LG refrigerator badly freezes in the heat

If the freezer began to leak, then before you call a specialist, you need to make sure that this situation was caused by a breakdown of the equipment, and not due to inattention during operation. Very often it is misuse of the equipment that leads to its wrong functioning. But it is not necessary to worry, because the malfunction can be eliminated with your own hands.

First, you need to check the thermostat data. It should be in a position between 3 and 4 mode of operation, when the food is normally frozen and the motor does not suffer from increased load. In this case the temperature in the chamber must be within the limits of 18-19C. Sometimes when putting food in the freezer the person unnoticeably turns out the thermostat. If the thermostat is set in the wrong position, you just need to move it to the optimal position. After a while it is necessary to check whether the freezer begins to work in a normal mode.

Secondly, the freezer does not freeze well because of ice. When the big coat of ice is formed, then the sealer does not stick tightly, and that means that warm air enters the chamber. This can cause puddles to form on the floor. In order to eliminate this trouble, it is necessary to defrost the freezer and perform a thorough flushing and cleaning of the rubber seal.

If during the inspection you find that the thermostat is in the normal position and there is no ice coat, but the freezer does not freeze, then it is time to call Frostrem Service Center. We produce high-quality repair refrigerators at home cheap. Call our masters at any convenient time daily from 8.00 to 23.00 hours by phone 8 (495) 745-24-55. Leave a request and our technician will come to you as soon as possible.

Why the fridge works badly in the heat?

The summer heat has a bad influence both on the person and on any equipment. Refrigerators including.

LG fridge not cooling but running

According to the passport the refrigerator works in a normal mode at the outer temperature up to 30-32 °C, plus or minus a couple of degrees, depending on the producer and the temperature class.

The refrigerator work in the heat is connected with the raised load on the compressor. Nevertheless, if the refrigerator is serviceable, it can “hardly” but still cope with its task.

LG fridge doesn’t freeze: causes and troubleshooting

Technics of LG Korean brand has long ago won the love of domestic consumer. Refrigerating chambers of this producer belong to the category of reliable, effective and long lasting. LG produces a new generation of equipment, capable of satisfying even the most demanding customer. Modern models of LG refrigerators are equipped with innovative motors and digital control modules.

But even such perfect technique sooner or later breaks down. Often after some time owners notice that the temperature in the chamber decreases. It can lead to the fact that it will be necessary to call a master for refrigerator repair. Trust qualified professionals to ensure that the problem is solved without negative consequences.

The freezing chamber does not freeze

If the refrigerator does not freeze, then first of all it is necessary to understand the reasons of occurrence of a problem. Thus it is necessary to take into account that in the two-chamber techniques with one compressor the separate regulation of temperatures is used.

In refrigerators with one compressor

All the reasons why the fridge is badly freezing can be divided into the following groups:

LG Freezer/Fridge not working. fixed!

  • Factory defects;
  • Wear and tear of the components;
  • Mechanical damage caused by careless installation and operation;
  • gross violation of the rules of use of the equipment.

frequent defects occur in the refrigerating chamber. But in the absence of professional repair problems can appear in the freezer. In LG refrigerator models with a single compressor, the refrigerant enters directly into the lower chamber, while the upper chamber is supplied by the residual principle. If the thermostat or sensor is located in the minus zone. If there is insufficient cold air at the top, the compressor runs continuously, which quickly leads to a malfunction. often it is the failure of the motor-compressor that causes the fridge to stop freezing.

  • Capillary tube clogging;
  • Insufficient tightness of the circuit closure;
  • Relay or sensor malfunction;
  • Condensate drainage is clogged.

Bad if the compressor overheats or jams. In this case it will be expensive to replace the parts and repair the refrigerator.

In refrigerators with two compressors

With two compressors, upper and lower chambers have independent cooling circuits. Each of them has its own control module. In this case, you can turn off the freezer, and the upper chamber will operate normally.

The top or bottom chambers in a refrigerator with two compressors do not freeze for these reasons:

Most often there is a leakage of refrigerant, although when you identify such a problem, you should not rule out other malfunctions as well.

Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Why Is My Refrigerator Freezing My Food? | PartSelect.com

Refrigerator compartment does not cool

If the LG refrigerator does not work properly, then the following signs of malfunction are observed:

  • Continuous compressor operation;
  • Food spoilage due to high temperature;
  • The operation mode indicator does not work;
  • Problems with the fan;
  • Wrong temperature mode selection.

First of all, it is worth checking the degree of heating of the compressor, the tightness of the seal, the serviceability of the temperature control sensor. The problem could be a defect in the evaporator or another element of the system. Often there are cases in which difficulties arise due to the wear and tear of the gasket. In such a situation, it is best to call a technician, who will carry out a diagnosis and answer the question of why the refrigerator does not work.

LG fridge with “No Frost” does not freeze

The “No Frost” system is distinguished by the contact-free method of cooling. Cold air circulating behind the decorative panels of the refrigerator acts as the refrigerant. Fan blows air through capillary system. In this case, the condensate precipitates on the evaporator tubes. The heater contributes to defrosting, as a result of which the liquid enters the special tray.

A refrigerator with the Know Frost system stops freezing for the following reasons:

  • The damper malfunction (cold air cannot enter the refrigerator);
  • appearance of ice on the evaporator;
  • Fan malfunction (proper circulation of cold and warm air stops);
  • Breakdown of the defrosting system.

There are also frequent cases when all the problems arise due to the incorrect operation of the electronic control module. In such a situation most often the repair of the digital unit of LG refrigerator. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out a complete replacement of the control unit. There are no problems with the brand appliances, because all the necessary components are always available.

All these reasons can lead to the fact that the refrigerator with “No Frost” stops working. If you notice that the fan began to work noisily and then stopped, then turn off the equipment. In this situation, you should defrost the refrigerator and wait for the arrival of the master.

There are many reasons of LG refrigerator malfunction, each case should be considered individually. The complex breakages are not excluded, therefore it is necessary to carry out the complete diagnostics of the equipment in order to determine all defects.

refrigerator, badly, freezes, heat

Professional repair. a guarantee of successful result

Lack of cold in the lower and upper chamber of LG refrigerator can be explained by various reasons. refrigerant leakage, air circulation failure, failure of control module, seal wear. For exact diagnostics it is necessary to reveal characteristic signs of malfunction, to define number of compressors and to be convinced of correct operation of the equipment.

It is not recommended to repair LG refrigerator by yourself. It especially concerns the equipment with a complex electronic control system. Any irregularities in the sequence of actions can lead to more serious damage.

It is better to apply to our service center to solve the problem. Our masters will quickly identify the cause of malfunction and choose the best option for repair. We provide all our customers with a warranty certificate, so you can be sure of the quality of service.

Fridge does not cool

It often happens that the freezer is doing a great job, but the main chamber does not cool well. The first sign of such a problem is that perishable foods “disappear” quickly. If your fridge has poor refrigeration, then milk, desserts, meat will spoil 5 times faster than usual. This is an important signal that your refrigerator is getting worse at freezing and may need repair.

Determining what is broken in a refrigerator if it has stopped cooling food is not difficult, but it is worth considering the type of its construction. In refrigerators with one or two compressors the reasons for poor freezing may be different. To determine the type of refrigerator, look at the technical documentation or inspect it visually.

In this publication we will consider breakdowns of two-compressor models, because the problem of the non-working refrigerator chamber is actual mainly for such equipment.

Complicated technical malfunctions

If the fridge began to freeze badly, its breakdown can be connected with one of the knotty elements of the construction. Let’s consider the main problems with the motor that lead to the fact that the refrigerator does not cool the air to the desired temperature fan motor failure.

In this case you will not hear the characteristic sound of the fan during operation. Failure occurs due to freezing of the element and requires mandatory replacement by a specialized technician.

As the motor does not work constantly, but switches on only periodically, you should listen attentively to the refrigerator’s operation to identify the malfunction. You can try to turn off your refrigerator and defrost it completely for 10 hours. If even after defrosting and restarting the situation does not improve, you should call a repairman.

To another problem it is possible to refer failure of the compressor.

The single-chamber refrigerator possesses one compressor that is why its breakage is visible at once as the refrigerator does not cool air neither in the freezer, nor in the refrigerating chamber and quickly makes itself felt by a leak. The two-chamber refrigerator as Indesit and other high capacity brands has two compressors separately for the refrigerating chamber and freezer. If the temperature of the refrigerating chamber does not correspond to the set temperature, the compressor can break. The problem is solved by replacing the element.

Quite often the refrigerator does not cool because of clogs in the cooling system. The capillary tube through which the refrigerant circulates tends to clog. An experienced master can easily fix the problem with the help of special equipment.

Often the cause of failure can be a leakage of the refrigerant in the evaporator system of the refrigerator. Leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to wear and tear of the system. It is possible to discover such a breakdown not only by checking the temperature of the refrigerating chamber but also due to the rusty infiltrations inside the freezing compartment if it is located at the bottom. Besides, it is possible to see water or oily leakages under the fridge itself.

Malfunction of various gauges and thermostatic regulators are worth the separate attention. As in different models of refrigerators, for example, Samsung, there can be several of them, their failure leads to changes in the temperature mode, ice, snow, leaks, the fan’s uninterrupted operation or long pauses between motor starts.

In any of the above cases, you should not delay the moment of an appointment with a handyman to repair. To replace or to solve a problem independently or by any other way it is possible far not to everyone, and the refrigerator operation with a defective element raises loading of other systems of the electric device and can lead to the final failure without a chance for repair.

LG refrigerator badly freezes in the heat

Repair of refrigerators and areas

If the refrigerator does not freeze, does not keep the temperature, then the cause can be several faults at once.

For example, the refrigerator freezes, but the freezer does not freeze, or vice versa. Food spoils and new unexpected expenses are expected, but it is not clear why.

Address in service and carry out diagnostics at home at any convenient time. Based on the results, a technician will repair your refrigerator in a couple of hours.

Refrigerator does not freeze well in the heat

Refrigerator freezes poorly in the heat when its climate class implies use at lower temperatures. Every fridge model is assigned its climatic class, there are only some of them, and most of them are designed to work up to 32C. Some modern models can work without performance degradation at temperatures up to 43C. But in most cases, the heat negatively affects the functioning of the refrigerator.

How to make your refrigerator work more efficiently?

  • First of all pay attention to the condition of the rubber seal on the door. Gradually it wears out, shrinks, deforms, begins to leak warm air. One should also check the serviceability of magnetic lock and correctness of door adjustment. At high temperatures the airtightness of the fridge is very important. If warm air enters the chamber, the compressor will work harder, causing it to wear out more quickly.
  • If the condition of the seal is unsatisfactory, you can try to regulate the door pressure with the door adjusting screws, glue a strip of rubber over the seal. But these methods are temporary and not the most effective ones and only the replacement of the seal by a master will help you. It is desirable that the refrigerator should be installed with a small backward tilt of up to 5 degrees.
  • Try not to open the fridge unnecessarily in hot weather, trying to minimize heat inflows. The back wall should be placed on sufficient distance from a wall the space is necessary for high-grade cooling of a condenser. If the cooling is completely unsatisfactory, during the daytime a standard household fan can be run over the condenser for better heat dissipation.
  • It is necessary to protect the refrigerator from direct sunlight, install it far from the stove. Clean the condenser and compressor casing from the dust accumulation that also negatively influences the refrigerator operation making it hard to produce the heat energy. Dust should be brushed off at least two or three times a year. It is not necessary to defrost the fridge in the heat. It takes your refrigerator longer than normal to reach the desired temperature.
  • It is not only weather conditions that can cause fridge performance degradation. It is impossible to exclude the probability of breakage of electronic elements, compressor, fan and other details. If cooling is minimal or absent at all we recommend to call a master for diagnostics and further repair.

What to do if the freezing chamber of No Frost fridge does not freeze?

The other day the LG refrigerator (No Frost) stopped freezing.

Called a friend the refrigerator maker and he was immediately “reassured”: “We have to purge the system, change the freon. The repair will cost you a fiver [5000]”.

It was Thursday and the repairman promised to come not earlier than Monday.

refrigerator, badly, freezes, heat

I did not want to appeal to another repairman. 1,5 years ago he had already “proved” himself: when the same failure he changed freon, at the same time he burned the linoleum in the kitchen. he charged 5 thousand rubles for 10 minutes of work (and he justified that !”) and was like this.

In order not to intrigue me further, I can say that I managed to do it with my own strength.

What to do if your No Frost refrigerator freezer does not freeze (freezes badly):

It is recommended to defrost and air the fridge-freezer prophylactically (as above) once or twice a year.

If the refrigerator cannot be reanimated in the above way. you will have to contact a qualified repairman (or buy a new refrigerator).

What you can fix yourself

Before inviting professionals, try to solve the problem without repair.

  • Make sure that the chamber door closes tightly, it is not hindered by the handle of the pot or any other protruding object. Quite often the reason lies in such small things.
  • If you have moved your fridge a while ago, it could be too close to a heat source such as a radiator or a stove. Due to the fact that one side of the appliance is constantly heated, the compressor can not cope with its cooling.
  • Refrigerator freezer set to the lowest temperature can also overload the compressor, especially in the summertime. Refrigerator does not cool: the freezer draws on all resources. Henceforth refrain from using this mode all the time: it should only be used for a short period of time, for blast chilling of large amounts of food. is more than enough to keep them warm.18°С.
  • Owners of models with a No Frost system should listen: whether there is a characteristic sound of the fan from time to time. Sometimes a layer of ice forms around it, preventing the blades from rotating. Not hearing the fan, try defrosting the refrigerator. If the problem has disappeared and has not returned within 1-2 weeks, it was not caused by a breakdown.
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