Kandi washing machine door won’t open

How to open the door of the washing machine Candy?

Unplug the washer-dryer and leave it for 10-30 minutes. After. gently push the door near the lock and try to open the hatch again. Please note! This method will help if the cause is a breakdown of the UBL.

Не открывается стиральная машина после стирки. Что делать?

  • Unplug the appliance completely
  • Remove the top cover and on the right side in the UBL, press the door hook with your finger to the side while pulling the door handle toward you.

How to unlock the Kandi washing machine?

To disable the option is simple, you must again press the temperature selection and spin control buttons and keep them in this position for 3 seconds. After the washing machine will emit a characteristic sound signal, the panel lock will be removed.

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  • Turn the programmer to the first position;
  • Press the Start button for 5 seconds;
  • Unplug the mains cable from the mains socket;
  • wait 5-10 min;
  • connect the washing machine to the mains;
  • Try to re-start the desired program.

How do I open the door??

When this procedure is not successful, it is not a normal malfunction, but a mechanical one, that must be diagnosed. The lock mechanism or knob may have worn out and need to be replaced.

Children may hang on the open door and the appliance begins to swing. This kind of fun causes the hinges of the loading door to warp. The element ceases to close or open normally, the mechanical latch often jams.

In this case it is recommended to change the hinges or the lock itself. To change the lock mechanism, you have to remove the top panel of the washing machine, to find the locking element, to open the lock. The lock mechanism unlocks immediately. After allowing the hatch to enter the drum, the lock is changed.

With the hinges, the case is somewhat more complicated. If you do not have the necessary skills, then to perform such work it is recommended to invite a specialist, who will promptly fix the breakdown.

kandi, washing, machine, door

Washing machine with a vertical load

Unpleasant moments also happen with these models. Most often the drum is blocked. This is the case when turning is performed in the open position. To make the machine work again, it is necessary:

  • Move the washer away from the wall,
  • Disconnect all connections to the appliance,
  • Identify the location of the heating element on the rear wall, disconnect and remove it,
  • rotate the drum by hand.

The door in a vertically-loading washing machine opens in much the same way as in a front-door model. Disconnect the machine, then try to start one of the programs again.

Preventative measures

In order to avoid problems with the door, preventive measures should be followed:

  • clothing items from the drum should not be allowed to fall into the lock when closing the door.
  • The drum should not be filled “up to the eyeballs”. In this case, all elements of the washing machine will be subjected to an increased load. In addition, there is an increased likelihood of laundry falling into the lock.
  • Use the washer-dryer in an environment that is free from voltage fluctuations. If the voltage in the network is not stable, you need to connect the equipment through a stabilizer.
  • If the door handle does not work perfectly, does not squeeze the lock mechanism well, the washing machine needs to be repaired before it finally jams.

Causes of locking the washing machine hatch

Mechanical damage and wear and tear

Mechanical damage. careless transportation, rough handling, overloading, etc can quickly cause the machine to break down. But even with the most careful owner no mechanism will work forever: over time its parts lose the ability to perform their direct functions

Program failure

Any electronics is programmed to perform a certain algorithm. If the program fails and the door becomes permanently jammed, contact a professional to reprogram the appliance.

The filter or drain hose is clogged

Frequent problem is a clogged drain. It can be mechanical or natural. Natural clogging is obtained from fabric fibers, which inevitably fall into the drain, and salts due to hard water. Mechanical clogs are caused by foreign objects in the drain hose: buttons, coins, etc.

A clogged drain does not discharge water from the washing machine, so the hatch does not open to prevent flooding of the room.

Therefore, it is important to clean the drain after washing. with hot water, pipe cleaner or, in difficult cases, a special cable.

Sensor or control board is broken

Washing machine works because a group of sensors sends data to the main board. Frequent door locking problem is a faulty water level sensor (presostat): when there is no water in the drum, the sensor shows that it is there, and the main board does not receive a signal to unlock the lock. The problem can also be in the main board itself: either its nodes do not work properly. this often happens due to sudden power surges. or the microcircuits have deteriorated from moisture or old age.

Clogging, water pump breakage

The reason for which also does not open the Bosch washing machine hatch, can be a clog in the drain pipe of the unit, as well as a number of faults of the washing drum or the drain pump. That is, there is liquid in the drum of the appliance, which prevents the door from opening. Actions for opening the door, also completely repeat the above described. After opening the door, you can find and remove the clog on your own, if you find more serious damage (water pump, drum), you should contact a specialist repair shop for household appliances.

Schematic diagram

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To avoid water leakage during washing, the manufacturers of the Candy washing machine have made a necessary function. the door lock. During operation, the door is hermetically closed, and after the end of the washing process, you can hear a characteristic signal. Only then can you remove the laundry. If the Candy washing machine does not open after a wash, do not immediately panic. You need to wait a few minutes and try again.

Possible malfunctions and remedies

The instructions that come with washing machines usually include a diagram for unlocking the door hatch. If the manual is lost, you can open it yourself.

  • Unplug the machine from the socket;
  • Make sure there is no water in the drum. If it is present, the water should be drained through the emergency drain system;
  • Open the cover of the drain filter and look in the hole for an emergency cable to open the door. It is most often yellow. If there is a cable, you need to pull it toward you and the hatch should open;
  • If there is no rope, in order to open the hatch, you will have to remove the top panel and tilt the machine backwards so that the tank moves a little. Then push back the catch that locks the door.
kandi, washing, machine, door

If the washing machine handle is broken, you can try to open it without resorting to the help of a specialist:

  • Use an emergency rope;
  • Grip the rest of the broken handle with pliers and pull towards yourself until you hear a click;
  • Open the lock through the top cover ;
  • Open the door with a wire or rope. by slipping it around the perimeter of the loading hatch.

Important: when unlocking the washing machine hatch on your own, do not

  • Carry out work with the appliance plugged in;
  • Trying with great force to open the door, if there is water in the drum;
  • The malfunction code displayed on the display should only be deciphered using the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations;
  • Repair the circuit board or remove the wiring if you are not experienced in repairing washing machines.

Many manufacturers equip their machines with special protection against the actions of children, such as the model Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualti and “Samsung Eco Bubble”. If having bought such a washing machine, the user has not read the instructions carefully and has accidentally pressed a combination of buttons, then this function can turn on.

Five Ways to Unlock / Open Stuck Washing Machine Door

In this case, the hatch will not open, and the display will flash a smile and a lock. To unlock the door, press a couple of buttons on the edges of the figurine of the drawn man. In Ariston Hotpoint machines, after the blackout the door is also blocked, and in order to unblock the door, it is necessary to look for an emergency cable from the bottom of the device near the filter.

The hatch of most washing machines can be opened with an emergency cable, as well as with the method specified by the manufacturer in the manual. If you select Baby or Easy Iron (as in DAEWOO Direct Drive), the drum will slowly rotate. By selecting the mode “Silk”, the washing will be without draining the water from the drum. To drain the water, press the Pause or Start button, or turn on “Easy Ironing” mode.

We suggest watching a video on how to open the door of the washing machine:

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