Leak thermex water heater what to do

What to do if the water heater leaks

It all depends, of course, on the model of the boiler. One or the other has typical causes of leakage. If, for example, one Termex has a dry-type heating element, then a frequent cause of leaks in this case is damage to the bulb covering the heating element. Usually in this case, remove the flange with a bulb, and check it for leaks. Fissures can be soldered or cold-welded. But the one that can withstand the temperature of the water.

There may also be a problem with the gasket on the flange:

  • If the rubber gasket is destroyed, the water will drip from the bottom;
  • To replace the gasket, you must unplug the unit from the mains, drain the water, remove the protective cover, disconnect all wires;
  • Then unscrew the nuts around the circumference, take out the flange itself;
  • The gasket is easy to see. if it is deformed or torn, you will have to buy a new one (when buying take with you the old one that failed);
  • After replacing the boiler you need to fill the tank with water, check for fissures.

How to manage a water heater leak, by Reliance Home Comfort

If one of the pipe connections began to leak, this will be noticeable by the leaks on the pipes. The connection should be unscrewed, the old fumi-strap is removed, the new fumi-strap is wound around. Then you open the water, check the junction again. But here, if formed as a problem leaking tank, the repair is not so simple. With fistulas more difficult to handle.

Can a leaking water heater be repaired?

Once the buyer has purchased a boiler, he should know that sooner or later, it will certainly leak, like any other metal vessel. You should be ready and know that any heater can be repaired, except for shabby, exhausted its useful life. This category is simply not worth repairing, they are replaced with new models. If the boiler is leaking what to do experts will prompt.

Regardless of the reasons why the boiler leaks, you will need to perform a number of preliminary works, which can be handled by any home handyman.

The following tools and materials will be needed to perform the repair:

Sequence of actions when the boiler leaks hot water:

Термекс (thermex) водонагреватель протекает

Why is the boiler leaking from the bottom or top?

When you see that the boiler is leaking, unplug it. Then carefully inspect the device. determine the location and the possible cause of the leak. If the boiler leaks from the top, then the reason can only be one: in the tank exactly formed a hole.

The boiler can leak for several reasons

leak, water, heater

Why holes may appear in the tank:

  • A manufacturing defect is not excluded;
  • The device has been used for a long time, no preventive maintenance and inspections have been carried out;
  • The tank does not have a magnesium rod;
  • The water coming from the pipeline is not of the highest quality;
  • There was no grounding of the heater tank.

Whatever it is, and the boiler will have to be repaired. If the water leaked from under the plastic cover, then the reason is serious. probably the boiler broke down thoroughly. If the tightness of the tank is broken, water is dripping from under the plugs, it moves along the hoses of the water outlet. The water heater needs to be replaced. Most often “flies” TEN. the same element that heats the water. It must be constantly cleaned from limescale, then it will serve for a long time. In short, everything is like a washing machine, on the same principle.

How to prolong the life of the water heater

The first condition. carefully read the instructions for installation and operation. It is provided with the device.

It is worth to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Before installation you must take care about grounding, the presence of a magnesium anode, as well as prepare a safety valve.
  • Before beginning the installation process, it is important to know the pressure readings of the unit. Normal is less than or equal to two atmospheres. If the number exceeds three atmospheres, the pressure will need to be reduced. To do this, a reducer is placed in front of the water heater. It prevents the temperature from increasing.
  • Recommended temperature in the device. not more than 50 degrees.
  • From time to time it is necessary to clean the device. Optimally, two to three times yearly. Particular attention should be paid to the rod.
  • It is better to connect the device to the water supply system through a magnesium filter. It is to be purchased separately. The filter will significantly reduce the hardness of the water, reducing the amount of harmful impurities.

Thus, when detecting even a minimal leak in the water heater, it is necessary to promptly take care of solving the problem. Regardless of the degree of damage, it is always recommended to call a professional plumber and check the source of the leak.

A safety valve regulates the operation of the boiler. Keeping an eye on it is very important. When it starts dripping, there are many questions: why is water dripping from the water heater safety valve, how much water is allowed, how to determine its malfunction.

The primary function of the device is to discharge excess water that occurs when a flow heater heats up.Leaky safety valve to reduce the internal pressure of the boiler. Droplets of water appear from the valve. There are several reasons, it is necessary to understand them.

Why the safety valve for the water heater leaks?

First of all it is necessary to check the serviceability of the valve. This happens very rarely, but it is impossible to completely exclude the probability of such a situation. The way to check is not complicated, but you will have to ask for help from a professional. only he will find a tested valve.

If the check showed that the installed valve is functioning, that is, the water through it also drips, and the manometer placed at the inlet to the boiler shows a pressure greater than 3 atmospheres, then you will need to install a pressure reducer, reducing the pressure in the water supply. Since there are many types of reducers: they are divided both by type of installation and by characteristics, you will also need professional advice here.

Sometimes resort to another way in which you can get rid of a leaking valve. the installation of an expansion tank. There are cases when this is the only way to solve this problem. Is it possible to repair the water heater, if the tank leaks?

Boiler connection diagram to the water supply: 1. Mixer taps; 2. Boiler; 3. Drain pipe; 4. Safety valve; 5. A non-return valve; 6. Manometer; 7. Inlet pressure stabilizer (reducer); 8. Crane.

If the owner of the water heater noticed that the body of the unit drips water, you must first disconnect it from the power supply, otherwise the consequences can be dire. A small leak tends to turn into a torrent of water that can permanently damage relations with the neighbors who live downstairs. You may have to pay for repairs, which significantly reduces the contents of the purse.

In most cases, such a leakage says about the end of the water heater service, especially if it is working for at least 5 years. This is the term says the statistics of the use of boilers (storage water heaters). At the same time, when it comes to flat-plate boilers, an even lower figure is quoted.

The first step is to determine the exact location of the leak. If the water leaks in any part of the body or at the top of the body, then do not waste time trying to repair: the tank is inoperable, which can not be repaired. It is almost impossible to replace it, you will have to go to buy a new water heater.

Another option is when water drips from under the bottom lid of the device. In this case it is necessary to remove the lid and identify the place of the leak. Under the lid you can see a hatch that leads to the interior of the water heater.

A rubber gasket is installed to seal it. If water is dripping from under the hatch, then its depressurization has occurred. Most often it is a failed rubber gasket, but it happens and incorrect alignment of the flange (hatch) at the factory or during cleaning the water heater. Usually such a malfunction can be repaired. If you can see that water leaks in other areas of the tank, the life of the unit is over. Tools required for repair and preventive work

The design of the storage water heater.

leak, water, heater

If there is a water heater in the house, there may be a need for preventive maintenance and small repairs. Without tools at these important works can not do, the more so that they can be needed in other situations.

It is mandatory to have the following tools available:

  • A crescent wrench, which should be larger than the largest nuts on the water system;
  • A set of wrenches and tubes of different sizes;
  • Allen keys;
  • A set of Phillips and slotted screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • A piece of rubber hose. whose length will allow you to drain the water from the boiler into the sink or toilet;
  • digital tester will help when connecting the water heater to the mains.

Some home handymen believe that having minimal plumbing skills, they can cope with the installation, and if necessary, with the repair of the water heater on their own. It should be borne in mind that for repair of such a complex household appliance such as a water heater, the minimum skills are usually not enough. It is better if this work is entrusted to professionals.

When the water comes out of the boiler, is it raining (snowing) outside??I had exactly that.Turned the pipes and adjusted their slope, so that the water does not flow.Our houses are served by “Ingservis” tel.60-40-08.In general, our HOA signs a contract for the maintenance of boilers.

, It kind of does not drip, and just starts to pour, as from under the faucet, not much, about 10-20 seconds and will stop, while it seems like the pressure in the boiler is less, but I do not understand. whether it was less before the leak or it becomes less after. It has the feeling that there is some kind of valve and why does it open the water??

You should see in the manual where the valve is located

filters do not affect pressure in the system if makeup is open must be closed

I had the exact same problem. Was solved by replacing the pump that pumps water through the batteries, when it completely leaked and stopped completely. The price of a question of 5000 approx.

Is where the heating system is connected to water via a valve

The dishwasher has plenty of deficiencies, but it has too many of them, so you need to call for a service.)

, In general, the heating water should be in a closed loop, without adding water ?

Leaky boiler what to do: why the water heater tank leaks Ariston, Termex, can and how to repair the boiler, video

It is impossible to imagine a comfortable life of a modern person without hot water and without a shower. At the moment, cylinder water heaters are widespread.

Installing such a boiler in an apartment or a country house allows you to solve the problem of hot water, if there is plumbing and electricity. You can long list the positive aspects of using water heaters and it is very unpleasant when it fails.

It is worth noting that there is no household appliance that would work forever. In addition, it is contrary to the objectives of companies that produce water heaters.

If they work forever, the demand for them will dry up as they provide these appliances to everyone who wants them. Consider the main causes of breakdowns associated with leaks.

Causes of Leaks

A tank water heater is a fairly simple appliance. Its basis. it is a container of steel, coated on the inside with a protective layer that prevents premature corrosion of the walls of the vessel and, consequently, prolongs its life.

The coating of the inner surface can be made of enamel, glass enamel, glass ceramic, a protective layer of titanium, a layer of stainless steel, etc. п. Usually this coating is a development of the manufacturer itself, and is kept a closely guarded secret.

The bottom of the boiler has a lid, in which the heating element, thermostat and magnesium anode are built in. Also in the tank is a thermometer. The bottom of the boiler is led to the inlet pipe from the water supply and outlet pipe of hot water, leading to the shower mixer and kitchen sink.

Outside the water heater tank is covered with a layer of polyurethane foam insulation and a decorative metal casing. The main causes that contribute to the premature failure of the boiler tank are as follows:

  • If the pressure in the water system is over 2 atmospheres, you must put a reducing reducer in front of the boiler, as the pressure rises even higher during heating, and there will be unacceptable deformation of the walls with violation of the integrity of the protective coating;
  • A safety valve, which bleeds excess pressure when heating water in the water heater, is not installed directly before the inlet to the boiler;
  • If the boiler is not prevented once a year, limescale is formed on the walls and the heating element, which deteriorates the operation of the heating element and leads to premature wear of the boiler itself. It is also necessary once a year to change the magnesium anode, which prevents corrosion of the walls;
  • heating the boiler to high temperatures over 70 degrees Celsius. The best option is to operate the water heater at a temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius;
  • Do not drain the water from the boiler for a long time. it leads to premature corrosion of the metal.

Applying in practice all of the above cautions, you can significantly increase the service life of the storage water heater and thereby provide yourself with comfortable conditions for many years.

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To perform installation, prevention and repair of the water heater, it is necessary to have certain knowledge and a set of tools, which includes:

  • multimeter to check the electric circuits of the water heater;
  • A crescent wrench with a range for different nut sizes;
  • a set of socket wrenches;
  • Phillips and flat screwdrivers;
  • knife;
  • flashlight.

Types of leaks

Options for faults and leaks are several:

It is necessary to disconnect it from the power supply, put a basin and make a thorough visual inspection. Water leaks can be different: the water can just drip, or it can pour out in a stream under pressure. In most cases, water leaks from the bottom of the heater. You need to use a flashlight to find the source of the leak.

The simplest case is when the leakage comes from the safety valve. It is adjusted at the factory so that the excess pressure is bled out through a small fitting when the water is heated.

A simple solution to this issue is to divert this water into the sewer with a plastic flexible tube with a diameter of about 8 mm. It is necessary to think where to connect the second end of the tube. If the boiler hangs in the toilet, you can take this pipe to the flush tank;

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A more serious variant is when the leak is detected from under the plastic cover that covers all the electrical components of the boiler from below. In this case it is necessary to unscrew the screws and remove the bottom cover.

Next, use a flashlight to locate where the water is leaking from. If leaks are detected from under the lid, this is one of the best options. Since the lid is pressed to the body of the boiler through the gasket, you can try to fix the leak by tightening the nuts of the bolts on the lid.

If this does not work, it is necessary to drain the water from the boiler, remove the lid and change the gasket. And before that you need to disconnect all electrical wires.

Tip: In order not to confuse in the future, you can take a preliminary picture of all the connections on a digital camera or smartphone and display it on a laptop screen.

If the reason is not in the gasket, but the cover itself leaks at the entrance of the fuel element, you may need to change the fuel element and the cover for analogues. Now in online stores, you can find various spare parts for boilers of any manufacturer and different brands.

These are, perhaps, all the options in which you can fix boiler leaks without replacing it. However, in most cases, about 80 percent of the time, the leak is from the top or bottom of the boiler body.

Important to know: often the place of the fistula in the body is almost impossible to determine, because it is covered with thermal insulation material and the outer casing. Water can trickle down under the insulation or leak around the thermometer. There are special holes in the bottom of the boiler, when water leaks from which you can accurately determine that it is the water heater tank that is leaking.

What to do: the leaking water heater Termex

Everything, of course, depends on the model of the boiler. One or the other has typical causes of leakage. If, for example, one Termex has a dry-type heating element, then a frequent cause of leakage in this case. damage to the bulb covering the heating element. Usually in this case, remove the flange with the bulb, and check it for fistulas. You can solder the fissures or use cold welding to fill them. But the one that can withstand the temperature of the water.

There may also be a problem with the gasket on the flange:

  • If the rubber gasket is destroyed, the water will drip from the bottom;
  • To replace the gasket, you need to unplug the unit, drain the water, remove the protective cover, disconnect all wires;
  • Then the nuts around the circumference are unscrewed, the flange itself is taken out;
  • The gasket is easy to see. if it is deformed or torn, you will have to buy a new one (when buying take with you the old one that failed);
  • After replacement, fill the tank with water, check for fistulas.

Termex water heater can leak due to damage to the bulb

If one of the pipe joints began to leak, this will be noticeable by leaks on the pipes. The connection should be unscrewed, the old rubber tape should be removed and the new one should be rewound. Then you open the water, check the unit again. But here, if formed as a problem leaking tank, the repair is not so simple. With fistulas more difficult to handle.

How to take care of the boiler

To prevent leaks, and at one point the boiler did not charge you, let’s say, a savings bill, you need the right and timely care of it. For example, always install a high quality ball valve or valve before entering the pipe into the water heater. This part should safely bear the constant loads of water pressure.

To the boiler served long and qualitatively, it is necessary to take care of it properly

  • The space between the boiler and the valve. a place for cleaning filters;
  • Change the filter membranes for new ones from time to time;
  • Grounding must be carried out strictly according to the instructions, use safety precautions.

To frequently flush the boiler, you just need to connect a hose to the bottom outlet pipe of the heater, let the water into the body under strong pressure. The anode rod must be cleaned very often, and it is recommended to change it every year of operation. And the immersion pipe should also be cleaned in a timely manner.

Identifying the cause

To begin with, carefully examine your water heater, pay attention to the source of the problem. There are several factors for a leaky water heater

And on the efficiency of identifying the cause depends on whether you can fix it with your own hands.

  • At the beginning of operation of a new water heater, if it is installed incorrectly, the housing can become deformed.
  • If the water leaks at the point where the unit is connected to the utilities, then the storage tank leaks. This happens when improperly installed or connected water heating equipment.
  • The leakage in the heater mounting can occur due to a factory defect.
  • Safety valve is located at the bottom of the mechanism and is a tap with a hole. If it leaks, it is easy enough to replace the element.
  • If you do not find any damage to the water heater, and leaks at the top, while the installation was made in compliance with all recommendations of the manufacturer, it indicates a factory defect, and such a device is better to return the seller.
  • The cover of the tank is leaking because of the heating element due to an abundance of rust and scale. In this case, the heater must be replaced. Can also leak at the sealing or fastening of the heating element.

The most common problem of boiler leaks is a loose connection to the water pipes. Such a problem is easy to detect and correct on your own.

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