LG refrigerator does not freeze well

Why the freezer in the refrigerator does not freeze. what to do about the malfunction?

It is not uncommon for consumers to encounter such a problem when the refrigerator does not freeze. There are two options. In the first case, the technique does not generate cold at all, which eliminates the possibility of freezing.

The second version of the refrigerator does not cool well. The generated cold is not enough to create optimal conditions for storing food. To eliminate the problem, you need to establish the reasons why the refrigerator works, but does not freeze. You can do all the work yourself or use the services of the service width=”1024″ height=”576″[/img]

What to do if the freezer has stopped freezing?

If the freezer began to leak, then before calling a specialist, you need to make sure that this situation was formed due to a breakdown of the equipment, and not due to inattention during operation. Very often it is the improper use of equipment that leads to its improper operation. But don’t worry, because you can fix the problem with your own hands.

First, it is necessary to check the data of the thermostat. It should be in a position between 3 and 4 when the food is normally frozen and the motor is not overloaded. The temperature in the freezer should be between 18-19°C. Sometimes when putting food in the freezer one unnoticeably turns out the thermoregulator. If the thermostat is in the wrong position, you just need to move it to the optimal position. After a while, it is worth checking whether the freezer is operating normally.

Secondly, the freezer does not freeze well because of ice. When there appears a big coat of ice the seal doesn’t stick tightly, and that means that warm air gets into the chamber. Due to which, a puddle may form on the floor. To eliminate this trouble you need to defrost the freezer and make thorough washing and cleaning of the rubber seal.

If during the inspection you find that the thermostat is in the normal position and there is no ice coat, but the freezer does not freeze, then it is time to call the service. We make qualitative repair of refrigerators at home inexpensively. You can call our masters at any convenient time every day from 8.00 to 23.00 hours at 8. Leave a request and our expert will come to you as soon as possible.

Causes of freezer malfunction

The refrigerators Biryusa, Hotpower Ariston, Bosch have such problems which require serious repair and professional intervention. We will consider all the causes of failure, you may be able to solve the problem yourself.

Freezer motor starts for 5-10 seconds and then shuts off

Such “behavior” of equipment with two motors indicates a breakdown of the compressor. Then the freezer doesn’t cool, but the refrigeration chamber works. One of the causes is wear and tear on parts when the motor runs with an increased load. To avoid these problems, don’t set the thermostat too low in hot weather.

It is quite difficult to replace the motor by yourself. Must know how to use the burner and also solder off the compressor tubes. Refrigerant accumulator will need to be stored, which will start to come out. The broken filling tube is replaced with a copper one by means of soldering. Such repair requires presence of the master with the special equipment.

Engine starts, but interruptions are too long

In electronic models, the air sensor fails, so the module does not receive information about the temperature in the chamber. In Liebherr refrigerators F3 code may appear on the display, which indicates this breakdown.

In models with the Know Frost system, the evaporator is located behind the rear wall and there is its sensor, which regulates the temperature in the chamber. Therefore, to replace it, you will need to disassemble the back wall.

It is recommended to apply to the service center for defect removal.

In appliances with electromechanical control, a similar malfunction occurs with the thermostat. In such cases the freezer doesn’t freeze but cools or doesn’t function at all.

In the latest models “Bosch”, “LG”, “Samsung” regulator is taken out of the chamber to ensure fire safety. If the part is inside, it is usually located on the side wall. To replace it, you need to remove the lid, unscrew the thermostat and install the correct part.

The freezer compartment freezes weakly, but it works

The problem is actual for single-chamber refrigerators with the Know Frost system. The valve that switches the cold supply between the chambers is jammed or has failed: it happens with sudden power surges. Therefore, the refrigerator compartment works properly and the freezer compartment is warm.

Valve to be repaired or replaced.

Lower freezer does not cool; rust is found on the cabinet

This happens in refrigerators with a drip system. Condensate collects on evaporator normally during defrost, moisture flows into drain hole and is removed from system. If the drain hole is clogged, water flows into the bottom of the appliance and into the freezer.

That is where the refrigerant circuit is located. Moisture leaks onto steel parts and causes corrosion. Gas leakage leads to poor cooling. You need to call a technician and repair the circuit.

No freezing after defrosting and washing

If you used foreign objects to remove ice from the walls, you could puncture the chamber and damage the circuit. Freon is leaking; not enough to cool properly.

We describe the problem solution in detail in our separate article.

The freezer stopped working

No more signs of malfunction detected? So, the problem is in the electronic board. It controls the operation of the parts and components in the refrigerator. If there is a malfunction, the module does not give commands to the compressor to turn on.

Reprogramming or element replacement is carried out.

All problems are quite serious and require prompt intervention. If you are not sure that you can cope with the repair, it is better to contact the service center, especially when the equipment is under warranty.


Possible malfunctions of the refrigerator

If the refrigerator has stopped cooling and the freezer is covered with ice, you should immediately contact the professionals. Idleness will lead to various consequences. So, the food will spoil quickly, and over time the technique will stop working completely.

Common causes of the fact that the refrigerator has stopped freezing include:

  • Relay malfunction;
  • Damage of the starting condenser;
  • Motor combustion;
  • Freon leakage (technique works, but does not start cooling);
  • Cocking the capillary system that carries the refrigerant.

Before calling for service, check that there is no gap between the door and the gasket. Warm air can escape through the door and damage not only the food but also the appliance itself. As a result, there is such a common problem, as the refrigerator began to freeze poorly.

Air entering the chamber is possible due to such reasons:

  • The appliance stands on an uneven surface, which causes the doors to tilt;
  • Installing heavy objects on the door causes it to sag;
  • In older models, there is no “open door” signal, which often becomes the cause of accidental formation of a gap (in this case, you should not wonder why the freezer is covered with ice);
  • Formation of ice, which prevents the hermetic closing of the door;
  • The seal is damaged or has lost its elasticity.

If the check showed the serviceability and tightness of the door, it is worth considering other reasons why the refrigerator works, but does not freeze.

Freon leakage

If the compressor is constantly running without shutting down, and the refrigerator does not cool well, the cooling circuit may be damaged. The temperature in the internal space rises gradually. If the circuit is damaged, a gap is formed through which freon leaks from the system.

refrigerator, does, freeze

It is possible to define the reasons why the fridge doesn’t freeze by yourself. It is enough to check condenser condition by hand. If the grill is hot, the unit is operating normally. If the circuit is damaged, the condenser is cold, which indicates a freon leak.

To fix the problem of why the refrigerator does not cool, you must carefully check the system and find the damage. The defect is closed and new refrigerant is added. It is recommended that the system is charged with the same brand of freon as before. Otherwise, the technique can start to work improperly. Often it becomes the reason that the refrigerator weakly freezes.

There is a wide range of refrigeration equipment on the market. To facilitate the choice, consumers are offered a list of popular models.

Atlant MXM 2835-90

Two-chamber refrigerator of the Belarusian production with electromechanical control. Equipped with a modern compressor that is not only reliable in operation but also operates comparatively quietly. The refrigerating chamber is equipped with shelves of impact-resistant glass and two containers for the storage of fruits and vegetables. Such a problem as the top chamber of refrigerator atlant does not freeze arises in rare cases. That’s why it is so popular among consumers.

refrigerator, does, freeze

Hitachi R-E5000UXK

A premium refrigerator with five chambers. In spite of its overall dimensions, it consumes minimum electricity. Equipped with the inverter compressor that excels in reliability and long period of operation. The liquid crystal touchscreen display makes it easy to set up the appliances and adjust their operation. The model is equipped with various functions, which makes using the refrigerator more comfortable. The only drawback is the high cost. Although buying a quality model, you can never deal with the fact why the refrigerator stopped freezing.

Liebherr CTel 2931

Two-compartment refrigerator of German production has a small size, which allows you to use it even in a small kitchen. The refrigerating chamber has a volume of 218 liters, and the freezer has a volume of 52 liters. The advantages of the model include quiet operation, high efficiency, stylish appearance and compactness. As for the disadvantages, they highlight the rapid deterioration of the door insulating gaskets, as well as the low strength of the drawers of the freezer.

Beko RCSK 310M20

The technique is equipped with a modern compressor, which consumes little electricity and does not create noise in the process of operation. The main advantages include the presence of dry freezing, ease of operation, a fairly good capacity, low cost and reliability in operation. But like any other appliances, the refrigerator has some drawbacks, such as the lack of automatic defrosting and the appearance of clicks against the wear and tear of the motor. Sometimes the refrigerator does not cool after defrosting. Perhaps the compressor is broken and does not work.

If you ignore all of the above, even in the absence of any external manifestations, the household appliance will have to withstand a heavy load, which leads to premature wear and tear of its components.

LG refrigerator problems with No Frost system

Let’s look at the typical malfunctions for the models of “LG” brand. Find out which camera in the fridge is no longer working.

Have you noticed that the food has begun to spoil? It’s not the expiration date, it’s the refrigerator’s operation. In addition, the other compartment is working “for two”, experiencing an increased load. Therefore, nodes and parts wear out faster.

It may not be the fault. Perform a check:

  • Chamber doors. How tightly it is sealed. If the door does not close well, see if something is obstructing it. Check the rubber seal; it should be tight against the housing. If gasket is damaged or badly soiled, it needs to be replaced.
  • Fan in the compartment. Cooling fan is blocked. Its blades are covered with snow and ice. So, it is necessary to defrost the refrigerator urgently. at least a day.

The fan rotates normally, the door is closed, but there is no cold? It is likely that there is a malfunction:

  • If the compressor does not run for more than 5 seconds and there is an oily puddle under the fridge, the problem is with the motor. A diagnosis is needed to determine the condition of the compressor motor. Can be repaired or replaced.
  • Freon gas leaks also cause cooling problems. Causes of the leakage are manifold and to determine them you need to differentiate between the “symptoms”. For example, the swollen wall indicates the leak in the interior of the refrigerator. The evaporator must be disassembled and repaired. Rusty drips in the freezer area indicate a leak through the steel circuit. You will need the intervention of a master. If the enclosure wall is mechanically damaged (if you “helped” the refrigerator to defrost), you will also have to restore the tightness.

Why doesn’t the freezer in a two-compartment refrigerator work?

If you have an Indesit, Ariston or Atlant two-chamber refrigerator, the freezer in it can fail to work not only because of some objective reasons, but also because of careless use. Check such moments before sounding the alarm and calling a specialist:

  • Thermostat. It is worth to set the selector wheel between the marks 3-4 or 2-3 so that the compressor is not burdened unnecessarily. When the mark is higher, the motor does not have time to cool both chambers, so the freezer stops working.
  • Seat tightness of the rubber seals. If the door is not closed tightly, the snow or ice will accumulate in the freezing compartment because of the constant flow of non-cooled air from the outside. When the motor “rests” the ice melts, and the melted water flows on the floor. In this case it is necessary to defrost the fridge and make minor repairs of the sealant in the places where it comes off.

If in your refrigerator LG, “Stinol”, “Ariston” or in any other refrigerator there is no “coat” and the value of the thermostat is set correctly, but the freezer does not freeze anyway, it means that there is a breakage.

Preventive maintenance

To prevent problems with your refrigerator, the following rules should be followed.

Switching off

When turning off the unit, you must first set the temperature regulator to the “0” mark. Only then can the plug be unplugged.

Turning it on

Do not turn your refrigerator on immediately after cleaning. You need to give it time to stand for a while and dry. Only then can it be plugged in.

Hot food

Do not put hot foods in the refrigerator compartment. And you can not put in it any other objects that have a high temperature. Otherwise there will be a conflict of warm and cold air, resulting in the device not working properly.


When cleaning the refrigerator one should not use cleaning agents which are chemical solutions.

Important! Keep in mind that the appliance contains microcircuits and connection ducts. If they come into contact with chemicals, they can become damaged.

There are many reasons why a refrigerator may not perform its primary function well. Having faced such a problem, it is necessary first of all to check how tightly the door closes, and then to pass to inspection of other elements.

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