LG robot vacuum cleaner how to change the language

Setting up the app for different manufacturers

Functionality and configuration algorithm of the robot vacuum cleaner control app from different manufacturers vary slightly.


To control the vacuum cleaner you need to download MiHome app from GooglePlay or AppStore (available in Russian).

After launching it. register your personal Xiaomi account. Then in the main application window you need to select the shortcut with the “” sign, from the list of devices indicate “robot vacuum cleaner”. Then turn on the robot. In the program it will be automatically started searching of the equipment, it is only necessary to choose from the represented list of the detected devices.

If there is a software update available for the robot, its installation will start automatically (takes 4 to 5 minutes). After it the user will get access to all the settings of the vacuum cleaner.

With the help of the application it is possible to:

  • change the settings of the voice control;
  • set the schedule of automatic cleaning of the room;
  • specify the marks of the “virtual wall”;
  • check the current charge level;
  • receive service data (about the current filling of the containers, if the model supports this function).

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To download the official application it is necessary to scan with your smartphone QR-code from the instructions (it is also available on the package of the robot vacuum cleaner).

The app store will automatically open, and the Ecovacs Home app needs to be installed (versions for Android and iOS smartphones are available, and the tablet mode is also supported). It is also necessary to register your personal Ecovacs account (the robot vacuum cleaner supports cloud storage of settings).

The first time you connect to your appliances you can choose the synchronization mode: via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (available only for models with Bluetooth-module).

The program also updates the built-in firmware in the vacuum cleaner.

Eufy (RoboVac)

To synchronize the robot vacuum cleaner with your smartphone you need to go to GooglePlay or AppStore, install EufyHome app.

It is not necessary to create a new account in the program, you can control the robot in the standalone mode as well. To synchronize via Wi-Fi you also need to enter the password from your home WI-FI network.


The first time the program starts, it automatically searches for compatible devices. The vacuum cleaner should be turned on and next to it at this time. After synchronization you need to create an iLife account.

Selecting the app to connect the robot vacuum cleaner

To connect the robot vacuum cleaner to the phone only with the official applications!

The link to the application for Android as well as iOS smartphones can be found in the manual of the robot vacuum cleaner, or on the official website of the manufacturer.

Let’s consider the main applications for connecting robots from different manufacturers.

  • Mi Home is an application designed for Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners. You can download it in Play Market for Android, or AppStore for other phone models. This application is the most common, universal utility for robot vacuum cleaners. The app for Xiaomi. Mi Home received Kitemark TM certification for safe digital apps.
  • REDMOND Robot. an app for innovative robot vacuum cleaners from REDMOND. Special software designed for real-time control from a cell phone.
  • Samsung Smart Home. universal application for controlling technology from the manufacturer Samsung. Advanced functions allow you to control not only appliances and smart devices, also lamps, switches. Combining all devices in one app is very convenient.
  • POWERBot-E, an app that helps you remotely control a robot vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer Samsung.
  • Okami. an app that won’t be released until late September 2020. The software is designed specifically for robots vacuum cleaners from the manufacturer Okami. Allows for real-time control from anywhere in the world.
  • iRobot Home, an app to control Roomba and Braava robot vacuum cleaners. Advanced maps, customizable cleaning of individual objects, intuitive integration with smart home systems.
  • LG SmartThinQ. an app with which you can control a washing machine, air conditioner, TV, and other appliances, including a smart robot vacuum cleaner.

Pre-install the app for remote control of the robot vacuum cleaner on the phone. Prerequisites: Wi-fi connection at home and stable internet on the phone. After that you can control the robotic assistant at any time from anywhere in the world.

How to reflash the robot vacuum cleaner

All vacuum cleaners released in 2021-2022 have Russian language support enabled by default. That is, you do not need to reflash them. This is required only for the vacuum cleaners produced for the domestic Chinese market. In this case, in order to enable Russian language support, you will need to reflash the voice pack.

How it works in practice? Simply change the package of sound files that are stored in the internal memory of the robot vacuum cleaner. There is no need to change the firmware itself. The only nuance: in the application, you need to select “English” for voice commands. But instead of English it will use Russian.

How to reflash your smartphone

You need to download and install X Firmware Update (XVacuum Firmware) application beforehand. You can download it for free on GooglePlay. A version for iOS is also available, although its functionality is more limited (since there is no full access to the phone’s file system. this is a restriction by iOS, which cannot be bypassed in any way).

In addition you need to download the voice pack in Russian. It is publicly available on many industry forums (e.g. 4PDA).

  • The robot vacuum cleaner needs to be reset to pairing settings. To do this, you must press and hold down the Home button for 5 to 10 seconds. Firstly the lights on the machine will blink, then a beep will sound indicating that WI-FI has been reset to factory default.
  • Connect to the WI-FI access point of the robot vacuum cleaner in the smartphone settings. As a rule, it is called “Xiaomi-Vacuum-XXXXXXXX”, where instead of XXXXXXX is its serial number. The name may be different on different models. WI-FI password is not required, you get connected without entering it.
  • Launch X Firmware Update. Automatically starts searching for a compatible robot vacuum cleaner. The screen will display the name of the access point.
  • Press “Flash”, you will be prompted to choose the voice pack file to be installed in the robot vacuum cleaner. Specify it through the built-in file manager. Please note that the installation will only be completed successfully if the file.pkg (this is the extension used in voice packages) is placed in a folder whose name does not contain Cyrillic. The best option is to copy it to sdcard, i.e. internal memory of the phone.
  • Press Trying. A warning is displayed that the firmware may cause the robot vacuum to malfunction. This is actually almost impossible to do. Even if you accidentally select a different file, the firmware will simply stop immediately, the vacuum cleaner will go back to pairing mode.
  • Wait for the flashing to finish. File transfers usually take less than 30 seconds. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically restart.
  • Switch to MiHome app. Re-pair with the vacuum cleaner. That is, click on the icon with an icon “”, select “Add technique”, select from a list the robot vacuum cleaner. Wait for the pairing to complete.
  • Go to the settings of the robot vacuum cleaner, select “Voice notifications”, select “English.

And after that voice package installed via XVacuum Firmware will be set by default.

How to install the voice pack via PC

The procedure is similar. But instead of using Xvacuum Firmware application Win-Mirobo. It can be downloaded free of charge from the official site of its developer or from thematic forums.

Win-Mirobo is a command line application. It is not convenient for all users. So flashing through the phone is more convenient and preferable option.

Step by step installation of the Russian voice package is performed as follows:

  • Also it is necessary to reset the WI-FI settings of the robot vacuum cleaner. Press “Home” button for about 5. 10 seconds, wait for its automatic reboot and the corresponding sound signal.
  • Use a PC to connect to the access point of the robot vacuum cleaner. Accordingly, you will need to have WI-FI-module or use any laptop. The system operation is any system starting from Windows Vista and later.
  • Unzip the downloaded program to partition C (where Windows is installed). You will not need to install it, just unzip it. You can use the application 7-Zip (free, supports all popular archive formats).
  • Run win-mirobo file in the unpacked folder.bat. A command line window will open and an automatic search for a compatible device will start.
  • In the “Voicepack” folder of the unpacked program, put the voice pack files to be installed in the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • In the command prompt after searching for the device the list of voice packs available for installation will appear. Select the desired one.
  • Wait for the end of flashing the vacuum cleaner.

LG Roboking VR6370LVM Language Setting (Korean Unit)

After that the only thing left is to pair the vacuum cleaner with the smartphone through MiHome and choose English for voice notifications in the device settings.

By the way, you can set not only the Russian language, but also “mock” voice notifications. It is possible to make the vacuum cleaner speak by voice of popular cartoon characters. The vacuum cleaner does not check the voice files in any way, it just plays back what is “tipped” to it.

It is also worth mentioning that periodically the program refuses to find the vacuum cleaner connected via WI-FI. In this case it is recommended to reset WI-FI and repeat the procedure again. You should also temporarily disable the firewall in Windows. it can block the network connection.

Design and features

There are two versions of LG HOM-BOT Square. One comes in black with a mop head, and the other in ruby red, no head. Next we will talk about the VRF6043LR version, which is a robot vacuum cleaner that comes in red.

Robot has a square shape with rounded edges and measures 340 mm in length and width, 89 mm in height, weighs 5.7 kg. This makes it one of the smallest robotic vacuum cleaners currently on the market.

The top of the vacuum has a surface that has four built-in touch buttons: Start/Stop, Turbo, Home and Push. Start/Stop turns the unit on or off, Turbo increases suction power, and Home returns the robot to the docking station. There is also a Push button, it opens the lid so that the user can take out the dust canister, the volume of which is 0.6 liters. The body is easy enough to remove by simply lifting the handle, and the top part detaches. Built-in LED display above the buttons shows battery level, selected mode, time of day, and whether the cleaner is in “Turbo” mode.


Other settings on the robot vacuum cleaner itself is not. The user needs to use the included remote control (which is powered by two AAA batteries) to access the rest of the unit’s functions. In addition to the option settings that the vacuum cleaner has, the remote control allows you to control it manually, program the schedule, set the clock on the display and disable voice prompts. Unlike other models, there is unfortunately no smartphone app.

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Rear case

If you turn the LG VRF6043LR robotic vacuum cleaner upside down, the user will find two wheels, a main roller brush, two rotating side brushes for cleaning edges and sweeping debris, metal charging contacts, obstacle detection sensors, and a battery connector. Vacuum cleaner also has several sensors on the sides and a vent on the back.

Optional equipment

  • carpet brush;
  • spare dust bag filter;
  • microfiber cloths;
  • Two spare side brushes;
  • Roller brush for cleaning pet hair;
  • A brush to clean the robot vacuum cleaner itself.

As mentioned, also includes remote control and docking station.

Technical specifications

Cleaning type Dry and wet
Navigation system Camera, IR and ultrasonic sensors
Cartography available at
Cleaning zone limiter No virtual wall
Remote control there is
Scheduled cleaning is
Side brush is, 2 pcs.
Turbo Brush is
Battery Lithium ion 2330 mAh
Operating time 100 minutes
Charging time 180 minutes
Dust Cup Capacity 600 ml
Noise level 60-69 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD) 340х340х89
Weight 3 kg
Color Burgundy with black

Features of LG VRF6570LVM robot vacuum cleaner

The functionality of the unit comes down to six operating modes. Each of them is aimed at specific conditions. the amount of furniture, the degree of soiling, etc. д. Let’s look at modes in detail.

  • For vacant rooms use the zigzag mode, in which case the vacuum cleaner moves without turning to the nearest obstacle, pushes off it and moves on;
  • On particularly dirty surfaces, use “My Place” mode to double-clean the floor;
  • If the apartment has a lot of small furniture, give preference to the cellular mode, where the device moves in a fine broken line;
  • If something wakes up on the floor, turn on “Spot” mode and the robot will spiral clean the spot;
  • Activate turbo mode to increase suction power;
  • When cleaning carpets, choose the smart smart turbo mode.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Is it necessary to connect to Wi-Fi, so that the robot vacuum cleaner works?. No, it can also work without plugging in, but in that case it will vacuum on the default settings. For example, you can change the water supply to a rag or change the language setting, adjust forbidden areas, and increase the suction power. The robot vacuum cleaner has a lot of settings, and it is all done through the app. If you don’t want to plug it in yet, but want to see how it works, just press the power button once.

I will show the connection to Wi-Fi on the example of the Roborock model from Xiaomi, so everything is done similarly on other models. Only the phone app may be slightly different. Before you connect your robot vacuum cleaner to your router I suggest you reset your Wi-Fi settings. to do this press the “Home” and “Spot Clean” buttons.

  • Go to Google Play or the App Store, find an app that supports your robot vacuum cleaner. Roborock and Xiaomi models have “Mi Home” program, which works together with other Xiaomi smart home devices. The first time you run it, accept the terms and conditions of the application.
  • Almost all applications ask you to participate in a quality improvement program. Nothing special in this, just some data will be sent to the manufacturer’s servers, to monitor the robot, the program and identify errors. You can reject it if you find it unacceptable. Choose your language and locale.
  • Click “Login”. Almost all such applications use accounts. If you already have an account, enter your username and password. If you don’t have an account, click on “Create Account” and follow the registration process.
  • At the very end there is one more time to accept the privacy policy. If you have a MaxV model with cameras, you will be asked if you have pets. This is so that the vacuum cleaner can detect “surprises” left by your pet in real time.

I cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Can’t configure the app

If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or initially setting up the app, try some suggestions:

  • Almost all modern robots work exclusively with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • When setting up, try to bring your phone as close as possible to the device.
  • Try resetting the robot vacuum completely. To do this, find the “Reset” button under the cover and press it with a paperclip or needle. You should hear the message, “Reset Settings.”.
  • Make sure it’s the router that’s giving out Wi-Fi, not the phone. Many models do not connect to a temporary hotspot from smartphones.
  • Try resetting the Wi-Fi again by pressing the two buttons before you set it up.

The ability to control the vacuum cleaner from your smartphone

You can connect the vacuum cleaner to your smartphone and control it remotely right from your phone.

To do this you need to download a special application on your phone that supports wireless technology. Then connect your vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi. In the app, you can set up your vacuum cleaner so that it doesn’t just clean rooms, but searches for contaminants that need to be dealt with.

For example, if you have decided that there is dust in the living room and crumbs in the kitchen, you can configure the cleaning so that the vacuum cleaner itself will move through the rooms and clean them. And in case there is debris in its path, the vacuum cleaner will return to the place where the debris is.

In addition, the same application has a function of automatic cleaning of the entire apartment. That is, the vacuum cleaner itself returns to where it recently cleaned. This program is very convenient.

In addition, the app allows you to call for help from other users, for example, if you can not get to the vacuum cleaner, or it broke.

I used to be skeptical about robot vacuum cleaners, thinking that I should not expect from them a high-quality cleaning. But everything changed when I was presented with our “Cherry”. “Cherry.”. This is the home nickname of our robot-vacuum cleaner LG VR6270LVM. As you have guessed from the photo, we called it so because of its color.

So I will describe the main advantages of these robots Advantages The LG VR6270LVM robot vacuum cleaner, which we have found out after 8 months of using it:

    The high quality of cleaning. It cleans very well even in the most simple mode “Zigzag” (more about modes below). you can tell by the color of the dustbin and the amount of dust after it has cleaned the whole apartment. It cleans the mats perfectly. It should also be noted that with the help of two rotating long brushes, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans corners very well.

I will tell you in detail about its modes of operation. The robot-vacuum cleaner LG VR6270LVM 4 main modes (“Zigzag”, “Cage by Cage”, “My Place” and “Spot”) and has Auxiliary Turbo mode (when activated, the robot vacuum cleaner works with more power and cleans better). When the robot vacuum cleaner is cleaning carpets, Turbo mode is automatically set to clean them properly. You can also set the robot to continuous cleaning mode (Repeat mode) and then the vacuum cleaner will clean until the battery runs out.

For a description of the main modes, I attach a photo from the Quick Guide:

In order to clean better, before starting the robot vacuum cleaner we lift up some things: baskets and containers with toys, high chairs, pots, etc.п.

This device is also very beloved by our small children. They love watching Cherry: They come up with different games. then run away from the robot vacuum cleaner, then check to see if he will remove any paper, then follow him, etc.п. Although, more often the robot vacuum cleaner still operates in our absence, for example, during the walk. It is still more convenient because the children don’t put their toys on the floor in the meantime, which might interfere with the cleaning robot.

The robot vacuum can get stuck and the cleaning stops. We have 2 of those places, the tumble dryer and the Poehng chair from Ikea (there is a low wooden beam underneath), so I try to clean them before I clean them. The device is designed for overcoming obstacles no higher than 1.5 cm (and with a microfiber nozzle 0.5 cm). The low threshold we have it goes easily.

Of course, the robot vacuum cleaner will not clean every nook, because it can not fit through its dimensions (34×34 cm, height 8.9 cm). So about once or twice a week we do a more thorough wet cleaning of the floors. But now I only use a regular vacuum cleaner to quickly remove some heavy localized dirt, such as when the kids spill cereal or play with clay. So the amount of floor cleaning and the time we spend on it has decreased tremendously.

Robot vacuum cleaner. it’s a miracle device that saves effort and time. To our robot-vacuum cleaner LG VR6270LVM I have no complaints, cleans the floor he perfectly, as it is required of him, so I definitely recommend.

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