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Flow-through water heater Electrolux SMARTFIX 2,0. review

It’s 2018, and our utilities still think a 3 week hot water outage, several times during the summer, is normal! Sometimes it seems to me that in every region of the country faster will appear android collider, than the municipality will stop its strange “repairs” and “preventive maintenance” of water supply networks.

The most interesting thing is that the schedule of hot water outages at the address of residence does not always match the real picture. Therefore it is necessary to secure yourself from this domestic inconvenience beforehand.

Since there is no way to avoid this problem, it is necessary to solve it independently, so as not to wash in a basin, and I want to forget visiting public bathhouses, as a bad dream from the childhood.

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Generally, I see two solutions to this problem: the purchase and installation of a boiler or connection of a flow-through water heater. I repeat, that heating of water by a kipyatilnik and any shower. taptun, it is not my variant, unless, that on vacation in the Altai steppe!

My previous apartment was a Termex boiler for 100 liters, he successfully showed himself for 4 years, but occupied almost the entire wall in the toilet and was a completely immobile device. Therefore, in my new home I wanted something different, a good alternative to the boiler turned out to be an electric instantaneous water heater.

The question of what flow-through water heater to choose, there are many brands on the market, and most of them are quite unknown to me. In the interiors wrote that the best flow-through water heater is Electrolux Smartfix, but this model has several configurations of power. As a result, bought the most powerful flow-through water heater Electrolux.

Features Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 (my copy at 6,5 kW)

Attention! Just buy a flow heater and immediately take a warm shower will not work. Roughly speaking, the flow-through water heater Electrolux, this “water box” to turn it into a full-fledged water heater you will need to power it on electricity, that is, independently connect to a flow-through water heater cable with a plug, which are not included with the purchase.

In addition, I draw your attention that the Electrolux Smartfix comes with a rigid shower hose, I endured it exactly one day, then it was replaced by a digestible flexible hose, which again I had to buy in a construction store.

Connecting the flow heater

The flow heater on the faucet is most convenient to install in the kitchen, for a comfortable dishwashing. To install the device, thus, in the bathroom, in order to draw a hot bath is more like an illusion.

The flow-through water heater to the shower is the best option for me, so I can always freely wash and get warm water in a bucket, basin and other containers, such as for laundry or cleaning.

Install a universal wiring, so that the flow-through electric water heater works both on the faucet and on the shower. This option in our bathroom is not convenient, we would have to reinvent the wheel.

I will not describe the technical details of the installation, so as not to discredit anyone, everything is described in detail in the instructions, follow the designated rules and the banal safety precautions.

Safety precautions for installation and use

In order to use the flow heater was as comfortable and safe as possible, you should follow a number of simple rules:

It is necessary to install the flow heater above the water point, so that the device does not get splashed, much less jets of water.

Secure the water heater well, it should not dangle, hang in the air, move or pull away from the wall while you wash.

Follow a strict sequence of turning on / off the device.

How to use the Electrolux Smartfix

We turn on the flowing water heater as follows:

  • Plugging the appliance into the socket,
  • Turn on the water in the faucet (switched to the shower),
  • Turn on the heating button on the device and set the mode.

Disconnect in reverse order:

  • It’s important to first remove the voltage from the appliance, i.e. turn off the water heating on the cabinet,
  • Next, turn off the water,
  • Do not touch the socket.

If this sequence is not followed the device will not last long and will simply burn out (burn out the fuses).

Conclusion on the use of Smartfix 2.0 (6,5 kW)

For me, the flow-through water heater Electrolux was a great alternative to a large and clumsy boiler termex. You can easily take it with you when you move, take it to the cottage or lend it to friends and relatives.

The flow-through water heater is quite comfortable for daily use during hot water outages. Choose a powerful model and wash in peace for as long as necessary, the hot water will not run out, as in a boiler termex.

Electrical connection, Operation, Care

All EW-H series storage water heaters are designed for connection to 220/230V single-phase mains. Before reconnecting make sure that the parameters of the mains supply correspond to those indicated on the plate with technical data of the device.When installing the appliance, the following current electrical safety regulations must be observed.When installing a water heater in the bathroom or toilet, the following restrictions must be taken into consideration.Prohibited space. is a space, limited by vertical and angular planes in relation to the outer edges of the bathtub, toilet bowl or shower block and the plane above them, or above the floor if the sanitary fixtures are floor-mounted, 2.25 m in height.Protection space. A restricted volume is a space in which the horizontal limiting planes coincide with the planes of the disallowed volume, and the vertical planes are 1 meter from the respective planes of the disallowed volume.

Do not install switches, sockets or lighting fixtures in the prohibited area.In the safety area, the installation of switches is forbidden; however, grounded sockets can be installed.If possible, the heater should be installed outside the restricted volume so that it will not be splashed with water.The appliance must be connected to the mains via a multi-pole switch, circuit breaker or contactor. A properly rated fuse must be installed to ensure the safety of the heater.Connection to the mains must include grounding. Plug the heater’s power cord with the special grounding plug only into a properly grounded outlet.If your home’s wiring is not grounded, we recommend using a ground fault circuit interrupter (RCD).

Filling with water. After installing the water heater, turn off the water supply valve. Open the hot water tap. Once the water heater is full, water will begin to flow from the heater. Close the taps and make sure there are no leaks. If you are not sure whether there is water in the heater, do not connect it to the mains.Connect to the mains. Insert the plug into the mains socket and switch on the heater. Indicator light on some models flashes when heating element is turned on. The thermostat ensures that the heating element is turned on again after a certain amount of water has been used up.Temperature setting. Some models have an external temperature regulator with a setting range from 30°C (minimum) to 70°C (maximum).Economy mode (position E). In this mode, the water is heated to a temperature of only about 55°C, allowing the heater to operate more economically.The heat loss is minimal and there is practically no sludge.

Heating power switch. Some models have a switchable heating output.Position II MAX: maximum heating powerPosition I MIN: minimum heating powerWe recommend always keeping the water heater plugged in, since the thermostat only switches the heating on when it is needed to maintain the set temperature.Water drainage. The heater should be completely drained if it will not be used for a prolonged period of time, or if the temperature in the room where the heater is installed could drop below 0°C. The heater can be drained with the safety valve (not with the ECO valve), but there is a risk of leakage from under the valve stem. It is advisable to provide a branch pipe with a valve between the valve and the sleeve.Do not forget to drain the water heater before draining it:-

The water heater does not require any special maintenance. The body of the heater should be wiped from time to time with a soft cloth or damp sponge. Never use abrasive or foaming detergents.After the expiry of the guarantee period, we recommend that a company authorised for servicing and maintenance is contacted to check the magnesium plate. Although this operation is not covered by the warranty, it will allow you to determine how worn the element is and how soon it needs to be replaced. That way you can make your water heater more durable.If the thermostat is defective and the heater is overheated, an automatic shutdown system will trip and lockout the heater and power supply.

In this case, contact an authorised service and repair company. However, in case of a minor malfunction, try to switch the heater back on by doing the following:. Cool down the heater by opening the tap

The appliance is supplied with hot water and kept it open until the temperature of the water drops.

Attention: Never remove the water heater cover without first disconnecting it from the power grid.

Operating instructions for the ELECTROLUX CENTURIO DIGITAL EWH 30-100 Centurio Digital water heater

The warranty service is performed in accordance with the warranty obligations listed in the warranty card.

In the text of this manual, the electric storage water heater may have the following technical names: water heater, appliance, device, etc.

The electric storage water heater is designed for domestic hot water heating. It is used for domestic purposes.

Электрический водонагреватель Electrolux EWH 100 Centurio IQ 2.0

Installation and the first start-up of the water heater should be carried out by a qualified technician, who can be responsible for the correct installation and give recommendations on the use of the water heater.

Before installing the water heater, make sure that the grounding electrode of the socket is properly grounded. In the absence of an earthing electrode in the socket, it is necessary to ground the water heater by a separate earthing wire to the earthing terminal on the flange fixing of the heating element. Do not install or operate the product if it is not grounded.

Automatic water temperature control: By opening the hot water tap on the faucet at the water heater outlet, cold water begins to flow to the inlet, filling the internal tank. Water in the tank is mixed and its temperature is lowered. The thermostat sensor reacts to a drop in the water temperature and the heating element (heating element) is automatically activated and heats the water to a predetermined temperature. When the temperature reaches the set point, the heating element automatically shuts off.

RCD (ground fault interrupter). Inner vessels are made of high quality medical stainless steel. The heater is equipped with a magnesium anode to further protect the internal tank against corrosion. Do not forget to perform regular maintenance, at least once a year, and if necessary replace the magnesium anode.

Heating element (heating element), reliable and safe in operation, has a long service life when properly operated. Economic mode (Eso) on the control panel provides:

The internal thickened polyurethane foam insulation effectively keeps the heated water temperature, minimizes heat loss and reduces the energy consumption of the water heater.

Built-in temperature regulator: provides constant and reliable control of the water temperature in the water heater.

The digital display will show the temperature of the cold water entering the water heater before heating the water. With the knob you can set the temperature of heating up to 75 ° C. The adjustment scale is marked with a range:

MAX. high heating temperature (75°C). Easy and convenient operation and maintenance of the water heater.

Make sure that the electric water heater is installed using the original parts provided by the manufacturer, which can support the weight of the filled water heater. Do not mount the water heater to the mount until you are sure the mount is securely in place. Otherwise, the electric water heater can fall from the wall, causing damage or can cause serious injury. When selecting locations for mounting screw holes, make sure that there is a clearance of at least 0.2 m on both sides from the bathroom or other room walls to the water heater body to facilitate access for maintenance if necessary.

If the water heater is supplied directly from wells, wells or water towers, you must use a coarse filter for the cold water entering the water heater to operate the water heater.

If the coarse filter is not installed, the product warranty does not apply. The electric water heater must be installed on a solid, vertical surface (wall).

water, heater, electrolux, centurio, wi-fi

After selecting the mounting location, determine the locations for the two mounting bolts with hooks (depending on the specifications of the selected product). Make two holes in the wall at a required depth to match the size of the fixing bolts, insert the screws, rotate the hook upwards, tighten the nuts firmly, and then install the electric water heater on it (see Figure 2). Fig. 2).

If the bathroom is too small to install a water heater, it can be installed in any other room, protected from direct sunlight and rain. However, in order to reduce heat loss in the piping, the water heater should be installed as close as possible to where the water is used.

Operating instructions for the ELECTROLUX CENTURIO IQ EWH 30-100 Centurio IQ water heater

The power supply socket must be securely earthed. The rated current of the power socket must be at least 10A. The socket and plug must always be dry to prevent a short circuit in the electric network.

The wall on which the water heater is installed must be rated for twice the total weight of the water heater filled with water.

When using the heater for the first time (or when using it for the first time after maintenance or cleaning), do not power the heater until it is completely filled with water. While filling the water heater tank, open the hot water tap to deflate. As soon as the tank is full of water and the water flows out of the faucet, the faucet can be closed.

During water heating, water may come out of the pressure relief valve’s pressure relief hole. This is a normal phenomenon. However, in the event of a large leakage you should contact a service technician. Under no circumstances should the pressure outlet be obstructed;

A drainage pipe must be installed on the pressure relief valve and lead it into the sewage system in case of water drainage and excessive pressure drainage. The drain pipe connected to the pressure outlet must point downwards.

The water temperature inside the water heater can reach up to 75°C. To avoid scalding, you can adjust the water temperature using the faucet tap.

Drain the water from the heater can be by means of a reverse safety valve, shutting off the supply of cold water into the heater and opening the drain handle on the safety valve. Water from the heater must be drained through the drain hole in the valve into the drainage system (when draining open the hot water tap on the faucet to fill the heater with air).

Do not leave the water heater filled with water without power and heating water in a room where the temperature may be below 0 °C.

In case of prolonged absence or when not using the appliance, shut off the water heater inlet and outlet taps and disconnect it from the mains by removing the plug from the socket.

In the event of damage to any part of the heater, contact a service technician to carry out repairs. Only replacement parts supplied by the manufacturer should be used.

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical or mental capacity, or lack of skills or knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

The electric storage water heater is designed for heating the cold water coming from the water mains. Use exclusively for domestic purposes, water from the heater is not intended for drinking or cooking.

The water expands during heating, increasing the pressure in the heater. To avoid damaging the heater, always use a safety valve.

A specialist who can be held responsible for the correct installation and give recommendations on the use of the heater.

Before installing the water heater, make sure the grounding electrode of the outlet is properly grounded. If there is no grounding electrode in the socket, it is necessary to ground the water heater with a separate grounding wire to the ground terminal on the heater element flange attachment. Do not install or operate the product if it is not earthed.

Do not use portable sockets. Improper installation and operation of the electric water heater can cause accidents or property damage.

Automatic water temperature control: By opening the hot water faucet on the water heater outlet, cold water starts flowing to the inlet. The water in the tank is mixed and its temperature decreases. The thermostat sensor reacts to a drop in the water temperature, the heating element (TEN) is automatically activated and heats the water to a predetermined temperature. When the temperature reaches a predetermined value the heating element switches off automatically.

RCD (residual current device). Inner vessels are made of high quality medical stainless steel. The water heater is equipped with a magnesium anode as additional protection against corrosion of the internal tank. Remember to carry out regular maintenance at least once a year and if necessary replace the magnesium anode.

Heating element (TEN), reliable and safe in operation, has a long service life when properly operated.

water, heater, electrolux, centurio, wi-fi

The internal thickened polyurethane foam insulation keeps the heated water temperature efficiently, minimizes heat loss and reduces the energy consumption of the water heater.

Built-in temperature regulator: ensures continuous and reliable control of the water temperature in the heater.

Before the water heating, the digital display will show the temperature of the cold water entering the water heater. You can use the adjustment knob to set the heating temperature up to 75°C. The adjustment scale is marked with a range:

Eco. economy mode. 50-55°C; high. High heating temperature (75 °C). Easy and convenient operation and maintenance of the heater. Only for models equipped with a magnesium anode. Control panel

The screen displays the current time (when displaying the hot water preparation time, the colon between the hours and minutes does not flash). Pressing the button again deactivates the timer, the heater continues to operate in the normal mode at the previously set heating output.


The bright color display of the device has four buttons. While getting acquainted with the control panel, we often forgot about their existence, clicking on the menu items: the colorful graphical menu of the water heater is very similar to the screen of a smartphone. But there is no touch screen panel.

Two buttons provide menu navigation, the third serves to confirm the selection, and the fourth, the leftmost, cancels the selection or returns to the previous level. A long press on the cancel button turns the unit on or off.

The unit displays the current water temperature in the tank against a dark background in standby mode. Pressing any button wakes up the screen and the dark background is replaced by a pleasant animation that brings the thermometer’s readings to life: up to 35 °C the numbers are shown against a background of calm water, from 36 to 55 °C the water starts to stir and at 56 to 75 °C the background shows boiling water with bubbles. The color of the bezel around the digits also changes according to the temperature: when heating changes from blue to red through green and orange.

The setting of the heating temperature is accessible from the main menu. Navigation buttons increase and decrease the set value. The unit allows you to set the water temperature from 30 to 75 °C in one degree increments.

The “heating output” section allows setting the maximum power of the water heater. Low, High and Turbo mode (700, 1300 and 2000 Watt, respectively).

Under “Functions” you can also activate or deactivate the functions:

  • “No frost” (keeping the temperature in the tank no lower than 5 °C to prevent freezing. on by default)
  • “Bacteria stop” (heating to 70 °C and holding this temperature for 20 minutes). this function is automatically activated if the water temperature in the tank has not risen above 70 °C for a week

It is also possible to set up to three independent timers. The unit allows you to heat the water to the set temperature by the required time and can repeat the procedure daily or depending on the day of the week.

By selecting “Display”, you can set the brightness of the screen and the time it automatically turns off. “Date and Time” adjusts the internal clock of the device. The “Language” section allows you to change the interface (English and Russian menus are available) and the “Reset Settings” returns the unit to the factory settings.

In the “Wi-Fi” menu, the user can connect to the water heater with a smartphone, and in the “Information” section. to clarify the model name and firmware version.

Finally, by selecting the item “Demo”, you can turn on the water heater in advertising mode to show off the smart device to guests. As we understood, this mode was added by the manufacturer in order to include it on the water heaters, hanging in the sales rooms.

Control from a smartphone

For remote control of your water heater is designed application Hommyn company Rusklimat. This software is very recent (at the time of writing just over a thousand downloads and only 19 reviews with an average rating of 2.7). The program provides an ecosystem of home climate technology and allows you to control smart water heaters, convectors and ventilation systems Electrolux, Ballu and Zanussi.

The manufacturer doesn’t deny that the software is quite new and attributes most of the low scores to the launch stage. Refinements and updates, we were told, are made every week and so far things have improved significantly. We are probably ready to believe it, because several bugs were fixed before our eyes during the test.

After installation the program offers to get acquainted with the basic functionality in demo mode or to create an account (requires a verified email address) and start connecting to the device.

The app requires permission to access geolocation. After the first login we see a blank screen: to connect a new device we must click on the “” symbol in the upper right corner.

The Electrolux EWH 30 Smartinverter is not detected automatically: although the water heater creates an open Wi-Fi network with the SSID “EWH-Smartinverter” when it first starts, the app will not connect to it and requires selecting the device manually. The list of compatible devices is not too long and it is very easy to find our boiler.

The pairing procedure is not complicated: it is enough to give the application our Wi-Fi login and password, connect to the temporary network created by the device, and enable the settings receiving mode on the control panel of the device (“Settings” → “Wi-Fi”). Less than half a minute. and the boiler is connected.

Once successfully connected, you can set the location of the device by linking it to your home and room. The app then checks for firmware updates on the water heater and, if available, installs them on the unit. Background mode is not supported and the update procedure is interrupted when switching to another application or going to sleep mode: the software developers claim that this measure reduces the risk of tampering with the firmware process. It takes about seven minutes to download and install the firmware, even with a fast Internet connection.

On the main application screen the user can see the current temperature of the water in the tank and use the slider to set the desired heating temperature. In the middle of the slider there is a green “Eco” section which shows the most energy efficient temperature: 50-55 °C.

Just below you can choose your preferred maximum power and enable or disable Smart, No Frost and Bacteria Stop modes.

Removable Smart Wi-Fi ECH/WF-01 control module

The device is designed for connection to a server to remotely control appliance control units via a wireless Wi-Fi network with Internet access.

Recommended for use in appliances equipped with a USB connector for connecting Smart Wi-Fi control modules of water heaters and convectors.

To control your appliances via the Wi-Fi module you need to download and install the special Home Comfort app (climatic appliances). The app to control the module is designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, only with Android 4.1 or iOS 6.0 or later versions. You can download the program for the control module from Google Play or App Store, to do this, find and download the application Home Comfort appliances and install it on your mobile device.

Insert the Wi.FI module in the USV socket of the device

When the download is complete, the status light on the Wi-Fi module will turn blue. This means that the device is working in normal mode

To connect the device to the application, you need to switch the module to Smartlink mode. To do this, you must hold down the button on the Wi-Fi module for more than three seconds. The indicator light should start flashing yellow. This means that the Wi-Fi module is in the Smart link mode

Press “Connect device” button in the application. Home Comfort appliances

IMPORTANT: the smartphone or tablet with the app installed must be in the same Wi-Fi network (SSID) as the device to be connected!

In the dialog window, the application will ask to choose a name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID), as well as to enter the password and the location of the device. The device type will be determined automatically.

The added device can be found in the section to which it belongs:

Replacement of the “wet” heating element on the pressed flange D 64 mm of the RF type by a dry heating element.

In storage water heaters Electrolux EWH Centurio, EWH Centurio Digital, EWH Royal, EWH Genie, Ballu BWH/S Nexus, BWH/S Omnium, Zanussi ZWH/S BRILLIANTO, ZWH/S MELODY, ZWH/S PREMIERO, half of Thermex water heaters. Wet” heating elements are used that are in direct contact with water. These heaters can be used from half a year up to two years.

It is possible to modify these models and install dry heating elements. Dry heating elements are not in contact with water and heat water through the wall of the tube in which they are installed. Dry heating elements are cheaper, more available in purchase, longer service life, easier to replace (does not require disassembly of the heater and water drainage) and will not fail when turned on without water.

For transition to dry heating elements it is necessary to install a flange instead of TEN, to insert two heating elements of. pin with power 1200 and 800 W and slightly modify the electric circuit. The repair kit consists of a flange, anode (necessary to protect the welds), flange gasket, two heating elements of the. stud. No change of boiler heating time is detected, when replacing wet heating elements by the flange with dry heating elements.

When using in hard water, because of the close proximity of the heating element sleeves and the small anode, the cleaning of the scale and replacement of the anode must be carried out annually.

Scale on the flange and on the wet heating element after a year of operation in hard water.

Removable Wi-Fi control module Electrolux Smart Wi-Fi ECH/WF-01. review

When buying an electric convector online store offered to buy and Wi-Fi convector control module. I read the description and thought it was cool to control the convector via the Internet. Below is a brief description of the Wi-Fi module.

The device is designed to connect to the server. In order to remotely control the control units of devices through a wireless Wi-Fi network with Internet access.

I thought that I could control the convector through the internet. Like, I’ll go from work, go to the application on my smartphone, turn on the convector through the application, so that by my arrival the apartment was already warm. And so, when I was already holding the packaging of this Wi-Fi module in my hands and reading about its abilities, I realized that this is exactly what I needed.

This module is inserted into a special USB connector on the control unit convector. I want to tell you that this USB connector is protected by a silicone cap. So, it is necessary to remove this plug, otherwise the module will not connect to the convector. So, we insert the module into the slot, download the special application from the playmarket. The application is called Electrolux Home Comfort appliances. After installing the application, we register the account, enter your phone number, select the country and create a password. The app will find the Wi-Fi network and ask for the Wi-Fi password to connect. Specify the password and connect to the network. Everything, now it is necessary to set the connection between the Wi-Fi module and the application on your smartphone. To do this, press the button on the module for more than 3 seconds and then release. The blue light should go off and the yellow one should blink instead. At this point in the smartphone app we press “find the device”. Find the device and connect. In the menu of the program you can see that the application controls the convector: you can change the temperature, heating power, select the mode of operation, set the off timer. Alas, this is where the program functionality is limited. To be honest. I’m disappointed. And my biggest disappointment was that you can only control the convector through the app on the smartphone within the same Wi-Fi network. Т.е. both your smartphone and convector with the module must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Tried to connect to the module via mobile internet. The device is not detected. Then I have a simple question: then why do we need this Wi-Fi module, if all that can be done from a smartphone, you can go to the convector and do everything by hand on the convector control unit?

The Wi-Fi module in the convector looks like this.

If you are afraid that the module may get hot and melt. do not worry, this will not happen because the entire control unit is protected from heat.

In addition to the above disadvantages, I encountered the fact that the application on my smartphone constantly loses connection with the module.

Замена ТЭНа Electrolux EWH 30-50-80-100 Centurio IQ 2.0 и IQ

In short, I was disappointed in the purchase of this Wi-Fi module at all. Wasted money. Good thing that I bought on sale, at least not so hurt.

I will just say that after this disappointment, I bought a second convector in the other room with a simple mechanical control without any control units and wifi modules.

After a long email communication with technical support, I realized that I was doing something wrong. Because tech support says that the device should work and respond not only within the same Wi-Fi network, but from anywhere on Earth. So I started frantically poking around the application and in the back of my mind I pressed a button that I hadn’t noticed for some reason. And oh, my goodness! It happened! It worked and I realized what my mistake was.

Every time I tried to detect a device in the mobile app, I had to add it again each time. And it turns out that it was detected once and there was no need to detect it anymore. You just had to click on the “Electric Heating” icon and the convector control menu opens there. In the menu you can turn on/off, set modes, change the power and set the timer. In general, it turns out that all the functions prescribed by the manufacturer work. And by the fact. It’s a great thing! Now as soon as I leave work, I turn on the convector in the mobile app, and I come to a warm apartment. I change my rating to five stars. Also, I have to hand it to Electrolux technical support. The guys really work with people and explain everything on their fingers, even to such dumb people like me.

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