LG no frost refrigerator stopped working

LG refrigerators. How to eliminate the breakage

Refrigerator gc b207gvqv. It is working but it is not freezing and the side of the case is not warm, maybe Freon is leaking. Where can I find the diagram?

Freon leakage, if it has occurred, is quite simple to determine. It is necessary to inspect all the plastic inside, and where it will be very soft, that is where the freon has leaked from the system.

I have a LG gc 051ss two-chamber refrigerator. Recently, the compressor began to start up and then literally 20 seconds later shut off. Sometimes it happens with a distinctive knocking noise when you turn it off. Tell me what you need to replace? I already changed the relay, I thought it was.

Most likely cause of the problem is in the compressor motor.

Refrigerator gc b247jmuv Side by Side does not turn off, can I fix it myself?

If it does not turn off, there may be many reasons. The most common ones are as follows: Wrong mode. The thermostat is on too high a setting. The thermostat must be between 2.5 and 3.5 for the unit to work correctly;. The thermostat is defective. No signal to turn the motor off; Broken compressor motor. Not enough pressure. The fridge is freezing badly; Freon is leaking. There is not enough freon in the system and the engine needs to run continuously to keep it running. I can defrost it at least 12 to 16 hours on my own.

Can you please tell me if my gc b207gvqv. Recently noticed that near the foot where the freezer door opens, water started collecting on the floor. I looked into it. The floor under it is dry, only in this place there is water. What it can be?

Most likely, it needs to be defrosted for at least 24 hours. We recommend to unplug it.

LG gc b247jvuv Side by Side, No Frost Two-Compartment Refrigerator. Why are the walls of it hot?? What does it mean?

In a condenser the refrigerant gives back the heat taken in the evaporator (which is inside the unit), therefore the condenser at working refrigerator is always warm or hot. In LG models, the condenser is often located in the side walls, not on the back wall. In addition, some models have a heating perimeter of the freezer to evaporate condensate. For this reason the walls of the freezer compartment could also be warm.

LG gc b247seuv Side by Side double-chamber refrigerator. In operation for five years. Defrost stops working. At first, the thermostat was somewhere in position 3-4 and everything was alright. The “coat” started freezing about two weeks ago. When you move the thermostat to position 2 you hear a click, the compressor shuts off, defrosting works. We defrosted it, the situation has not changed. A couple of days ago in position 2 defrosting stopped working. When I move thermostat to position 0, the compressor shuts off but defrosting does not start. I don’t hear a click. When the compressor isn’t running, the back wall is cold, when it’s on. warm. But the sides were warm before and now they are cold.

The cause could be a failure of the evaporator defrost system. It could be the defrost sensor and evaporator heater.

Lg Refrigerator not cooling

I have an LG gc m247cabv Side by Side double door fridge with the Nou Frost system. The freezer compartment was working but the fridge compartment was not. I suspect that the thermostat is defective. Can you tell me where it is and what it looks like??

You have an electronically controlled model and there are no thermostats. Most likely, the breakdown is either in the temperature sensor hol. The LG gc 154sqw refrigerator forgot to close the freezer door, after which it cools weakly.

LG gc m257ugaw Side by Side two-compartment refrigerator is constantly in freezing mode, temperature control does not work.

Your refrigerator has a one-button super-freeze feature. If this function is on, this is the reason why the unit is constantly freezing. If the function is disabled, it may be a malfunction of the following parts: Thermostat; Freon leakage; Clogging in the capillary system of the evaporator or dehumidifier filter.

LG gc 154sqw fridge-freezer forgot to close the freezer door, after that it is poorly cooled, what could happen?

In your case, with the freezer door open, a lot of snow could be frozen on the evaporator, and this could cause poor cold air flow into the chamber. We recommend defrosting your fridge for 24 hours, and it will most likely work fine.

LG gc 051ss refrigerator. The temperature does not turn off at maximum setting. Freezer.18 degrees Celsius, fridge compartment 0. Can you give me a detailed description of the cause of the problem?

The most likely cause of the malfunction is the temperature sensor.

LG gc b247jeuv Side by Side refrigerator. 12 hours after turning it on, the walls are hot. The temperature is above zero inside (oil is not frozen). Thermostat position. 7. Everything in the freezer is frozen solid. Where is the cold coming from in the (upper) chill. chamber?

Full No Frost means that you have one evaporator in the freezer compartment. Cold air enters the chill. chamber with a fan that is installed behind the evaporator and blows air through the ductwork. If everything in your freezer is frozen, the cause is probably a frozen fan that can’t turn on and move air into the cooler. The reason for this freezing. Evaporator heater or defrost timer malfunction. Also, possible damage to the thermostat of the chill. of the chamber, which doesn’t respond to the temperature. Precise diagnosis and repair costs can be determined by the specialist. Correct (correct) position of the thermostat for the x-compressor. between bars 3 and 4.

We bought LG gc m502hmhl refrigerator. After a week, it started making a chirping sound when the compressor is running, and when the compressor stops, the sound disappears. This is the only inconvenience that becomes more and more troublesome with each passing day (or rather night). advise what to do?

frost, refrigerator, stopped, working

The first thing to do is to determine the source of the noise. If the noise comes from the side of the motor, make sure that the tubes coming from the compressor do not touch each other and do not touch the body of the refrigerator case, also make sure that the tray for collecting melted water is fastened tightly on the motor-compressor. If noise comes from the compressor itself, it can be eliminated only by its replacement.

In the LG gc 051 ss refrigerator constantly freezes the bottom drawer of the freezer. It gets covered with a thick layer of ice, and the top drawers are fine.

Most likely clogged drain No Frost system in the freezer and need to clean it. To do this in the freezer, you need to remove the back cover and clean the drain hole. After that, the water will stop flowing under the drawers and freeze.

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What to check first if the freezer in your LG No Frost refrigerator won’t freeze

Sometimes the freezer doesn’t freeze, not because of damage to the unit itself, but because of simple negligence in operation. Before you adjudge your fridge “broke”, be sure to look at the thermostatic regulator data. Optimal position in which the food is normal and there is no excessive load on the engine is between 3 and 4, which corresponds to minus 18-19 degrees Celsius. You may have inadvertently turned the knob to the minimum, causing the freezer to “thaw”?

An equally common cause is frozen ice. If there is so much of it that the seal does not fit tightly, warm air enters the freezer. During the time when the motor “rests”, the ice melts and a puddle is formed under the refrigerator. It is necessary to defrost the refrigerator (defrosting LG No Frost refrigerator) and thoroughly wipe the rubber seal.

If the temperature mode is chosen correctly and no ice blocks are found, but the freezer still does not work, it means that there is some kind of malfunction.

The freezing chamber doesn’t freeze

If the fridge does not freeze, then first of all it is necessary to find out the causes of the problem. It is necessary to take into account that in two-chamber technique with one compressor the separate regulation of temperatures is used.

In refrigerators with one compressor

All the reasons why a fridge does not freeze well can be divided into the following groups:

  • factory defects;
  • wear and tear of the components;
  • Mechanical damage caused by careless installation and operation;
  • A gross violation of the rules of use of the equipment.

Failures occur more often in the refrigerating chamber. But in absence of professional repair problems can appear in the freezer. In LG refrigerator models with one compressor, the refrigerant enters directly into the lower chamber, while the upper chamber is supplied by the residual principle. If the thermostat or sensor is located in the minus zone. If there is insufficient cold air at the top, the compressor runs continuously, which quickly leads to a malfunction. It is the failure of the motor-compressor is most often the reason why the refrigerator has stopped freezing.

  • Capillary tube clogging;
  • Insufficient tightness of circuit closure;
  • Relay or sensor malfunction;
  • Condensate drain blockage.

Bad if the compressor overheats or jams. In this case, it will be expensive to replace the parts and repair the refrigerator.

In refrigerators with two compressors

If you have two compressors, the upper and lower compartments have independent cooling circuits. Each of them has its own control module. In this case, you can turn off the freezer compartment, and the upper chamber will work as usual.

The upper or lower compartments in a refrigerator with two compressors do not freeze for the following reasons:

A refrigerant leak occurs most often, although when such a problem is detected, you should not rule out other malfunctions as well.

What isn’t working in your No Frost fridge

What to do if the No Frost refrigerator constantly works and does not turn off? To understand the reasons of such behavior.

The refrigerator will not shut off

The motor should shut off periodically. Continuous work of the compressor leads to the wear and tear of its components. Therefore, the first thing you have to check:

  • The chamber door. Whether it is closed tightly? Maybe something is blocking it or the seal needs to be replaced. Problems with closing the door should be solved immediately, otherwise warm air will always be getting into the compartment. Why the motor does not turn off.
  • Set modes. If the electro-mechanical control is set to super-freezing mode, it won’t shut off until you turn the control knob.
  • Ventilation. If it is stuffy in the room or the fridge is against a wall or radiator, the compressor keeps blowing cold.

You’ve checked everything and even replaced the seal, but the motor keeps running? There may have been a breakdown:

  • Temperature sensor gives wrong readings to the module or the thermostat is broken. These reasons cause the electronic board to receive the wrong signals, so the cooling in the chambers doesn’t turn off.
  • Control module burned out. The reason is in a faulty board or its elements. you can not trust the work of the equipment, you need to diagnose and replace it.
  • Problems with the evaporator. The capillary tube is probably clogged. It is necessary to call a master, who will inspect and remove the clog.
  • There is a freon gas leak in the system. It is responsible for the cooling, that is why the fridge tries to compensate the loss of the coolant by the continuous operation.
  • Problems with the compressor, which can not create the normal pressure for cooling.

If you notice such a malfunction, please contact the service center. You don’t have to wait for the technology to finally fail. Similar malfunctions occur with refrigerators No Frost “Stinol”, “Atlant”, “Virpool”, “DAEWOO” and others.

The fan of the fridge No Frost does not work

The fan is a mandatory element in the system. Without it, the cold air can’t get into the compartment and cool the food. There are two problems with the fan: either it does not work, or it constantly works. Let’s take a closer look at both features.

The fan has stopped working

Most often this happens when the blades of the part freeze. Open the chamber door and look. if the blades are overgrown with a layer of ice and snow, it is necessary to defrost the fridge urgently. My fridge may be leaking or the drainage hole that holds the thawed water is clogged.

Defrosting needs to be done for at least 10 hours, preferably 24 hours.

If even after defrosting the fan does not start working, check its motor for malfunction. If the part burns out, it needs to be completely replaced.

The fan is constantly running

When the blades rotate without stopping, the cause may be the evaporator, which is fouling with ice. Air starts to circulate poorly, so the fan works to lower the temperature in the chamber.

Similar signs may indicate failure of compressor, control module, temperature sensor. If the latter malfunctions, the board receives incorrect information about the temperature in the chamber, so it forces the motor to run without stopping. In such cases it is necessary to carry out a full diagnostics of the refrigerator.

LG refrigerator malfunctions and their elimination

LG gr-389sqf No Frost two-compartment refrigerator is weak, and the freezer blows cool air flow too. I tried restarting in both cases and set the temperature to 1 warm according to the manual, but it does not help. What to do?

If both chambers are not working properly, the problems may be as follows: Freon leakage from the system; Compressor motor failure; Control module malfunction; Evaporator defrost sensor malfunction.

Built-in fridge gr n319lla. Water in lower compartment under vegetable drawer. I can’t locate where the drain tube inlet is.

There is no drain hole in the walk-in freezer. Cold air comes in from the freezer with the fan. Water is getting in there because your freezer evaporator is frozen, check this. You will need to defrost the unit completely for 24 hours and then turn it on. If it repeats after 3-7 days, there is a problem with the evaporator defrost system. Defrost timer or evaporator heater.

XK gr n309 lla zero frost. Can you tell me if the red light is on after I press the SuperFreeze button? What this can mean? At the same time and the freezer does not work well.

When I turn on the super freezer mode the fridge only starts to work for the freezer. This means that in the chol. The temperature in the freezer will go up, and that is why the red light is on.

I have an LG GR n319 llb two-compartment refrigerator. Trouble with water accumulation in the freezer compartment under the food drawers. To clean the tubes it is necessary to remove the back panel in the freezer? If so, how? I can not find any tubes at the back.

To clean the drain hole in the freezer. First of all, it is necessary to disconnect the unit from the mains. Remove the back cover in the freezer (the one behind the drawers, there will be a plastic bolt that needs to be opened). Behind the lid you will see the drainage hole through which water flows to the storage tank, which is located on the compressor motor. If the drain hole is not clogged, the heater in the evaporator of the freezer is probably defective and this situation will occur regularly if you do not repair (replace) the heater.

I have a problem with my LG gr-389 refrigerator with one compressor motor. Indicator light constantly lit in mode 4 (green light). Does not respond to any button presses. A week goes by, I unscrew the freezer (two screws at the bottom), take out the lid with the electric motor and forcibly with a hair dryer defrost the radiator with a lot of frost, as it no longer freezes. Defrosted everything, dried, turned on. the unit freezes fine, but the problem reoccurs. Help to find and make the right decision, as a masters called, and they did not find a solution, they take money for the call, but the fault on the spot. My friend had the same unit repaired and couldn’t repair it for a month or two. Just help me or tell me what to do?

Most likely the evaporator defrost system failed. Could be defrost sensor or evaporator heater malfunction.

The problem with LG GR-292SQ refrigerator (two-chamber, with No Frost system). Lights are on, compressor is running, but no cold. Temperature control light blinks in the large chamber. I unplug, they stop blinking, but then they blink again. Help solve the problem, there is nothing in the manual.

Indicators are blinking, t.к. Cells not warm enough. Most likely, the problem could be the following: Compressor malfunction; Control module malfunction.

In the LG GR-389sqf refrigerator with electronic control something closes, cracks, opens the automatic device on the electric panel and a slight smoke appears, but there is no sharp smell of the insulation. After turning on the automatic device, it works for 2-3 days without any problems and then repeats the whole process. No visible scorch marks on the rear wall. Technique has been in use for more than 10 years. Maybe some dust has accumulated somewhere on the contacts and is breaking through?

You need to pull out the unit and check the dust at the bottom of the back near the compressor, only there may be a short. If it repeats after cleaning, it’s the compressor motor. If the compressor is so hot after knocking out the dispenser that you can’t keep your hand on it for 10 seconds, there is definitely a problem with the motor.

X-c LG GR-349SQF No Frost. Upper and lower compartments did not work. After fixing the leak and refilling the freon, it worked for 24 hours without shutting down. One of the evaporator radiator cooling fan blades rumbled and fell off. After two days, the top and bottom compartments stopped working again. Compressor does not turn off or freeze. The master said that again the leakage. Unit has been in service for 9 years. If you change the impeller, it may help? Without replacing the freon.

Your motor is an inverter. The cause of the breakdown after recharging, indeed, may be a freon leak (repeated if there was a leak the first time). If both chambers aren’t working again now, it’s either a leak or a module.

gr n389sqf freezer, compressor nd62l31a. Voltage goes to the control board and the motor, compressor starts for 5 seconds and the thermostat goes off. Thermostat was replaced with a new one, exactly the same.

Most likely cause of malfunction is the compressor motor, malfunction of the overload relay is unlikely but can not be ruled out.

LG gr s392qvc double chamber refrigerator. The chill has stopped working. chamber. After 3-4 hours of operation the indication of the electronic control unit is as follows: 1 left diode is not lit, the other 4 are lit (0хххх), the block does not respond to pressing buttons. After unplugging/unplugging the control unit works again and the display shows the set mode (e.g. xxx00). Temperature is not dropping, after 4 hours the situation repeats. No change in the freezer compartment (the temperature is even lower).

The defect must be located in the automatic defrost system.

Question on LG gr n309 lla two-compartment built-in refrigerator with nd62l31a compressor. The red light called vacation should also be on and the two green lights?

frost, refrigerator, stopped, working

Your model has the additional option of. vacation mode. Red Vacation light should not light up. This light means it’s on. “vacation.”. In this mode, the unit saves a lot of energy, due to the fact that when you are on vacation, x.к. and m.к. Do not open. If you don’t leave, you must turn it off.

LG GC refrigerator.339NGLS. Faults

Mirror fronted model, dual chamber, bottom freezer. Compressor one. Controls are electronic. Upper chamber defrosts automatically, lower chamber defrosts manually.

Faults in refrigerators are related to their design:

  • The freezer or refrigerator compartment is not holding mode;
  • The ice layer builds up in the refrigerator compartment;
  • There is water accumulated under the refrigerator drawers;
  • Puddles are on the floor, under the refrigerator.

If there is a malfunction in the chambers, one of the temperature sensors may have failed. Another reason is often a faulty magnetic bypass valve. The temperature in the refrigerator may be high due to a loose door closure, worn sealing rubber. It happens, the contact is broken, the light in the camera is on even with the door closed.

If you have done everything according to the instructions, it remains to call the master. It will determine the causes of. In addition to the listed malfunctions, there may be:

Signs of problems are similar, and only a specialist can find and fix the problem.

The most common LG refrigerator faults

To the most frequent malfunctions of LG refrigerator during its operation it is possible to refer the following:

frost, refrigerator, stopped, working
  • Compressor or starter relay failure.
  • Malfunction in the electronic control system.
  • Loss of air tightness (refrigerant leakage).
  • Improper functioning of the dry freezer system.

Each of the breakdowns has its own causes and certain external manifestations, by which you can roughly determine the type of failure. Some problems can be solved by yourself, but for other problems you will need to contact experts. Let’s look at the most common problems, their manifestations, possible consequences and solutions.

Troubleshooting LG refrigerators

Please advise what is the reason? LG gw b489smfz two-chamber refrigerator began to make clicks and hum occasionally. The freezing chamber sometimes doesn’t work and doesn’t freeze food as it should (on different shelves, different temperature).

If the unit is a No Frost system, defrost it for the first time for 24 hours. If the clicks then repeat, check the freezer compartment. If there is a lot of snow in it, the clicks you hear are the fan hitting the snow in the evaporator. You need to diagnose the defrost system (defrost sensor, defroster and evaporator heater).

LG electronics gw b489sefz two-compartment refrigerator. After defrosting and drying it works for exactly 20 days until the freezer has a coat of. The fan begins to hum, the relay does not work, the oven does not turn off for 3-4 hours, if it shuts off. only for 5 minutes, the fur does not defrost on its own. The unit works through the stabilizer, the relay has been changed. Can you tell me what’s wrong??

If in a model with FULL No Frost, ice forms on the evaporator in the freezer, it blocks the fan and in the refrigerator it starts to hum. the chamber is insufficient temperature. Malfunctioning could be: Evaporator heater. Evaporator does not defrost; Defrost sensor (or timer for electromechanical models); Control module malfunction.

Model gw b489sqfz. Can it defrost on its own, and how long will it gain working condition?

LG refrigerators are all electronic. They do indeed often have an auto defrost system. In the working state of the unit should enter in 3-4 hours, but the main thing to pay attention to, in the freezer can not get higher.16 degrees, and in the refrigerator compartment. 7 degrees.

I have a LG gw b207qeqa no frost two door fridge. It doesn’t freeze anymore and it doesn’t cool well. I turned it off, it was standing for a day, turned it on again. it started working fine, froze, was cold for five, six days, but then it defrosted again. You turn it off again, let it sit for 24 hours, turn it back on, and then it goes on for 6 days and then it defrosts again. Tried it 4 times and it’s the same. What kind of failure is this??

This is quite a common problem in models with the no-frost system. Most likely the evaporator heater (or timer) in the freezer is defective. The unit freezes (the “coat” freezes up) and the fan that drives the cold air into the cooling chamber does not rotate. You defrost it, and it works fine for 5-6 days, t.к. Does not have time to freeze, and then repeats (snow freezes and interferes with the rotation of the fan). Need to replace. Evaporator heater or timer for models with electromechanical control (evaporator sensor for electronic models).

LG gw b489 seql no frost fridge, very much hum inside the freezer, the fan is absolutely clean, I take out one drawer, press the back wall, for a while the hum stops, then hum again.

The rear wall of the freezer should be checked. It is possible that the evaporator rear wall is frozen and the fan is blocked by snow and ice. If there is no frosting, it may be that the fan motor of the No Frost system is worn out.

LG gw b489smfz refrigerator. Bought about a year ago, everything was normal hum and fan noise (no frost system). The chirping noises in the compressor area not so long ago. The buzzing noise stops for a few seconds when swinging the x-car, then restarts. The compressor shuts off, the sound disappears. When switching on the compressor, the noise reappears, sometimes not immediately, but after some time. What can it be and how bad is it?

Very often, especially the LG manufacturer made models with a fan near the compressor for its cooling. We recommend that you pull the unit out and check if the fan is touching anything.

LG gw b489sqql no frost refrigerator. The freezer compartment is working but the second compartment is not cold. I want to fix it myself. What can be the fault?

The cause of the problem is in the refrigerator. For models with full No Frost, the problem is with the fan (it just doesn’t rotate). Why it does not spin is described below: Defrost is necessary, even units with No Frost need to defrost once a year; Evaporator heater breakage, and it does not let the fan rotate; Failure in defrost system (defrost sensor or defroster), the coat freezes, and the fan does not rotate; Failure in the fan motor; Failure in the control board.

LG gw f499bnkz two-chamber refrigerator. There was a short circuit in the mains, I heard a big bang and it stopped working, neither the motor, nor the fan, nor the electronics. Only the light inside the chamber and that’s all. Please help me to understand.

The fact that the light works after a short circuit is not good. It means that the starting protection relay is defective. So, the malfunction could be the following: Damaged control module; Compressor burned out.

LG gw b489smql refrigerator, about 5 years in use and all the time freezes a coat of snow and ice in the fridge. The chamber on the back wall and in the freezer at the top so that it is impossible to pull out the drawer. Having to unplug and defrost for two days at a time. What to fix?

If the model is not with full No Frost, then the air sensor is defective chol. Chambers and overfreezing occurs. If it has this system, the freezer fan can be defective or the evaporator sensor can be defective.

I have a LG gw b489sqfz two-compartment refrigerator. There is a condensate container on the back wall at the bottom. I noticed the other day that it was empty and parched, slightly dusty. This is normal? Does it have to be wet all the time??

There is a drain hole in the back wall which is necessary to remove the moisture that forms on the back wall when warm air enters. It’s normal to be dry, you don’t have to worry about it.

LG gw b489sqgz refrigerator beeps. Even when I unplug it. What’s the reason?

Unfortunately this is the first time we’ve seen this kind of problem.к. There can be no sound when the unit is unplugged. If it beeps only when it is on, it indicates insufficient temperature in one of its chambers.

Please tell me, LG gw b489 sqfz fridge stopped freezing after shipping. What could be the reason? The compressor works, but does not cool.

It depends on the specific model. If it does not work completely, there could be freon out of the system, a capillary tube clogged, or insufficient compressor capacity. As you see, there can be many reasons.

How to avoid breakages

To ensure that your LG refrigerator works without interruptions and costly repairs, you should follow a few rules:

  • Monitor the refrigerator operation mode, taking into account the air temperature in the room.
  • Defrost the fridge at least once a year.
  • Do not put dishes with hot water and break ice with sharp objects during defrosting. к. They can damage the aluminum capillary tubes, and this will cause the refrigerant leakage.
  • Keep track of the state of the gaskets and don’t keep the fridge doors open for a long time.
  • At the first signs of malfunction contact the service.

Proper operation of LG refrigerator, timely repair and replacement of the failed parts will guarantee long service life of this brand of freezing equipment.

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