Maxwell floor fan how to assemble

How to assemble the fan?

In summer, in the period of a strong heat, one of the most popular purchases is a fan, which in theory should give the long-awaited coolness in the apartment. And after you choose it in a store and buy it, you will have to assemble it yourself, but it does not always help the instructions for assembling the fan that comes with it.

In this article, on the example of a floor fan of the “Scarlett” company, we will tell you how to assemble it.

Maxwell MW-3523 reviews

Chic fan. Blows well. On the 3rd speed is a bit noisy. Works 24 hours a day, it doesn’t get warm at all! I like it very much. Been testing for a month, bought the same one for my parents. My parents are really excited about it too. I recommend!

Bought because of the heat, in the apartment. Blows well. It’s light, but it’s not too shabby. All modes work, there is a remote control. We are pleased with it.

I am satisfied with the fan. It works great. The noise is not strong, not a noise but the rustle of the propeller can be heard, it did not bother us. Of the 3 speeds, 1 was chosen because the 2 and 3 are blowing too much.We sleep all night with the fan on in the heat.

Not a bad fan in general. Performs its functions. I am pleased with the remote control and the timer for switching off. The only downside. The legs on which it stands are flimsy

Not a bad fan for the money. The feet are flimsy, but it works silently, no creaking, no rattling, the balance is normal. There is no mode button on the box. Only on the remote control.

maxwell, floor, assemble

Convenient and multifunctional fan. Nice remote control that allows you to switch modes without getting up. I am satisfied with the purchase!

Nice and silent, suitable for a small room. easy. It is very convenient to have a remote control. Happy Shopping! I recommend.

Satisfied with the purchase. The fan is quiet enough. Blows great. Only use the 1 speed. The remote makes life much easier!

It’s an ordinary fan that does what it does. The remote control is flimsy and the batteries are not inserted the first time. Took in the office, the noise is not audible, but if you take it home and put it to sleep, will put pressure on your ears. Bought it for the price of 2500, for 3500 would not take.

A good fan, works quietly bought in the bedroom, the remote control is handy.With the bonuses it was 1400that’s worth the money.But for 2800 would not buy

The usual fan, nothing special, performs its function. Of the minuses remote control works at a distance of half a meter or more

Got it with bonuses for 1395r. Assembled it myself, assembly is not complicated. the fan is not loud, the sound is not annoying. The remote control is a big advantage. We’ll see how long it lasts, but for the price with bonuses the impression is excellent.

The fan is good.I took it in the garage to ventilate those. Rooms. The motor is powerful three speed electronic control rotation, timer. Everything is duplicated from the remote control. I recommend excellent technology.

I buy the second such fan. This time for relatives. Everything is satisfactory for the money. Assembled without problems. Instructions are clear. There is a remote control, but no batteries included. Do not forget to buy. Blows well. Turning it on and off around the rack. electronic

Good fan for the money. Blows great, not noisy, has several modes, also a big plus having a remote

Of the pluses is that it works. Not half of the money they are asking for. The build quality is terrible, all flimsy, molded plastic is that you can easily get a cut. The crossbar also barely stands under the weight of the fan. Not recommend for purchase

Pretty good fan. In terms of blowing power for this price, expectations are generally justified (taking into account the discount, or the use of bonuses), but the diameter of the blades could be larger, in my opinion. there is enough space (probably safety). There is a control with the remote control. The batteries in the remote control AAA (2 pcs).) Control with the remote control repeats the control on the case of the fan: there are ON/OFF buttons., Off timer button, continuous rotation button, fan speed button. Assembly did not cause any problems. Everything is quite understandable, nothing unusual. Materials of the case of the fan itself. Plastic, blade guards and support stand. The metal.The downside in my opinion. short power cord (about a meter and a little), there is no way to hide the cord (or I have not found).

very good in terms of price and quality.a lot of programs including a timer.Noiseless operation is also a big plus.Ordered another one as a gift. the godmother also decided to opt for this model.Definitely recommend to buy

great floor fan! Performs its functions 100%. The remote control is a big plus! Several modes, height adjustment, timer.

Desperate, at the peak of the summer heat I bought this device. Well, before going to sleep a little bit saved. Now it will stand for a year, taking up space) no complaints. It is convenient to have a timer, half an hour turned on and go to sleep)

A good fan, you practically can not hear the motor noise, a large number of modes, the remote control included. The smell of plastic is not strong, but it was, the workmanship is not the best, but I think it is caused by the price. This is the best option for the money. If the picky stand does not inspire confidence, and the labels on the body buttons almost unreadable.

A great fan for the price. Assembled easily, performs its function. There are several modes of operation and remote control. Recommended for purchase!

Maxwell MW-3540 reviews

Pros:Normal krutelator, so to cool down will go, no noise by the way, works pretty quietly!Cons:Legs, more legs, just plastic plugs that are inserted and at any touch of them fly out all the time. Plastic is crooked, you can see that as if from the fix-price!If you buy it for the bonus program will do, if the full price, look for another model, clearly you can find something better, but so in principle all is not too bad! Can be used, twists and turns, cool on a hot summer evening, at least some, but it will be)

Pros:It works out fine for three. Cons:Propeller, legsFlexible and thin propeller blades. From 2-3 speeds the angle of attack of the propeller changes and it stops blowing. Have to disassemble and bend into a working angle. Legs are flimsy, like a tin can, they bend. Every year, manufacturers save money on components to reduce costs.

Pros: A fan is like a fan. Very light. Cools the room well if the baseline temperature is no higher than 30.Cons:Shaky legs. The grille is fixed with a thin plastic hoop and a screw (!), not special. Metal snaps.Will last two years.- is already good.

Pros:Normal normal fan, no frillsMinuses:backlashesGood fan, quickly assembled. Reasonable price.

Pros:Price, quality, quietnessDisadvantages:Not for this price. Overall very satisfied. I have nothing to complain about yet 🙂

Pros:Apparently the impeller does “twirl”. disadvantages:Noisy fan. show of aerialists and testers to your apartment!The thing is extremely noisy and annoying and is suitable for production work, noisy shops. perfect. You have your own shop? Feel free to take it. Home appliance should not behave like that and it is not a defect but such a screw. it is the poorly made impeller that makes the noise (even at 1st speed) not the motor.

Pros:Quiet, easy to assemble.Cons:None Excellent fan, works well ozladit norm, these speeds are quite enough) quiet in operation is advisable to buy

Pros:looks great,blows well Cons:scratches. rusty. the fan is not fixed firmly boltsThe pity is that they brought in a sealed box wrapped with duct tape. And all the disadvantages I saw only at home

Pros: Stylish, easy to operate, for 1057 bonuses best

Disadvantages: It seemed a little flimsy and unstable legs of the fan

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Blows enough for a 14 sq.m. room.

Pros:High quality assembled silent fan. Cons:None In short, I took this type of fan as a convenient, practical, beautiful in design, quiet in operation air freshener.

Pros:Nice, moderately powerful fan Disadvantages:Bolts do not match the holes. Nice fan if it wasn’t for the person who made the holes in the supports

Pros: Price and quality. Disadvantages:Poor blowing power. A good fan for the money. Performs the function, although the airflow is weak (I would like more).

Pros:Quiet operation Disadvantages:Poor quality materials During assembly some parts were flying out and falling off, I thought to go back to the store and get another. But after turning it on I was pleased with noiselessness of operation and finally decided that for such money I will not get a better result. Cons corrected and happy to use!

Pros:Blows Disadvantages:It falls apart. plastic inserts in the legs fall out the metal on the legs is flimsy ! For the quality. expensive !

Advantages: Inexpensive fan, blows well.

Disadvantages:The quality of materials is of course not very

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: For the money it will do

Pros:Efficient. Not too noisy. Typical look. Cons: The obvious disadvantages did not find. For a room of 20 m2 the first speed is basically enough. I did not even try the third speed) The wire could be more elongated.

Pluses: Wheels, multiple modes, not noisy. Cons:During assembly was found a little rust on the feet, but not critical, the quality of work does not affect. Easy to use, with wheels and a few settings. Stable enough. Does not make a lot of noise when working, it is quiet enough. Blowing good even at minimum speed.

Pros:Does the job Disadvantages:Unstable thin tin stand that doesn’t twist, bends Overall not bad ventilation, after 2 weeks it started to rattle when turning. The stand on which the fan stands is a separate topic. Initially the bolts were flying out of there during assembly. Just fell out. Wanted to take this marvel of technology back, but my husband did something and now it won’t part. If I had known about it beforehand I would not have bought it. Looks better on the outside than it really is.

Pros:Bought it for 1100 Cons:Not powerful and can’t handle it (before I had a fan with five blades, the difference is noticeable but if you just want a fan it’s fine. Lack of parts, unstable. But the air was pumping.

Pros:Nice fan. Performs as it should be. Cons:No backlighting. Everything is as described. For the money, I recommend that you buy it.

Pros:Bought with the use of the points, for the cottage came out not expensive and good! Cons:For the money (see p. above) no. For the cottage came out not expensive and good! Works on the veranda, disperses the heat and mosquitoes. For now 3 weeks, flight time is good.

Pros:Powerful, with rotation and speed selection feature Disadvantages:Poor quality materials, some rattling when turning Decent equipment for its price. Was looking for a fan with auto turn on. Picked this one because of the affordable price. There is a pin on the body to turn the swivel function on and off. Four speed modes: off, light, medium and strong. Assembly is very easy, the hardest part. put the screens together. To make it easy to do. No need to unscrew the strip, which will already fasten the screen. The materials of the fan are obviously not of the highest quality, but there are no problems, apart from the plastic pads on the legs constantly falling out. The fan feels quite flimsy but that is because of the delicate parts. It rattles slightly when spinning, but the noise is low even at high speed, commensurate with the air noise from the rotation of the blades.

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Kind. Which bowls will fit this model from other multicookers. What is interchangeable. Thank you

Types of fans

There are different varieties of fans, which are divided by the method of mounting into:

The last two types do not need to be assembled after they have been purchased. The last type (ceiling-mounted) is installed in a specially prepared mounting place.

Types differ from each other by power, size, number of speeds, various additional functions, etc.д.

The 1st kind of fan is one of the more favorable ways to cool. The main reasons for this prevalence are low price, ease of use and mounting, low power consumption, mobility, versatility. Floor fan does not take a huge space in the room.

According to the method of operation, floor fans are also divided into:

  • Axial. These are devices that are equipped with an electronic engine and blades. These blades “make” the air flow during rotation.
  • Bladeless. This variety is a round frame with a motor. The airflow is first sucked in and then expelled with acceleration.

Axial floor fans are the more common variety. The entire room is not ventilated, but only a separate place.

Assembling upper part

It is necessary to follow the following annotation:

  • Fixing of the back grill of the hood on the driving part is performed. It is seated in the grooves and tightened with the nut.
  • A wheel with blades is slid onto the motor axle by the connector.
  • Next, the front grille is assembled and fastened.
  • The tube is inserted into the motor unit. The motor is fastened to the rack. To do this we use the set screw. It is placed at the point where these parts connect.

The shaft seating can be groove-free, the impeller in this case is fixed by means of a screw. In this case, if the motor is not connected to the block, it must be connected to the block using a screw or bolt.


Cooking times for the “Bouillon”, “Soup”, “Steaming” and “Stew” programs-

The “time” is the default setting, but can vary within the range set. To set the cooking time, press the “Time setting” button (27) once and then set the cooking time using the “Clock” and “Minutes” buttons (21).

Set the delayed start function. To set the delayed start function on the-

Press the “Delayed start” button (31), the arrow on the indicator (28) will light up. Then use buttons (21) “Hours” and (23) “Minutes” to set the time by which the food must be cooked.

Note: Setting step. 5 minutes.Skip step 9 if you want to start cooking immediately. Example: If the duration of the selected program is 30 minutes, and the dish must be cooked by 7:30, then the appliance will be in Stand-by mode until 7:00 (the current time and the set postponement time will change every minute). Then the cooking process will start (the display (2) will show the cooking time and a countdown will start). The cooking process will be finished by 7:30. 10. Press button (25) “Start/Stop” once, the LED (24) lights up.

Note: During the cooking process, the remaining cooking time/delay time and the current time will change every minute.If a power failure occurs during the cooking process, the unit will retain the cooking program settings for 40 minutes. If power is restored within 40 minutes after shutdown, the unit will automatically resume operation. If the power outage time exceeds 40 minutes, program the unit again.11. During the cooking process, check whether the food is cooked or not, if necessary replace the USB stick-

Use a plastic spatula (16) or a spatula suitable for use with non-stick coatings.

Warning! To avoid steam and oil burns, when opening the lid of the multicooker (5), use extreme caution, do not bend over the device and do not place your hands over the bowl (12)!

Do not use metal objects, which could scratch the bowl (12) or cause cracks. Do not open the lid of the multicooker (5) during baking.12. At the end of the cooking time you will hear 5 beeps and the appliance will go into the “beep” mode

After the set temperature maintenance mode is reached, the LED (20) will light up.

Note: Even though the appliance keeps food hot for up to 24 hours, it is not recommended to leave food in this mode for long periods, as this could result in food deterioration.Do not use the keep warm mode to heat foods.

After steaming, do not use your hands to remove the food and use the cooking utensils.13. To cancel the temperature maintenance function, press the “Start/Stop” button (25) alone

Comfort Zone Pedestal Fan Unboxing-Assembly-Demo

Floor Fan Maxwell MW-3545. reviews

All reviews are manually moderated by experts, we publish both the pros and cons of the “Floor Fan Maxwell MW-3545″, so that users can objectively assess the pros, cons and main features before buying.

The fixing of the motor cover on plastic snaps is too flimsily made. And not clear hole where there should be a bolt, at first I thought they lost upon delivery)

I do like the device, but the legs “is not enough” I fear that it will not be blown away by a draught)

The biggest drawback. it is very noisy (there is something to measure, as it works you can hear in the whole apartment). The device is small and does not feel the wind.

I think worthy of its money, little noise, three speed rotation is palpable. The remote control is simple, no need to get up from the couch )

The main disadvantage is the soft plastic near the fan blades and after two days of use there was no wind flow at all, the blades were flat

The remote doesn’t work at all and the fan is toyish

Not bulky, powerful, sleep mode and remote control. Easy to assemble (a popular video hosting has a detailed assembly).

The quality of the material may be considered a slight drawback, but looking at the price tag you forget about it. Can’t turn off the light from the buttons. At 3 speed it sometimes crackles.

Nice fan. Does its job well. Noise is there like most similar fans. At night you can barely hear it on speed 1, and I sleep very soundly. In sleep mode (run through the “mode” button) is almost inaudible. A lot of people write about the flimsy legs. Didn’t use anything extra during assembly, stands quiet and secure. Perhaps if there is a child or a pet, it will fail when they collide with the fan:) I chose for a long time, went back to this option and did not regret it, for such a price everything is fine. I hope it will last a long time. I recommend!


Repair of floor fan with your own hands. All the reasons why it doesn’t spin and how to disassemble.

On the hottest summer days, the only salvation from the weary heat is an ordinary floor fan.

Not everyone can afford a full-fledged split system or even mobile conditioner.

But unfortunately, even this inexpensive and accessible wind-blower, from time to time breaks down. The Chinese models especially break like seeds.

And they are in our market in the vast majority. What to do if the fan stopped rotating and working? What are its main weaknesses and why does it break??

In total it is possible to allocate 5 main reasons of a failure of floor fans:

The main problem of cheap models, which for some reason few people pay attention to. Improper casting of the blades. Because of this there is imbalance, the bearings break, the clearances increase.

You can not influence it in any way, since you have already bought the fan with this initial defect. Sometimes it seems to work, the impeller rotates normally, but it does not blow.

That is, there is no cooling airflow from it. Why does this happen??

Because of the wrong angle of attack of the blades. Its blades are deformed and are driving airflow in a circle, instead of blowing it out.

This effect can occur over time, after the fan was standing for a long time in direct sunlight and its impeller heated up, began to gradually change its shape.

This can only be cured by replacing the impeller with a new one.

The most common problem is a dry out or lack of lubricant. The fan begins to cramp, losing speed and as a consequence, the load on the engine increases. The blower is no longer working at full capacity.

maxwell, floor, assemble

The motor, wound with a thin wire of 0.2 mm, begins to heat and gradually burn out the windings.

How such a defect is detected? In this case the fan stops rotating. It is humming, but the impeller does not rotate.

And sometimes it only starts on the third speed and doesn’t respond to the first two. It just does not have enough power to turn the shaft.

In order to start it, like on old planes, you have to brazenly twist the blades.

By the way, the same symptom can occur if the starting capacitor is damaged. How do you know which cause is to blame for the malfunction without instrumentation??

To do this, you must at least get to the motor shaft by removing the protective cover and the blades. If the shaft rotates by hand with great difficulty, then blame dirt and dried grease.

And if it turns easily and has inertia, the capacitor is probably dead. Symptom. You plug in the fan and it won’t turn. But you crank it up and it starts.

If you hold the blades of the fan by hand while running, it can stop again. Check the capacitor with a multimeter, if it has the appropriate capacitance scale.

To replace the condenser choose a new one with the same parameters as on the cover of the old one.

By the way not completely dried out condenser also affects rpm. If you noticed they dropped and the fan rotates slower, it is a bell to check it.

The problem of tight rotation is solved by new bearing lubrication. Here so called slide bearings are used. Some people call them bushings.

It is expensive to use balls in such constructions, and they rattle a lot with time. You don’t have to disassemble the whole engine to repair it. It is enough to loosen a few screws and spray in the right places with WD40 universal spray.

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? First unscrew the central screw on the back of the housing.

One more self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjusting button-lever for turning or stopping the fan head.

After that, the back cover can be easily removed from its place. What’s underneath? Here you can see the swivel gear, which gives the whole head rotation.

English MAXWELL MW-3801 W Instruction Manual

Description1. Multicooker body2. Display3. Control panel4. Button to open the lid5. Cooking lid6. Steam trap cover 7. Steam outlet8. Carrying handle9. Mains plug10. Heating element11. Temperature sensor12. Bowl13. Shield cover14. Screen retainer 15. Steam tray16. Ladle17. Cooking spatula18. Measuring cupDisplay and control panel19. Button “Hold temperature “20. Heating mode indicator21. Clock” button22. Automatic programs indicator23. Minutes “24. On/Off indicator25. START/STOP button26. Program button27. Time setting “28 Button. Delayed start indicator29. Indicator of adjustable programs30. Cooking time indicator31. Delayed start button32. Auto program” button

Do not use a residual current device (RCD) with a rated residual current not exceeding 30 mA, consult a professional to install an RCD.

SAFETY MEASURES Read the instructions carefully before connecting and using the appliance. Follow all warnings and precautions in this manual before connecting and using the product. Keep the manual, use it as a reference in the future.

Before using the appliance, carefully inspect the power cord and the plug of the multicooker-

plug of the power cord and make sure they are not damaged before using the appliance. Do not operate unit if mains cord or power cord plug is damaged.

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