Liebherr fridge alarm lights up what to do

Widespread breakages of Liebherr refrigerators and ways of their elimination

Liebherr refrigerator is manufactured by a German machine-building firm that specializes in the production of two-compartment units. They are notable for high quality and reliability, as well as minimal energy consumption. But even the Liebherr refrigerator models have flaws, so you can run into malfunctions of various kinds. After reading this article you will learn what defects are peculiar for this kind of home appliances, how to recognize them and whether it is possible to repair them by your own hands.

Liebherr panel test for the ice maker

Failures can be caused by defects in material or workmanship when using a fully electronic control. The following types of Liebherr fridge defects are distinguished:

  • Puddles inside or under the unit caused by clogged drainage system, power failure, damaged drip tray, close proximity of food to the evaporator.
  • Lack of cooling of the refrigerator compartment. The main causes of malfunction are freon leakage, seal depressurization, failure of the thermostat, compressor, heater, fuse or defrost sensor.
  • Lack of tight closure of the door caused by its deformation, the seal wear and tear or damage of the spacer part due to sudden opening of the fridge or overloading of the shelves.
  • Damage to the wire, resulting in electrical shocks.
  • Severe temperature drop in the freezer, appearance of frost in the refrigerator compartment. Occurs if thermostat, temperature sensor or elements of cooling system malfunction, breach of unit tightness or wrongly set freezing program.
  • Fridge does not freeze. Failure may be caused by freon leakage, jammed refrigerant switching valve, worn or warped seal on freezer door, fan, temperature sensor, compressor, cooler malfunction.
  • Backlight does not work. The problem is caused by the breakage or jamming of the power button, when the light bulb has reached the end of its service life.
  • The unit does not turn on or stops working after a few minutes. Improperly inserted plug into the outlet, no power supply, defective outlet or plug.
  • Exceeding of specified noise level (40 dB) is caused by blades frosting, fan bearing breakage, loose fasteners on the compressor hanger, high inclination of the device.
  • Breakage of fittings (shelves, handles, door fasteners). Such problems are usually not treated earlier than after 4-6 years of active use of the device.

Liebherr refrigerators with the No Frost system and electronic control require careful compliance with the repair instructions, so it is recommended to trust the specialists to fix the problems. The advantages of service centers:

  • Possibility of solving problems of different complexity;
  • repair warranty;
  • high qualification of specialists;
  • Implementation of a number of procedures, including after-sales service, at home;
  • Availability and use of the latest diagnostic equipment.

Attention! The high repair costs are determined by the fact that the refrigerator spare parts are manufactured outside the service centers, mainly located in big cities, therefore before buying the unit you should also calculate how much it will cost you to deliver it to the repair point.

Error codes of LIEBHERR refrigerators

Error codes in LIEBHERR refrigerators are displayed on the panels with digital display and LED temperature indication. The manufacturer does not specify in the fridge manuals what the codes of faults mean and recommends calling the service centers in case of any malfunction. That is why if the code is displayed on the panel, the ALARM light blinks or there are other signs of malfunction. it is better to write them down and inform when you call for master to repair your Liebherr fridge.

The manufacturer produces several variants of digital panels on which the errors are displayed. The panel is located on the top edge of the enclosure or on the door.

Example of control panel of Liebherr refrigerators

The enclosure design can be concealed behind the door or in plain sight.

LIEBHERR Side-by-Side refrigerators usually have two control panels at the same time. separately for the freezer compartment and the refrigerator compartment.

The example of the panel for half of the refrigerator in the Side-by-Side model

In models with LED display the ALARM light and blinking temperature on the display indicates the error. If the malfunction is due to a rise in temperature, the machine will emit a beep at the same time as the ALARM blinks. The ALARM light may light up the first time you switch on the fridge or when you put a lot of warm food inside. in this case you should wait until the temperature in the compartments returns to normal. If the malfunction signal lights up for more than four hours, you need to look for another defect.

On some models the error signal can be indicated by a blinking freezing symbol and the temperature icon.

If all the lights on the LED panel are lit or the DEMO inscription on the display is lit, then the fridge-freezer is in demo mode. It usually happens with new refrigerators. The manufacturer recommends to contact the store to have them tell you how to reset the machine to the working mode, but you can make it easier: unplug the machine from the socket and plug it in again. After that the demo mode with a countdown should start. press DEMO or OFF button to start a normal mode.

Some LIEBHERR models have an inverter self-diagnostic function. the green LED on the back panel next to the compressor flashes. Normal mode. LED on every 15 seconds. If it flashes more often it means that there is something wrong with the inverter.

In refrigerators with display, the fault code is shown by symbols:

  • nR, nA or power icon. Fault shows that the temperature in the freezer has been rising for several hours. Usually happens when there is a power outage. If the ALARM button is pressed during this indication, the panel will display the maximum temperature to which the freezer was heated. This function is needed to determine if the food has time to spoil. After one minute, the display returns to normal operation.
  • Sensor failure:
  • F0. in freshness zone;
  • F1. in refrigerator compartment;
  • F2. on the evaporator;
  • F3. in the freezer;
  • F7. outside air.

When an error symbol is displayed on your LIEBHERR refrigerator, make a note of it and press the corresponding button, ALARM or OFF, so that the panel goes to the main display. And report the code of the problem when you call the refrigerator repairman.

Why does Bosch beep when the door is closed

The latest models of refrigerators along with the cooling and freezing functions have a protection system that will avoid damage to the unit.

When the machine just beeps from time to time when the door is closed, it’s a clear sign that there’s something wrong with the machine. The audible signal for no apparent reason informs the owner that some parts inside are not working properly. This is the reason to address urgently to the master who will make diagnostics and will eliminate the reason.

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LIEBHERR CN 4003. сервис меню

Main purpose of the red light

The majority of models of refrigerators from Siemens Serie 4, 5, 6 and higher are equipped with self-diagnostic system that allows prolonging the service life of the device and detecting the problem in time. One of the tools of this system is an alarm indicator, which triggers when the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer compartment is not normal. In this case, on the LED-screen of the device either a bright red light or flashing (depending on the model) or alarm inscription, the color of which can be red, orange or black. Some models have an audible alarm in addition to the light indication. All this should draw the owner’s attention to the malfunction of the refrigerator.

Alarm indicator lights up if the temperature in the compartment is too high or too low. Possible causes:

  • Fridge door open too long. Warm outside air gets in, temperature rises.
  • Too much uncooled food in the compartment at one time. Please refer to the instructions or the type plate on the appliance for the correct method of inserting the food. It is advisable to activate the super-freezing function before deep-freezing.
  • Refrigerator door does not fit tightly. Compartment does not close completely, appliance cannot cool compartment.
  • Appliance has not yet had time to set the correct temperature in the compartment when switching on after defrosting.
  • Thermostat malfunction.
  • Compressor breakage.
  • Formation of ice layer due to the fact that the fridge was not defrosted for a long time. This leads to additional load on the compressor, which requires more energy to freeze the unit. This increases the risk of damage to the electric motor.
  • The alarm indication system itself is defective.
liebherr, fridge, alarm, lights

Some of the causes of the red light can be eliminated quickly. If the problem is a large amount of uncooled food, then some of it should be temporarily removed from the chamber. If the door does not fit properly, check the quality of the seal and replace it if necessary. When ice forms, defrosting the refrigerator is sufficient to reduce the load on the compressor and extend the life of the electric motor.

Red ALARM light comes on: possible causes

When switching on after defrosting. The red LED in a Bosch refrigerator lights up the first time you turn the appliance on or when you start it after defrosting it. In this case the signal lights up until the right temperature is set in the freezer. If the refrigerator emits an audible alarm, it can be silenced by pressing the ALARM OFF button-usually next to or in conjunction with a light bulb.

On the touchscreen control panel of the Bosch KAD range, the alarm is indicated on the display and the switch-off button is on the side (pos. 9)

If too many products are loaded. Each appliance is designed for a certain volume of single load, which the technique can easily cope with. Freezer capacity (the weight of warm food that can be loaded at one time) is indicated on the information plate and usually does not exceed 3-4 kg.

The location of the plate depends on the model of the Bosch refrigerator

liebherr, fridge, alarm, lights

If the door is not closed properly. A half-open door or a defective door seal causes the internal space to become warm. Frost forms in the chamber, food near the door defrosts.

The rear wall ventilation is not working properly. Allow space between your refrigerator and the wall for air circulation. The condenser on the back wall is getting hot, the air flow is dissipating the heat. If the machine stands too close to the wall or the space at the top or bottom is closed. the ventilation fails, the machine overheats.

Malfunction. Temperature may be rising due to a broken refrigerator.

Control unit malfunction. Due to errors in the control system, the red light in Bosch refrigerators comes on at a normal temperature in the freezer or signals that the freezing has stopped working. In both cases it is necessary to diagnose, find the defect and professionally adjust the equipment.

How to turn off the buzzer on your Bosch if it beeps and “alarm” or “alarm off” lights up

In order to turn off the buzzer on your refrigerator, you must press the “alarm” or “alarm off” button. If your Bosch has touch controls, you must press either the inscription itself or the area near it.

After pressing the “alarm” button, the refrigerator will show the highest temperature that has settled in the freezer compartment. After that, the one that is installed will be displayed. The sound will stop, but the “alarm” button or the inscription on the display will remain illuminated until the temperature reaches the set temperature.

Thermostat breakage

Probable causes of malfunction of this unit:

The thermostat replacement is done quickly. This service is relatively inexpensive. This allows you to quickly restore your refrigerator to working condition. You can determine the cause of the alarm by assessing the condition of the freezer. If there is no ice in it, the motor works properly, and the seal is not deformed, you should consider the possibility of thermostat breakage.

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