Lo on the hob what does it mean?

In total there are 57 hobs in the catalog with four and two burners. Note the power, weight and average size of the models.

Find the right visual style for your kitchen. In the catalog you can find both classic black and designer ranges.

The following additional functions deserve close attention. If you have children, choose one with a locking option. Make cooking easier with tools such as automatic boiling. The safety lockout function makes operation safe.

Protection for children

In the official instructions to Maunfeld induction cooktops are allowed to use them by children aged eight years and older, but there is a special protection from the little ones. How the system is designed to protect children, and why Mountfield pays such attention to the locking of the control panel? The fact is that every manufacturer of household appliances must take care of the maximum safety of their products, otherwise in any accident he will face serious charges.

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The function of automatic boiling on hobs: what is it, the principle of operation, advantages

Modern hobs are packed with many features and offer great possibilities for the housewife to cook quickly and efficiently. Housewives can choose models based on design, the required set of functions. from simple to high-tech and cost panels.

Types of hobs are represented by gas and electric models. Functional models will cost more, but the technical capabilities of these stoves will be much higher than simple models.

As the advanced functionality of stoves can be noted the following: gas-control burners, the presence and size of pans on the hob, a residual heat indicator, timer, automatic ignition of the flame, pause, safety shutoff and a number of others.

Recently, the function of automatic boiling of the hob is gaining popularity. Which is no coincidence. Using the automatics greatly simplifies the process of cooking. The function is an automatic cooking mode from the boiling point.

How the automatic boil function works

In addition to the main advantages of automatic boiling, we can highlight that its use allows the hostess to save time needed for cooking and free up time for other things.

The principle of automatic boiling lies in the use of temperature sensors built into the hob, which allow you to control the temperature at the bottom of the pot when cooking. In practice, the automatic boil function looks like this.

At first, cooking begins with a high-temperature mode; once the dish boils, the sensors switch the stove power to a lower value set by the hostess, until the dish is fully cooked. Generally, hobs and stove hobs provide for auto-boiling within 10 seconds after the burner is switched on.

How else to unlock the hob

The methods of unblocking described above are standard. But they do not always work. Then it is worth trying other options.

Before unlocking, press the ” ” and “-” buttons simultaneously. It can also help when the house has a power outage. If the hobs are unlocked, a quick blinking signal is displayed.

Before unlocking, the ” ” and “-” buttons must be pressed simultaneously

It is understandable that with such complex electronics malfunctions can occur. This is particularly the case if the operation is not always correct. Sometimes one simple action is enough to reset. If the unlocking button is still lit, unplug the hob from the power socket. Wait in this position for about one minute, then switch the appliance back on. Then you can reset the desired mode.

You should also remember that you can unlock and change settings when the heating zone screen (that is, the 3rd part) displays the “0” position.

Miele cooktop error codes

The options for disabling (deactivating) the lock depend on the hob model:

Option 1. Simultaneously touch the “” and “-” buttons until the “L” on the front left and the “C” on the front right burner indicator goes out and a buzzer sounds.

Option 2. Touch the “lock” and selection buttons of both right cooking zones at the same time until “LC” goes out on the timer display and the lock indicator light goes out.

Option 3. Simultaneously touch the “lock” and “0” buttons on both right-hand burners until the “LC” on the timer display and the lock indicator light go out.

Error codes, electrical / glass ceramic. panels

LC Lock error. Explanation: (KM 6xxx) Startup lockout or normal lockout has been activated. Remedy:. Deactivate the startup lock/lockout.
Blinks F Sensor error. Explanation: (KM 6xxx) One or more touch buttons are blocked, e.g. by a finger, boiled food or an object lying on top. Remedy:. Remove dirt or interfering objects.
dE Dem error. mode. Explanation: (KM 6xxx) The hob is in demonstration mode. Remedy:. Deactivate demonstration mode See example. How to disable demo mode on the Miele CS 1112 E See example. How to disable demo mode on a Miele KM 6230.
Flashing 0. 9 Sensor error. Explanation: (KM 6xxx) Cookware protection function triggered. (KM 6xxx) Remedy:. Briefly touch burner selection button Display changes, only 0 flashes. You can use the burner again.
FE Control error. Explanation: (KM 6xxx) Electronic control system malfunction. Remedy:. Disconnect the hob from the power supply for approximately 1 minute If the problem persists after the power supply has been restored, contact a Miele Service Centre.
FE90, FE91, FE92, FE93 Reconciliation error. Explanation: (KM 5xxx) After starting a reset function or after a power failure a matching error has occurred. Remedy:. If the display does not go out after 5 minutes, please proceed as described in the operating instructions under “Touch keys react too sensitively or insensitively”.
FE37 Error heating. Explanation: (KM 5xxx) Overheat protection has tripped. Remedy:. Proceed as described in the instruction manual under “Overheat protection”.
FE other digits Control error. Explanation: (KM 5xxx) There is a fault in the electronic control system Remedy:. Disconnect the hob from the power supply for around 1 minute. If the problem persists after the power supply has been restored, please contact your Miele Service Centre.

Error Codes, Miele KM 5773 Induction

FE00, FE04, FE08, FE12, FE16, FE76 Programming error. Explanation: Incorrect model programming. Remedy:. Contact a Miele service center.
FE01 Sensor fault. Explanation: Sensor “-” defective, front left burner.

Remedy 2:. Contact a Miele Service Centre.

Error code information is continuously updated. If you have not found an answer to your question, you can always get advice from our specialists.

Error codes and solutions for Fornelli induction hobs

Modern electric induction hobs are equipped with touch control. It can be used to select the power level, change the timer settings and various auxiliary functions and enables the technician to identify the cause of malfunction.

Fornelli hobs have a detailed display that you can read in the manual.

PIA 60 MERIDIANA induction hob control panel

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What can cause malfunctions? The most common cause is improper use of the appliance.

For example, using the wrong cookware or the wrong diameter of pot will cause the hob to beep and display an unusual code on the touch screen. What do these icons mean and what can you do?? Do I have to call the service center right away or can I fix the problem myself??

If a fault occurs, the induction hob automatically goes into safe mode and the corresponding error code is shown on the display.

Failure Possible causes Recommendations
Е3 Sensor temperature too high Check if there is water in the pan. Refill and restart the hob.
Е5 Faulty IGBT temperature sensor Restart the unit after it has cooled down.
E1 / E2 Deviations from the required supply voltage Check power level. Switch the hob back on after the power supply voltage returns to normal.
Failure Possible causes Recommendations
E4 / E5 Faulty temperature sensor Please contact your supplier.
E7 / E8 Faulty IGBT temperature sensor (IGBT)
E2 / E3 Deviations from the required supply voltage Check the voltage level. Switch the hob back on after the power supply voltage returns to normal.
E6 / E9 Poor heat emission of the induction hob Switch the appliance back on again after it has cooled down completely.

If other error codes are displayed, switch off the hob and contact the nearest service center. Write down the error code, the name of the hob and its serial number.

Malfunctions of Graude hobs

Technics for the kitchen from the company Graude is well-proven in the Russian market. Each model comes with detailed instructions on how to solve the problem. Here’s how to fix Graude Hob malfunctions with your own hands. First of all in case of any malfunction it is worth to turn off the device for a few minutes and then turn it on again. most likely its performance will be restored.

Graude induction hobs

If the device does not turn on, check that it is correctly connected and that there is electricity in the mains.

If the light is on but the touch controls are not responding, it’s likely that the control is locked. just unlock it according to the instructions.

If the touch controls do not respond well to touch, perhaps water has been spilled on the stove. It is also possible that you press the buttons incorrectly. you need to press them with the pad of your finger.

If there are scratches on the vitrified clay or glass, do not use dishes with rough bottoms and use only glass ceramic cleaning agents and scrapers.

A faint crackling or clicking noise is heard during operation. this is a normal situation due to the uneven structure of the material used to make the dishes.

A low buzzing sound is heard during high power operation. this is also normal and due to the characteristics of induction heating. To remove the sound, it is enough to reduce the power.

Cooling fan noise after turning off the unit is also a normal phenomenon: it is recommended not to unplug the unit from the mains while the fan is running.

If the cookware does not heat up or the no heat indicator appears on the display, it means that you are using cookware made of nonmagnetizable material. Pot or pan may be off-centre or the diameter may be too small.

If the entire Graude hob or one of the cooking zones suddenly shuts down, you hear a buzzer and the display shows an error code, then a more serious fault is detected. It is recommended to write down the error code, disconnect the appliance from the power supply and contact the customer service.

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Induction hob error codes

F3 / F4. a temperature sensor of the induction coil is defective and must be replaced.

F9 / FA. Temperature sensor failure detected, also have to be replaced.

E1 / E2. The mains voltage is incorrect, check that the mains characteristics correspond to the nameplate data.

E3. Temperature sensor on the induction coil is too high.

E5. temperature of the temperature probe of the BTIZ is exceeded. Switch the appliance off, wait for it to cool down and then restart.

Electric hobs

If the heating fails or the appliance doesn’t work, check that no power failure has occurred and that the connection to the mains is correct. The hob may shut off if it is operated for too long while maintaining the same settings, or if the timer running period expires. The safety switch-off function is activated if liquid spills onto the ceramic glass and, for some models, foreign objects spill onto the glass.

If the knobs are not responding, the child lock is probably active. check that the “Lo” code is not showing on the timer display. It is also possible that water or a foreign object got on the glass ceramic or the glass and the overflow protection system was triggered.

If the display shows “H” it is not an error: this is the indication of the residual heat. The code will disappear as soon as the temperature drops.

If the cooling fan keeps on working for a while after the appliance has been turned off, this is not an error either: the fan will turn off as soon as the appliance cools down.

If the cookware makes a soft crackling noise during cooking, this is due to the material it is made of and is also not an error.

Electrical panel error codes

E1/E2. Mains voltage does not correspond to required value. Connection and mains checks are necessary.

E3. the temperature of the cookware recognition sensor is high: it’s possible that the pan has boiled out and must be topped up and cooking must be continued.

E5. The temperature of the temperature probe of the IUF sensor is exceeded. You should let the hob cool down, then turn it on again.

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If the display shows errors with other codes, you must unplug the appliance and call a service center.

The error signals a defect in the backlight control module of the burner. Maybe the LED itself has burned out or is not receiving the 14 VDC current.

  • Check the cable connection to the left board. The connector of the BC1 cable may have come loose from the plug on the circuit board.
  • Check the LED contact. It might have come loose.
  • There was a short circuit on the mowing line and one or more LEDs burned out Replace defective LEDs.
  • Failure of the backlight module here will have to be replaced with a new one.

From experience, error E2 is a rare occurrence in induction stoves, so few people have to deal with it.

Residual heat indicator

The residual heat indication is another feature that ensures the safe operation of the appliance. Fast heating up and maintaining a high temperature is one of the advantages of modern heating elements. But there is a disadvantage. the heating of the device surface. A residual heat indication is also required for induction cooktops. after all, the burner surface is heated by the hot bottom of the cookware.

It takes a few minutes for the glass ceramic to cool down. the time depends on the level at which the burner was working. In the hustle and bustle, the hostess can not always remember when and which work area was turned off. It is impossible to tell at a glance and it is not advisable to check by touching. A light touch is enough to cause burns.

Residual heat indicators help prevent accidental injury during cooking. Indication is triggered at the moment of turning on the burner and indicates that the surface is heated to a high temperature. The indicator is traditionally made in the form of a Latin letter “H” (the first letter of the word “hot”). It will burn even after the oven is turned off, until the surface has cooled to a safe temperature (about 50 degrees).

The residual heat of the burners can be used. For example, in order to finish cooking a meal. Just turn off the heat a few minutes earlier. So you can reduce energy consumption.

The heat just turned off the burner is enough to quickly melt chocolate or butter. The residual heat keeps the food you’ve already cooked hot. The slightly cooled surface can be used to warm up plates before serving food.

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