautiful spatial solutions, worthy of the best houses in Europe and the world.

But let’s move on to the limitations that sometimes arise when a resident of a metropolis wants to own a fireplace in a city apartment. The first and most important thing to know about is the need to install a chimney. Without a chimney no wood-burning fireplace can not work, so the heater and the chimney. things are absolutely inseparable. Fireplace and the chimney can be mounted only in places where there are no obstacles to the installation due to the load-bearing elements of the building, beams, transoms, pylons, columns, or any other elements of the building. Still limit the possibility of installing a fireplace in an apartment may be high weight of the construction and, in some cases, the design of the exterior of the building. in other words, the external facade of the house. In the case if the chimney must be conducted along the facade of the building and not along its internal ventilation shaft, you will need a permit from the architectural control of the city. On the other hand, laying the chimney on the inner ventilation shaft also requires coordination and consultation with specialists. but not architectural, and technical and fire departments.

In fact, in practical terms, if the owner wishes, the fireplace can be installed in any urban apartment. Just in some cases it is a matter of time, effort and patience. First of all, you need to coordinate the place of installation of the future fireplace and chimney with the architect of the house and the representative of the organization that will carry out the installation. As a rule, the role of the consultant is an engineer. a measuring engineer, who makes a draft of the fireplace with its installation in the most optimal, in terms of safety and aesthetics, place. Specialist. the measurer must also determine the height of the furnace connection to the chimney, which depends on the height of the room and the offset of the chimney system. When selecting a fireplace for your apartment, you should always consider the weight of the product, the load-bearing capacity of the house elements and floor slabs. In particular, and the overall structure of the residential building. as a whole. These questions are the competence of the same architects and design organizations that will coordinate the installation of your urban fireplace.

The question often arises: is it possible to install fireplaces in new buildings? The answer is unequivocally yes! It is worth saying that to put a working fireplace in a brand new apartment is often even easier and simpler than in the houses of the old stock. The fact that in new buildings, as a rule, initially there are special shafts for the installation of chimney systems. Thus, coordination of a chimney in the house will be more than the usual conditionality and with a probability of 99% of percent will end with a positive verdict of the supervisory or design organization.

But that’s not all. Often the owner of the apartment, wishing to install a working fireplace in it, faced with the practical absence of companies that are able to competently and professionally make all measurements, find out the possibility of installing a fireplace and chimney, and then even install it all together at the proper level and with quality guarantees. Among the organizations that perform professional installation, as well as connecting fireplaces and chimneys in urban apartments, including providing services for preliminary measurements and approvals, the company “Domotekhnika” should be mentioned. Actively working in the Russian heating market for more than 20 years, “Domotekhnika” has extensive experience of successfully implemented projects of varying complexity, including. Many projects for installing fireplaces in city apartments have been completed. over, at the request of the customer “Domotekhnika” prepares documentation, professional designs and estimates of such fireplaces and their installation from beginning to end, gives sensible advice on all necessary approvals, up to advice on the legal content of the conversation with the supervisory authority and other bodies. Individual projects of its clients the company leads “turnkey”, which is always convenient and pleasant.

A real fireplace in the apartment. what to consider when installing

Standard housing construction and gas heating deprived most Russians of such an atmospheric interior detail as a fireplace. Install a real fireplace in a standard apartment is almost unrealistic, and even in expensive new buildings this possibility remains an exclusive option. But the presence of a chimney in a building does not automatically solve all problems. On the technical and design nuances of installing fireplaces tell the experts of “SMU-6 Investments.

Even if the building has a chimney, this does not mean that the owner of the apartment does not need to coordinate the creation of a fireplace. The State Housing Inspectorate must issue the relevant permits. Before you go to get the documents, the fireplace must be properly designed and meet a number of requirements.

The area of an apartment with a fireplace must be no smaller than 50 square kilometers.A room with a fireplace must be at least 20 square meters in size and at least 50 square meters in size.м. Height of ceilings. not less than 3 m. With these dimensions of the room provides the maximum amount of air for combustion (the fire is fed with oxygen).

The fireplace must be certified for installation in multi-storey buildings, and it is necessary to be guided by SNiP 2.01.07-85 for not exceeding 150 kg / sq.m. of load capacity.м. Another condition is the presence of a fire extinguisher in the apartment, or an internal fire extinguishing device installed in the apartment. The floor in front of the fireplace must be covered with non-combustible material, for example, tiles made of ceramic granite, marble.

The design of the device fireplace is developed by a specialized organization with an appropriate license. not every contractor or designer has it. We are talking about a license for work related to high fire hazard equipment.

It is necessary to determine in advance the fuel that will be used in the fireplace. Buildings with a chimney can use both wood and gas. In particular, in the club house premium Danilov House there is a chimney, which allows you to equip a fireplace in the building. On the one hand, it seems more preferable wood fuel. In terms of design and interior, the fire from burning logs looks more natural and dynamic. Many people like fireplaces because of the crackling of wood. On the other hand, you need a place to store firewood. In addition, when burning wood emits harmful substances that even with the most advanced insulation systems still penetrate into the room. This is why some homeowners often prefer the more practical gas fireplace.

If all these inputs are met, you can collect the package of documents and submit them to various authorities.

Creation of a fireplace must be coordinated with the housing inspection, firefighters and environmentalists. The following documents should be prepared.

Situational plan of the residential house location (must show how the structure is located relative to neighboring buildings, and their height must be indicated).

Certificate from the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring on the existing concentration of harmful emissions in the area.

The approval of the entire project usually takes at least two weeks. As a result, all changes are registered in the BTI documents for the apartment, which will later confirm the legality of the fireplace.

In apartment buildings, as a rule, the place for the fireplace is predetermined by the builder. Whereas in individual houses, a fireplace can be placed anywhere in advance.

Traditionally, the fireplace is placed in the living room, which is the epicenter of home life. It is not for nothing that an apartment is often identified with a hearth. In recent years, however, this tradition is not strictly followed, and fireplaces appear in the dining room, in the study and even in the large kitchen. A fireplace can really enhance any room, but still in the bedroom, the installation of a fireplace is not appropriate, although they sometimes appear there. The main reason is that a fireplace is source of noise, especially a wood-burning fireplace. Therefore, it is more appropriate to place the fireplace in large rooms. Do not forget about the optimal area of the room.

So, having decided on the place, you need to decide where to build a fireplace. There are three approaches to the placement of the fireplace:

Symmetrical placement means that the fireplace will be the dominant feature of the room. If you draw a mental vector from the center of the fireplace, it should lead to the center of the room. To the left and right of it, the space will be divided into equal parts with symmetrical elements. This is the most common, “classic” variant of a fireplace installation. It is suitable for rooms with historical styles in design (classic, baroque, Victorian style). Another advantage of the classic placement of the fireplace is that such an approach is good for small rooms.

Asymmetrical approach is essentially the opposite: the fireplace is in the corner of the room or its vector is offset from the center. The fireplace does not play a dominant role in the interior; the space is not organized around it as it would be in a symmetrical arrangement. The fireplace plays the role of a point of attraction. This model is suitable for modern interior styles (modernism, minimalism, high-tech, loft).

Radial model suggests placing the fireplace not by the walls, but in the pass-through area of the room. The purpose of this approach is to separate the fireplace from the wall and turn it into a self-contained structure, located in the room as an element of furnishings rather than part of the building. Like the previous approach, the radial location of the fireplace is ideal for modern, avant-garde interiors. True, you will have to put up with the chimney in the center of the room, for which you will have to develop a separate design solution. Also, according to experts SMU-6 Investment, asymmetric and radial model almost always require a large area of the room.

The choice of material depends mainly on the style of the interior. In the classical style it is better to decorate the portal of the fireplace with marble or other natural stone of white color, including for the mantelpiece. Columns and stucco can be used as a decoration. In Victorian and English interiors, the portal is decorated with carved wood of exotic species, as well as metal elements made of cast iron. In country and rustic style fireplace portal consists of massive roughly hewn stones, and the mantelpiece may be absent at all, because the portal passes smoothly into a false chimney. In modern styles, the fireplace can be designed in different ways. The portal is often made in the form of an opening of various shapes, from rectangular to round. The choice of finishing materials is also wide. from concrete and ceramic to various metals and glass.

Installation of a fireplace in a private home

To install a fireplace in a private home, in terms of permits, much easier. As such regulations do not exist. The only thing that must be taken into account. the recommendations on the arrangement and condition of the chimney and the weight of the structure.

The location of the fireplace should be determined at the design stage of the house. Depending on the size of the room in which it will stand, and the purpose (will it be used for heating or carry a decorative role), choose the size and power of the furnace. From these values depend on the parameters of the chimney. As a rule, for fireplaces are now purchased ready-made closed fireplaces, on which the manufacturers necessarily indicate the recommended size of the section of the chimney. If the chimney does not match it, the fireplace during operation will smoke.

Fireplace firebox

A distinction is made between open and closed fireplaces. The first variant (without doors) can be built on site from refractory bricks. It is always very heavy. The smallest classic fireplace weighs on average 700-1000 kg. For this reason, its installation requires additional reinforcement of the floors, and a separate foundation is made at the place of installation of the fireplace. If there are wooden ceilings, beams with a cross section of 300 x 300 mm must be taken into account at the place of installation of the fireplace. As an alternative, you can buy a prefabricated cast iron and steel open firebox. It is much lighter in weight, but otherwise no different from a brickwork.

The disadvantage of open fireplaces. very low efficiency, only 15%. For this reason, the open fireplace can not be considered as a heating device, but only carries an aesthetic load. The furnace of the closed type is much more functional. A fireplace equipped with one is a complete heating system and can heat an average-sized two-story house. In this case, pipe ducts (steel or aluminum pipes) are connected to the chimney, supplying warm air to the rooms. Prefabricated stoves differ in capacity. Efficiency of a closed fireplace. 85%. The minimum power is 5 kW. One kilowatt is enough to heat 10 square meters.м.

Another advantage of a closed design fireplace is safety. You don’t have to keep an eye on it all the time. just close the glass door. With an open fireplace, you have to wait for the wood to burn through. It is not allowed to pour water on the logs. Make sure to cover the floor around an open fireplace within 0.5 m with non-combustible material such as tile, stone or tin.

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