Management of gas boiler navien ace

Setting up a gas boiler Navien with his own hands

Heating boilers Navien Korean production are popular in our country. They have reliability and at the same time a democratic price. In view of the high demand for these devices, adjustment of gas boiler Navien is a topical issue among buyers.

Manufacturers of Navien produce devices of different capacities, floor, wall-mounted and with the function of hot water supply. They can be connected as to the centralized line, as well as to gas cylinders. The units have a modern appearance, allowing them to fit into any home interior. Gas boilers Navien are equipped with a safety group, which includes:

  • modulation turbo supercharger;
  • Protection against overheating of the coolant;
  • SMPS chip that protects against power surges;
  • Remote control with a temperature sensor, allowing you to adjust the work of the unit for certain circumstances.

The most common model of gas units Navien is Deluxe, so let’s dwell on them in more detail.

Features of the gas boiler Navien

Navien produces devices of different capacity, designed to provide heating for gasified homes. However, the technical features of the models allow you to transfer them to an autonomous gas supply, ie, connect to cylinders.

The wide range of models allows us to choose the model that meets all needs and capabilities.

  • wall and floor;
  • Single-circuit and with hot water supply
  • with atmospheric and closed combustion chamber;
  • with different size of the outlet for heating (three options: 20, 25, 32);
  • With different diameter of the chimney;
  • And of course, models differ in capacity and size.

The devices have an elegant appearance, fit well into the kitchen or any other interior.

Security systems, which are equipped with boilers Navien:

  • Modulated turbo blower.
  • Freeze protection for the heating medium.
  • A special chip (SMPS) protects against 30% power surges.
  • Control panel with temperature sensor to keep the temperature constant and adjust the boiler to special circumstances.

Modulated turbocharging. The system is based on the interaction of a combustion air fan and a pressure sensor (APS).

The intensity of fan rotation changes in proportion to how much gas is coming in at a given moment. This enables economical use of resources and increases efficiency without wasting fuel.

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Start the boiler Navien Ace: full instruction

In this article, we’ll take a step by step look at how to put the boiler Navien Ace. After reading the article and following the steps according to the instructions, you can easily cope with this task with your own hands.

Navien Ace. This is one of the most famous models of the boiler from the famous Korean manufacturer. Navien. In addition to the low price, these boilers were distinguished by their simplicity and reliability.In addition, you can do the installation with your own hands, without resorting to specialized organizations.

We have prepared this material specially for home masters who want to understand how to turn on a gas boiler Navien Ace. It is quite enough to follow the steps that we describe, and you are sure to succeed.

So, how to turn on the navien ace and make it work.

Please note that a properly performed start-up of the boiler NAVIEN Ice. is the guarantee of its long term and reliable operation! Therefore. please take the necessary time.

Before starting the boiler, it is imperative to check the correct installation of the equipment.

Boiler must be connected to the gas mains by a metal pipe with a cut-off valve and filter.

It is better to additionally check connections for gas leakage (if the connection has been made by the gas supply company in your presence and you are sure that they have checked the connections for gas leakage). this is not necessary.

Hydraulic connections on the boiler, must be equipped with shutoff valves. This will allow you to service and repair the boiler without draining the water. On the return pipelines approaching the boiler, it is better to install filters, so that dirt from the heating system does not get into the boiler.

Be sure to have a line filter and / or voltage regulator. This will help protect the boiler in case of “surges” and avoid costly repairs.

Before filling the system with the thermal fluid, the air pressure in the expansion tank must be checked. The pressure in the expansion tank should be around 0.8 of the system pressure (approximately 1-1.2 bar).

To do this: unscrew the screw on the front of the pump.

Use a screwdriver to turn the pump rotor a few times. This simple operation will avoid damage to the pump when power is turned on. For example, the pump can get jammed if it has been stored at the supplier for too long and then switches on again. it will simply burn out. By spinning the rotor. we completely exclude this scenario.

For filling the system, it is necessary to open the heating tap, the hot water outlet tap and the cold water inlet tap. To fill the heating system, you need to open the make-up tap, as a result of which, the water from the water system. comes into the heating system. When the pressure reaches 1.5 bar, it is necessary to close the make-up tap to avoid the further pressure increase.

Make-up valve installed by the manufacturer. can not be used to fill the system, because with frequent use, these valves easily fail. Therefore. You can put an additional tap between the boiler return and the cold water inlet.

Connect the power cord of the boiler to the mains.

At this time. It is necessary to deflate the radiators with the help of cocks Maevsky, and constantly feed the system with coolant. After the end of the system deflating. reset this switch to its original position.

Start the boiler. Note that in the “winter mode” the boiler is in “winter mode”. Boiler operates both for hot water heating and heating system heating. In “summer mode”. The boiler works only on heating hot water, heating will not heat.It is necessary to perform the adjustment of the gas valve of the boiler under the static and dynamic gas pressure in the main line. These operations can ONLY be performed by certified professionals.

With the switch 3 on the control board switch on the minimum mode boiler.

And, having released counter-nut on a adjusting screw, we set value of pressure of gas corresponding to the minimum level of modulation of the gas valve. Having achieved the required value, lock the counter nut, and return the switch 3 to its original position. To remove the boiler from the minimum mode.

How to switch off the heating on the boiler Navien Ace: switching to summer mode

In this article, we decided to tell you how to turn off the heating on the boiler Navien Ace. In our instructions fully described principle of operation of the control panel of boiler Navien Ace. After reading our instructions, you will be able to turn off the heating with your own hands.

Как прочистить отопительный фильтр котла Navien

Thanks to its reliability and low price, boilers Navien Ace production of the Korean company Navien, have become the most popular brand in Russia. Because of its modern design, boilers Navien Ace are considered the most compact wall mounted boilers on the market.

In addition, their modern appearance can easily fit into almost any interior.

Ease of operation will allow both the elderly and children. Set a comfortable level of heat and temperature of hot water for yourself. But with the onset of spring, people are increasingly asking the same question “How to turn off the heating on a navien ace boiler?”.

That is the question, we decided to give an answer in this article.

We have prepared a detailed instruction for Navien Ace: how to turn off the heating and / or increase the heating of hot water.

Initially, let’s look at the remote control and what’s on it:

The remote control has a display, namely it shows the current mode of the boiler and the set temperature of heating and hot water.

2.The pictogram in the form of a radiator on the display means that now the boiler operates according to the temperature of the water in the heating system (in the batteries).

The inscription Fact. is the actual temperature of the water inside the radiators.

To set the temperature of the water in the heating system, press the button with the radiator icon.

After pressing the key, using the keys you can set the desired temperature of the heating medium in the heating.

After selecting the desired temperature, you will see the radiator image flash and the inscription on the display changes to “set”.

When the set temperature is reached, the boiler switches off and starts again when the water in the heating system cools.

On the remote control there is a timer. To switch to this mode, you need to press three times the button with the radiator.

By setting the time on the timer you set the time when the boiler is out of operation. After this time, the boiler will run for 30 minutes and shut off again. This mode allows you to choose how much time in a day, the boiler will work.

By pressing the button with the image of a radiator, you can select the mode of heating according to the temperature in the room.

Thanks to the thermostat in the control panel, it is possible to operate the boiler according to the temperature in the room. That is. the boiler will not pay attention to the temperature of the coolant in the pipes.

Its task will be to. to heat the air in the room to a comfortable temperature for the owner.

Navien ACE. Обзор котла, проблемы и преимущества.

By clicking on the faucet image, you can select the temperature of hot water heating.

After this pressing the boiler switches to “Outside” mode, or as it is also called, “Summer mode”. In this mode, the boiler completely stops working on heating and goes to heating hot water only.

The temperature of hot water will be equal to the temperature you set at the previous point.

The minimum temperature of the heat carrier can reach 40 C, and the maximum temperature of the heat carrier is 10 °C. must not exceed 80 C.

Also, on the control panel, there is a button to turn off the boiler.

After switching on, it will light the burner (if necessary at that time), and will continue to operate, following the commands of the last mode in which it was switched off. If the key symbol lights up red, it means there is a problem with the boiler.

To fix it, it is best to immediately contact the nearest service center Navien.

Well, we have solved how the remote control of the boiler Navien Ace works. Now you know how to turn off the heat on the boiler navien ace, as well as many other things. With this knowledge, you will never again ask the question “Navien Ace how to turn off the heat”, and with the onset of hot days you will not become steaming in a stuffy apartment or house. If you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to call us. Or chat on this page. Always glad to help!

How to enter the engineering menu of the boiler Navien Ace

In this article, we decided to tell you how to enter the engineering menu of the boiler Navien Ace and select the values you need. In our instruction step by step painted principle of entering the engineering menu. After reading our instructions, you can independently select the values you need.

Gas boiler Navien Ace. Is produced by the famous Korean company Navien. Thanks to its ease of use and relative cheapness, the boiler Navien Ace has gained popularity in Russia. One of the conveniences of this boiler. Is that the remote control of a boiler is supplied standard, that is, lies in a box with a boiler.

On this control panel is the display and keys to select the mode of operation.

You can select the mode by pressing the button with the radiator. The boiler has the ability to maintain the temperature at the temperature of the coolant.

You can also set the mode Navien Ace boiler by the air temperature in the room where the remote control. This possibility is available thanks to the built-in thermostat in the control panel.

boiler, navien

When reaching the set temperature, the boiler Navien Ace will turn off and wait for it to decrease by 10 degrees, from the set temperature. The temperature range is set by the manufacturer, and you can change it by going to the engineering menu of the boiler Navien Ace. In this menu, you can change the factory settings for the mode of operation of the boiler.

To enter the engineering menu of the boiler Navien Ase it is necessary to press the keys and

Pressing the keys and. You can increase or decrease it. The most optimal value is 10 C, this will reduce the operating time of the boiler. and therefore the amount of gas consumed.

To save the boiler settings, it is necessary to press the button to turn off the boiler.

To go to the settings of pump and fan operation modes, press the button with the radiator and mixer.

In this menu you can see on the display: P1-summer pump runout, F1-summer fan runout, P2-winter pump runout, F2-winter fan runout.

Run-out is the time that the pump and fan work after the burner is turned off. To set all the parameters, select the desired mode and press the mixer.

Time values of the pump: P- 40 (20 minutes of work), 10 (5 minutes of work). Time values of the fan: F- 4 (2 minutes of work), 2 (1 minute of work), 1 (30 seconds of work). It is necessary to press the button on the mixer to save the settings.

We pay your attention: The service menu of boiler Ace is intended only for experts. Try not to use this menu to avoid malfunctioning of the boiler.

If you have any questions. Call us, or chat with us on this page. We will be glad to help you.

What to pay attention to when installing Navien Ace boilers

Since the boiler Navien attached detailed Russified instruction, no special problems with its installation and start-up does not occur. you can install the equipment yourself.

But experts advise to pay attention to the system of combustion gases evacuation. They can be derived through a standard chimney or installed as a separate structure. In case these methods of gas discharge are not suitable, you can install a coaxial chimney.

Important! Coaxial chimneys can be used in rooms with an area not exceeding 110 sq.m.m when the boilers capacity is not higher than 11 kW.

Features of the design of gas boilers Navien

Manufacturers Navien produce appliances with different capacity, floor, wall-mounted and with the function of DHW. They can be connected to both the central line and gas cylinders. The units have a modern look that allows you to fit into any home interior. Navien gas boilers are equipped with a safety group, which includes:

  • modulating turbo boost;
  • Protection against overheating of the coolant;
  • SMPS chip that protects against power surges;
  • Control panel with temperature sensor, allowing you to adjust the work of the unit to certain circumstances.

The most common model of gas units Navien is Deluxe, so let’s dwell on them in more detail.

Mode “Timer

Allows you to set the desired mode of the boiler. It can function by switching off automatically after a set period of time. To set the timer, press the picture of the radiator until the “clock” icon appears. After that, set the desired interval in operation. On the screen after adjustment the temperature in the room will be displayed.

Faced with the problem of frequent switching off / on the system, you can adjust the frequency of stopping and starting within a few minutes. To do this, simultaneously press the plus / minus buttons and select the appropriate value of start-up and shutdown of the system. After this procedure, the boiler should be disconnected from the network for a maximum of 10 seconds and restarted to work in a new mode.

Recommendations for operation

For long and trouble-free operation of the boiler, observe the operating rules and the manufacturer’s requirements.

For example, if there is a break in operation (2-3 days), you should not disconnect the unit from the mains, as this will invalidate the icing system. No ice plugs should be allowed to form. If it is still formed, it is worth warming it with a hair dryer.

At long downtime in operation, for example, for the winter period, it is worth to drain all the water. Avoid freezing of the circuits. This is quite dangerous and detrimental to the system.

Regular cleaning of the filters is recommended. This procedure will protect the boiler from overheating and increase its service life.

Self-adjustment of the boiler Navien. is, of course, saves money, time, but at any questions, doubts are still worth seeking help from the experts. In addition, the installation of heating equipment must be performed by experienced craftsmen. This will give you confidence in its reliability and security.

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