Khayer refrigerator does not work refrigerated compartment. Faulty module

Haier refrigerator. malfunctions

Haier refrigerator, whose malfunctions in most cases are eliminated for one visit to the master, relatively inexpensive, but at the same time reliable equipment. They are assembled on the basis of durable compressors with improved characteristics. the manufacturer gives them a guarantee of up to 12 years. But, nevertheless, the hayer refrigerator malfunctions can occur in the first years of operation. Often they are due to voltage drops, improper operation. Factory marriages cannot be excluded. But the experts of the “Gnome workshop” professionally cope with any problems. Below are the main malfunctions of the Haier refrigerator.

  • Compressor casing suspension. it makes knocking sounds. The malfunction is eliminated by the adjustment of the bolts, the bending of the tube.
  • Rattling in the relay arises due to the unstable position of the core in the magnetic field of the coil. Inspect its location and mount in the refrigerator. In the absence of violations, the voltage in the network is measured.
  • Motor malfunction. If the noise comes from the compressor unit itself, it is advisable to pull out the refrigerator from the network and contact the masters. Continuation of operation will lead to aggravation of the problem.

Hits the current when touching the metal elements of the refrigerator

This means only one thing. there is a current leak on the case. Sometimes the current is felt only during the period of work, the sensation intensifies if you touch the metal parts with wet hands. It is impossible to use such a refrigerator. it is dangerous.

  • The most common reason is the gap due to improper adjustment or weakened sealing. The fit density is checked with a probe or strip of paper.
  • Incorrect operation. Snow forms on the evaporator if warm or hot liquids are placed in the refrigerator in an uncovered dish, unheated food, leave the door ajar or open for a long time.

The presence of an unpleasant odor is checked by a piece of butter. For the test, take two pieces of oil. one is left open, the second is thoroughly wrapped and placed in the oil. The next day they are compared to taste. Usually the smell appears due to improper use, insufficient care.

  • Open food storage.
  • Irregular cleaning.
  • Long finding the refrigerator in the off state with closed doors.

When searching for a smell source, the purity of the inner surfaces of the refrigerator is evaluated. If there are no problems, the cylinder bend of sealing rubber is bent, check if there are residues of products or stagnant water. The listed reasons are eliminated by thorough cleaning, washing and subsequent lubrication of metal parts with vegetable oil. But in some cases, the smell appears due to moisturizing thermal insulation. Sometimes water with food residues occurs behind the lower facing pad, accumulate there. A medium favorable for the propagation of bacteria is created. The participation of a specialist will already be required here.

  • Heat accumulates through a weakened or damaged seal. Its replacement is required.
  • Violation of the rules of operation. Incorrectly chosen temperature regime, the work of a snowy refrigerator.
  • Clutter, excessive camera loading.
  • High temperature in the room when the thermostat set in the minimum position.
  • Partial leak of freon.
  • Reducing the performance of the motor-compressor.
  • Partial clogging of the capillary filter.

Before drawing conclusions about the high consumption of electrical energy, you need to compare the real numbers with passport data. At the same time, take into account the operating conditions of the refrigerator. These include:

  • Increased voltage.
  • Heat, installation in a sunny place or next to heating appliances.
  • Use of the Autotransformer.
  • Strong icing of the freezer.

From serious violations, a poor compaction of the doorway, insufficient freezing of the evaporator, moisturizing thermal insulation can be distinguished.

Over the years of work, the specialists of the “Gnome Workshop” had to eliminate various malfunctions of the Khayer refrigerators. As practice shows, you can solve almost any breakdown. if not by repair, then by replacing some parts or entire nodes. If you need to replace a large node, the repair of the refrigerator can be quite expensive, but it is still cheaper than buying a new refrigerator.

No matter how difficult the faults of Haier refrigerators are, our employees will eliminate them promptly and with the minimum possible costs for the client. In some cases, the delivery of equipment to the workshop may be required, but usually the hayer refrigerators are repairing on the spot.

Sensor (sensor) of the evaporator for refrigerators Haier 0060401179

Square sensor of safety.oreginal, supplied in the original packaging. Manufacturer Bosch (Germany) Thermo Sensor of the refrigerator Bosch, Siemens, NEFF (Bosch, Siemens, Neff) has original replacement codes: 00616301

Temperature sensor to the refrigerator Haier (Haer) 0060401179 V13012 / The sensor length: 272 mm


The sensor determines the ambient temperature, transfers data to the control module.

Thermo sensor of the Haier refrigerator (Haer) has original replacement codes: 0060401179

Temperature sensor from the freezer, refrigerated chamber Haier (Haer) is installed on the model:

The refrigerator in Hayer does not work

The latest questions

Alexander Noginsk Haier CFL633CX refrigerators

The refrigerator Hyer KFL633CX refrigerator does not work, E1 error is on, which means that this means?

Error E1 in the Haier refrigerator. means a malfunction in the system of hiding the evaporator. It may be faulty. the thawing sensor, the evaporator fan or the heater of the evaporator.

E1 Fan Motor Error. Such an error burns when a ventilator does not rotate. The reason may be a faulty fan, a faulty electronic control board or a faulty system of shaking due to which the snow is the snow and the fan touched the snow with blades and blocked. In any case, diagnostics by a specialist is required.

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Temperature adjustment instructions in the Haier C2F536CWRG / C2F536CWMV / C2F536CSRG / C2F536CSMV / C2F537CWG / C2F537CSG refrigerator

Press the A1 button several times, while the temperature will cyclically change from Min and Max, select the you need and when the pressing of A1 is stopped. The temperature range of the refrigerator varies from the minimum value of 2 ° C to the maximum value of 8 ° C.

Press the A2 button several times, while the temperature will cyclically change from Min and Max, select the you need and when the pressing of A2 is stopped, there will be a choice. The temperature range of the refrigerator varies from the minimum value.24 ° C to maximum value.16 ° C.

To activate the function, hold the A3 button for 3 seconds until the indicator b lights up. To exit the mode, strong cooling must be kept by the A3 button until the indicator in the moment. This function will automatically turn off when the temperature drops below the minimum level. In this mode, the function of strong cooling is turned off when the refrigerator temperature is set up

To activate the function, hold the A2 button for 3 seconds until the indicator D is light. To get out of the mode, strong cooling must be kept by the A2 button until the indicator D is turned off. This function will automatically turn off after 56 hours. If you freeze a large number of products in the freezer, turn on the function of severe freezing 24 hours before the food of food in the freezer. In this mode, the function of strong frost is turned off when the freezer temperature tunes.

Temperature adjustment instructions in a two.chamber refrigerator Haier CFD6333cw

The temperature control function of the refrigerator in the two.chamber refrigerator Haier CFD633CW

When the refrigerator is turned on, the indicator g lights up. While inside is too warm, the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartments is displayed on the display, respectively, as “-” and “-”. In this case, a warning sound alarm is triggered. When the A5 button is pressed, the sound signal falls silent, and the G indicator continues to burn until the temperature set at the manufacturer is reached. A minute after the end of the last operation, the brightness of the display decreases.

Temperature setting in the refrigerator in a two.chamber refrigerator Haier CFD633CW

Press the A2 button several times to set the temperature of the refrigerator compartment: indicators D and E simultaneously. By pressing the A3 button (the temperature installation button is larger) or A4 (the temperature installation button is smaller), set the temperature of the refrigerated compartment you need in the range of possible adjustments from 2 ° C to 8 ° C. Confirm the temperature you have chosen by pressing the A5 button (OK button), indicators D and e blink will stop blinking.

Temperature setting in the freezer in a two.chamber refrigerator Haier CFD633cw

Click the A2 button several times to set the temperature of the freezer compartment: indicators H and f at the same time freeze. By pressing the A3 button (the temperature installation button is larger) or A4 (the temperature installation button is smaller), set the temperature of the freezer compartment you need in the range of possible adjustments from 16 ° C to 24 ° C. Confirm the temperature you have chosen by pressing the A5 button (OK button), indicators h and f will stop blinking.

Installation of fast cooling mode in the Haier CFD633CW double.chamber refrigerator

In order to activate this function, click the A2 button several times: indicator B flaps. By pressing the A5 button (OK button) confirm the choice of fast cooling mode, the indicator b blink and light up with even light. When the temperature is reached in the refrigerator compartment of the minimum level, this mode is automatically disconnected. To turn off this mode manually, repeat the method described above again. In this mode, it is impossible to change the temperature in the refrigerator and activate the vacation mode.

Installation of a quick frost mode in a two.chamber refrigerator Haier CFD633CW

In order to activate this function, press the A2 button several times: indicator I blinches. By pressing the A5 button (OK button), confirm the choice of fast frost mode, the I indicator will stop and light up and light up with even light. After 24 hours, the mode of fast frost will automatically turn off. To turn off this mode manually, repeat the method described above again. In this mode, it is impossible to change the temperature in the freezer compartment

Refrigerator errors “Hayer

Haier refrigerator errors are quite accurate and informative. This company can be called one of the largest exporters of refrigerators in the world is a rare case when Chinese refrigerators are not inferior in quality to the best European manufacturers. Among the refrigerators, electronic models equipped with self.diagnosis function predominate. Haier refrigerators error codes help the user in time even notice slight errors in the operation of the device and take appropriate measures to eliminate them.

All codes are displayed on the display, well read. When calling the master, be sure to tell him this code so that he can immediately make an assumption about the possible malfunction of the refrigerator and take with him everything that may be needed during the repair process.

  • F1. In the main department, the temperature controller does not work. Since the sensor can no longer perform its functions. to inform the control module about the increase or decrease in temperature, it must be replaced.
  • F2.The outer temperature sensor does not work incorrectly. This leads to a non.stop buzz of the motor or its rejection of work. The nature of the external manifestations of the breakdown depends on what outer temperature the broken sensor fixes.
  • F3. The temperature controller is faulty in the freezer. This is accompanied by a violation of the functioning of the refrigerator-due to the transfer of incorrect data to the processor, the compressor unit ceases to turn on, the temperature in the freezer increases, cooling may be completely absent.
  • F4. Damage to the evaporator thawing sensor. Simultaneously with the appearance of an error on the display, users notice the manifestations of improper operation of the refrigerator. the engine starts very rarely or does not turn on at all, mainly the cooling department is insufficient or completely disappears.
  • F5. There was a failure in the educational sensor of hoarfrost. Ice accumulates on the back of the refrigerator or a snow fur coat is growing.
  • E0, E1. The fan has broken or strongly worn in the freezer. Its purpose is to create forced air circulation to accelerate the freezing of products placed in the refrigerator. During breakdown, extraneous noises may appear, temperature rises.
  • E2. The fan does not work in the main department. It is necessary to make sure that the growths of ice do not interfere with its rotation, there are no defects in the electrical circuit of the refrigerator that supplies the voltage to it. In case of breakdown, the part is changed.
  • Er. There were problems with the operation of the ice generator. The ice generator is designed to quickly produce food ice or chilled water. When problems, the water valve may be deformed or other problems arise.

I would like to remind our existing and potential customers that all these warnings are just a signal for the user to call a specialist. The error codes themselves are intended more for masters, simplifying diagnostic work. They show only possible breakdown, but cannot accurately localize it.

khayer, refrigerator, does, work, refrigerated

Therefore, when any signals appear, immediately call the “Gnome workshop”. Our employees will quickly come on call, conduct diagnostic work, restore impaired refrigerator functions. We work around the clock, so we expect a call from you at any time.

Our advantages

Free departure of the master and high.quality diagnostics.

Original spare parts in stock.

Low guarantee.

Highly qualified masters.

Warranty for all types of work up to 2 years (work and spare parts).

Free professional consultations of a master.

We carry out urgent repairs!

We work daily and around the clock throughout and the nearest lean in the refrigerators Hayer

The Haier technique uses standard error encoding. The full list depends on the type of apparatus and the list of additional functions. We give all types of errors that may appear on the display:

  • F1. Damage to the temperature sensor in the refrigerator compartment.
  • F2. The environmental sensor is faulty. Automation can incorrectly adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator chamber. Sometimes F2 means a breakdown of the second refrigerator sensor.
  • F3, F8. Sensor defect in the freezer. In some models, the F3 shows a malfunction of the environmental sensor, and F2. freezer.
  • F4. The problem of measuring temperature in the freezer.
  • F5, F6. The IMO formation sensor (defrosting) or zero chamber is disconnected or faulty.
  • E0, E1. Damage to the fan of the freezer compartment. In some models, the symbols E0 are displayed when the connection between the printed circuit board and the display is disturbed.
  • E2. Disabled a refrigerator fan.
  • E5. The problem of control of the damper.
  • ER, F6, F7, FC. The ice generator does not work.
  • Ed. Failure of the thawing system.
  • EH. Damage to the humidity sensor.
  • R1, T1, R2, T2. The refrigerator is in service mode.

Haier refrigerator errors appear only during breakdowns, which are eliminated by the repair master. Malfunctions that can be fixed with your own hands, do not show on the display. If you saw an error code, inform about this when calling a mechanic.

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Employee on the phone Polite. Listened, gave recommendations. Nice to contact such specialists.

khayer, refrigerator, does, work, refrigerated

Ordered after communication by phone. The work includes seriously

Installed a sensor on the refrigerator of the brand Bosch. Everything is working.

Useful materials

In the USSR, the dimensions of domestic refrigerators were strictly regulated by the relevant standard. typical modules were created taking into account measurements of entrance and interior doors, layouts of kitchens in mass buildings. Today, such standards do not exist, so the buyer can.

Modern refrigerators are so functional and smart that it is extremely problematic to use. the software part is really interesting and complex at the same time. Among not so much popular as the necessary modern options can highlight the functions of quick cooling and maintaining the freshness zone.

Competent freezing of products retains freshness and taste. Vegetables and greens from the beds contain the maximum amount of vitamins and healthy trace elements, as well as apples torn off the tree, fiber milk from under the cow and fresh meat. But with improper storage, products quickly lose their taste.

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Damage to the thermostat

This device is designed to maintain a certain temperature in the chambers by automatic inclusions and off the compressor electric motor. Understand that he was out of order is simple enough.

If the compressor is in working condition, and the products are not frozen, due to the fact that the upper chamber does not work, it means that the thermostat has ceased to function.

Only a specialist is able to replace it qualitatively, but you can purchase a part yourself. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the type and brand of the unit.

The refrigerator does not freeze or badly freezes

The reason that the refrigerator does not work properly is not a well.closed door of one of the cameras. This situation may arise as a result of a not very tight contact of rubber with the body. The causes of deformation of the seal can be different, but basically it passes the air due to its wear. In this case, it should be replaced.

Some users do not consider it necessary to defrost the device as indicated in the operating instructions. If, when defrost, try to break the pieces of ice from the walls, then such actions lead to the fact that the upper chamber of the refrigerator does not work. Freon leaks may occur due to damage to the internal casing sheathing.

The penetration of the air inside the chambers, which is why the device ceases to work normally, is also promoted by a skewed door. You can fix the situation by adjusting it. Diagonal rods are located directly under the door panel.

The lack of normal temperature inside the refrigerator can lead to damage to the products stored in it. Therefore, after repairing the device, it is recommended to thoroughly wash it with special tools that destroy unpleasant odors. After that let him dry well, having previously opened the door.

The device of a typical refrigerator

The compressor is overtaken by its pressure freon (cooling agent) into the condenser node. There the gaseous refrigerant condenses into the liquid fraction. This process is accompanied by heat release, which is discharged through the rear panel of the refrigerator.

Liquefied freon is supplied to the system of thin tubes, after which it again takes a gaseous state, and when it is in the evaporative block, it boils. Evaporator and generates cold. Freon completes its circulation, returning to the compressor.

The cold that has arisen primarily enters the freezer, and from it is already supplied to the refrigerator. forcibly or naturally. This gives the freezer the ability to maintain cold temperature even when the aggregate elements are damaged.

In two.compressor refrigerators, one compressor serves the freezer, and the second. refrigerator. This is convenient in that, if desired, you can turn off some of the cameras and use only one

As soon as the lack of cold in the cooling compartment is noticed with a proper freezer chamber, you need to try to analyze the situation yourself.

User actions in case of suspicion of a malfunction of the unit should be as follows:

Dometic Fridge Freezer not cooling? Pesky Thermistor. Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2109s

  • to establish by observation which cold does not get into the cameras;
  • Clarify whether there are any heat sources near the refrigerator, for example, heating batteries, heaters, kitchen slabs, etc. D.;
  • Determine whether the rubber door sealing gasket is valid, whether there are objects (pieces of food, crumbs, etc. P.), preventing the tight closure of the door.

It will also be useful to inspect the rear surface of the refrigerator for the presence of mechanical damage, and all nodes and systems for rye, oxidation.

Reasons for the lack of cold, their elimination

With the good operation of the freezer compartment, the reasons for the breakdown of the refrigerator can be very different. Both an ordinary temporary absence of electricity on the network, and a serious breakdown of the compressor, which almost always leads to a rather expensive replacement.

The simplest malfunctions of the unit

Before starting an analysis of the problem, you should make sure that the unit is connected to the electrical network, the serviceability of wires, extension cords, sockets, and in good supply of electricity to the room.

One of the perpetrators is a loose closure of the camera door for the user’s oversight. There is a constant intake of warm air from her from the room.

Cold may be absent due to the long period of the refrigerator functioning without planned defronts. It is worth turning off the unit, thoroughly defrost it and turn it on again in a day.

For the correct defrosting of the refrigerator, you need to turn it off from the network, open it wide, extract all the contents and wait for it to completely defrost. It is prohibited to accelerate this process in any way. Talus water is collected in containers and utilized

There are situations when the freezer compartment is filled with products too tightly, so that free space is practically absent. According to the rules of operation, this is undesirable, since the space for air circulation should still be.

When the products for freezing are close to each other and is tightly tamped, the entire power of the compressor goes to freeze its huge volume, and there are not enough cold for the rest of the cold departments.

It is better to freeze products in small parts. When freezing, it is not recommended to fill the freezer “to capacity”. this is fraught with compressor breakdown

The refrigerator itself can be incorrectly installed. close to the wall, when heat cannot be fully allocated, or near the heating devices. temperature detectors are lost. They give the compressor signals about the strengthening of its power, but cooling in the refrigerating chamber does not occur, because it turns into heat along the way.

This failure mostly happens if the freezer is installed inside the refrigerator. Such a problem is eliminated by a full.fledged prolonged defrosting of the entire unit, installed it away from heating sources, turning on on a standard, and not enhanced mode.

It is forbidden to have a refrigerator close to heat sources. This not only disables it, but also significantly increases the money costs for electricity

breakdowns in conducting systems

In order to understand the causes of more complex breakdowns, you need to know how the refrigerator works and how the refrigerator works. Only then will the origin of the malfunctions be clear. As a result, the right ways to solve the problem will be able to be found.

Capillary system. The culprit of the breakdown can serve as a mash in the capillary system due to the entry into the pipeline of foreign substances-moisture, oils, litter from the filter and other things that have become unusable and other.

Because of the blockage, the cooler does not reach the end-everything is in order with freezing, there is even ice form. And the products in the second cell do not cool. in this department heat.

Signs of capillaries blockage can be confused with a breakdown of a different nature. a malfunction in the work of the evaporator. To accurately find out the cause of the problem, analyze the temperature of the discharge system on the “condenser-compressor” section. If the heating there is insignificant or partial, and the cooling is fast, then the reason is in the block of capillaries.

However, there is an opportunity to correct the situation on their own: if the margin is simple, then the light tapping of the pipeline will move the cork from the place and the path for Freon will be released.

If tapping does not help, you need to contact a master who will professionally clean the tubes, install a new clean filter, replace the freon, remove unnecessary air from the evaporator.

First, the temperature between the compressor and the capacitor is measured, and then the decision is made to replace the capillary tube or on the possibility of its repair

Drainage system. A drainage system in refrigerators with a crying wall can clog. If one does not clean it for a long time, it may appear in it, which do not completely pass the melt water, it accumulates at the bottom of the camera and flows out.

Over time, the plastic cracks, and the water flows into the gaps and oxidizes the metal parts of the device, corrosion corrodes them, and the refrigerant begins to flow out. Clean the drainage system using a conventional pharmacy rubber pear. It is filled with hot water and poured into the canal with a sharp movement under the greatest pressure.

If necessary, this is repeated several times until the system is completely cleaned. Dirty merged water from a special tray after the procedure should be removed.

Refrigerators are produced with a small ruff in a drain hole. It is designed to regularly clean the entrance to the drainage system. The cleaner it is, the less chance to get a large blockage of the system

Another device for cleaning the drainage system can be a bicycle/car manual pump. If these devices are not available, or the blockage has settled very firmly, a long wire/wire will help.

The tip of the wire is bent into the loop and with twisting movements is inserted into the drain hole, while handing it back and forth. The duration of the procedure is about three minutes. You can combine two methods. cleaning with wire with a strait water.

You can check the result of efforts by testing the system. A little water is poured into the drainage tube and the drain rate is noticed in a natural way. If it does not leave, the cleaning procedure is repeated.

Lighting works and cooling is not the reason

Когда холодильник перестал морозить, это может быть признаком неисправности отдельных элементов и узлов оборудования. The fact that the unit has broken can be judged by the following signs:

There may be many reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze. from the improper installation of equipment to a broken compressor. Most often there is no cooling in the upper part of the equipment.

The refrigerator equipment consists of such elements. a drainage, evaporators, connecting pipeline, compressor, capillary tube, capacitor, return tube. The refrigerator does not freeze with a malfunction in one of the components.

Scheme of the refrigerator

The compressor works with a freon to escape into a capacitor. The component cools down and is transformed from a gaseous state into a liquid. In this case, the capacitor warms up to 50-60 degrees. When passing through filters, the freon is cleaned of small particles, and then passes into the capillary tube. In the evaporator, the liquid boils, which causes a drop in pressure. As a result, there is a cooling process.

Breakage associated with the absence of a cooling effect, are considered complex. Therefore, it is not recommended to correct them on their own. The repair of the refrigerator should be entrusted to the master who has all the necessary tools.

Simple problems leading to a lack of cooling

It is worth suspecting the problem if the freezer freezes, but there is no refrigerator. In the block, the temperature reaches 15-20 degrees. In some cases, a special indicator notifies the malfunction.

In the presence of electronic control, temperature values ​​are displayed on the screen. In this case, there will be no difficulties in diagnostics. One of the reasons why the refrigerator does not work should be attributed to errors during operation. Air warming occurs with loosely closed doors. For full cooling, the equipment does not have enough power.

The compressor is not able to evenly distribute the refrigerant if the products are laid out very tightly to each other. Untimely defrosting also provokes the poor operation of the unit.

To restore equipment, it is recommended to defrost, remove water from the departments and leave the unit for a day. After that, it can be launched again to the work. The presence of moisture on sealing elastic bands causes their wear. As a result, they lose their tightness.

In case of damage to hermetic elastic bands, it is worthwhile to fully replace them. It is not recommended to glue the elements or apply an additional sealant layer on top. Before performing the repair, the equipment must be unloaded and washed well. If the problem is in the thermostat, this element is also better to replace. A small scheme is placed inside this mechanism, not every master can be fulfilled.

If the refrigerator is poorly freezing, the reason may be in placing different heat sources nearby. Many models in this situation cease to work normally. Problems arise and with too close the location of the posterior surface to the wall. To eliminate the malfunction, it is enough to defrost the unit and put it in a convenient place.

Defrost the system

You can check the indicators inside the chamber using a thermometer. The device is placed in a glass of water for 12 hours.

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