Jelly red currants with a juicer

The easiest recipe for making tasty, homemade currant jam without boiling

Step by step method:

  • Separate the berries from the twigs and put them in a colander.
  • Scald with boiling water. Since we are making raw jelly, without cooking, the berries should be well dried.
  • Pour the berries into a bowl and grind to a pulpy consistency. You can do it with a blender, mashing tool or wooden rolling pin.
  • The jam can be made directly with the skins and pips. But if you want to get a nice, homogeneous jelly, you should strain it through a metal sieve or squeeze it through gauze folded in several layers.
  • After pureeing the berries, weigh the puree. Add sugar at a ratio of 1 to 1.5. That is, for 1 kg of currant juice take 1.5 kg of sugar. You can add sugar in portions, so it’s easier to mix.
  • Beat the contents of the bowl with a blender.
  • Small volume jars well washed and dried in the oven or microwave. Pour the preparation into the prepared jars and cover with gauze. Leave the jelly at room temperature for 3-5 days, for t.н. Cold gelling.

When the mass becomes thick, cork it with sterile dry lids. Store it better in the refrigerator or a dry, dark cellar with a stable low temperature.

This living jelly can be frozen. in the freezer it can be stored for up to 1.5 years.

Jelly from red currants (simple recipes for the winter in 20 minutes)

Today I want to start with a question: who has currants growing in their gardens? What do you make with it?? So many answers will come: jam and compote, is it possible to make something else out of it?

So here I will tell you about the red currant jelly, which turns out incredibly delicious, fragrant and natural. Below we will look with you the hot and cold ways to prepare it and a few nuances, so that it can jell well.

jelly, currants, juicer

It is used for impregnating cakes, pouring over pancakes or pancakes. You can simply enjoy it with tea or use it as a filling for buns.

The two main advantages of jelly are that it takes no more than 20 minutes to cook it and that it is quick and easy.

Also, these recipes are universal and suitable for any type of currants: both for white and black currants.

  • Currants contain a lot of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which dissolves at high temperatures, so it is not advisable to boil it.
  • For the same reason, we don’t use metal utensils (sieves, spoons, pushers). Why do we need oxidized metal in food?
  • In the cold cooking method (without cooking) jelly is stored in the refrigerator no more than 6 months, otherwise it can go sour.
  • A classic recipe calls for a 1:2 ratio of red currant juice to sugar. For some people it is very sweet, so it is acceptable to reduce the amount of sugar and cook on the proportions of 1:1. But keep in mind, the less sugar (preservative), the greater the risk that the filling will be covered with mold.
  • Do not move or shake the jars until they have cooled completely, or the peptide bonds will not have time to form.
  • It will still continue to thicken a few days after it’s cooked.
  • The jelly may not be thick, because different sorts of currants contain different amounts of pectin, then use helpers: agar-agar or gelatin.

Now I want to explain you why this particular type of berry is the most delicious jelly, without any jelly-forming additives.

And because this berry has good peptide properties, in simple words contains pectin. And it, in turn, combining with sugars and acids can form gels.

Red currant jelly without cooking, with agar-agar, without sugar, with pectin, raspberries, orange

Red currant jelly is an interesting dessert that you can not only buy, but also make yourself. The recipes are characterized by extreme simplicity, which is their undoubted advantage, even a novice cook can cope with the preparation.

According to this recipe, you can cook jelly from red and white currants, raspberries, or from a mixture of these berries. The finished product can be used for making desserts, for example, to saturate sponge cakes, as a filler for ice cream, for cocktails, for making creams, etc.д.

Step-by-step photos of preparation:

We squeeze the juice from the pure berries we have prepared.

I put the currants through a juicer. I got 1400 ml of juice from 2 kg of berries.

If you don’t have kitchen equipment, you can squeeze the berries through several layers of gauze, but you will always get less juice by hand. In this case, the amount of sugar needs to be proportionally reduced.

Heat the resulting juice to 70 80 C (hot, but not boiling)

Stirring constantly, cook the mixture over low heat until the sugar grains have dissolved.

Under no circumstances bring the syrup to the boil, and the finished product will turn out liquid.

If the sugar does not dissolve completely, the finished jelly may begin to crystallize.

Sterilize small jars (0.5 or less).

Pour the hot jelly into jars. Cover with sterile tin or kapron lids.

Jelly from raspberries and red currants

Citrus fruits can be wonderfully combined with any berries, including red currants. Replace the orange with lemon.

  • Peel raw material, remove trash, twigs. Rinse, dry. Puree by any available method.
  • Divide the orange into orange slices (you don’t have to peel them). Chop it with a blender or meat grinder as well.
  • Pour the orange puree into the pan with the red berries, pour the sugar. Stir vigorously.
  • Bring it to the boil. Bring to a boil over low heat. As soon as you notice the first signs of boiling, turn off the gas.
  • Spread out the jelly on the jars and close. Store in the refrigerator.

Red currant jelly for winter without cooking

A dessert without cooking, very simple and delicious, and most importantly, it preserves all the vitamins.

Rinse and lightly pat dry on a towel.

Next, we use a blender to puree the berries!

And in the resulting mass add sugar, in the proportion of 1 cup sugar and 1 cup of juice and stir well. After 20 minutes the sugar has dissolved and we give it another stir.

After that, the contents from the pot we shift into sterilized jars (you will see, it already has a jelly-like structure, and over time it will be even thicker, we close the capron lids and put in a cold place.

Red currant jelly for winter

Even people who don’t particularly like the taste of red currants in their pure form rave about the taste of jelly made of these berries. In fact, such a treat turns out incredibly flavorful, delicately jelly-like with a pleasant sourness. We recommend several variations of recipes for such a preparation.

How to cook red currants jelly. recipe

Let’s sort out the red currants and wash them under cool running water. Allow the berries to drain and dry a little. In this case, the tedious stage of getting rid of the berries from the tail can be omitted. We put the prepared mass of berries in a pan or a bowl, sprinkling the layers with sugar and mixing everything well in the end. We leave the currants to separate the juice for about twenty minutes, stirring occasionally, then we put them on the stove burner, turn on the highest heat and set the timer for eight minutes. In the process of heating and the entire cooking process, continuously stir the berries with sugar at first to avoid the latter sticking, and after dissolving all the crystals, so that the mass does not simply run away from the dishes. If the intensity of the fire is sufficient, after five minutes the berries will be intensely bubbling in the syrup. Another three minutes of such boiling, and then immediately remove the pot from the stove and grind the contents through a sieve. The resulting jelly poured into dry, sterile jars and leave on the table to cool, nothing to cover.

Sana Juicer by Omega EUJ-808 (juicing red currant), simple jam recipe

When the preparation reaches room temperature, cork it with any lids (metal or capron) and put in a dark place for storage.

How to make jelly out of red currants without cooking. Recipe

For making jelly out of red currants for the winter without cooking the berries are not subjected to any thermal treatment, which at maximum preserves the vitamins and fresh berry taste of the delicacy.

For the implementation of the idea wash the berries in a large volume of cool water, flip them in a colander and let them drain. Now we break up a lot of berries with a blender, or in its absence, we simply pass them through a meat grinder in the old fashioned way. All parts of the appliance in contact with currants should be pre-boiled for ten minutes and then let them cool.

Grind the crushed berries through a sieve, separating the bones and skins from the pulp. We combine the resulting puree in a saucepan with the sugar and stir until all the crystals have dissolved and the jelly is homogeneous.

We spread out the dainty into clean, dry and sterile containers, cover them and put them in the fridge for storage.

Jelly made of red currants. Recipe through the juicer

We sort out red currants, get rid of their tails and wash them well. Now we need to warm them up a little, so that they could give all their juice in the juicer. For this we can use the microwave oven, putting currants in a suitable dish at maximum power for about three minutes, or send the berries for ten minutes in an oven heated to 180 degrees.

Now process berries in a juicer and measure the volume of juice obtained. Add the same amount of sugar per liter jar of product. The components in this case we measure not by weight, but by volume.

Put the juice and sugar on the stove, and warm, stirring, until all the sweet crystals dissolve and the first signs of boiling. We pour the resulting delicacy into dry and sterile containers, let them cool in room conditions, without covering them, and then cork and put in a cool place for storage.

How to cook red currant jelly

Red currants. the ideal berry for making homemade jelly. Recipes for this dessert are in the cookbooks of most amateur gardeners and not only. Making jelly is very simple. It sets up perfectly even without gelatin, if you keep the proportions of ingredients and the technology of preparation.

Jelly from red currants is not only a preparation for the winter in the form of jelly jam or jam, but also all kinds of desserts for immediate consumption. The latter are served both on a common plate and in portions in creamers, glasses, vases, glasses.

Jelly made of red currants for the winter can be made with boiling and cold method. Currants are rich in pectin, so the dessert will be jelly-like without any thickeners. For a thicker consistency use thickeners. They all have their own characteristics. Jellies with different additives will differ in density, degree of transparency, color and taste.

High fat and calories per 100g of food (berries and sugar taken in proportion of 1:1)

Protein 0 г
Fats 0 г
Carbohydrates 55 г
Calorie 219 kcal

Ingredients: red and black currants in arbitrary proportions, granulated sugar. The amount of sugar will depend on how much juice is obtained. For 1 liter jar of juice you will need 1.5 liter cans of sugar.

Red and black currants are not bad complements. The black currant has a brighter and harsher flavour, the red softens it and brings out its delicate aroma in the dessert

  • Pick the berries, free from twigs and debris, wash and be sure to let them dry.
  • Prepare the storage jars: wash them with baking soda, then bubble steam sterilize and lay them on their sides to let them dry completely.
  • Prepare the juice by squeezing the berries through gauze, which must be boiled in advance. Prepare two pots. one for heating berries and one for juice.
  • Pour a small amount of berries into a saucepan for heating, heat until warm, shaking occasionally.
  • Transfer heated currants to gauze, squeeze out the juice. Gradually squeeze all the berries in this way. Then measure the volume of juice and prepare the necessary amount of sugar.
  • Combine the ingredients in the saucepan and stir for a long time to bring the sugar until completely dissolved.
  • At this point, the jelly will be liquid. It will thicken after you put it in the refrigerator. The consistency depends on the type of currants.
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