LG thinq washing machine with dryer

What to pay attention to when choosing?

When buying a washing machine, you should be guided not only by its appearance, body color and capacity of the drum. The size of the household appliance and the availability of additional programs and options are decisive.


LG washing machines have different sizes. They are divided into:

    Standard. This is a full-size appliance, its width, height and depth are 600 x 580 x 560 cm.

Device management

LG washing machine can be controlled in 3 ways:

  • Mechanical. To select the program, water temperature and spin speed you need to rotate the controller. This type of control is found in older, inexpensive models.
  • Electronic. In this case, all settings are made using the buttons. The information will be shown on the display.
  • Sensory. Controlled by sensitive display. Machines with touch control are more expensive than conventional models.

Tank Capacity

The capacity of the tank determines how many items can be washed in one cycle. In the specifications, this indicator will be designated as a drum load in kilograms. The calculation is always made from the weight of cotton fabrics.

If there are few things, it is better to opt for a compact appliance, which will save water consumption.

Additional functions

In an effort to improve his technique, the manufacturer of LG washing machines equips models with additional functions. They are designed to make working with the device easier, safer and more comfortable. The latest technologies introduced:

    Steam treatment. This feature allows you to get rid of allergens, viruses and bacteria on things.

Drive: belt or direct drive

LG washing machines use two types of drive: belt drive and inverter drive. In the first case, the drum is set in motion by the rotation of the belt, which is connected to the motor, and in the second, the motor sets it in motion directly.

There are fewer parts that rub against each other and are subject to wear and tear, which increases their service life. Inverter-driven machines are more expensive than belt-driven ones.

With and without drying

The laundry is wrung in the machine due to the rotation of the drum. The higher the speed, the drier the products will be. Manufacturer of household appliances LG offers to buy appliances, the maximum speed of rotation in which is:

If the user does not have time and place to dry the washed laundry, it is rational to buy a device that accelerates to the maximum speed.

You may separately encounter machines for sale with drying. The laundry will be completely free of moisture, but the appliance will do it in a different way. The drum is fed with air, which “beats” the water out of the fabric.

Machines with a dryer are more expensive, but they are practical in use. Manufacturer LG offers 18 models, equipped with this option.

Deciding to buy a machine with dryer, it is necessary to consider that it will be weaker than in separate dryers. When this feature is turned on, the cycle is lengthened. Washing is not possible in this case. The load of laundry for drying is reduced by a factor of 1.5.

What to watch when choosing a model

A washing machine should not be purchased more than once every few years. So it is worth to choose the model and brand responsibly.

When choosing a model of the machine, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The first thing to decide is the brand. The manufacturer should give a guarantee on products, and customer reviews on the network should be positive.
  • Depending on the design and size of the room, determine the type by which the laundry is loaded side or top. Having more attractive dimensions, the size of the machine with a vertical load will hardly fit in the built-in furniture.
  • LG company model range can offer models, made especially for built-in furniture, with the possibility to attach an external door for decorative covering of the appliance.
  • Machine size. Depending on the size of the machine depends on the possible volume of items per wash cycle. For two people without children, a load capacity of up to 6 kg will suffice. Large families with children need a machine that fits more clothes in the drum. In some cases, the maximum loading capacity is up to 17 kg.
  • Class of machine.

Machines with a built-in drying system have the indicators of the three classifiers:

Marked with Latin letters from A to G, where A is the best indicator.

  • Speed of rotation. 1000 rpm is the optimal number of maximum speed for a domestic machine.
  • Support for modes and software of the machine. It is important that the machine not only supports several washing modes, but also performs them correctly. The products of the South Korean company have the possibility of eco-mode, turbowash fast washing function, manual, delicate, intensive, etc.
  • The quality of the blocks that make up the machine. The materials of which the drum and accessories are made affect the durability of the product as a whole.
  • The choice of appliances is based on the price of the product, which you are willing to pay. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice some features in favor of build quality.

Review of LG washing machines with dryer

LG is known as a manufacturer of quality appliances for the whole house. Brand washing machines are extremely popular thanks to their excellent technical characteristics and attractive price. The devices with dryer function have recently gained great popularity. In this article we will consider the pros and cons of these units, make an overview of popular models and give useful tips for choosing the product.

Review: LG FH6G1BCH2N washing machine. Washing, drying and practically ironing))

The review is quite long, but I have tried to include as much information as possible. I have had very few reviews on this washing machine, and I had a lot of questions before buying it.

For a very long time I had the idea of buying a washer-dryer. My old LG I was satisfied with everything, it worked without problems for 10 years and did not even try to break down and let me down, so this brand was a priority. I have a large family, four children, and that probably says it all) I did not have to choose a new washing machine for a long time, it was love at first sight. Firstly, its design fits perfectly in my kitchen, and secondly, it fully meets all my needs in terms of its functionality. All options that have a load capacity of up to 10 pounds, I have not even considered. In this model, loading up to 12 kg and drying up to 8 kg.

To begin with, the machine washes up to 12 kg of laundry, so you should not expect a baby. The manufacturer has specified a depth of 64 cm, this figure includes the protruding door of the machine. But after all there are all the hoses behind the washing machine, which increase this depth by at least 2 cm. In my case, the water inlet hose that comes with the machine was short and we had to buy another and because of that the gap between the machine and the wall has increased another 4 cm.

The width of the machine is standard 60 cm, in fact at 0.5 mm less. Height 88.5 cm.

The control panel on this machine is located on the door itself and this is probably the first thing that caught my eye. The panel is triggered by a light touch, so when I work, I always lock it so as not to accidentally knock the settings.

The only button on the machine is the power on/off button.

When the control panel is locked, this button is the only one that functions fully. If you turn off the machine during operation, you will have to restart the program and this will also be problematic. When starting most of the programs, the machine weighs the laundry and on this basis calculates the working time, and if the machine has already filled with water, the weight/time parameters will be changed upwards.

The drum of the machine is huge and the surface is in the form of bubbles.

The powder tray is quite large, mostly due to its length. I am especially pleased that after washing it is perfectly clean, no traces of powder are not left on the walls, the old machine this sin)

I will not describe each program separately, everything is very clear here.All the programs for washing cotton and casual clothes have a fairly long duration. from 2 hours or more, depending on the weight of the laundry and the selected additional features. I often use the Mixed fabrics program, it has a cycle from 1.5 hours. The only short cycle is Quick 30, but it is designed for a small load with light soiling. Washing Quality is very good in all programs, even at maximum load, the drum all washed and that is not unimportant rinsed on 5 points.

Extra functions:1. Steam treatment here in 2 options: during the wash and after the end of the drying cycle, you can select both at once. After drying, this feature adds softness to clothes, especially noticeable on terry towels and plaids.2. The spin on all programs has its own limitations. Maximum 1,600 rpm. Inside the machine there are metal balls that perform the balancing. The machine does not bounce, does not even try to rattle at maximum speed. Sometimes a characteristic noise is heard at the moment of balancing, if for example to wash a pillow and bed-clothes simultaneously, it should distribute this weight evenly. My old lady used to do exactly the same thing) but here this phenomenon occurs much less frequently.3. It is possible to select the degree of laundry soiling from light to strong, this also affects the time and quality of washing.4. Adding laundry during the wash is carried out for a long time, for me this is a huge plus.

This is the reason I bought this washing machine. One salesman scared me with this machine’s lack of lint filter, he claimed that the machine would have to be vacuumed after drying in order not to ruin the shade, where this lint would get on it, and it would soon burn out. I did some research on this issue, and I found out that all dryers have this filter, but I only found it in one AEG model in the washer-dryer. In fact, it is not needed in the washer-dryer, and all the lint after drying is removed with a damp rag, and in the drum itself this lint is almost no.

There is a nuance, which is written even in the instructions, that after the drying of dark clothes you can not wash light-colored, and vice versa. I once washed darker clothes after drying lighter ones and one of the shirts did show lint, but I removed it with a roller, so I got by with little loss)) There’s also a lot of dependence on the fabric itself. And in the same AEG instructions, the manufacturer recommends a short rinse cycle after drying to remove lint. In fact, it’s easier to wipe with a cloth to prevent lint from getting into the drum, which is exactly what LG recommends.

The heating of the body during the drying process is quite strong. I was shocked the first time this happened. Not only the body itself heats up, but also the door, to the point where you can’t even put your hand on it. If I didn’t have little kids at home, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed it. I’ve been to Support about it, but haven’t heard back.

There are 4 types of drying in this machine :1. Standard2. Low temperature drying3. The drying time is from 30 minutes. Up to 2 hours4. The Eco Hybrid mode can also be activated, when condensed air is used without any water boost during the drying process.

I use the low-temperature drying process for more delicate fabrics; I wouldn’t say the heat is weak, but the clothes are not spoiled.If we talk about the drying time, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer, it depends on the type of fabric and the amount of laundry loaded. But with me it mostly takes about 2 hours. For large loads, such as 2-3 sets of linen, I would increase the drying time to 3 hours.

Firstly, the drying must be accustomed to, if you want quick results, the clothes should be sorted, I sometimes do just that, after a cycle of laundry something I hang in the tumble dryer, and something dried in the car. Again, many things can not be dried at high temperatures (I thus reduced the socks of their children on a couple of sizes)), not to mention delicate fabrics.

There were times that the linens were completely dry, and in some places wet stains. Probably the same water that the machine adds during drying. Way out was the only thing to throw the clothes for more drying for 30-60 minutes.If things are different types of fabric and density, and they will dry for different time, the automatic mode often does not finish drying, so I include more additional time. I do not think this is a problem with the machine, we are honestly warned about this by the manufacturer.On the positive side, I have never encountered drying out laundry, it becomes very soft after drying. After washing and drying the plaid, which had long lost its softness, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and fluffy it was. Almost all things after drying have no creases and need minimal ironing, which saves me time)

This is one of the very cool advantages of this machine. You need to download the Smart ThinQ app to your phone and connect it to your washing machine. Unfortunately to see the essence of the app it is possible only by connecting it to an already bought washing machine, so here I will stop in more detail. The app allows you to control the washing machine remotely, monitor the remaining time and change the mode. I can even tell when I am away from home, in a store, or when the laundry is done. The app has ready-made laundry programs. I will make a screenshot of these programs to be more clearPrograms section Home and Family:

The programs of the fabric care and sports section:

This app gives us an additional 26 wash programs and several drying modes. The only disadvantage is that these programs already have their own set of functions and you can not add anything to them, t. е. The app itself does not provide this possibility, but I have found a way out of this situation. For example, the quilt wash program is given a very low temperature.

I load this program into the washing machine, then I can disable remote access on the machine itself and then I can make changes on the control panel. But in this case it is only the water temperature, up to a maximum of 40 degrees, which in principle suits me.

In fact, all these additions are really a great bonus and you can not puzzle over which program to put a sports clothes or baby clothes in the spots from the food.

This baby eats a lot of water)) 130 liters per cycle. I knew this, of course, and understandably, that with such a drum needs a lot of water. specifically, I have increased cold water consumption by about 3-4 cubic meters per month, but I really do a lot of laundry and often run it several times a day. And the cost of electricity remain the same.

And lastly)) with regard to the place of production of this model, too, many questions, all sites different information. So this model is made exclusively in Korea and no Russian and especially the Chinese assembly is out of the question. I specifically called LG about this and they confirmed this information, explaining that all models priced over 100 thousand are made only in Korea.

The machine makes a very annoying squeak when drying, but I got used to it in about a week, and now I don’t even pay attention to it.2. Strong heating of body and door during drying.3. Has some complaints about the quality of drying, namely wet spots on the laundry, which you have to finish drying. This is true of the automatic programme.4. High water consumption5. Loudly draws water, perhaps if you connect its native hose, the problem will disappear, but for me this is not a problem.

The great functionality of the machine, it has absolutely everything I dreamed of2. Huge load of laundry up to 12kg and 8kg dryer3. Quality of the wash, even with a full load4. Quality of drying. Again, if you don’t count the wet spots, which are easy to remove with additional drying, it really does it well. Doesn’t over dry the laundry, this is also very important. The laundry has no rough edges, but instead becomes soft and needs very little ironing.5. Very easy to use6. Additional features on the app and remote control from a smartphone7. Quiet operation during washing8. Possibility to install a second drum for simultaneous washing of different types of laundry. (50 ths. )) I would like to, but the greed is stifling9. Easy care of the machine after drying, just remove lint from clothes with a damp cloth

In general, the faults that I have discovered while using the washer-dryer do not change my opinion of it. I am very pleased with the quality of its work and especially with the fact that the design for drying laundry in my apartment is now exposed very rarely and on special occasions))

Top 5 best models

When buying a washer-dryer that combines washing, wringing and drying, it is advisable to take into account such parameters as the volume of the items and the possibility to vary the additional mode and its settings.


The washing machine has a narrow body (44 cm) with a good capacity of the drum. up to 6 kg. For drying it is recommended to load not more than 3 kg. Controls.Intelligent. The washing machine itself weighs 59kg.

Number of possible programs. 13. Special features include steam supply. Child lock, unbalance control and lather level control. Spinning. up to 1 200 rpm.

Buyers who have purchased this model, note the high performance of the device, and compliance of all functions to expectations. Drying works well. But if there are more things than the manufacturer recommends, the drying will be of lower quality. Read the reviews here and here.


The model is designed for washing up to 8 kg per load. The depth of the device. 55 cm at standard for machines with front-loading, width of 60 cm. It has an intelligent control system.

Additional features include:

Weight of the machine itself. 64 kg. Maximum spin speed 1 400 rpm.

The main advantage of the model users consider a very high quality drying. Thanks to the large tank, it is possible not only to wash a lot of laundry, but also to dry 4 kg of things at a time, which is very convenient. Disadvantages. a fairly high consumption of electricity and water. Read reviews here and here.


A compact free-standing washing machine with drying depth of only 45 cm. It is possible to refill the clothes through the main hatch. The maximum load. up to 7 kg of things, for drying. no more than 4 kg of laundry. Operation control. touch and smartphone.

High power class washing and A, spin class B, speed up to 1,200 rpm. There is a leakage protection, child protection. Organized control of the foam level and imbalance.

Innovations in the organization of the machine:

Users of appliances note the high quality of drying and washing, but note that it takes time to dry laundry properly. Touch control is very sensitive.


The washer-dryer with dryer is categorized as narrow, because it is only 45 cm deep. Despite its small size, the appliance can wash up to 7 kg of laundry, drying. up to 4 kg. Energy consumption of the appliance. class B. Washing class. A. It has a leak protection, the ability to reload things. There is a possibility of bubble washing.

In the creation of the device such unique patented technologies were used as:

Buyers note the elegant appearance of the device, as well as the good functionality of the washing machine and effective drying. Among the disadvantages, users note the lack of a fast mode for 15 minutes and too long drying process.


Large capacity (up to 8.5 kg), the washing machine has a very compact size (depth of 47 cm). For drying, 5 kg of clothes can be loaded in one cycle.

Weight of the device itself. 63 kg. Reel spin speed of up to 1,200 rpm. The manufacturer provides 14 programs, including processing with steam and fast washing.

The machine, as perceived by users, is very roomy and practical. Drying. quality, allows you to save time.

Washing machine with dryer LG F2V5HG0W

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LG F2V5NG0W washing machine with dryer

LG F2V5NG0W washer-dryer ensures the proper care of your cloths due to the support of a number of brand technologies. Intelligent system of determining the type of fabric AI DD, in the memory which is stored about 20,000 possible combinations of fabric, provides recognition of weight and fabric characteristics for accurate selection of optimal washing parameters. Drying function with three modes (standard, gentle and light) ensures proper care of the condition of your clothes. The panel with informative display, buttons and rotary switch guarantees easy operation. LG F2V5NG0W has a steel drum with a load capacity of 6 kg of laundry and 14 automatic programs. Automatic balance system is responsible for distributing things in spin mode to achieve optimum balance. Also noted foam control technology, bubble system, self-diagnosis, delayed start and control lock functions, audible alarm. Inverter motor combines high reliability and low noise level, and LG ThinQ technology allows you to control the washing parameters through a proprietary app from your smartphone.

LG F2V5NG0W washing machine with dryer


  • Type of loading front
  • Laundry load for washing and spinning 6 kg
  • Drying load 4kg
  • Control type electronic, rotary mechanism
  • Changing the temperature of the wash
  • Direct drive
  • Automatic dosing means
  • Loading laundry
  • Bubble system
  • Steam treatment
  • Self-diagnosis
  • AI DD type detection system
  • Number of wash programs 14
  • Smartphone control
  • Alice voice assistant
  • Inverter motor
  • Delayed start
  • Audible signal for the end of the wash
  • Maximum spin speed 1200 rpm
  • Selecting spin speed
  • Power surge protection
  • Leakage protection
  • Autobalancing
  • Child lock
  • Energy Class C
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LG F1296CDS0

First place goes to very compact model F1296CDS0.

The main difference of this machine is the built-in drying mode, which is designed for 3 kg of laundry.

thinq, washing, machine, dryer

With a maximum load capacity of six kilograms. Direct-drive inverter motor guarantees almost noiseless operation.

Spin speed can be adjusted manually. The washing programs here are slightly less than in other models. only thirteen.

among other things, the user can also set the temperature and spin time. The total service life under the condition of perfect maintenance is seven years.


  • installation: free-standing;
  • loading: 6 kg;
  • dimensions: 60x44x85 cm;
  • Spin speed: 1200 rpm;
  • Inverter motor: yes;
  • Direct drive: yes;
  • Energy class: A.


Next, let’s turn to the AI DD F2V5HS9B washing machine. Top in the list of the best washing machines from LG.

Its main advantage is that it has a sufficient capacity for a relatively modest size (60x45x85 cm).

The maximum possible load corresponds to seven kilograms of laundry.

Direct-drive inverter motor ensures virtually silent and vibration-free operation.

Spin intensity can be adjusted separately. The total water consumption per wash is 56 liters.


  • Maximum load of laundry: 7 kg.
  • Unique technologies: Smart Diagnosis, AI DD.
  • Water consumption per wash: 56 liters.
  • Number of washing programs: 14.
  • Noise level when washing: 55 dB.
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200 rpm.
  • Noise level when spinning: 74 dB.
  • Protection: against leaks, children, power surges.

LG Steam F2M5HS4W

In the rating of the best LG washing machines by the price-quality ratio, a slightly different model Steam F2M5HS4W takes.

This appliance, as well as the vast majority of machines manufactured by this company, has a total capacity of 7 kg of laundry.

Loading is frontal, the door opens nearly 180 degrees, which allows loading and unloading things smoothly.

In addition, the model is characterized by very economical consumption of water. at one time wastes no more than 48 liters.


  • installation: free-standing;
  • loading: 6.5 kg;
  • dimensions: 65×45.50×85 cm;
  • wringing speed: 1200 rpm;
  • inverter motor: yes;
  • direct drive: yes;
  • reloading of laundry: through the main hatch;
  • control with smartphone: yes;
  • energy consumption class: A.

Easy Connect LG Washer to Wi-Fi Step-by-Step Instructions. Smart ThinQ App

Top 15 best LG washing machines: rating 2021-2022, review of models with dryer and which inverter or narrow one to choose

The range of washing machines from different brands sometimes confuses the buyer. But nevertheless it is necessary to give preference to the South Korean company LG, which is one of three manufacturers of home appliances.

Washing machines from this brand have gained popularity due to the presence of innovative technologies, stylish design and useful options.

But even here there are often difficulties, because the choice should be made responsibly.

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