LG ga b419syjl refrigerator review

LG GA-B419 SWJL reviews

Advantages: Concise design, compact, zero-frost, cools and freezes. Reasonable price.

Disadvantages: power consumption, noise, not convenient for everyone to use

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Good day. I have been the owner for 3 months. Just a fridge without frills and knowfrost. I chose according to the advise of price. quality. The serviceability of my refrigerator repairman friend. I like the door opening very much. for the bottom. The refrigerator is quite compact, less than 2 meters in height. For a family of 3 people would be perfect, for me alone. Too much. I chose it without the gimmicks like electronic display and unlocked door signal. As practice shows. I set it up once and that’s it. ♪ Why the display? ♪? The refrigerator has door closers and it is impossible not to close it if you are in your right mind (they divorce people into options they don’t need). Talk about cons! It’s really noisy! Not suitable for the studio. My parents have LG for 15 years, with fullfrost and works 2 times quieter. Power consumption is a separate topic! The sticker reads. 277kWh/year. Next, in small print, “Actual electricity consumption depends on the location and conditions of use of the appliance.”. That’s what it would consume outside in the North! I live in the midlands, bought it when there was no heat and the test in 3 weeks showed 1kWh/day. I’m afraid to imagine what will happen in the summer heat when I move it into the kitchen. The freshness zone (bottom shelf) extends 50%. it’s uncomfortable! Hand on top with an object in it. I don’t know how much load they can handle. Shelves. I don’t know how much load they can take, see the photo. At the back wall they are from and to (in width), then in front they lie at 50% of the possible contact area, they will break if you put a heavy pot in the center, but it is not certain. Plus it’s not aesthetically pleasing. I find the refrigerator quite acceptable, but with reservations! I can’t write dithyrambs. Just would like to tell the truth about power consumption, noise, what. Then the experience of usability, and the displeasure of possible trouble with the shelves, although glass, but very saggy. Peace to all!

Advantages: Modern fridge with good functionality and No Frost system. Runs very quiet, interior space is conveniently planned. The freezer is roomy, divided into several chambers.

Disadvantages: Not cheap, but this is not a disadvantage of the refrigerator.

Comment: Works a little over a month, no remarks, I recommend this refrigerator for purchase.

Advantages:Great fridge, quiet.

Advantages: Very roomy refrigerator.

Disadvantages: The freezing system in the upper chamber, working on the reverse. If you put it on minimum will freeze a lot.

Disadvantages:Bought for dacha as a gift. Great comfortable.

Advantages:Good ski, inverter, though not linear

Disadvantages:Light bulb inside as in the morgue))) door when open is fixed, to close it you need to make an effort.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Materials correspond to the price

Advantages: the refrigerator has an inverter compressor. Price not expensive. Freezes well. The thermometer is inside. Not on the door.

Disadvantages:No signal if the door is open for a long time. The volume is small. No shelf for bar. Separated a lot of shelves on the door. They are short.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Good refrigerator inexpensive for its price.

Advantages:Brand, quiet, energy efficient, beautiful, easy to re-hang the doors

Advantages: Capacious. The products are stored longer. On wheels. easy to move.

Disadvantages: I miss the door closer. Didn’t think it was that literal: if you don’t push the door hard to close, it won’t close either. It will stop halfway through)).

Comment: It became cozier in the kitchen. I like the soft glow of it. And I like the refrigerator itself, too.

Advantages: the first day of connection hummed, the next day stopped, works great!

Disadvantages: Price. under warranty. 3. 3 times higher than the of your local refrigerators.

Comment: The compressor comes with a 10 year warranty. But replacing it. for a fee. And if you live in the area, be prepared to pay for: 1) the work of a craftsman, 2) to fill the compressor with gas. 3) for the arrival of a master. Pay per kilometer. First, his driving around the city (Moscow), then in the region (MO. 100 km).In my case. Compressor replacement under warranty. Is a 15,000 payment to an LG authorized service office.Surely they do LG “kickback” for such a replacement under warranty.And although 20 km away from me is a factory LG (Moscow region), service technician comes from Moscow. And the fare is charged for EVERY kilometer.Total, it’s costing me 15,000 15,000 to replace the compressor under warranty. How do you like it?LG do not care. The claim they consider within 7 days. And the replacement in general threaten to do within 45 days. It’s like “according to the law.”.And you should be happy if you office. affiliated with them. will replace the compressor for 15,000 in the next few days.Now I know what LG. And what their “warranty” is

General characteristicsFreezer

Color of the cabinet

Coating material

Type of control

Freezer compartment defrosting

Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber

Power Consumption

Energy class

Type of compressor

Number of compressors

Noise level

Smartphone control

Dimensions and volumeHeight



Total volume

Refrigerating chamber volume

Freezer compartment capacity

Performance and modesFreezing capacity


EquipmentNumber of chambers

Number of doors

Number of shelves in the refrigerating compartment

Number of drawers in the refrigerated compartment

Number of drawers/shelves in the freezer compartment

Shelf material

Extra Features

Climate Class

Design Features

AdditionallyShelf life

Shelf life

from below
Metal, plastic
No Frost
No Frost
277 kWh/year
39 dB
190.7 cm
59.5 cm
65.5 cm
302 л
223 л
79 л
9.3 kg/day
super freezing
Child lock, temperature display
Climatic class N, climatic class SN, climatic class ST
hinged doors
2555 dn., 0
1 г., 0

Comment: 10 years warranty on the compressor. But replacing it. paid. And if you live in the area, then be prepared to pay for: 1) work of a master, 2) for filling the compressor with gas. 3) for the arrival of the master. payment for each kilometer. first it drives in the city (Moscow), then in the region (MO. 100 km). In my case. replacement of the compressor under warranty. is 15000 payment to an authorized LG service office. Surely they are doing LG “kickback” for such a replacement warranty. And although 20 km away from me is a factory LG (Moscow region), service technician comes from Moscow. And the rate is charged for EVERY kilometer. In total, replacement under warranty costs me 15,000

Холодильник LG GA-B419SQJL (GA-B419 SQJL), GA-B419SYJL (GA-B419SYJL), GA-B419SLJL (GA-B419 SLJL)

15000 for compressor replacement under warranty. How do you like that??

b419syjl, refrigerator, review

LG doesn’t care. The claim they consider within 7 days. And replacement in general threaten to do within 45 days. It’s like “by law”. And you should be happy if you office. affiliated with them. Will replace the compressor for 15000 in the coming days.

Now I know what LG is. and what their “warranty” is

Comment: You should not put anything on top of the fridge. Open grill at the back.

To open and use the fridge normally 5cm from the side where the door opens is enough. But to freely take out and rearrange all the shelves, you need a lot more room to open the door.

You have to apply a lot of force to open the doors. An empty refrigerator shifts with such an effort.

The doors are hinged on their own. It’s not hard. It comes with a hinge and a spare little plug that breaks when reinstalling (a little tweezers will come in handy to pull out the stuck pieces of fasteners).

Has some noise from vibration. At times. May need to tighten or tuck something in to keep it from resonating. At other times it works quietly or silently. But all in all it is not silent. As any other fridge.

  • White (GA-B419SQJL);
  • Beige (GA-B419SYJL);
  • Silver (GA-B419SLJL);
  • Type of display: push-button, LED.
  • Freezer compartment volume: 79 l.
  • Refrigerator compartment capacity: 223 l.
  • Number of shelves in the refrigerating chamber: 4.
  • Number of drawers in the freezer compartment: 3.

Energy-saving LED illumination of the refrigerator compartment with extended service life.

Dimensions of the refrigerator: width 60 cm., Height: 191 cm., 66 cm depth. Weight: 66 kg.

Multi-stream cooling system allows your food to be stored for long periods without losing its original nutritional, taste and color properties. Soft LED lighting ensures uniform illumination of the entire area of the cabinet.

And those who need constant rotation of food in the freezer (for example, catering workers) will find the super-freezing function particularly useful, which allows to freeze food instantly (this mode is recommended to turn on some time before placing a new batch of food.)

This refrigerator is equipped with the Multi Air Flow cooling system, which guarantees uniform cooling of food thanks to the multidirectional air flow. In addition, the Smart ice control system allows you to regulate the temperature, ensuring the best freezing quality.

No Frost Free provides faster freezing of the food so you can reduce the time needed for defrosting. The presence of the No Frost system ensures that food never freezes to the walls of the refrigerator and does not dry out. In addition, the Super Freeze function allows you to freeze large batches of food in a short period of time.

LG GA-B419 SWJL refrigerator. reviews

The possibility of re-hanging the door if necessary is a real delight, although it has not come in handy yet.

In order to open your refrigerator and use it normally, it is only necessary to have 5 cm on the side where the door opens. But to freely take out and rearrange all the shelves, you need a lot more room to open the door.

You have to exert a lot of force to open the doors. The empty fridge moves with such an effort.

Doors flip on their own. It’s not complicated. It comes with a hinge and a spare little plug that breaks when reinstalling (a little tweezers to pull out the stuck pieces of fasteners will come in handy).

There is vibration noise. At times. Probably need something to tighten or put under so it doesn’t resonate. Otherwise it runs quietly or silently. But on the whole, it’s not silent. Just like any other refrigerator.

However, I will say right away. it doesn’t make any noise. doesn’t really make any noise. it’s been quiet for the second week. No gurgling or whistling. There are noises, but they are as quiet as a muffled rumble and such that the clock in the kitchen is louder than the refrigerator clicks its hands.

The doors can be removed very easily, I did it in 30 minutes, the manufacturer even put an additional cap for the upper holes, as if he knows that it will be needed )) The light covers the entire fridge, at night it shines brightly, like a beacon. opened it and people in the street can see who’s chomping at night. The fruit and vegetable compartment is large and roomy. did not take the zero zone. There’s no practical use for us in it. We cook all the fresh meat right away. it is on castors, can be quickly leveled.

have any questions. ask. I will tell you how. ♪ the refrigerator‘s happy ♪. Flight a couple of weeks, all good.

LG GA-B419SWJL Functionality

The refrigerator is equipped with Smart Eye technology, which allows you to monitor the safety of food throughout the life of the refrigerator. For example, when freezing it reduces water loss by 30%, so you can not fear that the food will spoil from lack of moisture. Dual Cooling maintains a stable temperature in the compartments.

Not so long ago we moved to another city with our family. ♪ Moving is not a new concept for us ♪. My husband and I already know a thing or two about it. It was decided not to take any equipment with us, since it is a decent way to go, about 1000 km. And in transit could rustle, drop, crumple and other unpleasant things happen.

In December 2018, we bought ourselves a very quiet kitchen helper.

Now on the site of Eldorado 29,999 with a discount of 10 000.

Shipping cost us 490. But I guess it depends on the city and delivery area.

It came in a cardboard box, wrapped in a thick plastic bag of enormous size. The dimensions of the hero of the occasion 1905965 cm. All the stickers from it easily removed, no traces left.

The color is nice, not pure white but rather light beige with no yellowish color and dark stripe on the door of the freezer. No display on the door. But there’s something similar inside. control panel. Here you can adjust the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, turn on quick freezing or Eco Friendly mode. energy-saving mode. By the way, the freezer can be set from.15 to.23. And in the refrigerator from 7 to 1 C.

Fast freezing preserves the food without damaging its structure, flavor, color and nutritional properties. Fast freezing causes ice crystals to form faster, more evenly and finer in size. This feature is particularly useful for better preservation of home-made preserves.

Inside the fridge, there are four glass shelves and a large vegetable drawer. Large compartments in the door for dairy products, beverages, sauces, cheese and eggs. The complete egg tray. Four drawers inside the freezer. three of which are deep. Includes ice container.

Overall, I am very happy with our choice. The refrigerator and freezer are very roomy, enough for our family of three people. On the bottom shelf in the fridge I always fit a 3-liter pot of soup and cauldron or frying pan, which is not insignificant. The rest of the shelves in my refrigerator are arranged so that the large dishes will not fit. All the shelves in the fridge and in the door can be rearranged as you like.

I almost never clogged the freezer before. But now I have this opportunity and I’m slowly starting to. The top narrow shelf holds frozen berries. Below the poultry. In the middle meat. In the very bottom lard and vegetables (not so grocery neighbors, but as it is))

It cools very well. Food is kept much longer than in our previous refrigerator of another brand. In addition, in this fridge is present

The Multi Air Flow cooling system distributes the cold air evenly so that the food stays fresher for longer, even on the top shelves of the refrigerator.

Shelves are easy to clean, easy to keep clean. No unpleasant odors. And it doesn’t need to be defrosted, which can’t be a bad thing.

LG Total No Frost refrigerators no longer need to defrost the freezer thanks to forced cold air blowing.

b419syjl, refrigerator, review

The light automatically goes on when the door is opened. The manufacturer assures us that

LED illumination of the refrigerating chamber is energy-saving with an extended service life.

The declared service life is more than 40 000 hours. We use it since December, no complaints yet. This model does not have a warning signal for a long opening of the door or a door that is not closed tightly. But the refrigerator closes easily, does not need to be closed again, no effort.

Power consumption is low, energy efficiency class A. Noisy. Mostly it just stands there without making a sound. But there is a warning in the manual that you may hear crackling noises, characteristic sounds of the thermostat and compressor turning on, refrigerant gurgling, and other things related to the performance of the functions. Promised noises are being made. But it’s only temporary. And in the hustle and bustle of the day it is unnoticeable. But at night. If you sit in the kitchen. To be honest, I was a little scared at first. But then I realized it just didn’t sound normal. Have you ever heard the sound of refrigerant circulating through the pipes of the refrigeration system?? It’s the rustle of the fan blades? No? Do you know why?? Everything is simple. The other refrigerators are loud, you can’t hear anything there. It should be noted that even when it cools and there is a sound, it can not be heard anywhere in the apartment, except in the kitchen.

Time to store food during a power outage 9.3 (ч)

I didn’t time it, of course. But there was an incident, we were flooded by the upstairs neighbors. And the light in the kitchen shorted out. I had to turn off the fridge for a couple of days. He did great. Nothing went wrong. There was no extra water. The second day, it was still cool in the fridge, even though we open it a lot.

LG GA-B419SYJL Lower Freezer Refrigerator

The two-compartment refrigerator from LG will be a great solution for your modern kitchen. Creates the ideal environment with the right humidity level for long-lasting preservation of food and ready meals. In addition, the relatively compact dimensions (191 x 60 x 66 cm) will contribute to the trouble-free installation of the device without creating any inconvenience, even in tight spaces. Regardless of the type of flooring, the refrigerator will always retain maximum stability thanks to the height-adjustable legs. Another feature of the device is an intuitive control panel, which makes setting the required temperature mode in the chambers even easier. Temperature readings will be shown on the internal LED display of the Tact 88.

The noise level of the refrigerator during operation does not exceed 39 dB, so that it will not distract you from domestic cares and will not disturb the sleep of even the smallest members of the family. This result has been achieved by using a high quality Smart Inverter compressor that also ensures high energy efficiency (A). This is the reason why the refrigerator consumes no more than 277 kWh/year in continuous operation. And in case you forget to close the door accidentally the device will inform you about it with a special acoustic signal. The model is also distinguished by the highest level of protection against power surges.

LG fridge will put at your disposal a freezer compartment with a fast freezing function. Fresh food can be frozen even faster during replenishment. The compartment will be the ideal place to safely store meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Another distinctive feature of the chamber is its volume that is equal to 79 liters. And its inner space is effectively distributed among four capacious drawers. Easily removable as required, making loading much easier. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the high capacity of the freezer, which is 9.3 kg per day.

LG GA-B419SYJL model has a refrigerating compartment with Multi Air Flow cooling system with the useful volume of an incredible 223 liters. You can place pots and other large containers on four shelves made of tempered glass that can withstand heavy loads and are resistant to physical damage. And keep your favorite soft drinks, cans of yogurt or canned food, milk bags and other small items in the six door s. The energy-saving LED lighting with extra longevity provides additional convenience in operation. One more practically valuable trick of the chamber is the maximum big container for long storage of fruits and vegetables. One of its advantages is the Total No Frost system. This feature will greatly simplify the care of the device, because you no longer have to think about manual defrosting. The technology also ensures uniform cooling of the contents without the formation of frost or ice.

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