LG refrigerator stopped freezing the freezer

The chamber in the LG refrigerator does not work

If you notice that the LG refrigerator does not work, it is necessary to find out the causes of failure.

South-Korean LG technique occupies the leading position on the market. Relatively low cost, modern functionality have won the trust of many buyers. Refrigerators from LG have an attractive design that blends seamlessly with the rest of the appliances in the kitchen. But not only positive moments are noted by the users.

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Badly closed door

It doesn’t have to be a visible gap. Even the smallest gap of half a millimeter between the body of the unit and the rubber seal of the door makes it impossible to have a stable operation of the compressor. The heat that constantly circulates through the slot in a circle forces the refrigerator to constantly pump freon and not to turn off. Because of it the refrigerator can make extraneous noises. The cause of the problem may be:

A common reason why your refrigerator won’t freeze is the wrong installation location. At the back wall of the refrigerator, there is a condenser. a coil through which the freon is pumped. Through it, it gives off the heat extracted from the chambers. Condenser in some models is in the side walls.

If there is no air access to the coil, or it does not circulate well, the freon will not have time to cool. Because of this, the temperature in the chambers will be high. You get the impression that your refrigerator isn’t cooling. Possible causes:

  • The rear wall of the refrigerator is close to the wall of the room;
  • Appliances or furniture are close to the sides;
  • Appliances or shelves are located right above the refrigerator.

To avoid problems, check the manual. It should specify the minimum distances, clearances from the walls to other items of furniture. If there is none, use these recommendations:

refrigerator, stopped, freezing, freezer
  • The minimum distance from the back wall is 10 cm;
  • The gap between the side walls and other items of furniture. 3-5 cm;
  • If there is a condenser in the side walls. 5-10 cm;
  • The distance from the top of the fridge to the hinged furniture is 10 cm and more.
refrigerator, stopped, freezing, freezer

Causes of failure of the freezer

In refrigerators “Biryusa”, “Hotpoint Ariston”, “Bosch” there are such malfunctions that require serious repair and professional intervention. We will consider all the causes of failure, you may be able to solve the problem yourself.

The freezer motor starts for 5-10 seconds and then switches itself off

The similar “behavior” of equipment with two motors indicates the breakage of compressor. Then the freezer does not cool, but the refrigerating chamber works. One of the reasons is wear and tear of the parts when the motor works with an increased load. To avoid such problems do not set the thermoregulator to too low values in hot weather.

Independently replace the motor is difficult enough. You need to know how to use a burner and also solder off the compressor tubes. You will need a storage tank for the refrigerant, which will start to come out. The broken charging pipe is replaced with a copper pipe by soldering. This repair requires the presence of the master with special equipment.

The engine starts, but the interruptions are too long

In electronic models, the air sensor fails, so the module does not receive information about the temperature in the chamber. In Liebherr fridges the code F3 can appear on the display and indicate this malfunction.

The evaporator and the sensor that regulates the temperature in the compartment are located on models with the Nou Frost system behind the rear wall. Therefore, to replace it, you will need to disassemble the back wall.

It is recommended that the problem be taken to a service center for rectification.

In appliances with electromechanical control, a similar malfunction occurs with the thermostat. In such cases the freezer does not freeze, but cools or does not function at all.

In the latest models of “Bosch”, LG, “Samsung” the regulator is moved outside of the chamber in order to ensure the fire safety. If the part is inside, most often it is located at the side wall. To replace it, you need to remove the cover, unscrew the thermostat and install the faulty part.

Freezing compartment hardly freezes but works

The problem is topical for the single-chamber refrigerators with the Know Frost system. Valve that switches the cold supply between the chambers, jammed or out of order: it happens with sudden power surges. Therefore, the refrigerator compartment works fine, but the freezer compartment is warm.

Valve must be repaired or replaced.

Lower freezer compartment does not cool; there is rust on the body

Something like that happens in refrigerators with drip system. Normally during defrost condensate collects on evaporator, moisture flows into drain hole and is removed from system. If the drain hole is clogged, water drains to the bottom of the chamber and enters the freezer.

That’s where the refrigerant circuit is located. Moisture leaks into the steel parts and causes corrosion. Gas leakage leads to poor refrigeration. You need to call a master and repair the circuit.

After defrosting and washing the freezer does not freeze

If you used foreign objects to remove ice from the walls, you could puncture the chamber and damage the circuit. Freon is leaking, it is not enough for normal cooling.

We describe the solution to the problem in detail in a separate article.

The freezer stopped working

No other problems detected? Then the problem is in the electronic board. It controls the work of the nodes and parts in the fridge. In case of malfunction, the module does not command the compressor to switch on.

We reflash or replace the element.

LG Thinq fridge not freezing or cooling. 7 days to have a tech come and diagnose issue.

All problems are serious enough and require prompt intervention. If you are not confident that you can cope with the repair, it is better to apply to the service center, especially when the equipment is under warranty.

Why the freezer in a two-chamber refrigerator does not work

If you have an Indesit, Ariston or Atlant two-chamber refrigerator, the freezer in it can stop working not only because of some objective reasons, but because of carelessness. Check such moments before sounding the alarm and calling a specialist:

  • Thermostat. It is worth setting the selector wheel between marks 3-4 or 2-3 so that the compressor is not overloaded. When the temperature is too high, the motor does not have enough time to cool both the compartments, and so the freezer stops working.
  • Tightness of fit of rubber gasket. If the door is not closed tightly, then snow or ice is accumulated in the freezing compartment because of the constant inflow of the uncooled air from outside. Ice melts when the motor “rests,” and melted water leaks onto the floor. In this case, it is necessary to defrost the refrigerator and carry out a minor repair of the sealant in those places where it comes off.

If in your refrigerator LG (LG), “Stinol”, “Ariston” or in any other refrigerator there is no “coat” and the value of the thermostat is set correctly, but the freezer does not freeze anyway it means that there is a breakage.

Tips and tricks

To keep the appliance running smoothly, it is worth following the recommendations:

  • The drip-type refrigerators should be defrosted regularly.
  • The appliance should stand on the even and firm surface.
  • Do not overload the upper and lower compartments with foods.
  • It is forbidden to install appliances of this type near heat sources.
  • The evaporator (the radiator on the rear wall) must be protected from possible mechanical damage.
  • The appliance should be transported carefully.

If the home appliances are not equipped with the No Frost system and it is necessary to defrost them, you should wait until the ice melts on its own. Do not pick it with sharp objects. there is a risk of damaging the refrigerant pipes.

It is forbidden to put hot food. violation of temperature conditions and the formation of large amounts of moisture will lead to serious damage. If a malfunction occurs, you should immediately contact a specialist: self-repair can only aggravate the situation.

It is not recommended to ignore minor defects: in time a serious problem can develop that requires expensive repairs.

LG two-compartment refrigerator freezer does not work

LG GA-E409 SERL two-chamber refrigerator, the freezer does not work, advise what to do?

If you do not have money for diagnostics with a call to the master, try to defrost it, if you are lucky

Check:. Whether the door fits tightly to the body of the freezer and whether the rubber seal is in good working order;. Whether the room temperature corresponds to the climate class of the LG GA-E409 SERL refrigerator;. The correct installation, the distance between the refrigerator and the wall or other objects not less than 5 cm No sources of heat or sunlight near the refrigerator;. Whether or not the scheduled defrosting is necessary. You can also try doing a software reset of your refrigerator to the factory settings.

If everything is normal, there may be problems:. relay;. control board;. compressor;. switching valve;. Capillary tube contamination;. fan;. air sensor;. filter-drier;. contamination of the drain line;. Refrigerant leakage.

If you can not fix the problem yourself, call a master! Repair costs depend on the malfunction which you will know exactly only after diagnostics. Approximate repair price: from 1200r.

The motor-compressor of the freezing chamber is most likely to have malfunctioned. As a rule, this occurs as a result of natural wear and tear when using the unit for a long time, or due to excessive load on the motor.

they have inverter motors. Very complicated in repair. It is better to call a master

First of all perform a full defrosting of the freezer. Let it stay like that for a day or so. To defrost completely. Then unplug your refrigerator for 5 minutes and set the maximum temperature in the freezer. might help. If it doesn’t help, you most likely have a freon leak, a clogged capillary tube, or a failed compressor.


Such troubles happen to appliances that have served for many years, new refrigerators are not subject to clogs. To cope with the clog, you need to blow out all the pipes, and this requires a small compressor and a special power tool. If you have such a tool at your disposal, you can try to eliminate the clog yourself.

You can ask a question masters of our service center by calling or writing your question on the feedback form.

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